Phillies Affiliates’ Recap (8/3/2021)

Lehigh Valley won.  Reading and Jersey Shore lost.  The DSL teams won.  And, Clearwater and the FCL Phillies had their games cancelled by COVID.

The Threshers were ravaged by COVID.  More than half of their active roster tested positive.  Fourteen players were added to the IL.  Sixteen players were reassigned from the FCL (10), activated from the IL (1), activated draft picks (3), and activated NDFAs (2).  That leaves 24 draftees and NDFAs unassigned.  Not every player listed in a transaction has tested positive for COVID.

I’m attaching my roster files.  They are up to date but have been difficult to keep current.  There are more players on the Threshers’ IL (31) than there are on their active roster (30).  The FCL is down to 19 players – 7 pitchers, 4 catchers, 6 infielders, and 2 outfielders.  I’ve got 75 players on the 7-, 10, or 60-day ILs throughout the organization.  38 players are on the 7- or 10- day ILs, 37 are on the 60-day IL.

Lehigh Valley (35-41) beat Buffalo, 6-1.  Adonis Medina (5.25) made his second rehab start.  He pitched two innings, faced 6 batters, threw 23 pitches, 16 strikes (69.6%), and struck out two.  Julian Garcia (3-1, 7.24) went two innings, allowed 3 to reach base, and struck out two.  Braden Zarbniskey (6.00) pitched two perfect innings.  Braeden Ogle (3.03)  pitched one perfect inning striking out two.  Jeff Singer (4.71) pitched one, one-hit inning striking out two.  Mike Adams (1.26) pitched one inning, gave up a run on 2 hits and a walk, and struck out two.

The IronPigs scored 3 times in the third inning on RBI doubles by Charlie Tilson and Mickey Moniak around a sac fly by Jorge Bonifacio.  They scored twice in the fourth on RBI singles by Sal Gozzo and Tilson.  They tacked on a run in the eighth on a ground out by Gozzo.

Tilson (.304) went 2-5 with a double and 2 RBI.  Moniak (.257) went 2-4 with a double and RBI.  Ruben Tejada (.235) went 3-4.  Carlos Duran (.250) went 2-4.  SalGozzo (.147) went 3-4.

Reading (30-49) lost to Richmond, 4-2.  They have lost 16 of their last 20 games.  Josh Hendrickson (3.83) pitched six solid innings, giving up one run on 4 hits and 2 walks.  Kyle Dohy (2.86) pitched a scoreless inning.  Billy Sullivan (1-1, 3.12) blew the save with 3 runs on a hit, walk, 2 hit batters, wild pitch, and 3 K in 0.2 innings.  Carlo Reyes allowed one of 3 inherited runners to score on a walk in 0.1 innings.  He still hasn’t allowed an earned run.

The Phils took the lead with 2 runs in the eighth inning on Matt Kroon’s pinch hit, RBI triple and Arquimedes Gamboa’s sac fly.  The Phils managed just 3 hits.  Kroon’s triple, Luke Miller’s (.216) double, and a single by Madison Stokes (.255).

Jersey Shore (36-43) lost to Aberdeen. 8-5.  Seranthony Dominguez pitched one rehab inning, threw 21 pitches, 13 strikes (61.9%), faced 3 batters, and struck out two.  Jared Hughes (3-6, 5.75) pitched five innings and gave up 5 runs on 11 hits and a walk.  Jonas De La Cruz (40.50) gave up 3 runs in 0.2 innings on a hit and 3 walks.  Andrew Brown (2.48) allowed one of three inherited runners to score and went 2.1 innings walking four and striking out three.

The BlueClaws scored first on Nate Fassnacht’s solo HR (6) in the first inning.  They tied the game in the third on McCarthy Tatum’s solo HR (3).  They added 2 runs in the seventh on Tatum’s RBI single Vito Friscia’s sac fly. And, a run in the ninth on Jonathan Guzman’s RBI double.  Fassnacht (.220) went 2-4 with a walk, HR (6), and RBI.  Tatum (.409) went 2-4 with a walk, HR (3), and 2 RBI.  DJ Stewart (.250) went 2-5 with a double.  Cole Stobbe had an outfield assist.  He also went 0-4 with a walk and 3 K.  He’s hitting .124 and has struck out 76 times in 170 plate appearances (44.7%).

