2021 Draft Day: July 11th

This is the Phuture Phillies 2021 Draft Discussion for comments about the draft.  The draft begins later today.  As in past years, I’ll post daily discussions until the draft is completed, then weekly until all the draft picks are signed.

The Phillies have the 13th  overall selection in the first round of 20 rounds plus 2 supplemental rounds that do not provide extra picks or money to the Phillies.

This is the first year the Phillies will select in each round since 2017 when they selected 40 players and signed thirty (29 of their top 33).  They later signed their 30th rounder, Matt Kroon as a redraft during the 2018 draft (18th round), and 28th rounder, Billy Sullivan (who had committed to Deleware) as a non-drafted free agent after the shortened 2020 draft.

The Phillies forfeited picks in previous drafts for signing free agents attached to qualifying offers.

  • 2020 – second round pick for Zach Wheeler
  • 2019 – second round pick for signing Bryce Harper
  • 2018 – second round pick for signing Carlos Santana
  • 2018 – third round pick for signing Jake Arrieta

The Phillies have a bonus pool allotment of $8,295,000.

The complete slot breakdown is as follows (round, pick, $) –

  1. 13th overall: $4,197,300
  2. 49th overall: $1,507,600
  3. 84th overall: $721,900
  4. 114th overall: $507,400
  5. 145th overall: $375,200
  6. 175th overall: $284,200
  7. 205th overall: $222,100
  8. 235th overall: $177,400
  9. 265th overall: $155,800
  10. 295th overall: $146,100
  11. 325th overall: picks in rounds 11 thru 20 are each capped at $125, 000 which doesn’t count against the bonus pool; any portion exceeding this figure counts against the bonus pool.
  12. 355th overall: capped at $125, 000
  13. 385th overall: capped at $125, 000
  14. 415th overall: capped at $125, 000
  15. 445th overall: capped at $125, 000
  16. 475th overall: capped at $125, 000
  17. 505th overall: capped at $125, 000
  18. 535th overall: capped at $125, 000
  19. 565th overall: capped at $125, 000
  20. 595th overall: capped at $125, 000

Contracts for non-drafted free agents are capped at $20,000.

Schedule (All Times ET)

Sunday, July 11
Day 1
Round 1 through Competitive Balance A
Live on MLB Network/ESPN & MLB.com
Preview show begins at 6 p.m. ET
Round 1 begins at 7:07 p.m. ET
Monday, July 12
Day 2
Rounds 2-10 (including Competitive Balance A after Round 2)
Live on MLB.com
Round 2 begins at 1 p.m.
Tuesday, July 13
Day 3
Rounds 11-20
Live on MLB.com
Round 11 begins at noon ET

This is a forum for draft discussion to keep it separate from other conversations.

As I stated above, as in previous years, I’ll post a place for daily draft discussions until the draft is completed,  then, weekly draft discussions until the signing period is over.  Draft signings will be tracked here – 2021 Draft Tracker

60 thoughts on “2021 Draft Day: July 11th

  1. My wish for best player available.. no reaching for cheap signing to over slot on later rounds. Best player available.

    1. matt … Jim Callis had Davis going 1-1 about ten minutes before the pick was made. He also has the Phillies picking Benny Montgomery.

  2. I think they will be looking for a “bookend” to young pitcher Abel. Jobe, Wicks, Madden…if its a position player, my guess now would be Cowser.

    1. Yeah, I thought it might be Cowser as well for the Phillies, but the Orioles just picked him at 1:5.

      1. Orioles clearly intend Cowser as an under-slot pick. Be interesting to see who they select in subsequent rounds.

  3. As usual, college kids are late climbers up draft boards. Most teams are risk averse.
    I wouldn’t be shocked if the Phillies have their pick of HS arms Jobe/Solometo/Painter at 1-13.

  4. Jobe goes 1.3, the 2 top SSs still there. Hinkie, what do you think of Montgomery?

  5. Two months ago a CBSSports.com mock had him going #1, that was the first time I saw someone other than Leiter #1 overall.

  6. MLB could make the draft(and the game) more exciting if they allowed draft pick trades. Look at the NFL and NBA and to a lesser degree the NHL.

  7. Will put it out now I do not want them to take Montgomery. HS hitter with some swing issues is not this team’s wheelhouse.

    1. Been discussed in other threads, but yeah, I (and others) agree. Too many questions about hit tool.

  8. I would LOVE to see an analysis of under slot first round picks. Do they work out? Seems like a terrible strategy to me.

  9. Never heard of Royals’ pick, Mozzicato, so 1 more highly rated guy could fall to us. We are not good at developing, so a guy with any issues, especially swing ones, isn’t getting fixed here. What about Frelick?

    1. I had Frelick as a possibility if the Phils didn’t take Cowser, which obviously they now cannot do.

  10. Well, no worries about the Phils taking Montgomery. He was just selected by the Rockies at 1:8.

    1. Good for him. Hope he’s successful, just didn’t want the Phillies to be the team trying to tweak that swing.

  11. One of Hinkie’s fav…Brady House…could be there at 13.
    Unless Rizzo from the Nats screws it up and takes him.

  12. The Rocker dream is now over. Mets select him at 1:10.

    Still, there should be a player available for the Phillies at 1:13 that they didn’t expect.

  13. Rocker’s velo dropped tremendously this year from the upper 90’s his freshman year to 91-92 this year. Had to take a week off. Whispers of shoulder issues. I’m not sad he’s off the board before the Phillies pick.

    1. Keith law

      Justin: Who would be your “dark horse” for the #1 overall pick? Anyone outside of the consensus top 7ish guys? I have a weird feeling about Frelick or Cowser.
      Keith Law: Kahlil Watson.

    2. I live with the Phils selecting Watson, for sure. The Phils probably never thought he would be available at 1:13.

  14. Andrew Painter to the Phillies per sources. Seems like a reach but I’m happy with another pitcher.

  15. For me:

    Anthony Solometo

    Under consideration:

    Khalil Watson
    Ryan Cusick
    Ty Madden
    Sal Frelick
    Andrew Painter
    Jordan Wicks
    even Gunnar Hoglund

    1. Think I agree with this. Don’t hate the Painter pick by any stretch, but probably would have taken Watson or Madden.

  16. I will thank the Phiilies for looking long term and taking a HS arm rather than a quick fix college arm. It may or may not be the right pick (I love the pick) but give the Phillies credit for looking long-term.

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