Open Discussion: Week of July 11, 2021

This is the courtesy thread for comments and discussion about the Phillies and other baseball topics.  Draft discussion is in a separate thread.

So, the Phillies enter the break at 44-44.  Not bad when you consider they were 4 games under .500 ten days ago.  Here’s hoping that Wheeler stays safely on the National League bench and that he can start the series opener next Friday against those dreaded Marlins.

In other news, four Phillies were placed on the 10-day IL for Covid reasons including Sunday’s scheduled starting pitcher.  Fortunately, those not unavailable were able to beat the Red Sox and conclude a successful road trip that included series wins over the Cubs and Sox.  Don’t forget that this trip was preceded by a series win over the Padres.

Here’s hoping that Alec Bohm stays asymptomatic and returns healthy in ten days and that the other three are just on the list for contact tracing and are available for the Marlins’ series.

Key Dates:

  • July 11-13, 2021: 2021 Amateur Draft
  • July 12, 2021: DSL starts (through October 2nd)
  • July 30, 2021: Trade Deadline (4 p.m. ET)
  • August 1, 2021: Signing deadline for 2021 drafted players
  • Oct. 3, 2021: Regular season concludes

Transactions (last week’s transactions)

7/11/2021 – Phillies placed LHP Bailey Falter on the 10-day IL
7/11/2021 – Phillies placed RHP Aaron Nola on the 10-day IL
7/11/2021 – Phillies placed RHP Connor Brogdon on the 10-day IL
7/11/2021 – Phillies placed 3B Alec Bohm on the 10-day IL
7/11/2021 – Phillies recalled LHP Damon Jones from Lehigh Valley
7/11/2021 – Phillies recalled SS Nick Maton from Lehigh Valley
7/11/2021 – Phillies recalled RHP Mauricio Llovera from Lehigh Valley
7/11/2021 – Phillies recalled LHP Cristopher Sanchez from Lehigh Valley
7/10/2021 – Phillies placed CF Odubel Herrera on the 10-day IL, left ankle tendonitis
7/10/2021 – Phillies selected the contract of RHP JD Hammer from Lehigh Valley
7/10/2021 – LHP Erubiel Armenta assigned to Jersey Shore from Clearwater
7/10/2021 – Clearwater sent LF Ben Pelletier on a rehab assignment to FCL Phillies
7/09/2021 – 2B Sal Gozzo assigned to Jersey Shore from Reading
7/09/2021 – Reading activated C Colby Fitch from the 7-day IL
7/09/2021 – Jersey Shore placed 3B Nate Fassnacht on the 7-day IL retro to July 4th
7/09/2021 – OF Marcus Lee Sang assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
7/09/2021 – Clearwater sent C Andrick Nava on a rehab assignment to FCL Phillies
7/09/2021 – Clearwater activated SS Guarner Dipre from the 7-day IL
7/09/2021 – Clearwater placed SS Kendall Simmons on the 7-day IL
7/09/2021 – Clearwater placed CF Yhoswar Garcia on the 7-day IL
7/08/2021 – Lehigh Valley placed LHP Ethan Evanko on the 7-day IL
7/08/2021 – C Freddy Francisco assigned to FCL Phillies from Lehigh Valley
7/07/2021 – RHP Cam Bedrosian assigned to Lehigh Valley
7/07/2021 – Phillies signed FA RHP Cam Bedrosian to a minor league contract
7/06/2021 – C Tyler Heineman assigned to Lehigh Valley
7/06/2021 – Jersey Shore sent RHP Noah Skirrow on a rehab assignment to FCL Phillies
7/06/2021 – Jersey Shore sent RHP Tyler McKay on a rehab assignment to FCL Phillies
7/05/2021 – Reading sent C Colby Fitch on a rehab assignment to FCL Phillies
7/03/2021 – Phillies signed FA C Tyler Heineman to a minor league contract
7/02/2021 – Lehigh Valley placed RHP Adonis Medina on the 7-day IL

187 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of July 11, 2021

  1. Obviously SSS, but Cristopher Sanchez has pitched better in the bigs than at Lehigh. He hasn’t looked overmatched at all.

        1. rocco….Mayo, however did mocked him for the Phillies…and he let everyone know it last night.

          1. Romus Listing to mlb last night, I like the fact that this kid is throwing from 55 ft with his height, i never thought of that, I think they are right, he will add more velo,

            1. rocco….high risk with tall HS RHPs …6’6″ and taller…repeating mechanics….one issue that come affect an 18-year old…..they may still grow another 1/2 inch or inch, and that may impact their mechanics, then their control gets thrown out of whack….remember Aumont, your boy Riley Pint, then there was Marlins’ pick Kolek….seeing it now with Astros Forrest Whitley.
              OTOH, Phillies’ Eflin was able to make it, so there is still that opportunity for success.
              Comes with higher risks for HS pitchers.

  2. After watching Pivetta today I don’t miss him at all. Stomping around the mound, letting his head play games that affect his pitching. Lots of pitches, worrying about runners not hitters, giving up home runs to lesser players. He will end up with poor numbers and will bounce around the league before hanging it up. See Vince Velasquez for similar results.

  3. So the Phillies are one of the few teams that have not reached 85% fully vaccinated??? No words.

      1. Kinzler was vaccinated but told everyone that it affected his neck and went on IL. Didi said his vaccine created Pseudo-gout. So fear is in the clubhouse.

        1. Denny…possibly just a coincidence ….but MLB experienced the highest rate, to date, in their history of soft tissue related injuries requiring IL stints.
          From obliques, to hams, quads, and other assorted ligament and tendon issues.

          1. Yeah. I was vaccinated without problems but my 2 sons in their 30s got the virus before vaccine was available and still have some affects. I am pro vaccines but can’t demand others to get vaccinated because I don’t know their issues. It’s such a lightning rod and I take cover in lightning storms.

            1. Yeah….I am with you …over the last years ..from a kid thru the military until now I have had about 30/35 vaccinations…from way back cholera, malaria, typhoid all the flus etc etc, even the dreaded Swine Flu in the 70s… the military I remember getting shot in both arms with air-guns. So getting vaccinated is nothing new.
              But I respect whatever someone does……I have no right to tell them one way or the other. I know of quite a few black older guys at the gym or wherever now, who will not go near this vaccine. I respect their stance…..for them it is what happened to blacks in the 50s and 60s.

