Open Discussion: Week of June 15th

Baseball returns!

Based on the most recent communications between the MLBPA and MLB, the union is rejecting and is not responding to the owners’ most recent proposal.  The union did ask the commissioner to start the season according to his right as the commissioner.  So, baseball by mid-July?  The end of July?

I know most of you will be happy with the resumption of baseball.

A 48-52 game season is fewer games than are played in a D1 college baseball season.  Maybe MLB should hold regionals and super regionals before holdin a “World Series” in a neutral site.

From what I have read, the trap being set for the owners is that any season less than the 72 in their most recent proposal will support the union’s contention that the owners never bargained in good faith.  If the owners stick to their most recent 72-game schedule with less then full pro-rated salaries, the union will sue for full, pro-rated salaries.  Not a bad scenario for the union, since Manfred has the right to start the season whenever he wants, with or without an agreement.

The one thing Manfred can’t do is expand the playoffs without an agreement with the union.  Speaking of playoffs, MLB just signed off on a multi-billion dollaer agreement with TBS to televise a game on Sundays, an LCS series, 2 Division Series and one Wild card game each season for a $470M/year from 2022-28.  Poor, broke owners.

BTW, I’ve been getting most of my legal information from Eugene Freedman when Kyle Glaser retweets some of his lengthier explanations.  Freedman is a labor lawyer who is counsel to the President of the Traffic Controllers Association and is also a contributor to Baseball Prospectus on labor relations.  He explains things with precision but in language I can understand.

The following has been bothering me for a while now.  After the mass releases a couple weeks ago, Scott Boras said he would pay the salaries of released minor leaguers whom he represented.  The union responded that Boras could not do, citing the following –

“Any gifts or promise of gifts, of money or of any other thing with an aggregate value exceeding $500 U.S. in any calendar year, by an expert agent advisor to any single player, or any persons related to or associated with such player are prohibited.” 

Where the f*** does the union get off making rules concerning the representation of players they do not represent.  This along with all the things the MLBPA barters away that concern minor league players galls me.  I would like to see this go to court.  I’m sure anti-trust protection doesn’t extent to the MLBPA.

When draft picks or non-drafted free agents sign contracts, they are eligible for the minor league stipend.  The Phillies and many other teams have instructed their development staffs to delay the required physicals until the last week of July to save money.  Just kidding.

Some sports news outlets have reported that the Phillies’ third round pick, Casey Martin has signed.  He was quoted as saying he has signed, but declined to reveal his bonus amount.  His signing hasn’t appeared on the draft trackers I follow, nor have the Phillies announced his or any other signings.

Baseball America has reported that the Philles have signed 3 non-drafted free agents.  I will update our draft tracker with this information.

The current Draft Discussion that includes a draft tracker.  I’ll update it if/when the comments section becomes unwieldy.  I suggest that we take our draft talk there.

This is the Phuture Phillies Open Discussion for Phillies and other baseball topics.

Key Dates:

  • May 26, 2020 – Owners present latest proposal to players
  • May 31, 2020 – MLBPA counters with their own proposal
  • May 31, 2020 – Owners reject players’ proposal
  • June 10-11, 2020 – Amateur Draft
  • June 14, 2020 – Teams can begin to sign non-drafted players
  • July 2, 2020  – January 15, 2021 – Start of the international signing period
  • August 1, 2020 – Signing period for 2020 draft picks closes

