2021 Post Draft Discussion; July 25th

The Phillies have signed 18 of their 20 picks from the 2021 Amateur Draft and 10 non-drafter free agents.  They have not signed their #16 and #19 selections.  The signing bonuses for the other 18 have been released.  To date, they have a little over $40K available to apply to the $125K limit before penalties for the two outstanding picks.

The Phillies have until August 1st to reach a deal with one or both picks.

Here’s what’s been released.  A complete breakdown is in the 2021 Draft Tracker.

  1. RHP Andrew Painter, signed under slot – $3,900,000
  2. OF Ethan Wilson, signed full slot – $1,507,600
  3. OF Jordan Viars, signed over slot – $747,500
  4. RHP Micah Ottenbreit, signed over slot – $775,000
  5. RHP Griff McGarry, signed under slot – $322,500
  6. RHP Jose Pena, signed under slot – $222,500
  7. RHP Christian McGowan, signed over slot – $577,500
  8. RHP Jason Ruffcom, signed under slot – $147.500
  9. OF Gavin Tonkel, signed over slot – $247,500
  10. OF Logan Cerny, signed full slot – $146,100
  11. RHP Andrew Baker, signed over $125K – $200,000
  12. 3B TJ Rumfield, signed for $125,000
  13. OF Jared Carr, signed under $125K – $50,000
  14. LHP Jose Valadez-Acuna, signed for $125,000
  15. LHP Matt Osterberg, signed under $125K – $100,000
  16. RHP Ty Collins, not signed
  17. RHP Alex Garbrick, signed under $125K – $30,000
  18. RHP Malik Binns, signed for $125,000
  19. RHP Seth Halvorsen, not signed
  20. RHP Cam Wynne, signed under $125K – $50,000

And, the NDFAs ($20K max)

  1. RHP Konnor Ash
  2. RHP Alex McKenney
  3. RHP Tommy McCollum
  4. RHP Matt Russell
  5. 1B Matt Goodheart
  6. LHP Jared Wetherbee
  7. 3B/C Anthony Quirion
  8. LHP Tristan Garnett
  9. SS Freylin Minyety
  10. LHP Parker Scott


Drafted players do NOT count against the 180 player limit for stateside rosters until they are placed on a roster and play in a league game.  They WILL count when the season is over and the limit goes to 190 players.  NDFAs count 15 days after signing if not on a league roster before then.

The draft tab on the menu above is active and up-to-date.

The Draft >>> 2021 Draft Discussions and Picks includes all our draft articles for this year and past years, as well as other links.  Some older links may no longer be active.

All draft talk is encouraged here.  I will start new threads if/when the number of comments becomes too unwieldy.  In the past, that has been weekly.


25 thoughts on “2021 Post Draft Discussion; July 25th

  1. Signing 18/20 plus 10 is outstanding work. Let’s get some of these guys playing in the next few weeks.

    1. rocco…tough break for Nits…lose Malvern’s Lonnie White to the Pirates……which was not unexpected.

      1. Romus its was over a million to sign, I wouldn’t turn that down, but that’s me, Rich people like You and Hinkie would laugh at that little amount

        1. As a Lions fan, it hurts. However, you can get 1.5 million signing bonus to play baseball or play for mostly free football in college and have a life full of concussions. Seems like a no-brainer.

  2. It would seem Seth Halvorsen probably has a 165-thousand dollar offer out there from Brian Barber. He has some big time arm talent, but needs to harness it, and throw more strikes. If he turns down the Phillies, he’s transferring from Missouri to Tennessee. He made three appearances on the Cape this summer (none since the draft was held). The numbers weren’t good: 7.1 IP, 10 R, 10 H, 10 BB, 6 K (in a SSS). Nonetheless, he throws upper 90s (hits triple digits) and adds three secondaries. I’d love to see the Phillies get the chance to coach him up. However … if I were him … I’d head to Tennessee, and hope for a Griff McGarry or (even better) a Andrew Abbott outcome in the 2022 draft.

  3. If we lose these 2 draftees are there 1 or 2 of the non- drafted free agents that would basically “replace” them so it wouldn’t feel like wasted picks?

  4. Considering they were 16 & 19th round picks and we drafted a ton of pitchers, Im ok with that, plus we spent over our allotment anyway and ate into the 5% over allotment bonus available to all teams.

  5. For the people who know more about the drafted players, outside of Painter and Wilson who would you say has the greatest chance to be a draft find? Just trying to get a better feel for who i should keep my eyes on.

    1. Eagleye … that’s a really good question. It’s also subjective. You ask 10 people, you might get 10 different answers. This weekend, I was looking at my post draft Phillies top 40 prospect list, and I felt I probably misplaced a couple of the kids just selected.
      I originally had Andrew Painter @ #5. I now think I’d make him the Phillies new #1 prospect. I love Mick Abel, but Painter has a very similar profile, and Painter is probably a more consistent strike thrower.
      I also ranked Griff McGarry @37. That was way too low. I think I read the Phillies will give him a chance to be a starter. If that’s the case, I’d put him in the top 15. UVA hasn’t done a great job producing MLB arms. Outside of Sean Doolittle (Daniel Lynch is young, but has a chance to be a good one), there’s not an inspiring list of productive Cavalier pitchers. McGarry had big time control problems in college … but … he’s got a huge arm and two plus secondaries. He really put it all together in the post season. During his final two college starts (vs DBU in the super regionals and eventual CWS champs Miss St in the college WS), McGarry was phenomenal! 14.1 IP, 3 H, 5 BB, 18 K.

      Christian McGowan and Jose Pena are two other high ceiling arms to watch. Logan Cerny could surprise. He was the team’s 10th round pick. He’s got multiple plus tools.

      1. Cerny is a “twitchy” athlete with tools, but he also had a 30% K rate in a non-power conference. That’s a huge red flag. While I have no issue whatever with taking a flyer on Cerny in the 10th round, I also. have zero expectations for him, so anything at all that Cerny does in the Phillies organization will be a pleasant surprise.

        I guess I could say the same thing for every Phillies 2021 draft except Painter and Wilson, but we have seen the toolsy OF with contact issues many times for the Phillies over the years, and we all know how that story ends.

  6. Looks like the Red Sox won’t be signing their second round pick Jud Fabian. They reportedly don’t want to give him $3M to sign.

  7. Muttley laugh of the day…at the Mets’ expense…

    NYM have concerns about Kumar Rocker’s right elbow. Hence, negotiations have been impeded. That’s too bad….(he-he-he-he…)

    1. The Mets have nothing to lose. If Rocker doesn’t sign (and I’m pretty sure he will), the team will get the 1-11 pick next summer. The 2022 draft won’t be as deep as this year’s, but next year’s class looks like it will feature more high end prospects at the top of the draft (compared to the 2021 class).
      The one thing this does set the stage for is … hard feelings between Rocker and the Mets. That could come into play six or seven years from now.

      1. Naturally Boras is smack in the middle of this posturing….looking for quite a bit over-slot.
        Same thing happened with HSer RHP Carter Stewart and his wrist issues, a few years back after Atlanta drafted him, …he went to Japan and earned some yen.
        Rocker does not have much leverage other than returning to vandy and risky an injury.

        1. If Rocker goes back as a senior and doesn’t perform, he’ll lose even more money.

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