Phillies Affiliates’ Recap (8/4/2021)

Everybody who played won last night.  And, they all held their opponents to one run each and 15 collective hits.  Lehigh Valley won easily.  Reading victory was a little less secure but almost as easy.  And, Jersey Shore came from behind to post a one-run win.  Clearwater was rained out.  The FCL Phillies were cancelled again due to COVID.  And, the DSL doesn’t schedule games on Wednesday.

Lehigh Valley (36-41) beat Buffalo, 7-1.  Cristopher Sanchez (4.04) tossed four, one-hit innings, walked none, and struck out six.  David Paulino (3.99) walked one and struck out two in one scoreless inning.  Jake Hernandez (1-0, 5.40) picked up the win with two, one-hit innings walking none and striking out four.  Brady Lail (10.07) gave up the run in one, two-hit inning.  And, Cam Bedrosian (3.60) pitched a clean ninth.

The IronPigs scored twice in the first inning on Darick Hall’s bases-loaded, ground-rule double.  They added a run in the third on Matt Vierling’s RBI single.  They tacked on 3 runs in the fourth on Jorge Bonifacio’s bases-loaded, 3-run double.  And, added an insurance run in the seventh on Charlie Tilson’s RBI single.

Charlie Tilson (.319) went 3-4 with a walk and RBI.  Nick Maton (.183) went 0-4 with a walk.  Mickey Moniak (.253) went 0-4 with a walk.  Matt Vierling (.222) went 2-4 with a double, walk, and RBI.  Darick Hall (.209) went 2-4 with a double and 2 RBI.

Reading (31-49) beat Richmond, 4-1.  Jack Perkins (3-1, 3.59) pitched 5.2 innings and held the Squirrels to one run on 4 hits and 3 walks.  Zach Warren (2.41) stranded an inherited runner and struck out three in 1.1 innings.  Bruan Marconi (2.03) notched his eighth save with 3 strikeouts in two perfect innings.

The Phils opened the scoring with 2 runs in the third inning on Arquimedes Gamboa’s RBI double and Jhailyn Ortiz’ RBI single.  They added a run in the fifth on Jack Conley’s RBI double,  And, added an insurance run in the ninth on Grenny Cumana’s RBI single.

Matt Kroon (.304) went 2-4 with a double.  Jack Conley (.153) went 2-4 with a double and RBI.  Jhailyn Ortiz (4 for 14) went 1-4 with an RBI.  Bryson Stott (.249) went 1-4.

Jersey Shore (37-43) beat Aberdeen, 2-1.  Jhordany Mezquita (4.93) went 4.2 innings and gave up one run on 5 hits and 3 walks.  He struck out seven.  Blake Brown (3.86) stranded 3 base runners and pitched 1.1 scoreless innings.  He gave up a hit and a walk and struck out three.  Aiden Anderson (1-1, 5.00) picked up the win tossing two innings with 2 walks.  Manuel Silva (2.92) earned his third save with a one-hit ninth inning.

The BlueClaws tied the game in the sixth inning when Nate Fassnacht scored on a wild pitch.  They took the lead in the seventh on Chris Cornelius’ RBI single.  Herbert Iser (.170) went 2-3 with a double.  Logan O’Hoppe (.266) went 1-4 with a double (15).

Clearwater (37-37) postponed rain.  Two doubleheaders in three days.

FCL Phillies (10-6) game cancelled due to COVID.

DSL Phillies Red (7-8) and DSL Phillies White (9-6) no DSL games scheduled on Wednesdays.

The Affiliate Scoreboard, the FCL Scoreboard, and the DSL Scoreboard.

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8/04/2021 – Phillies optioned C Rafael Marchan to Lehigh Valley
8/04/2021 – Phillies recalled LHP Damon Jones from Lehigh Valley

21 thoughts on “Phillies Affiliates’ Recap (8/4/2021)

  1. Cristopher Sanchez vs Curtis Mead……..will be a point of discussion and a measuring stick for awhile.
    O’Hoppe…with a .190 ISO (11HRS-15 doubles and 2 triples) @ Jersey Shore, is showing some serious power.

    1. I wish I never found that post about Mead! Now I will torture myself looking at him … 3-4 last night with a 2b and HR!

      1. Matt Klentak had a bunch of issues but his biggest problem was that he couldn’t evaluate talent or didn’t hire people who could. If you don’t have that, your chances of long term success are very low.

        1. He also loved, loved, loved upper minors relievers, none of whom were good. I do think Sanchez has a shot still but he’s 24 and doesn’t seem that close to ready. It’s interesting that Klentak sold Sanchez as having power stuff from the left side but he hasn’t really shown that this year.

    2. Here we go again. Curtis Mead is Australian, was traded when he was 19 and still in the GCL. How many Australian baseball players are there in the bigs? I’m pretty sure none of them are elite. At the time of the trade, the odds of him making the bigs has to be something like 20%? Even less probably. And the odds of him being elite has to be even less, like 5%. As I mentioned previously, the odds are not zero. This is by definition a lotto ticket. This is NOT the Phillies can’t scout their own players. And if you felt Sanchez can help and you had such a large probability that Mead was going to bust, you make this type of trade again and again and again.

      1. If you have a guy in your organization and you trade him because you didn’t think he’s that good but it turns out he is, that is absolutely about scouting. They wouldn’t trade Andrew Painter even though he’s in the GCL.

        1. AGREED. You have to scout those players from the early years or you end up trading a generational player like Fernando Tatis, Jr. for James Shields.

            1. He doesn’t have to be Australian, he can be from any country where baseball is not played enough to develop future MLB players.

              If you have 3 players in the GCL with equal size and talent, and the only difference was that one was American, one was Latin American, and one was Australian. And you had to trade one of them. You know which one is getting traded. This is what analytics will tell you to do.

            2. Guru…….that probably is the case.
              Virtually every decision a person makes is based on past experiences or in other words…stereotyping.
              At some there, however, will be the ‘ isolated exception to the rule’
              Mead could be that guy. His next hurdle …..he will be 21 in AA next season.

          1. If all teams were able to scout their own players, there would no trades ever. Why? Because then you knew that the prospect coming back wouldn’t make it.

            No matter how good a team thinks they are at scouting, stuff like this happens and will continue to do so in the future. Nobody knows how the prospect will turn out. NOBODY.

            You want to play it safe? Don’t make trades then.

            1. That’s not the point. Of course you’re going to lose some trades. And some trades are calculated for immediate return against long term risk. I get that. But the good teams win a lot of those trades and make savvy moves consistently. Until DD came, we weren’t winning those trades at all. Klentak was almost always on the wrong side of trades (but not always, it seems he won the Realmuto trade). His signings, especially more recently, were a bit better.

            2. I meant to say that Klentak was almost always on the wrong side of those trades. To give him credit, the Realmuto and now Segura trades have worked out.

        2. Andrew Painter is a first round pick and the Phillies have scouted him for years. Painter is not a lotto ticket. You can’t compare him and Curtis Mead.

          1. The Phillies had Mead in their organization for a year and a half, working personally with their own coaches, and they obviously had scouted him before that. He played a season plus with them. So they had ample scouting time for Mead; probably saw him way more than they’ve seen Painter or other recent draftees.

      2. Every trade you make is based on scouting and judgment. Based on their scouting they judged that Sanchez was better than Mead.

        1. Or that having Sanchez in the relatively near future was more valuable to the team at that time than Mead would become in the more distant future.

  2. Amy thoughts on Brian Marconi? He seems like he might be an asset in the bullpen someday.

      1. Nice one. The radio has improved with time maybe he will too. He is a lefty so he will be given more time than others.

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