The rosters and lists are up to date as of May 25th … 352 players in the org

Transactions (newest transactions are in bold print)
  • 5/29/2020 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs released LHP Aaron Brown
  • 5/29/2020 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs released LHP Junior Tejada
  • 5/29/2020 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs released LHP Brandon Leibrandt
  • 5/29/2020 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs released 3B Ali Castillo
  • 5/29/2020 – Lehigh Valley IronPigs released 3B T.J. Rivera
  • 5/29/2020 – Reading Fightin Phils released RHP Carlos Bustamante
  • 5/29/2020 – Reading Fightin Phils released RHP Sandro Rosario
  • 5/29/2020 – Reading Fightin Phils released RHP Tyler Hallead
  • 5/29/2020 – Clearwater Threshers released C Willie Estrada
  • 5/29/2020 – Clearwater Threshers released RHP Waylon Richardson
  • 5/29/2020 – Clearwater Threshers released RF Ben Aklinski
  • 5/29/2020 – Clearwater Threshers released RHP Michael Gomez
  • 5/29/2020 – Lakewood BlueClaws released SS Raul Rivas
  • 5/29/2020 – Lakewood BlueClaws released 2B Hunter Stovall
  • 5/29/2020 – GCL Phillies East released RHP Brian Auerbach
  • 5/29/2020 – GCL Phillies East released C Juan Mendez
  • 5/29/2020 – GCL Phillies West released OF Jordan McArdle
  • 5/29/2020 – DSL Phillies Red released RHP Joan Hernandez
  • 5/29/2020 – DSL Phillies Red released SS Raibently Mercalina
  • 5/29/2020 – DSL Phillies Red released RHP Cristofer Adames
  • 5/29/2020 – DSL Phillies Red released LHP Daivin Perez
  • 5/29/2020 – DSL Phillies White released LHP Alberto Torres
  • 5/29/2020 – DSL Phillies White released LHP Nathanael Bido
  • 5/29/2020 – DSL Phillies White released LHP Camilo Hinestroza
  • 5/29/2020 – DSL Phillies White released RHP Raul Mendoza
  • 5/15/2020 – OF Felix Reyes assigned to DSL White
  • 5/15/2020 – RHP Edgar Zuniga assigned to DSL White
  • 5/15/2020 – SS Erick Barria assigned to DSL White
  • 5/15/2020 – Jose Palacio released (2/18/20)
  • 5/15/2020 – Victor Alfonso released (2/17/20)
  • 5/15/2020 – Norman Anciani released (2/18/20)
  • 5/15/2020 – Fausto Pediet released (2/18/20)
  • 5/15/2020 – Luis Vegas released (2/18/20)
  • 5/07/2020 – RHP Jason Lott assigned to GCL Phillies East


111 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of June 15th

  1. I wonder why MLBPA would be opposed to having the salaries of the released minor league players paid, and I wonder how they have a say of any type, if the players are released and thus not in the employ of any team!

  2. Some of the older and crustier baseball writers who I follow and were around for the strikes in 81/82 and the mid-90’s think the potential strike induced 2022 season has the possibility of being worse. In early May when it was clear that the season would re-start the guidance was you’ll hear some negative P.R statements in the media but cooler heads will be working behind the scenes to get a deal worked out… Well there were never cooler heads and “the deals” to date are just purposely leaked media offers to put the other side in a bad light. As for Rob Manfred; he needs to be fired yesterday.. For all the abuse and jokes Bud Selig took when he was the Commissioner of Baseball he makes Rob Manfred look like Kennesaw Mountain Landis. Manfred has zero ability to uphold his primary objective which is to do what’s right for the betterment of baseball. He has mismanaged this re-start so badly that the game has been damaged; possibly forever. He never insisted the parties be subject to monetary or procedural penalty if they violated a gag order he could have set to keep their negotiations out of the media… He never insisted the parties meet face-to-face to negotiate which almost certainly would have accelerated a deal. He never laid down the law that an agreement will be hammered out by a certain date or he’ll impose a season as he interprets the March agreement. All within his power. Instead he gives vague bumbling interviews on ESPN or the MLB Network. I’ve seen the #FireManfred on Twitter and it’s growing..Fans are angry. Right now I’m thoroughly disgusted with baseball. With everything going on right now both sides have both acted like jerks and this is just my opinion with the owners being the worst. This MLB season could have been a beacon of light and now it’s just a punchline to a joke.

    1. It is up to the owners to fire the commissioner. He works for them…he serves the owners, and if he is unable to promote their product and best interests accordingly in the long term and short term, they have the authority to remove him from his position…..not sure what the vote tallies anymore….but use to be to hire a commissioner there would be 23 votes of the 30 owners.
      The Nationals were the 23 ‘yes’ vote for Rob Manfred in 2015 getting him the approval selection….then the final 7 changed their vote and said yes as a sign of unity.

    2. Manfred is an empty suit, for sure. Not much unlike Goodell. At least Kennesaw Mountain Landis drew a line in the proverbial sand. Manfred should be empowered with greater authority than the owners regarding league matters, then they can fire him if they so choose. But at least he would be held in higher esteem if he truly acted in the best interests of baseball. Here, he’s merely a vanilla puppet. I would hope John Middleton and the Bucks would have the resonant voice to speak up, perhaps ally with other like minded owners who want to see good will projected to all parties concerned…especially the fans.

  3. I say start the new season this year, sign JT and then just worry about next year. If we expand the rosters to 40 or 50, let the prospects get some action to so we are ready for a big year in 2021.

