2021 Post Draft Discussion; August 1st

The Phillies have signed 19 of their 20 picks from the 2021 Amateur Draft and 10 non-drafter free agents.  They added  #16 RHP Ty Collins to the fold on Sunday.  They have not signed their #19 selection.  The signing bonuses for the 19 have been published.  By my calculations, they spent over their draft allotment, but within the 5% overage that carries no penalty.  They left a little over $34K on the table.  The total spent on drafted and non-drafted players is a little over $9.5 million.

The deadline for signing draft picks passed Sunday afternoon.  However, they can still sign non-drafted players, college or high school, up until they return to school.

Here’s what’s been released.  A complete breakdown is in the 2021 Draft Tracker.  For the sake of consistency, I have used the Baseball America numbers.  They report #$ Ottenbreit’s bonus $2.5K lower than MLB.  But, they also are reporting all bonuses, MLB hasn’t reported any below #10.

  1. RHP Andrew Painter, signed under slot – $3,900,000
  2. OF Ethan Wilson, signed full slot – $1,507,600
  3. OF Jordan Viars, signed over slot – $747,500
  4. RHP Micah Ottenbreit, signed over slot – $772,500
  5. RHP Griff McGarry, signed under slot – $322,500
  6. RHP Jose Pena, signed under slot – $222,500
  7. RHP Christian McGowan, signed over slot – $577,500
  8. RHP Jason Ruffcom, signed under slot – $147.500
  9. OF Gavin Tonkel, signed over slot – $247,500
  10. OF Logan Cerny, signed full slot – $146,100
  11. RHP Andrew Baker, signed over $125K – $200,000
  12. 3B TJ Rumfield, signed for $125,000
  13. OF Jared Carr, signed under $125K – $50,000
  14. LHP Jose Valadez-Acuna, signed for $125,000
  15. LHP Matt Osterberg, signed under $125K – $100,000
  16. RHP Ty Collins, signed over $125K – $135,000
  17. RHP Alex Garbrick, signed under $125K – $30,000
  18. RHP Malik Binns, signed for $125,000
  19. RHP Seth Halvorsen, attending Tennessee
  20. RHP Cam Wynne, signed under $125K – $50,000

And, the NDFAs ($20K max)

  1. RHP Konnor Ash
  2. RHP Alex McKenney
  3. RHP Tommy McCollum
  4. RHP Matt Russell
  5. 1B Matt Goodheart
  6. LHP Jared Wetherbee
  7. 3B/C Anthony Quirion
  8. LHP Tristan Garnett
  9. SS Freylin Minyety
  10. LHP Parker Scott

Drafted players do NOT count against the 180 player limit for stateside rosters until they are placed on a roster and play in a league game.  They WILL count when the season is over and the limit goes to 190 players.  NDFAs count 15 days after signing if not on a league roster before then.

The draft tab on the menu above is active and up-to-date.

The Draft >>> 2021 Draft Discussions and Picks includes all our draft articles for this year and past years, as well as other links.  Some older links may no longer be active.

All draft talk is encouraged here.  This is the last entry for the 2021 draft.


3 thoughts on “2021 Post Draft Discussion; August 1st

  1. Nice work in signing all but one of the draftees. I’m sure that one of the NDFAs is a good replacement for not signing#19 Seth Halverson.

    1. Agreed, very happy with that. Can’t wait for these kids to start playing and hopefully begin rebuilding our farm.

  2. In 4-5 years we will have a better understanding if this draft was the continuation of our system being turned around, or just another link in the chain.

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