            2. I just think its a personal decision between an individual and their doctor and we shouldn’t be talking about it…

            3. @dmar, it is a personal decision, but the impact is wide ranging. If you don’t get the vaccine, and you catch covid and pass it on to somebody else (who may or may not die from it), that’s a problem. If enough people don’t get the vaccine, and covid hangs around and impacts the economy, and people again start losing jobs and/or find they are finding it hard to make ends meet, that’s a problem. I haven’t been back to the office in 6 months, and I’m not sure how many restaurants near the office has survived.

    1. Several comments from yesterday and on this thread assume a moral high ground and project shame on players as selfish or “bad teammates” when few people know the particular details of each case. Please let’s not open up this heated debate again. Not everyone agrees about the efficacy and safety of vaccines and protocols. There is NO consensus despite many self righteous thoughts to the contrary. I’ve taken heat for my related comments in the past. The only science that seems to be conclusive in this whole argument is political science. The popular narrative and the truth are necessarily one and the same.

      As for baseball, players get hurt or sick throughout the season. It happens. MLB teams aren’t parents or guardians. Players are grown men. Let’s not affix personal value judgments over your own personal fear, be it rational or irrational. Please.

      1. Your comments are the thing that makes me sick. Your a selfish person who doesnt care about others, The vaccine if it kills you which it wont is better than infecting others, older sick people cant fight this covid and a person like you could kill people, but thats okay, This isnt about you. but others, you may be healthy which i hope, but others couldnt fight this, i know my brother couldnt, and couple other people one was a kid i knew since we were 8,

        1. Rocco, this is a pretty unfair viewpoint if you are being serious. It’s not a cut and dry issue, or a one size fits all. The argument that it’s about others falls flat too. It’s a personal choice that involves risk no matter what path you decide. The selfish game is completely unfair, for many reasons you maybe unaware of. Again it’s trying times for all, to be judgmental is not what anyone needs.

          1. Uh yeah, it’s pretty cut and dried. The vaccines work and save countless lives and other long term effects of the illness. The safety concerns are minimal. The risk/reward is so heavily weighted in favor of getting vaccinated that it’s ridiculous. The fact that this became a political issue is outrageous and it’s keeping our country from moving forward. I am not going to keep quiet on this one.

      2. Let’s stick to the science. The Covid vaccine reduces the probability of the worst outcome, which is death. That is undeniable. You see it already in countries with high vaccination rates. Even with the variants, you hardly see high death rates. That should be the main reason why you get the vaccine. For me, the possibility of having long term effects form catching Covid, that scares me a lot too. I do my best to stay healthy, but having symptoms for months on end would definitely worry me.

        Yes, there could be side effects. Yes, the probability of not dying is not zero. Yes, nobody is sure what the long term effects are. But guess what, pretty much everybody has gotten vaccinated against something already. You probably got a cocktail of vaccines as a child. And you’re still here, talking about the Phillies.

        I got the vaccine to protect my health, to protect my parents, and to protect those around me. Was I worried about getting the vaccine? Of course. But not getting the vaccine means I’m susceptible to the worst outcome. And if I passed Covid to my parents or my buddy who is in remission, that guilt is something I cannot live with. So whatever your reasons, please get vaccinated.

      3. I’ll tell you who agrees to the efficacy and safety of the vaccines – every single infectious disease expert the world over. Now does that mean there aren’t an individual or two that have specific medical conditions where the vaccine should not be taken by them? Of course there are, but that is a very very tiny number.

  4. Here is a question, a lot of people are in this boat. A new parent has a kid that has been in daycare throughout the pandemic, with no mask. The child doesn’t wear a mask for obvious reasons. Would you inject a covid vaccine into a child that lived the pandemic, that has very little chance of getting covid, to protect the child’s parents & grandparents? Other children’s parents and. Grandparents? In the state of PA, last I checked, no children under the age of 18 died from covid per the cdc. The vaccine is not proven long term, nor is it current available to kids under 12, but is that mandate coming? That would seem like an unnecessary risk for the child given the scientific data. Is that selfish for the child? When the grandparent & adult can just get the vaccine? At what age does the line open up? To exposure the children to the risk of the vaccine? 13,14,21? It’s not cut and dry. This is only one scenario. Be respectful to all, not everybody has the same circumstances.

    1. This is a tough one. The vaccine has been proven to be effective. Billions around the world have already taken it. But not kids under the age of 12. I don’t have any kids so I can’t answer it. I know my buddy’s kid, who very recently turned 12, got the vaccine.

      I believe that there will be clinical trials for children. But you better believe that the numbers will be looked at very closely. I believe it’s coming (giving the vaccine to children), but it won’t be official until maybe 2022 at the earliest.

    2. In my case my grandkids cant go around members of my family, My two sister in laws have kidney problems, one is waiting for dialysis and the other is not a candidate So in some cases grandparents cant get the vaccine and its a tough choice, but a adult not getting it, that can carry and infected and kill people is so wrong and if you dont see it, shame on you

      1. My parents haven’t seen their grandkids (my sister’s kids) in person since Christmas 2019.

  5. I talked to my buddy, the Blue Jays fan, about his first round pick and he wasn’t happy. Since their top prospect, Nate Pearson, has been dealing with a lot of injuries, he didn’t want the Blue Jays to draft another pitcher that could have injury concerns.

  6. Thank you Tac3.
    My hopes this forum was not going to address the vaccine. We all have history or personal stories about the vaccine But it is a Personal Choice, Personal Reason and last time I heard Freedom of Choice. It’s the Irresponsible one person who thinks of himself is the problem.
    He felt sick but put himself before the team.
    Where were MLB Dailey Protocols!

    1. It is tough choices for many. I don’t want to beat a dead horse, so I’ll stop. I will say if anyone wants a recommendation on how to see a family member as safely as possible, who maybe immune compromised, I’ll put a series of steps below. We have a family member who doesn’t have the luxury of time to wait it out. To hug her grandchild again was a great thrill for her. One of them for the 1st time. I ran the PPE list by our doctor, process, etc and we both agreed the was a good plan to protect her as best we could, migrating the risks the best anyone could. Again, I’ll share if anyone is interested. I am just some dude on the internet, but as a background qualifier, and to not sound like a nut when speaking to your doctor, I did spend 10+ Years of my life in EMS & ERs. Sound advice to talk through.

  7. What a difference a weekend makes huh…

    Alex Anthopoulos has a huge conundrum on his hands with Acuna out for the season. I don’t hesitate to say their chances to overcome that type of production loss are next to nil.

    The ripple effect to that injury should be big league wide. One had to imagine at the very least they would in for a big time closer such as Kimbrel and they still may be however they were 9th in OPS and 12th in runs score. Acuna Jr was 4th in the league in OPS and essentially was carrying them.