    1. No way JT signs now, why should he. He wants to be a free agent and get a deal that a hitter would get, not a catcher. I still think they can possible resign him but he won’t come cheap and it won’t be until the offseason.

        1. I think JTR’s FA outlook is more bleak now than it was before COVID-19. That said … I still think John Middleton will do right by Realmuto, and offer him roughly the same kind of deal that was talked about this winter/spring (~5 yr/110 million dollars).

          1. Yeah..I agree…Middleton will pay him for sure…..he likes it here so that is also a plus. Guys from Okie like Philly over NY.

  4. Maybe the solution for the minor league players is to form their own union. After all, they are considered professionals, and it’s obvious that the MLBPA doesn’t care what happens to these men. This was pointed out by Jim during the off season when MLB was pushing the idea that would eliminate team affiliation with the lower minor league teams, such as Williamsport. As the most powerful of the sports unions, MLBPA could use their considerable clout to ensure that players in the minors are looked after in some way, but they choose not to.

    1. …and perhaps if these minor league players, especially the higher end talent, were better represented, they would force the issue of better pay earlier in their career, while older veteran major leaguers would not command salaries for past performance, which has been the bane of ownership. Wouldn’t I as an owner rather pay more for younger, more projectable talent than to pay a has-been for what he no longer is capable of doing? The cost might be controllable years BUT I believe that offsets the back end cost of bad veteran contracts. No? Hmm…maybe that’s why (at least for the time being) the MLBPA isn’t hot on protecting those who’ve yet to reach the Show. The owners and GMs can act to change that decades old tradition. Maybe they’ve begun already…

      1. Agents only really play a role when negotiations involve signing bonuses when a player is drafted. Because the MLPA thinks of Minor Leaguers as afterthoughts, the players basically play for scale as they make their way up the ladder.

  5. Look who’s in town (Vineland) attempting a switch in careers.


    I don’t know if any of you follow PSU football, but if there was ever a kid completely screwed over by a coach, it is Christian Hackenberg. He was the #1 HS QB in the nation (could have chosen any school) when Bill O’Brien (just hired at PSU from his job as QB coach/OC with the Patriot’s) recruited him. Hackenberg stood by his commitment even after the Sandusky sanctions hit. O’Brien returned the favor by leaving PSU after Hackenberg’s Freshman All-American season. Hackenberg’s career fell off a cliff after O’Brien’s departure.

    Good luck to the young man. I know his brother is one of the top catchers in college baseball at Clemson.

  6. unpopular view but I believe both sides look bad here. Maybe I am wrong but didnt the original agreement mention IF fans were at the games? Well there are no fans now so perhaps the player’s deal isn’t so bad. On the flip sides, these billionaire owners need to give a little more as well.

    It’s a shame I can’t watch the Drillers play this year because of all of this crap. The plus side is the TCL will play at the ballfield, so I will get some excitement.

    Question – Tulsa Drillers aren’t at risk for contraction, are they? They are AA so I’d assume no, but this is 2020 and nothing shocks me.

    1. Phillies84…..from everything I have read so far, all the Triple AAA and Double AA affiliates are staying put….every MLB team only has one each in their respective leagues around the country. And their facilities for the most part are very well maintained and they do draw a decent yearly attendance.

  7. If you find some free time … check out Lane Johnson’s podcast “Outside The Lane”. This week, he had Bryce Harper on. I mentioned in another thread a few days ago, Harper has been a superstar as the “face of the Phillies”. He’s always available … after a game in the clubhouse … or doing a podcast … or communicating with younger fans while playing Fortnite (through a gaming deal he’s inked) on … even calling/facetiming with the team’s new draft picks last week. He’s been awesome.


    BTW … if you’re interested Lane Johnson, a couple of weeks ago, also had Mike Trout on his podcast.

  8. Best piece I’ve read on labor stalemate so far was just posted by Dr Matt Swartz, a labor economist with MLBTR. He addresses how simply this process should have been resolved but unfortunately won’t.

      1. I think the expanded play-off proposal, as he alluded to, could become a reality for this year…..and the owners kick in more regular season games, in the negotiation exchange tool. It bodes well for a team like the Phillies if that were to be an accepted venue for this season

    1. No, no, no. Swartz is an economist and doesn’t really grasp labor negotiations. Plus, if you read MLBTR’s disclaimer at the beginning, Swarz has been a consultant to an MLB team since 2013. I question his objectivity.

        1. Agree 8mark that it was a good article. The fact that the author consults with a ML team doesn’t automatically invalidate what he wrote.

