2021 Draft Discussion: Day Three

Yesterday, the Phillies made their first second-round draft selection in four years.  They went on to select nine players on day two of the draft.  In all. they have selected six right-handed pitchers and four outfielders in the first ten rounds.  Five of their picks, including their first pick, are prep players. Today’s final ten rounds start at noon.

This is the thread for the Day Three discussion.

Personally, I don’t like the new draft format.  I understand MLB wanting to make their draft an event.  But, it’s tough to sell the selection of over 600 players as a big deal when none of them will play in the majors this season, almost none will play in the majors next season, and most of whom will never sniff the big leagues.  I only care about 20 of the payers selected.  The rest are just noise.  I hope today’s coverage and one minute per selection resembles the final day coverage of 2019 and previous years.

The Phillies had the 13th overall selection in the first round.

The Phillies have a bonus pool allotment of $8,295,000.

The complete slot breakdown is as follows (round, pick, $) –

  1. 13th overall: $4,197,300
  2. 49th overall: $1,507,600
  3. 84th overall: $721,900
  4. 114th overall: $507,400
  5. 145th overall: $375,200
  6. 175th overall: $284,200
  7. 205th overall: $222,100
  8. 235th overall: $177,400
  9. 265th overall: $155,800
  10. 295th overall: $146,100
  11. 325th overall: picks in rounds 11 thru 20 are each capped at $125, 000 which doesn’t count against the bonus pool; any portion exceeding this figure counts against the bonus pool.
  12. 355th overall: capped at $125, 000
  13. 385th overall: capped at $125, 000
  14. 415th overall: capped at $125, 000
  15. 445th overall: capped at $125, 000
  16. 475th overall: capped at $125, 000
  17. 505th overall: capped at $125, 000
  18. 535th overall: capped at $125, 000
  19. 565th overall: capped at $125, 000
  20. 595th overall: capped at $125, 000

Contracts for non-drafted free agents are capped at $20,000.

Schedule (All Times ET)

Tuesday, July 13
Day 3
Rounds 11-20
Live on MLB.com
Round 11 begins at noon ET

This is a forum for draft discussion to keep it separate from other conversations.

As in previous years, I’ll post a place for daily draft discussions until the draft is completed,  then, weekly draft discussions until the signing period is over (August 1st).  Draft signings will be tracked here – 2021 Draft Tracker


87 thoughts on “2021 Draft Discussion: Day Three

  1. Not sure we have any extra money left but we’ll know by who they select in the 11th Round

  2. FYI: The Draft Tracker is up-to-date. ALL of our draft coverage is available under the pull-down menu.

    The Draft>>>2021 Draft Discussions and Picks

  3. As I mentioned yesterday, it’s difficult to project what the higher picks have agreed to sign for (and they’ve all agreed to sign). But that’s never stopped me from guessing (and looking stupid later).

    1. Andrew Painter 4.2M slot … bonus guess 4M
    2. Ethan Wilson 1.51M slot …. bonus guess 1.51M
    3. Jordan Viars 722-thou slot … bonus guess 600-thou
    4. Micah Ottenbreit 507-thou slot … bonus guess 750-thou
    5. Griff McGarry 375-thou slot … bonus guess 150-thou
    6. Jose Pena jr 284-thou slot … bonus guess 600-thou
    7. Christian McGowan 222-thou slot … bonus guess 750-thou
    8. Jason Ruffcorn 177-thou slot … bonus guess 50-thou
    9. Gavin Tonkel 156-thou slot … bonus guess 125-thou
    10. Logan Cerny 146-thou slot … bonus guess 146-thou

    8.681M bonus guess

    Phillies bonus slot total $8,300,100
    5% overage allowance $415,005
    Grand total ……… $8,715,105

    So … if my guesstimates are in the ball park (probably aren’t), Brian Barber doesn’t have much money to play around with today. At best, maybe 35-40 thousand dollars. That would allow the team to pay one player maybe 160-thousand dollars. No other day three pick would get >125 thousand dollars. Again, I’m always wrong when predicting this … so … take it for what it’s worth.

    And … I’d expect the Phillies to concentrate more on bats today, and possibly some LHP. Here are some of the guys I’d be most interested in:

    * Jalen Battles
    * Luca Tresh
    * Damiano Palmegiani
    * Isaiah Thomas
    * Niko Kavadas
    * Josh Hood
    * Elijah Cabell
    * Levi Usher
    * Marcos Pujols
    * Julian Bosnic

    1. Elijah Cabell!?!? Any relation to the late ’70s-’80 Astros’ Enos. Always thought he was a nice, under appreciated player.

  4. The glut of pitching continues.
    Andrew Baker … 21 YO JUCO RHP. Previously drafted in the 16th round by the LAD’s. If the Dodgers liked him, he’s all right with me.

