Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #25 Prospect

Mauricio Llovera was selected as the organization’s #24 prospect.  He received 59 of the 221 votes cast.  Kyle Young finished second receiving 56 votes, again.  Starlyn Castillo and Cole Irvin finished tied for third with 24 votes each. 

Christopher Sanchez received 22 votes.  Jhailyn Ortiz received 18 votes.  Connor Brogdon received 15 votes.  Andrew Schultz received 3 votes.

Reminder:  I am going to run several polls past thirty.  Let’s assume that they are so that I have prospects on hand to add to the top thirty as other prospects graduate to the Phillies, lose prospect status, are traded to another organization, or for some other reason are dropped from the top thirty.

I will continue to search for a method to conduct polling that reflects the feelings of the Phuture Phillies community.  I went back and looked at how James started the Readers’ Poll and have a few ideas.  I’ll bounce them off you at a later date.

Polling will continue with the shorter ballot.  Results will remain hidden.

With Llovera’s selection, Josh Stephen will be added to the poll.  Additions are determined by support in earlier polls.  The next 4 guys to be added are Russ, Eastman, Parkinson, and Falter.  Feel free to make suggestions in the comments section.

Results, so far –

  1. Alec Bohm
  2. Spencer Howard
  3. Bryson Stott
  4. Erik Miller
  5. Mickey Moniak
  6. Francisco Morales
  7. Connor Seabold
  8. Ethan Lindow
  9. Adonis Medina
  10. Luis Garcia
  11. JoJo Romero
  12. Simon Muzziotti
  13. Rafael Marchan
  14. Damon Jones
  15. Johan Rojas
  16. Logan O’Hoppe
  17. Enyel De Los Santos
  18. Nick Maton
  19. Kevin Gowdy
  20. Kendall Simmons
  21. Matt Vierling
  22. Luke Leftwich
  23. Deivy Grullon
  24. Mauricio Llovera


17 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #25 Prospect

  1. If adding names, I would consider Baylor to be in the top 30 and Santos somewhere close behind.

    1. This belongs in the Spring Training post or even Open Discussion but I remember Jim saying that Cutch dropped in. Carried his bat from the parking lot. Took some swings in the batting cage and then probably got back in his car and left. That was at least 2 weeks ago. I assume he’s working out. Taking some fly balls and hitting the batting cages once in awhile or maybe a lot.

      1. I think it was his September relief role that many are counting on with him…12 innings pitched…8 hits….7 Ks….3 BBs and just the one run allowed.
        One reason why his FIP (5) is almost one run lower than his ERA (5.8)
        His 18 innings as a starter….11 earned runs allowed, not so good,

        1. Cole Irvin has to learn how to do something especially well – like develop an out pitch of some type – because his stuff is just so average. I like him a little bit and I like his poise, but he’s got to continue to re-invent himself because the current version has such fringy stuff.

          1. You’re probably right but with Bryan Price as his new coach, I get a good sense that Irvin will find a way to be successful without lights out stuff, if only a 1 inning middle reliever facing 1 or 2 middle of the lineup lefty power bats. Under last year’s coaching incompetence, no chance.

            1. Well you have a point on last year’s coaching incompetence which was beyond comprehension. Chris Young somehow found a way to screw around with what Aaron Nola was doing, changing the pitch sequences of a 10 WAR player (seriously, he was a 10 bWAR in 2018 – a high level ace), when all he needed to do was get the hell out of the way. One of the least mentioned and most important things that I expect to happen this year is for Aaron Nola to go back to being an ace again. And by the way, if he’s healthy I expect Arietta could really surprise people this year – his stuff really wasn’t bad at all.

            2. To give you an idea of how great a 10.5 bWAR is (that’s his precise figure), Roy Halladay and Max Scherzer each never had a 9 bWAR season and Nolan Ryan never had an 8 bWAR season! Why on God’s green earth would you mess with that?!!!!

    1. Ya a really nice guy, but I got to go with folks with more upside. The argument that Price can get more out of him could be said for almost anybody.

      There will definitely be some good surprises this year like Suárez last year. Hopefully Irvin is one of them.

    2. I have been also voting for Cole. What’s up he seems to have less votes than earlier in the polls. Also that poll shows a pitch to invite others to the poll after voting. This was the first time I saw this after I voted. Sounds like the advertising does not match the expectations of readers on this poll.

  2. I would be voting for Aparicio here. As the list stands, I have trouble choosing any of them. Maybe Starlyn, but I don’t know enough.

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