          I agree that the problem the players have, justifiably so, it that they are being asked to share in the pain of the shortened season but are not included in the benefits that come with an expanded playoff system or enhanced TV money from those games.

          Ownership is counting on what always works for them, waiting for the players to break ranks because too many of them need the money to keep coming and their window or opportunity is short..

    1. So far I have seen all of the first three letters of the alphabet for the draft grades.

    1. Big RHP .
      One scouting report from the Cape from 2019:
      Noah Skirrow, RHP | School: Liberty | CCBL Team: Orleans Firebirds | 29.1 IP, 1-1, 2.76 ERA, 40 K, 14 Bb | Grade: 40 | Draft: 2020

      A solidly built right-hander with a barrel chested frame that should require some maintenance. Skirrow has a deep arsenal of offerings he can draw from, highlighted by two distinct breaking balls with above-average to plus spin rates. He showed his changeup off the plate to left-handed batters, and it was effective in stealing strikes, his fastball works low in the zone with some downhill plane and good spin rates sitting in the 2200-2400 range. His velocity is just average for the CCBL, sitting 90-92 touching 3 at times in my looks. His curveball flashed plus with 12-6 shape and lots of vertical break, sitting mid-to-high 70s hitting 2700+ rpms on his spin rates. He also features a low 80s slider it’s an average or better pitch with a sweepy break and two-plane movement. –

  9. Gianluca Dalatri, RHP signed with the Cardinals..I believe Hinke identified Dalatri as an interesting target for the Phillies..

  10. Ouch,…the most recent tweet from Jeff Passan doesn’t sound too promising. Manfred is expressing doubt of a season

    1. If he ever wanted to make some coin on the side….just have his agent plug him into a NutriSystem commercial:
      “Just eat the food, and lose the weight”

  11. I’m more on the side of the players, think the owners are making a huge mistake here as they could be playing now and instead have a pissed off group of players which is going to cost them next year.

    I saw that the independent league is starting up next month with fans, was shocked to hear that.

    1. Independent players, Kids who really want to play and love the game, not for the money, i am so done with sports, the flag disrespect, the greed, i will stay with my horses, they dont knee when you play the anthem. or not run hard on ground balls,

  12. Now MLBTR is reporting that Manfred is less confident that a 2020 season will occur after saying days ago that there will 100% be one. What tactical nonsense! The owners are basically calling the players bluff in light of speculation that the MLBPA will file grievance against the league in order to get paid more if in fact there were to be a 50-ish game schedule. This has gotten so beyond absurd.

    Is either party paying any attention to how the perception of the disgruntled fans has gone from disenchantment to disengagement. Stupid, plain and simple.

  13. I’m ready to blow up. So Manfred won’t set the season if the players don’t give up their legal and negotiated right to file a grievance with an independent arbitrator!!!! Who in the hell does he think he is!!!! Manfred’s comments are themselves grounds for the players to file a grievance. This ignorant tool of a Commission needs to go. He’s a 5-alarm disaster for baseball. In 48 hours we’ve gone from 100% sure there will be a season to not likely. Trevor Bauer for one and likely other MLB players are taking to Twitter to openly mock Manfred. He’s lost the respect of the players, operations people and more than likely most of the owners. He needs to go tonight.

    1. Could not agree with you more. They could be wrapping up camp in another week and be the toast of the sports world for 30+ days, expanding their financial pie, had they cut a deal in the first place. Total moron

  14. Rob Manfred is a joke. I’d put an F word in front of that if I could. I’m done with baseball. Even if there is a season, it’s going up against NBA, NHL, and PGA. That’s plenty to keep me busy rather than watch this joker ruin what was the greatest game ever played. The guy is trying to ruin the minor leagues, then imposed this ridiculous draft, and now is leading the most unfair and stupid negotiations in sports history. HE HAS NO CLUE!!!

    1. In general, being a Commissioner in any sport is a pretty tough job. I give most of them the benefit of the doubt. But in this case, Manfred seems to be clueless about what’s going on. He’s not doing anything to help baseball, and he seems to be a yesman to the owners.

  15. I don’t understand Manfred. The Owners could not have possibly wanted the imposition of the 48-54 game season because they then lose the Playoff expansion to 16 teams, and cost themselves a lot of money. His “guarantee” was based on the hole card. Someone clearly expressed but the concern that he was hurting the people who employ him, and setting up the Players’ grievance. He was a labor negotiator, and that is why he got the job. Wasn’t that just dumb on his part? Sure they want the players to take another cut in pay for the longer season, but that Playoff expansion does not happen without Player’s Association approval. I can’t understand this. Anyone think a single player agrees to waive the right to file a grievance?