    The Blue Jays were 2nd in the league in OPS and clearly pitching is their issue. I don’t think they can sit idle and not try to make a move to improve that. The Rays again seem to be the most balanced team in that division and well positioned to run down the Red Sox.

    Any way you shake it the second half should be full of intrigue as teams start to decide if they have a real shot at a ring with a few simple tweaks.

    1. The Braves are not going for it. Losing Acuna was huge. I mean, how many times has Acuna hurt us this year alone?

      The Blue Jays should go for it but I don’t think they will. They don’t want to take on too much salary. Some people don’t know this but the Blue Jays are owned by Rogers, which is a public company. They more or less have to answer to shareholders (another thing that my buddy is not happy about). As for the Rays, you know they don’t want salary. Kimbrel has been great this year but really stunk the previous 2 years. And he’s making $16M which is a lot for a reliever.

      I still think Kimbrel will get moved, but the Cubs will definitely have to come off their asking price. And they might have to thrown in some money too to make trades with the Blue Jays or the Rays work.

  8. What happened this week has almost certainly sealed the deal for Dave Dombrowski. He is a “buyer” this month.
    Winning five of seven on the road (two against the best team in the AL) just made it clear he can’t take a pass on 2021. I’ve already pointed this club was built to win now (through the next couple of seasons). Their core is healthy (no guarantee of health in 2022/2023). The meat of their lineup is finally clicking at once. Their lineup, in general, has lengthened. And they still have the easiest remaining schedule in MLB. 21 of their final 60 games are against the Pirates, DBacks, Rockies, and Royals. All of those games will take place post-trade deadline, after they’ve dealt away most/all of their best veteran players. The Phillies will also host the Cubs for three during that time. Chicago will most likely have unloaded some of Bryant/Baez/Rizzo/Kimbrel.
    Meanwhile the rest of the NL East is just average. The club I was most worried about (Braves) just lost their best player/MVP candidate (Acuna).

    Don’t worry about having the same type of talent and depth as the LADs and SDPs. We’ll be waiting forever to do that. Just win the division, and take your chances with Wheeler/Nola/Eflin and Harper/Hoskins/Realmuto, and an imported closer this season. It’s been a decade. Let’s get to the postseason.


    And hats off to Ranger Saurez. What he did yesterday was unbelievably impressive. Still think he should be part of the rotation in 2022, though.

    1. Correction: 21 of their final 60 games are against the Pirates, DBacks, Rockies, and *Orioles (not Royals).
      Even better/easier schedule.

  9. I’m gauging the pain meter on a top Bullpen upgrade, as it is the obvious need for the Phillies this year & next. They could use 3 upgrades in this area, maybe more. Kimbel is supposedly on the market, controllable for 1.5 year? Do you upgrade today, & pay a heavy price? if it would take more than what is below, I’m out, even knowing that the Phillies will likely be in the same boat next year. I can’t give up Abel or Stott, and now Painter.

    Marchan, Garcia, & Medina? Maybe another 1-2 prospects below the top 10? If it is Stott or bust, i hope they go for a lower grade upgrade. As I believe they will need more than 1 to improve the pen.

    1. You serious? If you’re the Cubs GM, would you take Marchan, Garcia, and Medina? I doubt that even gets you half a year of Kimbrel. You need to give talent to get talent. That offer wouldn’t hurt the Phillies at all. For a premium talent like Kimbrel, the trade needs to hurt for the Phillies. That’s how it’s supposed to be. It has to start with Stott. Or the Cubs GM is not doing his job.

      1. I’m crossing him off the list then. I don’t even want to entertain the idea of him coming here if it cost Stott or Abel. I get the it takes talent to get talent, but there is a threshold were the move can project to be to counterproductive. Unless there is someone on the FA market they are willing to pay for, think they can trade for, or if you believe Garcia will be bettter than Stott, I can’t make that deal in good faith with Stott included. The division is down tthis year, but its not likely they will have the same path next year or beyond. The Phillies still need to make shrewd moves. They maybe a playoff team by default, but they are not contenders. That’s what counts imo. If it was 2010.2011 – I’d do it, but not now, not yet.

  10. I don’t think the target is Kimbrel, more likely, the Rogers guy from the Twins or the Pirates Closer, Rodriguez. I also think another SP is on DD’s to-do list. We cannot roll into September with Vinny and Matt Moore doing the 2-3 inning deal. Maybe they can piggy back for 1 slot when we add another SP?

    1. The Pirates closer, Richard Rodriguez, isn’t a FA until 2024. So not only is he under control for 2 more years, it’s at a cheap price. He’s currently making $1.7M.

      Taylor Rogers has only 1 more year of control, but the odd thing is his WAR is only 0.4. He’s barely outperforming Archie Bradley. Not only that, his arbitration number is pretty high for a reliever because he had 2 crazy years in 2018 and 2019. He’s making $6M! He’s likely to get $8M in arbitration next season. No Phillies reliever is making more than $6M right now.

      So it should cost less to acquire Taylor Rogers, but not sure if it moves the needle that much. Getting Coonrod back healthy would be more of a boost.

  11. The Braves had to put Ian Anderson on the IL with shoulder fatigue. He’s been their best starter by WAR (2.7).

  12. .Denny….here is the rankings and their revenue market scores
    Oakland is lumped with SF….not sure why Baltimore is not lumped with Washington.
    So the bottom 15 get the extra picks……I say give them more money ilo of the picks.
    ……SCORE…. DQ%
    1 NYY 235 100%….1 NYM 235 100%
    3 LAD 178 100%….3 LAA 178 100%
    5 CHI 124 100%….5 CWS 124 100%
    7 TOR 119 100%….8 WSH 113 100%
    9 PHI 111 100%.
    10 OAK 108 100%*…..10 SF 108 100%
    12 BOS 101 100%
    12 TEX 101 100%
    14 ATL 96 0%
    15 HOU 93 0%
    16 SEA 81 0%
    17 MIN 76 0%
    18 DET 74 0%
    19 ARI 72 0%
    19 TB 72 0%
    21 BAL 70 0%
    21 COL 70 0%
    23 MIA 69 0%
    24 CLE 64 0%
    25 SD 60 0%
    26 STL 57 0%
    27 PIT 56 0%
    28 KC 53 0%
    29 MIL 52 0%
    30 CIN 51 0%

    Clubs with a Market Score greater than 100, as reflected above, shall be fully disqualified from receiving revenue sharing in the 2017-21 Revenue Sharing Years, except as set forth in
    Section A(11) above. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the revenue
    sharing disqualification of the Oakland Athletics shall be phased in
    as follows: 25% disqualified in the 2017 Revenue Sharing Year; 50%
    disqualified in the 2018 Revenue Sharing Year; 75% disqualified in
    the 2019 Revenue Sharing Year; and fully disqualified in the 2020
    and 2021 Revenue Sharing Years. However, the Oakland Athletics
    shall be considered a market-disqualified Club for purposes of subparagraphs 12(a) and (b) below, beginning in 2017.

