Daily Archives: July 10, 2021

FCL Phillies’ Recap (7/10/2021)

This morning I was able to watch my first FCL game.  Actually, my third game, but I was involved in scoring the games and wasn’t taking exclusive notice of the young Phillies.  I would normally include a short FCL recap as part of the daily Affiliates’ Recap. But, since I saw this game in person; since it was the “first” game I personally could report; and since I have some free time this afternoon; I thought I would write a recap.  Continue reading FCL Phillies’ Recap (7/10/2021)

Phillies’ Affiliates’ Recap (7/9/2021)

There were some solid performances last night, but just one victory.  Lehigh Valley got pummeled.  Reading walked off with a win.  Jersey Shore got crushed, again.  And, Clearwater wasted a solid Abel start.  The FCL Phillies also wasted some fine pitching in a loss. Continue reading Phillies’ Affiliates’ Recap (7/9/2021)