  16. The baseball season is pretty much cooked. The MLBPA is not going to back down, and Manfred basically shot himself in the foot (and losing all credibility) by walking back his statement that there will be 100% baseball. So unless Manfred eats his own words and institutes a 50 game season, there won’t be any baseball. And all this before agreeing on a plan to play baseball during this pandemic.

    1. I’m not sure if he institutes his rules for the season that all the players will agree to play. That might be the next mess where some play and some don’t and that even further calls the season into question.

      1. It will be a mess that I thought was going to be the main reason why the season will be derailed, not the money. I mean, NFL players already have it (Ezekial Elliott, Texans players), college football players have it (Alabama), and NBA players are taking a closer look at the situation.

        Anyways, It’s mid-June already and MLB needs probably at least a 4-6 weeks to get ready for a season. That timeline already puts baseball into mid-late July start. You have to figure that baseball needs to start by August 1st or around that range. If there isn’t an agreement by July 1st (and this is generous on my part), there just won’t be enough time to have a season.

        1. Brandon Brooks is out with torn Achilles. Might be an omen for all sports this year with injuries due to lack of proper workout schedules and processes.

          1. It could be, but he got injured at the complex, he wasn’t working out on his own. I’m sure he was being monitored by Eagles personel. This is just a very unfortunate circumstance.

            1. according to Derrick Gunn, who broke the story, it ruptured when he was running wind sprints with some teammates at Nova Care. Just bad luck (although he seems to have had his fair share of it over the years).

  17. If major league baseball did not have enough troubles.
    Seems the FBI may still be looking into the Latin market for exploitation of underage teenagers.

    “Prior to his death, (Rudy) Santin said he had met twice with FBI agents and had another meeting scheduled. In addition, he said he had been communicating with federal authorities investigating MLB’s Latin American operations. Those agents are overseen by prosecutors at the Justice Department’s Washington headquarters who specialize in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Although the feds had focused primarily on human-trafficking crimes and visa fraud involving ballplayers in what has become a years-long case, Santin said he had been providing evidence related to major league clubs who make verbal agreements with underage prospects.”

    ……a draft that should have been instituted a decade ago would have avoided these issues….now the feds have come in.
    Commissioner Manfred should worry about these developments also….his plate is certainly full.

  18. Speaking of international teens, the Phillies are among the bottom group of teams with J2 money to spend.

    In case anyone has missed it … the Phillies will be spending the most money on Venezuelan LH hitting C Ricardo Perez.

  19. 24. Philadelphia Phillies

    The broadcast: NBC Sports Philadelphia: Tom McCarthy (play-by-play), John Kruk and Ben Davis (analysts), Gregg Murphy (field)

    The results: The prevailing theme coming from the comments on Philly’s TV crew was this: We’d rather listen to the radio broadcasts. “The TV crew lives in the shadows of the Phillies radio crew,” a reader replied. And this: “A lot of people turn off the TV and listen to the game on the radio.” As for the TV crew itself, fans don’t like a booth with two analysts, thinking it’s clunky with too many voices competing for air time. Mike Schmidt and Jimmy Rollins chip in on occasion, but it’s Kruk who seems to resonate most with fans if for no other reason than you never know what he’ll say next. “John Kruk is a national treasure,” one reader wrote. (See?!) But some fans would like to see some variety in the booth. “I would like to see the broadcasts develop beyond ex-players as analysts,” wrote a reader. “I think a stats guy could be interesting.” Field reporter Gregg Murphy fared well in the survey: “He’s very good with connecting with fans and making the broadcast fun.” There’s still a lot of people missing former broadcaster Harry Kalas, who called games on TV from 1971 until his death in 2009. Lamented one fan, “My biggest problem is that after 30-plus years of Harry, all who come after him pale in comparison.”

    1. This is an opportunity to say that I’m not as impressed with Scott Franske as others are in Phillies’ airspace. Many times he is forcing coy conversation with LA (trying to be HK to Whitey), or describing the play after it has has happened leaving the listener wondering and sometimes sounds as if he is mailing it in. Just IMO.

    2. Quite honestly, and as much as I adored Harry the K, Scott Franzke is every bit as smooth in his pace and delivery. Nobody can replace the chemistry Kalas enjoyed with Whitey Ashburn. LA and Franzke are much more engaging than TMac and Co. on TV. Tom McCarthy is as ‘broadcasting 101’ as they come.

