Spring Training Update, 1/20/2020

A cold snap ripped through Florida today.  It was 49 degrees when I climbed into my car to drive to the Complex … in shorts, because I’m not a native Floridian.  And, it was bound to warm up.  It did, a little.  Starting times still fluctuate a little, but arriving around 9:00 AM is good practice for spring training.

The players continue to work out in two groups.  The co-ops come out first (outfielder – Carlos De La Cruz, and pitchers Brandon Ramey, Tyler McKay, Spencer Van Scoyoc, Jaylen Smith, Jake Kinney, and Ethan Lindow).  New arrival Alec Bohm was a part of this group.

The second group is primarily comprised of the players on rehab.  The original group of catchers  Edgar Cabral and Rodolfo Duran, and pitchers Kyle Young, Tyler Hallead, Ben Brown, Lizardo Herrera, Sandro Rosaro, Trevor Bettencourt, Brian Auerbach, and Carlos Francisco (WPT) have been increased by outfielder Jose Pujols, then catcher Colby Fitch and pitchers Mauricio Llovera, Josh Tols, and Robinson Martinez, and this week – infielder Jamari Baylor and pitchers Connor Seabold, Bailey Falter, Eudiver Avendano, and Luke Leftwich.

Didn’t see McCutchen.  He probably parked in the Spectrum lot and made his way to the cages out of our line of sight.

Victor Arano arrived when I did but was permitted to walk up to the Complex before he was directed  to move his car to the protected lot and the Spectrum clubhouse.  Players have moved there this week to accommodate Phantasy Camp.  They changed there and walked over to the Complex fields for their workouts.  They’ll spend a lot of their time this week in Spectrum Field and the Complex weight room, locations that are generally off limits to campers.

The players performed their normal routine of stretching exercises and agility exercises under the watchful eyes of coaches and trainers, short-tossing, and running.  Carlos De La Cruz took fielding practice on Roberts Field.  Alec Bohm took ground balls on Carlton Field.  No PFPs today, no bullpens.

Coach Chris Heintz has joined those already in camp – Roly de Armas, Shawn Williams, Carlos Arroyo, Ray Burris, and Greg Brodzinski.

I’ve identified all 30 players I’ve seen, and expect maybe up to a dozen more this week.

Pat Borders will manage the Threshers.

12 thoughts on “Spring Training Update, 1/20/2020

      1. When the announcement was made he would not be managing Williamsport in 2020 I don’t recall and explanation that he was being reassigned so therefore I thought he had been let go..

    1. Pat was initially supposed to come back to Williamsport. I wrote a story saying as much last month. But there was some last minute shuffling on the player development staff and Pat was assigned to Clearwater. He enjoyed the Williamsport assignment because it kept him from home only 10 weeks or so, and he’s got a cattle farm down in Florida. This move keeps him closer to home, although he told me last week he’s willing to go anywhere now that his kids are all getting a little older. I think he’s be really good anywhere in the system, but I think he’s incredibly good at dealing with younger players. I’m disappointed he won’t be back, but I’m glad he’s getting a shot to move up.

  1. If the Phillies cut Williamsport the biggest loss to me will be Mitch Rupert’s reports.

    As a native of that part of Pennsylvania who still has relatives in the region I love reading Mitch’s Twitter posts about young athletes from Mt Carmel, Shamokin, Danville, Bloomsberg, etc. Those will continue, but we’ll no longer have his reports on Cutters kids who few of us know much about except for his observations.

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