    1. Baltimore isn’t lumped with DC because they’re almost 50 miles apart, whereas SF and Oakland are literally just across the bridge from each other.

      1. Their TV viewing market and audience is intertwined.
        Actually IMO ….the reason MLB will not lump them in this venue, is because the Os are suing MASN/Nats over TV rights to a total of $100M, they lost the first round 8 months ago year in the appellate courts… they will appeal……
        And they are less than 40 miles separating Baltimore from DC.

  13. The Mets gave Kumar Rocker $6M (way overslot) to sign? You better believe the GMs in the top 9 are not happy about that.

  14. As someone who has worked on modeling viral dynamics, I love the COVID-19 discussion. Actually, that is a lot of bull. Frankly, I am terrified at the level of misinformation that has spread through our country. (Unfortunately, the dissemination of misinformation is not limited to just vaccines.)

    I am fortunate to work in an environment where everyone is vaccinated. When classes resume in the fall, only students who have proof of vaccination will be permitted on campus. So shame on the Players Union. Ball players should have been given the same option – get vaccinated or don’t play. It is a personal choice, but our choices come with consequences. Drinking and driving is a personal choice, but you don’t get to endanger others with impunity.

    If anyone is questioning the efficacy of the vaccine, you need only look at who has been catching the virus, who is being hospitalized, and who is dying from COVID the past few months. 99.2% of new hospitalizations and deaths are occurring within the unvaccinated community. Unfortunately, those that catch it, asymptomatic or not, are giving the virus more opportunities to mutate, which at some point, will put even us vaccinated folks at risk.

    1. This is a loaded topic, and I can’t judge those who decided to get the vaccine or not to. Everyone has their own reasons. Everyone needs to make the best choice they can, given their particular circumstances. That is all we can ask for as a society. Especially when the pharma companies have immunity from short & long term implications. On the selfish aspect side of the vaccine, this card can be played by both sides.

      To mandate MLB Players to take the vaccine when that is not the standard across the country, and varies from state to state is pretty unfair, unamerican in my book. Its just not a one case fits all, anyway you slice it.

      Lastly, I will agree that here is an unwanted number of misinformation, partial truths, & contradicting information out there. It becomes tiresome to decode the truth, which it shouldn’t be. Once this is over, I hope that the information highway can correct itself, so it can be trusted by most people again, in the 85% range.

      1. Well said. The topic is too loaded to unpack here without the reactionary finger pointing, emotionalism, virtue signaling and character smearing to distort the core argument. And besides, yes this is a baseball site…

        1. Tac3 and mark8:29 – there is much I would like to say in response to your comments, but I won’t because ultimately, you are right – this is a baseball site and the issue is more or less tangential to the game. Let’s hope it remains that way and we don’t have half the team in quarantine.

  15. Manfred just said that the 7 inning DH is “not part of baseball’s future”. It was the only part of the new rules that I like! I am not much of a Manfred fan.

    1. I liked it too, although it creates all kinds of weird issues regarding no hitters and the like.

      That said, I love the guy on second to start an extra-inning game. The games are way, way too long – that makes it fast and exciting. And it exposes pitchers who can’t throw strikes – as it should!

      Pitch clock, pitch clock, pitch clock. It’s like 15 years overdue. If you can’t throw a damned pitch in 15 seconds, that’s on you pitcher and catcher. They can run a full NBA court length and set up an offense and shoot in 24 seconds, so I think a pitcher can throw a pitch in 15. Not a big ask there.

      1. Not always the pitcher who delays the game…batters hem- and- haw sometimes…..unwrap the wrist band, re-wrap the wrist band….take the helmet wipe the brow with the forearm…on and on.
        Though, have noticed Doobie has sped it a bit…..and cut short the extended arm palm in your face to the ump routine….which umps probably get annoyed with.

      2. Catch then you dont like real baseball, if you like to have them put men on to speed up the game, I just cant understand anyone who loves this game, liking 7inning games, dh and extra inning men on, You should just play video baseball, cause these rules turn it into a video game, not real baseball, just my opinion

        1. rocco…what about a player on first to start extra innings.
          One study a few years ago had that player….be it a walk or single to lead off an inning, scoring 38% of the time.
          Plus, manager will have to bunt in most cases to get the runner in scoring position.

          And if the game is tied after 14 innings….have a shoot out like hockey or soccer…..but instead make it a HR Derby! 🙂

          1. I mean, if extra innings are such a hassle… why not just implement draws? I believe in play until someone wins, personally. And I hate putting men on who didn’t go to the plate. Makes it much easier for bad teams to win games when they have a good pitching day.

        2. Love real baseball. Hate 4 and 5 hour games. The game is killing itself with the slow play.

    1. Hinkie – I was hoping that they would be. If Hamels impresses, what can he expect in terms of dollars? Maybe a performance laden contract?

      1. The Braves gave him $18M last year. I’m thinking a $12-15M pro rated contract. And I think that Hamels would be willing to give a discount to the Phillies.

        1. guru – I suppose that I shouldn’t be surprised by that number even though he is 37 and pitched all of 3 inning in 2020.

  16. Personally, I hate the idea of pitch clocks, 7 inning double headers, and a ghost runner on second during extra innings. I prefer less visible measures like an ABS system, which I think due to its presumed consistency, will improve the game. I was against the DH, but I have come around to it. Although, the late great Connie Mack is credited with saying,

    Against the change there are many strong points to be made. It is wrong theoretically. It is a cardinal principle of base ball that every member of the team should both field and bat. Instead of taking the pitcher away from the plate, the better remedy would be to teach him how to hit the ball.

    A club that has good hitting pitchers like Plank or Orth has a right to profit by their skill. Many of the best hitters in the game have started as pitchers.

    It’s interesting that he mentions a Phillies and an A’s pitcher. Eddie Plank hit .292 one year for the A’s, but was a .205 career hitter. Al Orth was a two-way player who hit .294 in 7 seasons with the Phillies.

  17. Wheler snubbbing last night…until the very last batter……..Eflin reacts.

    Zach Eflin
    The disrespect.

  18. Just ran across this.
    It’s probably never a good idea to “get into it” with fans. I hope he takes that same anger to the mound his next time out.