  20. Should there be no season, baseball is running the risk of doing permanent damage to itself and the game we love. Many fans will be disconnected from the game, lose the narrative, go on to other things, and lose that important emotional connection to the game. This could be far more serious than 1919 or 1994.

        1. I like that. Right or wrong, the players are unified while Manfred and the owners can’t shoot straight, except for their own feet.

          1. Chris ‘Mad-Dog’ Russo on Harper from yesterday’s show:
            “If you don’t live up to the money and you stink, as he did, I can’t listen to you tell me ‘I’m raring to go.’ You know what? How about last year? You were awful! Gee whiz! There is some accountability! Guy was the highest paid player in the sport and didn’t even make an All-Star team. For crying out loud! My gosh. And with that kind of money comes some responsibility!”

            ……..I do not think Bryce will ever be on his show as a guest.

            1. I despise Russo as I think he is a blathering idiot. Another hack making big bucks by trying to be pseudo controversial along the lines of that Bayless cretin.

            2. Hah…I am sure he has turned off the players.
              But like a lot of those shock-jock talking heads….that is their schtick to success…or $$$$
              I guess it stems from the early 80s and the originator , the ‘Howard Stern Effect’ for audience attraction of either appeal or hatred..

  21. MLBTR reports that Rob Manfred and Tony Clark met “in-person” last night and this morning, a “productive” meeting according to Jon Heyman and Bob Nightengale (yeah I know, Jim😉)…FWIW.

    1. Latest report per Buster Olney…60 game minimum, prorated salaries, July 19 opening day. Union has yet to confirm that an agreement is in place…but it’s something.

    2. I understand everyone’s desire to receive good news about baseball’s restart. When I saw these tweets today, I dismissed them because Heyman and Nightengale were the sources.

      There’s a reason why these guys are breaking every owner initiated story. Heyman is employed by MLB. Nightengale needs to stay in MLB’s good graces so he can get content to post for his clicks.

      They both phrased their tweets as announcing an “agreement” when in fact there was just a proposal. They intended to paint the players into a corner so that the players looked bad when the “agreement” wasn’t accepted.

      These guys and others like them are just hacks, spouting the crap the owners want. In my mind they have zero credibility.

      1. Agreed…

        We now live in a world of truthers and agenda spitting mouth pieces. If basic human instinct is survival I guess it’s to be expected one would spout the rhetoric of whoever is paying them.

        I hope that when baseball does resume and I’ve no doubt that it will I can enjoy it.

  22. Minor leaguers getting some money, which is a good thing..
    The MLBPA Trust — the charitable arm of the Major League Baseball Players Association — just announced that they have put up $1 million to aid minor leaguers.

    “Major League Baseball Players are proud to support our fellow players in minor league baseball. These players have found themselves hit hard as a result of the pandemic and are unable to play the game we all love. The game is also their livelihood and there is no doubt the financial impact has been challenging. We hope to help them navigate these difficult times.”

    1. It’s a nice … gesture. The MLBPA regularly screws over minor league players whenever it helps them them. They routinely negotiate MiLB players’ rights in CBAs. Recently, they agred to shorten the draft for this and next season.

      Frankly, $1M is nothing. If every minor league player requested assistance, the Trust could give each player a check for about $130-$138. Big deal.

      Where did I get these figures?

      8425 players under contract in MLB and MiLB. If you just consider –
      players not on the 25-man roster: 8425-(30×25)=7675 $1M/7675=$130.29
      players not on the ST roster: 8425-898=7527 $1M/7527=$132.86
      players not on the 40-man roster: 8425-1177=7248 $1M/7248=$137.97

      I’m sure that some players were able to return to their families and don’t need assistance. Heck, I know of one NDFA from last year (or the year before) who is staying with a team mate and his family during this time.

      BTW, the Phillies are carrying the most players of any organization across ALL levels – 349 (my personal count is a little higher). They are among a handful of teams that have the fewest players on their ST rosters (27).

      The 8 NDFAs have already been assigned to affiliates, although the assignments are probably just place holders for now – Jordan Fowler and Sam Jacobsak to Clearwater, the rest to GCL West.

        1. Kind of expect Jerry Dipoto to keep their org complement near the lowest possible level. Expect a few other frugal orgs to be doing the same, ie Os, Marlins, DBacks, even the Rays may reduce to minimum level. Thirty different companies all run things a bit differently based on their financial standing..