  5. Andrew Baker sounds interesting. Another power arm, with some control issues. Recently converted to pitcher so possibly can be corrected with time and pro coaching.

  6. TJ Rumfield 3Bman from Va Tech. Transferred out of Texas Tech. Big kid – 6’5″/225

  7. Brian Barber with a nice pick in round 13: Jared Carr. Maybe the best Div II player in the country. Another quick twitch CFer with both speed and some power. Also played well in college summer leagues (wood bat).

  8. Toronto took Damiano Palmegiani. Second time they’ve drafted the former Canadian prepster.

  9. Matt Osterberg … another Div II player, and the first LHP Phillies have drafted.

  10. The shortest draft pick so far is listed a 6’1″. Don’t think that is a coincidence.

  11. Just four more picks left.
    Please, Brian Barber use one of them on Marcos Pujols (Dayton DH/1B/LF). Love that kid.

    1. Think it’s possible Hinkie, that Sam, Brian and DD have a list of players to go after if no one drafts them, with which they would not be constrained by the financial limits of the draft pool?

  12. Can’t believe Thomas from Vandy is still available. Like our picks today as there is a lot of potential in this group. The days of the safe picks with limited upside appear to be gone.

    1. Agreed and its nice to see. Just took another big pitcher, 6’7 240 RHP Malik Binns from a school in Arizona.

  13. Alex Garbrick RHP USC Upstate. Transfer from Morehead State.
    Garbrick works low 90s as a starter w/two above avg secondaries (SL & CH). He’s hit 97 in short stints so he could profile as a reliever. Also has some funk in his delivery.

  14. Malik Binns. Very big small college RHP (6’7″/240). Former HS basketball star.

  15. Hey … Seth Halvorsen (Missouri) is a name I know. He’s another high upside arm. Was Mr, Baseball in Minnesota as a prepster in 2018. Missed most of 2019 w/TJ. Athletic enough to play OF in 2020 while rehabbing from TJ. Packs the heat. Throws mid to upper 90s (has hit 100). Control has been a problem.

      1. Yeah, Romus. He’s committed to Texas Tech so he has options. Funny thing is the Phillies announced him as an OFer. Pretty much everything I’ve seen/read of him is as a RHP.

  16. Boston just took Vineland’s Josh Hood in round 20. Great pick for them. Hood is a former freshman all-american at UPenn. Didn’t get to play in 2021 because the Ivy League cancelled their season. He’s transferred to NC State for the 2022 season (if Boston doesn’t offer him enough $).

  17. Pitchers at the lower levels need to up their games NOW with all the influx of pitching into the system.

  18. It looks like almost all the players in the Phillies FCL box scores are rehabbing players, where are the drafted players going to play?

  19. And Brian Barber closes it out with 22 YO Cam Wynne. He’s another flame throwing RHP. Has thrown for Nebraska and Johnson County CC.

  20. What do I know? I was pretty confident they would concentrate on the bats today.
    Nope. Just three hitters. Seven more pitchers.
    I think my favorite selections today were Jared Carr and Seth Halvorsen.

  21. And now that the 2021 draft has wrapped up (a whole 10 minutes ago) … Here’s a waaay too early Phillies 2022 5-round mock.

    ROUND 1: Connor Prielipp … is a 6’3″/205 lb LHP who throws for Alabama. He’s most likely going to miss all of the 2022 college season recovering from TJ. When healthy, Prielipp is one of (if not THE) best rising junior pitcher in the college game. The southpaw throws a well commanded 92-96 MPH FB, a devastating, high spinning SL (up to 90 MPH), and a not too shabby CH. He’s totaled 28 IP, 13 H, 7 BB, 47 K, 0.96 ERA in his two seasons with the Crimson Tide. The Wisconsin native was a Red Sox’ day three pick in 2019. If Prielipp wasn’t coming off surgery, he’d be a slam dunk top five pick. Missing the 2022 season could push him closer to the middle of the first round next summer.


    * If Prielipp doesn’t make it to the Phillies, here is my alternate 1st round choice ⤵

    ROUND 1: Andruw Jones Jr … has the best bloodlines of any player available in next year’s draft. His dad was a five time all-star, ten time Gold Glove winner, and racked up a 62.7 career bWAR. The younger Jones also plays CF (at a HS outside Atlanta). The RHH may be the youngest player in the 2022 draft. He won’t turn 18 until next December. Jones has great size (6’3″/180) and the potential for plus tools across the board. He’s a Vanderbilt commit. Here he is in his Phillies uniform … a whole year before Brian Barber drafts him.

    1. ROUND 2: Cooper Hjerpe … is a 6’2″/190 lb LHP at Oregon St. He throws a low 90s FB with pretty good life, an above avg CB, and a developing CH all from a side-windish delivery that creates weird angles, and makes it hard for batters to pick up the baseball out of his hand. Hjerpe made it all work to the tune of 77 IP, 63 H, 27 BB, 98 K in 2021. Opponents had only a .221 BA against him.