  19. Ok Please on the Cole Hamels. I know we can get a Home Town Discount but:
    38 yo with shoulder problems
    2019 Cubs 7-7 3.30 ERA
    2020 Braves 0-1 8.10 ERA
    Another Hope!!

    What’s with Phillies locking a 40 man roster with Rob Kaminsky
    2019 AAA 1-0 5.11 ERA
    2020 Cards 0-0 1.93 ERA 5 games
    2021 Phil’s 40 man IL LV 0-0

    Cam Bedrosian 29 YO
    2020 Angels 0-0 2.45 ERA 14.2 IP
    2021 LHV 0-0 7.75 ERA 2 games

    Brady Lail 28 YO
    2020 Seattle 0-0 4.85 ERA 15 IP
    2021 AAA LHV 0-0 14.25 ERA 12 IP
    2021 Seattle 0-0 13.50 ERA 2 IP

    Chase Anderson 33 YO $4M
    2020 Jays 1-2 7.22 ERA 33 IP
    2021 LHV rehab 0-1 4.5 ERA 8 IP
    2021 Phil’s 2-4 7.34 ERA 38 IP


    Minor system Suarez , Falter, Hammer, Sanchez ?

    1. This just in: Major League Baseball team signs pitching depth.

      I’m not sure what exactly you are complaining about? Lehigh needs their roster to be filled out, too. And in the past week alone, their pitching staff has been raided by the Phils (Hammer, Jones, Llovera, and Sanchez all recalled since 7/10). Not to mention, they have their own injuries to worry about. Some of the guys are around because MAYBE they can help the major league pen, buy mostly because… the Pigs still need a team so the real prospects can keep getting play time.

      As for Hamels, we would be absolutely foolish not to check in on him. You pointed out yourself that he’s been effective as recently as two years ago. If he looks good in the showcase and comes at a good price, why would we NOT sign him? You don’t refrain from signing pitchers because they might get hurt (are you upset we signed Wheeler? He’s had more injuries than Hamels on a per-game and per-year basis). You just pay them based on the associated risk.

      Oh, also the only person on that list that’s on the 40 man is Anderson, who is on a rehab assignment, and whom we haven’t seen pitch (in the majors) since May. And while you can certainly argue he doesn’t deserve a spot… he’s also not blocking anyone. The 40-man currently sits at 41 players, but 3 of them are on the 60 day IL, which means we have 2 open spots if we need them. Furthermore, the special Covid rules state that a team can add players to the 40 in the case of a Covid outbreak, and, well… Bohm.

      So again, not exactly sure what you are complaining about.

      1. Sorry, we’re at 41 BECAUSE of the Covid protocols. Point still stands, no one being blocked by anyone on that list.

  20. PhilliesNation posted a piece earlier citing Baseball Reference’s statistical breakdown from 1000 simulations of the NL East race, which makes the Phillies favorites to win the division, based primarily on the remaining schedule against teams with a collective winning percentage of .461 (Cubs are a distant 2nd at .479). And the Phillies have the highest percentage of home games among their division rivals. Of course, this is all moot if they merely play to the level of their competition. But it presents some legitimate hope in a division whose champion will be its only representative in the post season. Figure LAD, SD and (ugh) SF are shoe-ins at this point.

    1. Yes. DD would be foolish to not reinforce the roster at the trade deadline. Not only is their remaining schedule ridiculously favorable, the rest of the NL East in mediocre. The Phillies rotation (Wheeler/Nola/Eflin) are healthy. Their lineup is also healthy/lengthy, and starting to fire on all cylinders. Not saying they’re a lock to win the division, but this is the time to go for it.

  21. I’m re-posting this. I originally put it in the draft thread, and it didn’t belong there.


    I haven’t read this anywhere. I haven’t heard it anywhere. It’s just a hunch: I wonder if Josh Bonifay’s days are numbered. Dave Dombrowski has used his first year to evaluate the system from top to bottom. He understands the shape the farm system is in. He and Brian Barber just drafted a boatload of really young (high end) prospects. Does he trust these kids to Bonifay?
    Dombrowski is mostly old school. I’m not really sure he jibes with Bonifay, and the Driveline crew. Something to monitor.

  22. Let’s open up some trade deadline action….

    The Good Phight proposes a handful of trades for offensive upgrades. Interesting if not likely…

    1) 2 (or 3?) months of Kris Bryant for Luis Garcia, Adonis Medina, Ethan Lindow and Kendall Simmons

    2) Joey Gallo (under control thru ’22) for Spencer Howard, Simon Muzziotti, Medina and Logan O’Hoppe

    3) Jose Ramirez (relatively inexpensive options for ’22 and ’23) for Alec Bohm, Jonathan Pipkin and Jhailyn Ortiz

    They proposed a couple other trades which didn’t evoke any interest from me. If the Phillies are going for it, I would pull the trigger on #1, and since the Phillies can’t seem to make up their mind about Howard, I would probably do #2 if the Cubs won’t bite on #1. #3 is intriguing in that Ramirez is a very good glove and while I’d rather not trade Bohm but move him to 1b and offer Hoskins instead, but…


    1. Yes, matt and hinkie….this day’s piece was focused on bats. I think the assumption of all is that the bullpen will no doubt be addressed.

    2. Basically number 3….. Bohm for Ramirez…
      Maybe number 1…if Bryant is wiling to sign a LTC
      Yes on number 2….Gallo

    3. 1) Bryant had 1.9 WAR in the first half. Assuming he plays 3B and moves Bohm to the bench, let’s assume he gives 1.7 WAR the rest of the way. Bohm has been performing better lately so let’s say the net is 1.5 for Bryant. Is 1.5 wins worth it for all those players? If Luis Garcia breaks out, it’ll make the Phillies look real bad. I’ll pass on this one.

      2) Gallo is having a monster season (4 WAR). The trade is fair, but he can only play corner OF. This means he takes Cutch’s spot. Cutch has been playing a lot better. If Gallo can play CF, I would likely do it. I would pass on this one, but it’s close.

      3) Not sure why the Indians would do this trade since they have a better record than the Phillies. If you’re fed up with Bohm, you’ll make this trade. If not, you’ll keep him because Bohm will be cheap for a while. Again, this is close, but I would pass on this one because I think Bohm will get better.

      1. Agree with you on #3 as proposed, but I would replace Bohm in the deal with Hoskins and sweeten by adding a 2nd tier minor league arm. Both offense and defense would improve. As for record, the Phillies have a better chance of winning their division than Cleveland has of even making a WC berth.

