Another Spring Training Update, “Bullpens, Baby”, 1/28/2020

More players have arrived at the Carpenter Complex this week, a few more catchers and a lot of pitchers.  In addition, to their daily routine of weight, exercises, tossing, and running, some position players are taking ground balls and batting practice.

Phillies’ Phantasy Camp forced the early arrivals to the half field in front of Spectrum Field (Larry Bowa Field, if you will, or Jimmy Rollins Field).  The 40-man roster guys are taking up residence in the Spectrum Field clubhouse.  The other guys haven’t completed the move back to the Carpenter clubhouse.

Last week, we saw Alec Bohm and Jamari Baylor taking ground balls on Rollins Field.  Baylor is receiving a lot of individual instruction as the coaches work on shortening his throw to first.  He has a strong arm, one that had little problem throwing out prep base runners.  The coaches are eliminating unnecessary motion to hasten his throwing mechanics.  He seems a willing learner and a fast study.

Catchers Jack Conley, Nick Matera, and Herbert Iser have joined the position players.  They and Colby Fitch Baylor, and Carlos De La Cruz have taken batting practice each of the last two days.  Their arrival afforded more pitchers to throw bullpens.  Thirteen threw today.

More pitchers are on hand.  Most have been working out on their own as they took part in bullpens after arriving just this week.  The new pitchers include J.D. Hammer, Adam Morgan, Cole Irvin, Zach Warren, and Jose Jimenez.

Four of the pitchers above (all but Morgan) threw bullpens with earlier arrivals – Jaylen Smith, Ethan Lindow, Jake Kinney, Brandon Ramey, Tyler McKay, Mauricio Llovera, Eudiver Avendano, Connor Seabold, and Lizardo Herrera.

I overheard a coach telling the catchers that pitchers would throw 15 or 25-35 pitches and would throw fastballs only, off speed only, or a mix.  Young, early arrivals throwing for the first time off a mound this spring threw 15 pitches.  Older, more experienced pitchers threw 25-35 pitches.

They threw on the mounds between Ashburn and Schmidt Fields in groups of two (catcher in parentheses), pitch counts are estimates –

  1. Irvin (Conley), 25 pitches and Hammer (Fitch), 25 pitches
  2. J. Smith (Fitch), 15 pitches and Lindow (Matera), 15 pitches
  3. Kinney (Conley), 15 pitches and Ramey (Matera), 15 pitches
  4. Warren (Fitch), 15 pitches and McKay (Iser), 15 pitches
  5. Seabold (Conley), 25 pitches and Llovera (Iser), 35-40 pitches
  6. Avendano (Fitch), 15 pitches and L. Herraera (Matera), 20 pitches
  7. Jose Jimenez (Iser), 15 pitches

This was Llovera’s third bullpen (I think) and Herrera’s second (I think).  Pitchers who didn’t throw today, may throw later this week.  One who didn’t throw thinks his first bullpen will be Thursday.

Earlier reporting players so far include –

(16) Carlos De La Cruz, Brandon Ramey, Tyler McKay, Spencer Van Scoyoc, Jaylen Smith, Jake Kinney, Ethan Lindow, Alec Bohm, Jose Alvarez, Colby Fitch, Mauricio Llovera, Jamari Baylor, Connor Seabold, Bailey Falter, Eudiver Avendano, Luke Leftwich

(15) Edgar Cabral, Rodolfo Duran, Kyle Young, Tyler Hallead, Ben Brown, Lizardo Herrera, Sandro Rosaro, Trevor Bettencourt, Brian Auerbach, Carlos Francisco (WPT), Jose Pujols,  Josh Tols, Robinson Martinez, Andrew McCutchen, and Victor Arano

(8) Jack Conley, Nick Matera, Herbert Iser, J.D. Hammer, Adam Morgan, Cole Irvin, Zach Warren, and Jose Jimenez

Coaches include Roly de Armas, Shawn Williams, Carlos Arroyo, Ray Burris, Greg Brodzinski, and Chris Heintz.

I spoke with one of the coaches who said that the pitchers in Reading threw the major league ball in their bullpens and between games last season.  He was unaware of the Baseball America story that came out Friday that MLB and MiLB have agreed that the AA leagues would use the minor league ball.

8 thoughts on “Another Spring Training Update, “Bullpens, Baby”, 1/28/2020

  1. Once the reporting dates for pitchers and position players arrives what happens to the players who are not on the 40-man roster of received a ST invite from the Phillies? Do they leave to go workout in the Clearwater area and return on March 1st with the rest of the minor leaguers? Just trying to understand the logistics here..

    1. The Carpenter Complex is large enough to ‘house’ all the players currently in the system who are stateside…..the DR Academy is their other facility..tthere are four fields that can accommodate plenty of prospects
      About 10 years ago everything was upgraded and then in 2013, at approx. $4M, the Phillies opened the new and updated facility as the first indoor climate-controlled training center at a major-league spring-training site. It is used by the team year-round for training and rehabbing players

        1. Jim, who is very familiar and a regular there, can give you more info on the details. of the Complex that you may want..

    2. Romus covered a lot of what I would have said.

      The early reports who were not invited to major league spring training will work out separately from the ML reports.

      ML camp is scheduled to once again start at 11:00 AM. But, I believe that is the “show” portion for spectators. The really important work started as early as 8:00 AM on Rollins Field (the half field in front of the stadium) last year.

      Non-invites and rehabbers will make do on an open field or in the afternoon.

      Full squad ML ST only lasts about a week before they move full time into the stadium and the minor leaguers will have the Complex to themselves, for the most part. ML players will still come out on Ashburn Field for some of their drills.

      Now, a major caveat is that this is Girardi’s first Phillies’ camp. However, Rob Thomson, who was Girardi’s bench coach with the Yankees, ran camp for Kapler. I expect he’ll function in the same capacity for Girardi.

      In a new twist, there’s a rumor that the Phillies have asked as many as 20-30 minor league players to arrive at the beginning of ML ST. Technically not NRIs, they’ll be on the fields at the same time as the ML campers. If true, I expect that is so they can be used in Grapefruit League games. But, that’s just a guess.

      JT Realmuto arrived Tuesday.

      Christopher Sanchez arrived Wednesday.

      The Phillies also have the two fields across the street at Joe DiMaggio Park available to them during ST.

  2. It’s Groundhog day and that’s always the day that Baseball starts anew for me. But today’s date is a palindrome. Yes folks today is a day where the date reads the same forward and backward: 02/02/2020. Maybe it’s a portent of things to come.

      1. You’ve got a point. It will be a good thing for some team. I’m just hoping it’s the Phils.

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