Clearwater (37-37) postponed Tuesday’s game v. Bradenton.  They intend to play the full series with a doubleheader on Saturday.

FCL Phillies (10-6) Monday’s game at the Blue Jays was cancelled.   Tuesday’s game v. the Yankees at the Complex has been cancelled.  Wednesday’s game at the Tigers in Lakeland is still on the books. Thursday is a camp day.  Friday at home v. the Blue Jays is still on.

DSL Phillies Red (7-8) beat the DSL Twins, 10-5.  Manuel Urias (6.10) pitched four, two-hit innings striking out six.  C Adony Meija (433) went 2-3 double, walk, and RBI.  Randy Vasquez (.326) went 2-5 with a double and RBI.

DSL Phillies White (9-6) beat the DSL Tigers, 6-3.  RHP Jean Cabrera (1.80) pitched four perfect innings striking out seven.  SS Erick Barria (.313) went 2-3 with a walk.  Erick Brito (.296) went 3-3 with a walk and 2 RBI.

The Affiliate Scoreboard, the FCL Scoreboard, and the DSL Scoreboard.


8/03/2021 – Phillies placed RHP Connor Brogdon on the 10-day IL, right elbow tendinitis
8/03/2021 – Phillies sent RHP Seranthony Dominguez on a rehab assignment to Jersey Shore
8/03/2021 – Phillies recalled RHP Mauricio Llovera from Lehigh Valley
8/03/2021 – C Herbert Iser assigned to Jersey Shore from Lehigh Valley
8/03/2021 – Reading activated RHP Hans Crouse
8/03/2021 – LHP Gabriel Cotto assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
8/03/2021 – LHP Christopher Soriano assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
8/03/2021 – RHP Tommy McCollum assigned to Clearwater Threshers
8/03/2021 – RHP Dylan Castaneda assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
8/03/2021 – RF Carlos De La Cruz assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
8/03/2021 – OF Junior Ortega assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
8/03/2021 – 2B Wilfredo Flores assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
8/03/2021 – RHP Griff McGarry assigned to Clearwater
8/03/2021 – RHP Alex McKenney assigned to Clearwater
8/03/2021 – RHP Jason Ruffcorn assigned to Clearwater Threshers
8/03/2021 – RHP Yoan Antonac assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
8/03/2021 – RHP Brendan Bell assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
8/03/2021 – RHP Andrew Baker assigned to Clearwater
8/03/2021 – C Mitchell Edwards assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
8/03/2021 – RHP Hsin-Chieh Lin assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
8/03/2021 – OF Felix Reyes assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
8/03/2021 – Clearwater placed RHP Mick Abel on the 7-day IL
8/03/2021 – Clearwater placed LHP Tyler Adams on the 7-day IL
8/03/2021 – Clearwater placed RHP Carlos A Francisco on the 7-day IL
8/03/2021 – Clearwater placed RHP Cristian Hernandez on the 7-day IL
8/03/2021 – Clearwater placed RHP Sam Jacobsak on the 7-day IL
8/03/2021 – Clearwater placed RHP DJ Jefferson on the 7-day IL
8/03/2021 – Clearwater placed RHP Gunner Mayer on the 7-day IL
8/03/2021 – Clearwater placed RHP Rodolfo Sanchez on the 7-day IL
8/03/2021 – Clearwater placed LHP Gabriel Yanez on the 7-day IL
8/03/2021 – Clearwater placed 1B Rixon Wingrove on the 7-day IL
8/03/2021 – Clearwater placed OF Marcus Lee Sang on the 7-day IL
8/03/2021 – Clearwater placed LF Ben Pelletier on the 7-day IL
8/03/2021 – Clearwater placed LF Baron Radcliff on the 7-day IL
8/03/2021 – Clearwater placed OF Jadiel Sanchez on the 7-day IL

28 thoughts on “Phillies Affiliates’ Recap (8/3/2021)

  1. I know it might not be realistic but was thinking maybe before the end of next season the starting outfield could be Harper, Moniak and Ortiz.

    I guess I am a morning optimist?