    4. The Indians would never consider this trade. Bohm and howard would have to be in that trade to get that started.

  23. mark, I think they get a BP arm, with Closing ability, and another SP. I am not expecting a huge deal or 2, Rodriguez over Kimbrel for instance, but I do think Dombrowski makes a couple of moves. And, I want him to. I believe that making the Playoffs, which means having to win the Division, is a good outcome, and I think we can. I am not expecting to be the Dodgers, but I think we can be a competitive Playoff team, and after 10 years, that is worth a shot.

    1. None of those trades address the elephant in the room: Phillies gotta’ get a closer (as matt noted above).

      Also … I would only surrender a top prospect for a player(s) under team control through at least 2022.

      1. I’m all for Bryant for LF.

        Do a 3 team trade and sent Cutch to AL Team and another player for Kimbrel or another arm somewhere.

    2. Indians do appear right now to be a long shot in the AL.
      BR’s Odds:
      Phillies…… 35.3% to make postseason,
      Indians…….5.6% to make postseason

        1. spin….yeah….both publications differ on a few of their analytical assessments… it the odds games like you mention, and even on how they compute their WAR results.
          The third pub would be Baseball Prospectus……I have not looked into their results.

      1. Romus m8 South Philly still lives, Yesterday a guy hit a kid on a bike at 8 and Oregon, he got out of truck and tried to run, They beat him up really bad, Reminds me of old days on 10th and Oregon.,

  24. We all know Bohm had a horrendous March Aril and May but things are looking up and if the AS break gave him some time to reset things could be looking up

    June 329/384/763 OPS
    July 276/382/900 OPS

    Or if you want to simplify it to L30

    303/383/832 OPS I’m hoping he’s found his footing and will be closer to the latter than the former.

  25. Do I think DD wil make a move? Yes. Will it be a big one? Probably not. If we see that the Phillies have warts, he sees it also. If we make the playoffs, you figure that we’ll be underdogs against any of the teams in the NL. Our hitting will have to makeup for our bullpen and defense, and that’s a lot to ask for in the playoffs.

    The rotation of Wheeler, Nola, Eflin is good enough to match up with anybody. We only need a 4th starter for the playoffs so one of Moore/VV is obviously not ideal. Falter is a good backup plan though. If DD can swing for somebody like Berrios or even Sherzer, that would be the best way to go.

    The bullpen is iffy but Suarez is a good start. But there’s too many holes here. DD is not going to trade for multiple relievers (at least I don’t think so).

    The best route for me is trading for Jose Berrios. He’s cost controlled, but he’s not elite. Something like Howard, Garcia, Lindow should be enough.

  26. Was in MN this past weekend and saw Berrios pitch Sunday. He pitched seven innings and gave up four runs after walking three straight batters in the fourth or fifth inning. All other innings were scoreless. He looked really good to me but I don’t believe the Twinkies (hey, rhymes with Hinkie) are going to trade him.

    1. I don’t know what the Twins are doing. They are not going to compete with a roster like that and a rotation like that. They need to start trading everybody pronto.

      Not only that, their best player (Byron Buxton) is constantly hurt. He needs to get traded.

  27. The Yankees/Red Sox game tonight was postponed due to Covid. The Yankees had 3 pitchers go down with Covid: Loaisiga, Peralta, Cortes Jr. All 3 were fully vaccinated so this was a breakthrough infection. They should still be out 10 days. Judge, Urshela, Higashioka are getting tested. The Yankees are one of the teams that hit the 85% vaccination threshold. Note that the Phillies are playing the Yankees July 20-21.

    1. How do the Yankees get to postpone their game with the BoSox when a handful of their players test positive, while the Phillies have to play on in Boston w/o Nola/Bohm/Brogdon/Falter? What’s that about?

      1. That’s a valid question, although I heard the Red Sox were also testing their all-star players just in case.

      2. Agree that the decisions seem to be arbitrary. I expect it’s because the Yankees seem to expect others to also test positive so they are not sure how big the outbreak might be. Sox also seem to have some concerns since one of the Yankees positives was at the all-star game

  28. There has been no word on the status of Nola, Falter, Brogdon. Only Bohm has been confirmed positive and will miss 10 days.

    As such, Nola will obviously not be pitching against the Marlins this weekend. Moore/Eflin Friday, VV Saturday, Wheeler Sunday. Monday is a day off. If Nola can’t pitch Tuesday, I’m guessing it’s Christopher Sanchez. He’s the only healthy pitcher that is stretched out.

  29. The Cubs have traded Joc Pederson to Atlanta for their #12 prospect Bryce Ball. Bryce Ball is a lotto ticket. He hit like crazy as a 20 year old but is hitting .207 at High-A at age 22.

    Presumably Atlanta went after Pederson to try to replace some of Acuna’s production.

    1. Not a bad move for the Braves, but fortunately for the Phillies, Pederson is a sizable step down from Acuna.

      On the other hand, Carlos Carrasco of the Mets is beginning a rehab assignment and MTB Trade Rumors reports that the Mets are interested in Kris Bryant.

      1. Where would Bryant play for the Mets? JD Davis is coming back to play 3B. So basically you sign Bryant to sit either Dominic Smith or Conforto? Those guys won’t be too happy with that. If Conforto sits, Scott Boras won’t be happy either.

        The Braves likely inquired about Kris Bryant, but the cost was probably too high for them.

        1. Guru – I believe the idea is that Davis would be sent to the Cubs as part of the trade. It appears to be very speculative, but hey, that what rumors are all about.

  30. If I am DD, I try to make a move sooner rather than later. And, can someone please explain to me the Pitching rotation? Coming off the All Star break, haven’t played since Sunday, and Wheeler can’t go until Sunday’s game? And, I think we can win the Division, so I want Dombrowski to add, and I get the “soft” schedule. But, unless we start beating the teams that we are supposed to beat, it doesn’t matter. And, these 4 games vs the Marlins are a big test. We always have trouble against them, even when they can’t beat any other team. We need to have a good weekend, and establish that the way we played vs Chicago and Boston is carrying forward.

  31. Obviously Abel and Painter are untouchable, I personally would add Johan Rojas to that list.

    1. Stott, Abel, Painter should be untouchable.

      Howard, Garcia, Rojas should be in the next tier. If they get traded, it needs to be for somebody under control.

  32. Nick Maton starts at 3B in game one for Alec Bohm.
    Miller starts in LF, Knapp behind the plate.

  33. Some good news: Bailey Falter got reinstated, Damon Jones is back to Lehigh. Vierling up as the 27th man for the doubleheader.

    I guess this means that Falter didn’t test positive. No word on Brogdon and Nola.

