Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #13 Prospect

Simon Muzziotti was selected as the organization’s #12 prospect.  He received 67 of the 188 votes cast (36%).  Rafael Marchan finished second with 23 votes (12%).  Damon Jones received 12 votes.  And, Johan Rojas received 10 votes.

Enyel De Los Santos received 9 votes.  Logan O’Hoppe received 8 votes.  Kevin Gowdy received 6 votes.  Deivi Grullo received 5 votes.

Mauricio Llovera, Colton Eastman, Jhailyn Ortiz, Nick Maton, and Kendall Simmons received 4 votes each.

Luke Leftwich, Addison Russ,and Josh Stephen received 3 votes each.

David Parkinson, Kyle YoungStarlyn Castillo, and Dominic Pipkin received 2 votes each.  And,

Cole IrvinKyle GlogoskiBailey Falter, Jonathan Guzman, Cornelius Randolph, Kyle Dohy, Darick HallJuan AparicioBen BrownRixon Wingrove, and Arquimedes Gamboa(?) received one vote each.

Results, so far –

  1. Alec Bohm
  2. Spencer Howard
  3. Bryson Stott
  4. Erik Miller
  5. Mickey Moniak
  6. Francisco Morales
  7. Connor Seabold
  8. Ethan Lindow
  9. Adonis Medina
  10. Luis Garcia
  11. JoJo Romero
  12. Simon Muzziotti

No new additions to the poll.  The total prospects on the ballot is fifty-one.

9 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #13 Prospect

  1. I have the quartet of Luis Garcia-Johan Rojas-Simon Muzziotti-Rafael Marchan grouped together so I expect Rojas and Marchan to be the lead candidates to be voted in the next 2 spots.

    With the exception of Ethan Lindow who I think is closer to #20 and not Top 10, the voters poll looks reasonable.

  2. Kevin Gowdy is a righty pitching prospect who throws 86-88 MPH – there is no way I’m putting him in my top 30.

    1. Agree. I had Hope’s he would have progressed further at this time a year ago, but until he shows he can stay healthy and add a few ticks to his mph, he isn’t a prospect….at all.

      1. On Gowdy…excerpts from last month’s interview prior to Christmas, with Jay Floyd:

        “This off-season I’ve trained at a place called BSTI which is in Aliso Viejo, California and ran through my agent. I’ve also been up at Driveline Baseball in Seattle which has been incredible so far……..2019 was honestly an awesome year for me. Towards the beginning of the season and even into the summer I had a ton of ups and downs, especially with my command, velocity and my off-speed stuff, but I think a lot of that was to be expected coming back from Tommy John Surgery….
        I was frustrated at times but going through such a grueling rehab process really taught me patience and mental toughness when I’m struggling. In a way I’m almost thankful I went through that surgery because it taught me so much about myself as a competitor and as a person. But once I started getting close to that two years post operation date, it all started to come together. My velocity started climbing back up into the mid 90’s, I started throwing my off-speed stuff where I wanted to and I cut down my walk rate by a lot.”

        …sounds like he has got his velo climbing the ladder up to what it was three years ago before the TJ surgery. Come April hopefully he will prove he is on his way to being a top tier prospect.

  3. You know, you don’t have to vote for certain guys. You don’t have to have them in your rankings. You don’t even have to like them. But, you shouldn’t try to dissuade other from voting for players based on your bias. And, you shouldn’t dismiss a player without proper facts. I’ve only seen one published report of 86-88 last season. He’s returning from TJ surgery. I’ve seen scouting reports from games later in the season and instructs that indicate that this particular player has regained his most of his fastball velocity and improved his location with secondaries. I hadn’t reported it because I want to see it in ST before saying anything.

    1. Fair enough, Jim. If I am wrong factually, then that’s a completely valid point. However, I think we all offer our opinions on players and then provide a reason, that’s all I was doing. Without an extraordinary out pitch or some other type of unique ability, a right who throws 86-88 is almost always a marginal prospect. Hopefully, Kevin Gowdy will regain his velocity and his prospect standing. Let’s see how he does in ST.

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