      1. ROUND 3: Zach Maxwell … is a very big man with a very big arm. The baseball looks like a grape in the 6’6″/280 lb Georgia Tech RHP’s hand. Maxwell throws an upper 90’s FB (has hit 100) and a sharp, breaking, plus SL. Both pitches have elite spin rates. He’s probably limited to a late inning reliever/closer because he currently lacks a third pitch, and has trouble with the strike zone (career avg 15.2 K/9, but 10.1 BB/9). Brian Barber knows the hulking prospect well. He scouted him in HS before the NYYs used a 29th round pick on Maxwell in 2019.

        1. ROUND 4: Owen Diodati … is a power hitting RFer, and Connor Prielipp’s teammate at Alabama. The 6’3″/210 lb LHH prospect had a strong college debut in 2020 when he slashed .309/.431/.673, and BB’ed (13) as much as he K’ed (13). That line regressed to .235/.325/.443 this season, but the power has shown. He’s belted 11 HRs while playing in the toughest conference in America (SEC). Diodati is a Canadian citizen who was originally drafted by Toronto (29th round) in 2019.

          ROUND 5: Jimmy Crooks … is a 6’0″/215 LHH C who just completed his first season at Oklahoma after beginning his career at McLennan JUCO in Texas. Crooks is a quality defender who can handle the bat as well. The Sooner backstop slashed .287/.385/.502 for Oklahoma in 2021 after registering a .319/.467/.458 line in his one JUCO season. Crooks (aka Jimmy Barrels) is a younger prospect. He won’t turn 21 until July 2022.

  22. Philies 10 drafts, top ten rounds…2010-2020…..102 selections, 95 signings (93%)

    But since Middleton has taken over as General Partner seven years ago….100% on all selections….of course, sans 2nd and 3rd rounders they had to forfeit from free agent QO signings.

  23. There is one word and only one word to describe the Phillies 2021 draft…VELOCITY!!

    And I love it. They took power arms and are going to try to reach these kids how to pitch. I love the gamble. The anti-Almaraz draft.

  24. I want to thank Jim for this site as always – and I also want to offer a standing ovation to Hinkie with all his input, data, and pictorial clips. Truly made the draft a ton more meaningful to me to be able to connect names with actual players. Thank you !!!!

    And to v1 – thanks for your upbeat comments on the respective draftees…your positivity was an added element to Hinkie’s data !

    1. I call it like I see it. I have no idea if any of these kids are good, but I like the strategy. I like the tools. Big velo arms. I think that it is the right approach and I am happy to see a new regime fully bought into it.

  25. Meet your 2021 Phillies draft class (probably one of their highest ceiling classes ever).

    1️⃣ Andrew Painter

    2️⃣ Ethan Wilson

    1. 3️⃣ Jordan Viars

          1. 6️⃣ Jose Pena Jr

            1. 7️⃣ Christian McGowan

            2. 🔟 Logan Cerny

              1️⃣1️⃣ Andrew Baker

            3. 1️⃣4️⃣ Jose Valadez-Acuna

            4. Phillies gave to get him signed…FIU is not a powerhouse D1 school, so maybe that isa plus in the Phillies favor.

            5. 1️⃣9️⃣ Seth Halvorsen

  26. so, do the phillies have unlimited budget to sign Hinkie fave Marcos Pujols now?

    1. I gotta’ believe he’ll go back to Dayton for a fourth year. He’ll still be 21 YO for next summer’s draft so it won’t affect him too much.
      I do love that kid. He’s a big boy. Not tall, just wide. He looks like Pablo Sandoval, and he can hit like Pablo Sandoval.


      Here’s hoping Brian Barber makes Marcos Pujols a Phillie next summer!

  27. Great stuff Hinkie, I can’t thank you enough! Jim does such a good job setting this up for us, and works so hard doing it, and the guys who contribute so much, like you, Hinkie, make this such a terrific site. V1, I don’t always agree, but I’ve got to tell you, when you are up beat about the draft or a particular player, it makes me a lot more optimistic! All of you, thanks, following the draft here has been so much fun. I appreciate it a great deal, RU got to thank you first, but I want to second that standing O!

    1. Thanks. I am more upbeat about the strategy than any particular player. I have never seen any of these kids. I am not a scout. I just like the draft strategy. Power arms. High velo kids. Elite stuff. High K rates. Most won’t make it. But the ones who do have a high ceiling. That’s what I want.

  28. Agree with the props for Jim, Hinkie and the others who make this site so informative. Hinkie, you’re like our own super scout.

    1. Thank you all for the kind words. I love following the draft, and sharing my thoughts with you. And thanks to Jim for this forum. It’s the best!

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