          1. A few teams made a lot of releases today. Before that, my research last night produced the following. Total players from low to high – –

            SEA – 199; LAA – 220; ATL – 223; CWS – 224; WAS – 228;
            HOU – 249; MIA – 250; CIN – 254; STL – 259; OAK – 267;
            MIL – 274; COL – 274; BOS – 281; BAL – 282; SF – 282;
            MIN – 283; SD – 284; CHC – 290; TOR – 294; PIT – 296;
            ARI – 296; DET – 309; NYM – 310; TB – 316; TEX – 316;
            KC – 317; CLE – 318; NYY – 333; LAD – 348; PHI – 349

          2. Omg i am so bored, i am watching guys on T.V throw these bags in a whole WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?

  23. 16-team play-offs bodes well for the Phillies….perhaps top two teams from each division

    :”In the new proposed deal, MLB will get a couple of big concessions. A source confirmed that the union reportedly will not file a grievance against MLB and the postseason will be expanded to 16 teams (up from 10) in 2020 and 2021. Postseasons generate significant revenues with much of them going to the owners. Those revenues could help make up for losses incurred this season”.

    1. The grievance portion is moot. The players only had reason to file a grievance if there was a breach of the March Agreement. If there is agreement on the number of games, there is no breach and no reason to grieve. Now that they are discussing the length of the season, the lack of “best efforts” qualifier is no longer in force. This is not a win for the owners since it is a non factor if they continue to negotiate in good faith. The expanded playoffs is an entirely separate issue and has to be negotiated outside of the March agreement (per the CBA) as well as the additional revenues attached to those games. The players will expect a portion of TV revenue for any additional playoff games. The CBA assigned a percentage of the playoff gate revenue to the players’ pool, playoff TV revenue for the already established playoff format goes to the owners. (I’ve been reading a lot)

  24. Without lifting the veil of anonymity too much I’ve sat in on negotiations between management and workers over contract issues and a few things I’ve posted here on the MLB negotiations as suggestions I’ve personally witnessed as steps to fruitful contract negotiations… One, keep the discussion points (arguments, data points) in the room. A gag rule is important… It cools tempers and keeps positions from hardening. Yet both sides should prepare daily statements and let the other side read them for inaccuracies or disagreements… When the statements by each side are presented to the public there dead-nut accurate. Two, start with the issues less contentious that help build some momentum so when the harder issues are negotiated both sides already have some wins. I saw an on-site day care center that both parties badly wanted never get addressed because the first issue up for discussion was medical benefits for retirees. Brutal.. Lastly, be prepared to negotiate and understand every one of your critical issues may get negotiated away or curtailed… It happens on both sides.

    Now let’s play baseball..

  25. Among the items in the players’ counter proposal is the limited placement of advertising on uniforms.for 2020 and 2021. What do you guys think about that?

    Keep in mind that this will likely be extended past 2021 in the next CBA. Once the revenue stream comes in, I’m sure that the owners will be loathe to give it up.

    Personally, I have always hated the look of those soccer and rugby jerseys that have ads all over.

    1. I see nothing wrong with the Tastykake Phillies………for one year
      Sales would hit the roof. …eventually becoming a collectible memorabilia item.

    2. agree the soccer/rugby jerseys look terrible. I’m not opposed to some type of logo/patch on the shoulder/sleeve but as with most things, it depends on how intrusive it becomes.

  26. Jim; a tasteful patch on the side of the sleeve of the uni would be ok with me… No boxing robe advertising with “Eat at Joes” on the back of the uniform… Question; would each team negotiate locally for the uniform advertising or I wonder if it would it be directed from MLB corporate on who the patch advertising would be? I can see local companies trying to get on the sleeve and paying big for the Yankees, Red Sox’s, Cubs and Dodgers. Probably throw in the Mets and Phillies…

  27. Joel Sherman✔
    MLB believes that it had an agreement on Tuesday with the PA, not a floor for the union to make a counter. So while there seems a pathway to a deal, at this moment, ownership does not see that pathway. #saber-rattling
    2:32 PM – Jun 18, 2020

    …….not sure what is going on at this point in the process. Like one of those roller-coaster rides on the Boardwalk.

  28. I know there is no trust between the sides, and that hurts any negotiation, and I come down on the players’ side, but the negotiating through the media impedes any deal in any business. I don’t get why Baseball does things this way. Sit down and work out a deal, or don’t. What this has done is hurt the entire game. And, the stuff we hear isn’t meant to make a deal, simply to promote one side or the other. Both sides are wrong in that regard. And, the fans blame everyone.