  34. It just came down, Nola will be reinstated for Tuesday’s game against the Yankees. He didn’t test positive.

  35. The Blue Jays signed #19 pick Gunnar Hogland (recovering from TJ) to $3.2475M, which is about $112,500 under slot.

  36. Should Harper have caught that fly ball? Looked like he did an umbrella going for it. Uh, oh. Appears Alcantara is finding his groove. Those 3 in the first might be the only runs the Phillies score.

  37. Error by DDGG forces Eflin to change his entire approach of how he pitches to Marte. Instead of one pitch one out, now he is struggling.

  38. But ciada, that was a bad play by Didi, no question, but that dlop breaking ball Marte hit out, rocco could have hit, and he has pitched poorly since.

  39. Have to agree, just a brutal pitch. He is a minor leaguer, and why hecis up here, I don’t know.

  40. We win game 1 behind Moore, Torryes and Jankowski and that doesn’t get us impetus to play well in game 2? The Marlins threw a BP game, we managed 2 hits, Eflin stunk, Harper can’t play both after being off a week? Seriously?

    1. Well, I guess we shouldn’t be too excited that we picked up a half game in the standings last night. Kind of ignominious. Why bother even take the field in game 2, it seemed. Too bad Joe thought Bryce was worn out after playing 7 innings in the first game after 4 days of rest. I mustn’t be awake yet.

      1. I do not get it…he starts Didi…who barely gets fouls on LHPs lole a slow throwin Detwiller….and sits Bryce…makes no sense.
        Didi striking out in the first could have changed the complexion of the game with runners on 2nd and 3rd with a little hit to the left side…but he has to pull.

          1. Yeah….and tonight he was acting a bit out of sorts after his gallup to score from first base on Rhys double in the first.

  41. .

    Phillies get: (1.5 years of) Byron Buxton & (1.5 years of) LHRP Taylor Rogers
    Twins get: Spencer Howard, Bryson Stott, Roman Quinn, and Damon Jones

    Do you … or … Don’t you ???

    1. Buxton’s ceiling is tempting, but he can’t seem to stay on the field much more than Quinn. I definitely don’t include Stott, but maybe Howard. I like Rogers, so I think you would havs to deepen the package going to Minnesota.

    2. Buxton has elite talent but he has been hurt a lot. Almost on par with Quinn. I wouldn’t do this trade.

      1. My next door neighbors kid is at triple a Really good centerfielder. if they trade buxton, he might get called up,

    3. Buxton also doesn’t have a long track record of success. His last almost 1 full season has been good, unfortunately it’s spread out over 3 seasons. And it includes a pretty bad K/BB ratio so I’m not sure how sustainable it is. Heyman calling him a superstar makes him sound like a mouthpiece for the agent.

  42. I don’t know Hinkie. Buxton has been injured a lot and I still don’t know what Stott is or what is wrong with Spencer. That second game was so depressing. Especially after being pumped up by the first game victory being about our other than star players. We need Harper and Realmuto to show up big. We need Didi to play well, last night he didn’t! Harper can’t be dehydrated, and Nola needs to pitch like he can, not like how he’s pitched for most of this season. I expect their play to dictate that DD add some help, but, I am probably setting myself up for another disappointment. I have been down this road before.

    1. matt13………..good one….” I have been down this road before.”…Whitesnake..

  43. I try to be optimistic, Romus, and I really want them to succeed, even when my eyes tell me this isn’t a good team. And, I was on board with the Didi signing. I was wrong and Freddy Galvis would have been a better, less expensive choice. Before he got injured, he was hitting better and fielding much better than Didi. Torryes has been really good at 3B, further making it obvious that Bohm needs a new position. But, I let myself get excited by the first game W, and told myself, this second game is perfect for Hoskins and JT to hit a couple of HRs, and then saw Harper was scratched, and said oh boy, here we go again! And, tonight is another chapter in the Vinnie Experience, much different than the Michael Vick Experience!

    1. matt13…I remember what DMAR said about Didi last year on just the one year contract, he was in the minority but it may ring true… the two deal could come back to haunt the Phillies next season..

  44. Connor Brogdon is expected to be activated for today’s game. He did not test positive.

    The Phillies dodged a serious bullet here with only Bohm testing positive.

  45. Kevin Cooney of PhillyVoice posted a balanced piece today. He thinks the Phillies’ most realistic targets would be Hamels, Ian Kennedy (back end of the pen) and Jonathan Schoop (2b, moving Segura to 3b and alleviating the pressure on Bohm down the stretch). Hamels only costs money, probably weighted by performance plateaus. Kennedy and Schoop wouldn’t cost top prospects. Nothing too exciting but perhaps enough to deepen the roster enough for a run?

  46. I have heard nothing from his showcase, mark, so I would love to believe Hamels can help us, but I don’t know. I understand the idea of a 2B and moving Bohm out of 3B, but where is he going to play? His bat was heating up before the covid absence. They aren’t sitting Hoskins or McCutchen. Kennedy is having a good year, and should definitely be on their radar. I am going to read Cooney’s piece now.

    1. Yes. If Hamels looks even decent, why wouldn’t you offer him a deal? There is no risk for the team. He’d only cost money (maybe he gets 8-10M prorated = ~3-4M). Hamels would be the guy taking on some risk by signing with the Phillies. He left here as a one time WS hero/MVP. The last time we saw him in red pinstripes, he tossed a no-hitter. Those memories could become sullied if he comes back, and bombs.

      BTW … I’m all in on the deal I proposed above. Buxton is probably the best defensive CFer in MLB. He’s going to save Phillies pitchers many runs. He’s not going to slash anything close to his current (SSS) line. But he might hit 25 HRs at CBP. Rogers would be a huge addition to the Phillies BP. I’d even take on Josh Donaldson’s contract if the Twins want to shed it.
      For me … Stott is not a MLB SS. He’s either going to play 2B or 3B. I was a big fan of his bat before/after he was drafted. But IMO he’s been more of an avg offensive prospect (his #s should be inflated @ Reading). Howard still has a high ceiling, but DD is going to have to include a guy like him to get Buxton. Plus, the Phillies suddenly have some options for their 2022 rotation (Saurez/Falter).
      This team may have warts, and on paper, they don’t stack up to the LADs and SDPs … but … their window is now open (for maybe another 3 years), so IMO DD should move all his chips to the middle of the table.

      I still also think Michael Fulmer could be on Dombrowski’s radar. He traded for him once before. Fulmer could help either the BP or the rotation.

      1. No thanks.

        If he moves all the chips to the middle we will still not make the NLCS and will probably be a bad team until the late 2020s – I’ve had enough bad baseball.