    1. Not very likely for either kid, barring injury or another terrible season forcing a sell off.

      1. I think if Moniak finishes Lehigh on a strong note, he’ll get a chance in ST for LF/CF in 2022. The Phillies need to save some money somewhere.

        Too soon to tell for Ortiz.

  2. Jim, do you have any idea what the vaccination rate is of the minor league affiliates? Last data I saw posted was from June 23 where 23 MLB teams had achieved 85% + (the Phillies being approx 35% lower) vaccination of on-field personnel. But that doesn’t have anything to do with the minor leagues, does it?

    1. The vaccination rates that are being reported are for players, coaches, and staff on the major league AND Triple-A teams.

      Progressing lower through the organization and without going into the two major reasons why, I would feel confident stating that the vaccination rates are lower at each level.

  3. Remember when we were very excited about Stobbe? Time for him to start his next career.

  4. Nice to see that Adonis Medina had a nice rehab game last night. Maybe he can be a future piece. Keep seeing other teams’ pitchers come up and throw good games against Phillies, hope we can do the same soon.

    1. Bailey Falter and Connor Brogdon have done well
      JoJo last year.
      Phillies do have their pitchers that can come up and initially do well …its the consistency and sustainment part, that will be critical.

  5. Found this nugget … always worry when the Rays want a little known guy!

    Curtis Mead, IF, Tampa Bay Rays: Where the 20-year-old Australian winds up on the diamond is up in the air. With his bat, it won’t really matter. Snaked from Philadelphia in a November 2019 trade for Cristopher Sanchez, Mead has distinguished himself even while in baseball’s best farm system. He’s playing himself into Top 100 prospect territory.

    1. Source? The trade already looks kind of suspect but if Mead turns into an actual top 100 guy that means he would probably be our #2 prospect right now.

    2. Hope for the best from him but what a tough pill to swallow if he develops into a top 100 guy. Hopefully Sanchez can turn into a solid reliever.

      1. We can thank Mr. Klentak for that wonderful trade along with his many other mistakes. Why is Klentak and McPhail still being paid by the Phillies? Hinkie has always complained about the trade.

      1. People don’t remember this but the Phillies traded Edgar Garcia to the Rays for Rodolfo Sanchez. The Rays have since cut Edgar Garcia.

  6. I mainly go to the Reading write ups first. I’m looking for Stott to show up every game. He’s 23 so if he is going to be a cog in the wheel for us going forward he should be showing signs that the hit tool is there for a possible call up next season.

    I honestly don’t want to see another season of Didi. Segura is here for 1 more year at least.

    A rough estimate of payroll for 2022 is $159. DD has to find cheap production somewhere.

    1. DMAR…agree…Stott is a key piece, and IMO along with Adam Haseley for CF and Mickey Mo……and for whatever reasons that are personal to Haseley and the Phillies, he has virtually disappeared this season and cannot get untracked.

      I just do not want to see the Phillies move on from him and he turns into another JPC with another team that shows patience with him.

    2. Where are you getting $159M? Cots already has it at $135M for 2022 before arbitration and FA. I’m estimating arbitration costs will add about $15-20M. So low side, before FA, $150M. Then we need a LF (no Cutch), CF (no Odubel), 2 relievers (no Bradley, no Neris), bench bat (no Miller). Unless you plan on replacing that internally, I’m guessing at least 2 of those positions will come from FA. You figure around $25M+ for FA so the payroll will likely be around $180M+ easy.

      1. Looks like Cots forgot to account for Kyle Gibson. And the Phillies will also have to replace Ian Kennedy. So the payroll bumps to $190M for 2022.

  7. Nice two inning rehab stint for Medina. You know, maybe he’s not a starter but instead his career is destined to be in the bullpen. Let it all out for an inning (closer or set up) or be the long man on the staff. After all the time the Phillies have spent on him, I’d like to see him stay in the system and possibly flourish.

    1. I think it’s definitely worth a shot to see if his stuff plays up out of the pen in shorter bursts.

  8. Can someone tell me what the 3 asterisks next to players names means in the “organization’s Rosters” link?

  9. This was supposed to be an important year for MiLB players, a chance to catch up on development/a missed 2020 season. Too bad so many games are getting cancelled in Clearwater.
    If only there was a way to prevent COVID from spreading through the complex 🙄 …

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