  29. Oh crap, at least 5 players practicing in Clearwater have the virus. More test results are coming on others. Mr Howard, how is Spencer? This is not good news….

    1. …the good news (so far) is that none required hospitalization. However, the number of potential cases is alarming.

      1. There will continue to be more cases…logic dictates, .the more testing the more cases….then you will have the high percentage of asymptomatic cases among the young players who test positive.
        One alternative to managing the issue is have the players wear ‘smart rings’…..or have those testing positive go on the low dosage Plaquenil regiment for 10 days as prescribed by the team doctor..

        1. Romus this news really affected me personally. I almost had my wife talked into sleeping in the same room. but after hearing about the players, i am still in the basement. Hate this virus

          1. rocco……keep plugging away, she will eventually bend.
            Perhaps invite her down to your man-cave in the basement.

  30. I’m not looking for another debate. This is more of a rhetorical question: If eight members (five players) of the organization are infected already … what’s it going to look like when 50(?) players are together? Add (I’m not sure how many) staff members, and mix this group with other organizations when the season starts. Then what happens if the pandemic becomes worse/more contagious come September/October?

    I’m not trying to be a wet blanket (I would love to see some baseball). I’m being a realist.

    1. BTW … other than probably golf and maybe NASCAR, baseball logistically is IMO the safest sport to play during the COVID-19 pandemic. You have no more than 17 people (including umpires) spread out over an entire field. Hockey, basketball, and football all involve athletes almost on top of one another for literally the entire game.

    2. This is why I believe baseball won’t get off the ground. It’s not even ST yet, and the Phillies already have 8 positive tests? Some players will get spooked and just won’t play. And heaven forbid if some of the players get hospitalized, it’s going to be a chaos in the clubhouse.

      1. There may be some owners …small market ones I assume…who have no objection to that. Not having a season may be less costly to them, than having a truncated season, and their team has no chance for the expanded play-off format.

  31. What were the health protocols for those testing positive? My guess minimal at best…Asymptomatic? Domestic or international players? The MLB is proposing a stringent set of health protocols coupled with daily testing. If this were during the season they would know who the players were in contact with, know of the positive test within 24 hours of contacting the virus and then isolating that person instead of it spreading to eight people… If anything this should spur the owners and players to make a deal so they can get their players into an environment safer than the one their currently in..

  32. Blue jays have shut their facility down too as a player working out their had contact with the Philly players and is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms… Since the Phillies Complex is shut down to players other than the Venezuelans my guess this is where their starting with the contact tracing…

  33. After waiting for the owners and players to finish haggling over financial and logistical concerns, this is a sobering reminder of the real obstacle to playing baseball in ’20 (and ’21?). That the proposed host and spring training states are petri dishes right now doesn’t make it any easier to see how a safe and uninterrupted season plays out.

    Here’s hoping for a full recovery the affected players, personnel, and family members.

  34. As we await for the players diagnosed with Covid-19 to recover, and hopefully the world to get back to some sort of normalcy, and while we wait for MLB and the MLPA to hash out their differences, I was wondering if the sports world as we know will be fundamentally different going forward. Will attendance be capped off at 50% capacity to ensure proper distancing of fans? Will x amount of players be allowed in the dugout or bench to ensure certain spacing between people? It will be a very interesting time going forward.

  35. Happy Fathers Day to all. Romus how many kids did you have when you fought in Italy in World War 11

  36. Bunning’s perfecto on Father’s Day June 21, 1964
    “There have been 23 perfect games in baseball history, but Jim Bunning threw the first and only one on Father’s Day. He blanked the Mets at Shea Stadium in the middle of the Phillies’ infamous ‘64 campaign, when they held first place for most of the season before blowing a 6 1/2-game lead with 12 games to play. It was the first perfect game in the National League since Providence’s John Montgomery Ward’s in 1880, and the first in baseball in the regular season since White Sox lefty Charlie Robertson in 1922. Bunning’s perfect game remains one of the most memorable moments in Phillies history”. — Todd Zolecki

    1. That day brings back some great memories, Laying on the floor, with my brothers and my Dad watching that game, Waiting for my Mom to finish Dinner.

    2. Romus – watched the entire game on a 10 x 12 tv set—- and got transfixed as the game went on – inning by inning …couldn’t not watch it. I was watching the NY Met version with Bob Murphy as the final Met announcer. Bunning was frightfully efficient that day. Have to say it is in my top 5 baseball events ever !!! Thanks for mentioning.

        1. Remember Jesse Gonder when he hit the only ball, that could have been a hit but he was so slow, he got thrown out

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