        1. So … when is a good time to go for it? Maybe 2023, when Bryce Harper is 30, JT Realmuto is 32, and Zack Wheeler is 33 (and maybe nursing a sore arm). There may not be a better season than this one for Dombrowski to move all of his chips to the middle of the table. The division is not good. The Phillies are healthy. And they have the easiest remaining schedule in MLB. If DD waits until the Phillies roster/organization is as talented/deep as the Dodgers and Padres, you might be waiting longer than into the late 2020’s.
          Both Buxton and Rogers are under team control through the end of next season. They fit this group’s window of contention.

  47. Baseball Reference latest odds:
    Phillies @ 34%
    Mets @ 21%
    Braves @ 28%,
    Nats @ 14%
    and Miami @ 4%

  48. Romus, I get that this is based on the degree of difficulty for the rest of the season, but watching last night’s 2D game and how we made Holloway look like an All Star, leaves a lot to be desired. I hope we get it together, but our history shows that we play down to the competition way too often. We still have to go out and play better than we did in Game 2. And, Hinkie, adding Donaldson may very well make a trade like that very attractive to the Twins. But, we need a commitment from Ownership to spend that I have not seen evidence of having yet.

    1. yes matt…inconsistency is for real with this team….and the others in the division….look at the Mets last night….and Stroman is struggling now…10 ER in last 18 innings pitched.
      So anything can happen in this division this season..

      1. I wonder how that negotiation went. Seems like a lot to give up for a player that was designated for assignment and effectively released (before resigning with the Phillies).

        1. I think on those PTBNL deals….an agreed list of prospects is provided to the other team and eventually they get to choose one off the list.

  49. On NPR this morning, Howard Bryant said Nola will not get the vaccine. To each his own. Anyone read/hear that.

    1. Salisbury reported also.
      Apparently there are few more who will not get it…then again half of the six Yankees who tested positive…were vaccinated.
      The protocol used by MLB, probably needs to be adjusted at this point of time.

        1. Very true, but when you don’t put up runs you rely on your closer to preserve the lead. As you know, but by definition, a closer gets a “save” if you protect a lead of three runs or less. If we are a playoff caliber team, then I expect my closer to come into a game in the ninth and hold a two run lead about 90% of the time.

          I am not trying to bash Suarez, he has generally been effective and is a key piece in the pen. For comparison, here is a list of what other closers around the league have performed. It is not surprising which teams have effective closers and which teams do not.

  50. You are both correct. The situational hitting is terrible. But, the need for a Closer just sticks out like a sore thumb. DD can’t make a move fast enough.

  51. Just read that the Mets are placing Jacob deGrom on the injured list, and it is unclear when he will be back on the mound.

    1. Everything that is happening with him……forearm soreness…..have, in the past for many other pitchers, been early indication of UCL issues.
      Would be tough fro the Mets if that were the case….even Thor is a little behind schedule.

    2. Mets are in trouble. Lindor looks to be out a while. And Lugo and Diaz had one of the worst implosions in the bullpen that I’ve seen in a long time yesterday.

  52. How come the Marlins have such an abundance of young pitchers and the Phillies don’t?

    1. Good question…when it comes to the Rule 4…and their first two rounds in the last 10 drafts….including their Comp Balance Picks……they only have had currently two…Rogers and Garret.
      Heaney was moved early on in a trade….and RHP Jose Fernandez was killed in the boating accident.
      They are finding them thru, probably, superb scouting.

    2. The Phillies have Spencer Howard and traded away Sixto Sanchez.

      And the Phillies only recently drafted Abel and Painter in the first round. Before Abel, it was Aaron Nola in 2014.

      1. On July 5, 2021, Sánchez underwent season-ending surgery after an MRI revealed a small tear in the posterior capsule of his right shoulder. He did not make an appearances for the Marlins organization in 2021 due to the injury.

        He will be 23+ next year coming off surgery and is not a fan of physical therapy so not sure of his shape in the future.

    1. Probably will have to be relegated to only second base next season, atleast for the start until fully strengthened, when he returns…..cannot see him making the throws from CF to the plate or third base……and even at third base from the line, or shortstop from the hole.

      1. Kingery needs to forget about 2021 and concentrate on getting healthy for ST. His goal is to make the Phillies as a bench player for 2022.

  53. Wheeler is really struggling but things would’ve been much better had he gotten the opposing pitcher out. Let’s see if this team can pull this one out. Let’s see what they are made of.

  54. 2016 Philly Sports First Round Draft Choices
    1. Carson
    2. Mickey Mo
    3. Nolan Patrick
    4. Markell Faultz
    ……had to be the water.

    1. Two number 1s and two 2s. Might be the worst draft year for one city in history.

      1. You are probably correct….three of four are outta here ….Mickey Mo is the last remaining hope.

    2. Nolan Patrick was picked in June 2017, in 2016 their 1st round pick was German Rubtsov who played in the KHL this year.

  55. Have always been a really big Alfaro fan. He is just not a good receiver. And yes, Moffo, even if he makes $2 million, I feel bad for him.

    1. LHP Frank Mozzicato, selected seventh by K.C. signed for a bonus of $3.55MM,
      The kid came out the wood works…..4 months ago was not on many radar as a top ten or even top 20 pick….ranked 39th by before the draft

  56. For anyone thinking DD should target Richard Rodriguez at the deadline … he’s a middle inning reliever parading around as a closer on a last place team. He’s not the answer for the Phillies.

  57. Can’t argue Hinkie about Rodriguez, but there us a real need fir a Closer. I don’t know who, but a real one! I was very worried after Wheeler gave up the 2-0 lead, but we came back for a big W.

    1. matt13….you know who I want given the chance to close, for the remainder of this season …Spencer Howard…..think outside the box.

  58. Romus, I wish I knew what his story is. Outstanding stuff, then drops off a cliff. Does he have the mental toughness to close? I don’t know yet, with all apologies to Mr. H!

  59. Interesting comparison:

    Player A, 23 years old, AAA: .263/.352/.461, which is an OPS of .813
    Player B, 23 years old, AAA: .245/.305/.462, which is an OPS of .767

    Both play up-the-middle defensive positions. Both were first-round draft picks. Clearly, Player A’s performance is better — gets on base at a much better clip — but that’s not a horrible line for Player B.

    Player A is Chase Utley in his first year in AAA. Player B is Mickey Moniak so far this year.

    1. I think he at least has 50 power tool, those grades are outdated IMO or maybe I’m not objective..

    2. Unfortunately, it’s going to be short lived once the draft picks get added.

      I’m expecting Abel to remain in the top 100. Painter should be in the 50-100 range. Not sure about Ethan Wilson.

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