Spring Training Opened Today (for me)

I awoke this morning knowing that there would finally be some activity at the Carpenter Complex.  If things went according to past schedules, a dozen or so players would be working out on Carlton or Roberts Field.

I arrived a little earlier than the 9:30 AM start time that I anticipated.  I was greeted by Gary and Ken at the gate.  They are two of the Complex’s security guards and were testing the scanner through which nearly twenty thousand people will pass during the next eight months.  I became the first officially, scanned guest of the new season.

I was talking to Dennis, the security guard at the front door when I saw red shirts and blue shorts (it’s 70 degrees down here) moving onto Carlton Field.  Conversation over.

Around 9:45 AM, about a dozen players had congregated along the right field foul line on Carlton Field.  The group included players who would take part in a co-op program, working during the afternoons with Clearwater Parks and Rec.  The group also included a few of the players down here on rehab.

The players performed their stretching exercises under the watchful eyes of coaches and trainers.

Spring stretching. Photo by Danie Berlingis

After stretching, the pitchers began short-tossing.

Tyler Hallead. Photo by Dannie Berlingis.
Kyle Young throwing for rehab pitching coach Ray Burris. Photo by Danie Berlingis
Edgar Cabral joins the pitchers for some tossing. Photo by Danie Berlingis.

While the pitchers got in their running and some more rehabbers came out to stretch and throw, Carlos De La Cruz fielded some balls on Roberts Field.

Coaches de Armas and Williams getting ready to hit balls to Carlos De La Cruz. Photo by Danie Berlingis

Four coaches are present – Roly de Armas, Ray Burris, Shawn Williams, and Greg Brodzinski.

In all, I saw 17 players.  Catchers – Edgar Cabral and Rodolfo Duran.  Outfielder – Carlos De La Cruz.  And, pitchers – Brandon Ramey, Tyler McKay, Spencer Van Scoyoc, Jaylen Smith, Jake Kinney, Ethan Lindow, Kyle Young, Tyler Hallead, Ben Brown, Brian Auerbach, Lizardo Herrera, Sandro Rosaro, Trevor Bettencourt, and Carlos Francisco (WPT).

Jose Pujols arrived Thursday and took part in Friday’s workout.

MLB is holding their 2020 Rookie Development Program in Miami.  The Phillies sent Adonis Medina, Cole Irvin, Edgar Garcia, and Ranger Suarez.

The Phillies own prospect program WILL BE HELD NEXT week in Philadelphia.

The Phillies invitations to spring training to organization players could be made public this week.

Featured image provided by Steve Potter.

16 thoughts on “Spring Training Opened Today (for me)

    1. Not that I’ve heard. He lives in Bradenton, just a short drive below Saint Pete. He works out down there, but if he does what he did last year, he’ll start coming to Clearwater when more of the major league staff and players are here, probably before the end of the month.

      I’ve heard Alec Bohm is here, but haven’t seen him. Heard he has a place in Clearwater.

      1. Jim you are a lucky son of a gun 😉 but I’m sure luck had nothing to do with it. Believe it or not I saw it might be reach 70 here in the Philly area this Sunday.

        One of my favorite things about the transition from Winter to Spring is sitting in my lounge chair with a nice fire watching a ST game on TV knowing there are places where it is warm and sunny.

  1. At the risk of sounding really stupid, is Bryan Price down there working with the kids or does he just work with the major league guys mostly?

    And has there been any word on what balls they will be using, I believe I heard that AA would be using them this year to join AAA and MLB but wondered if they were going to use the same ones as last year or not.

    1. I heard last season that they will use the same balls in Reading as in Lehigh Valley. I’m sure the balls they are tossing so far are whatever is available, not the new ones yet. I’ll ask Monday.

  2. Hi Jim,

    It going to go up to near 70 here at HQ. I’ll get out and toss some to my dog and be thinking of Clearwater. I changed jobs a couple years ago so not getting to Clearwater as much but who knows, got a potential customer in Sarasota!

    1. It’s a big year for Pujols coming up. In 2018 he looked like he might be figuring things out and then he lost last year to injury. He has a full tool chest. He’ll be at Reading with Muzziotti, Randolph and Stephens. Not sure where MM will start, but hopefully LHV.

    1. Good question….might be a tad early, since groupings will not be announced for another 7/8 weeks and so many things can change. The LHV and Reading should be rather easy, but the A level, especially GCL/Williamsport/Lakewood could be difficult…for example,.
      LHV…Howard, Parkinson, Falter, Seabold, Irvin, EDLS, Damon Jones, Romero (?) Eastman (?)

      Here is Jim’s list of eligible.

        1. Yeah…that is why I put the question mark….if others get injured he could slide back into a starting role depending on how he is pitching at the time….things are probably fluid at that point.

    2. Pat, it’s too early for me to speculate. But, the Phillies will employ piggybacking at more levels than Williamsport and Lakewood this season. They employed 6-man rotations at multiple levels last season. So, there may be as many as 12 pitchers who could be considered “starters” at some levels.

      I won’t speculate, but I believe the Phillies already know who and where.

      I agree with the others who think Romero might be in the bullpen this season. He excelled in that role in Arizona last fall. And, I believe that Llovera will once again foil all those who think he belongs in the pen and fill a rotation slot, probably in LHV.

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