Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #14 Prospect

Rafael Marchan was selected as the organization’s #13 prospect.  He received 41 of the 161 votes cast (25%).   Damon Jones finished second with 23 votes (14%).  Enyel De Los Santos and Johan Rojas received 12 votes each.  Deivi Grullo received 10 votes.

Logan O’Hoppe and Kevin Gowdy received 7 votes each.  Josh Stephen received 6 votes.  Mauricio Llovera received 5 votes.  Addison Russ received 4 votes.  Matt Vierling and Luke Leftwich received 3 votes each.

Colton Eastman, Jhailyn Ortiz, Nick Maton, Kendall Simmons, Kyle Young, Starlyn Castillo, Dominic Pipkin, Cole IrvinKyle Glogoski, Cornelius Randolph, and Connor Brogdon received 2 votes each.

David Parkinson, Andrew SchultzBailey Falter, Jonathan Guzman, Kyle Dohy, and Arquimedes Gamboa received one vote each.

Results, so far –

  1. Alec Bohm
  2. Spencer Howard
  3. Bryson Stott
  4. Erik Miller
  5. Mickey Moniak
  6. Francisco Morales
  7. Connor Seabold
  8. Ethan Lindow
  9. Adonis Medina
  10. Luis Garcia
  11. JoJo Romero
  12. Simon Muzziotti
  13. Rafael Marchan

No new additions to the poll.  The total prospects on the ballot is fifty.

5 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #14 Prospect

  1. My next 4 are: Rojas, Jones, Maton and De Los Santos. But Irvin, Parkinson, Grullon, Aparicio, Listi, O’Hoppe and a host of others could also slot here. Gamboa and Brito have shifted off my top 30. Gamboa can probably play SS in the Majors right now but the flimsy piece of balsa wood bat he swings makes it hard to envision a ML player. I’m wishing and hoping but that rarely helps anyone achieve success. And the word “rarely” was a joke.

  2. A guy I keep moving down my top 30, and I don’t know why, is Josh Stephen. I’ve heard of the Reading effect but if it affects Stephen then you also have to look at Bohm and Moniak the same way. Let’s start with BA. Bohm played at 3 levels, ending in AA, and was hands down the top guy in BA. Stephen was 4th but he played in Reading all year. Moniak was tied for 11th. He played in AA all year just like Stephen and is the same age.

    Let’s move to OBP. Bohm is numero uno again. Stephen is 6th (.342). Moniak is 20th and just over .300. Stephen and Moniak are a year younger than Bohm but that’s neither here nor there.

    Let’s move to Slg%. Bohm is #1 once again. Stephen is #3. Moniak is #6 and he had a very good year with the extra base hits. Who is this Stephen guy and why isn’t he being talked about a lot more?

    Lastly, let’s take a peek at OPS. This is the stat that feels like the best approximation of a guy’s value… excluding some other advanced stats often cited on this site. Bohm is to the moon. We get it. He’s #1.. hands down. Stephen is #3. Moniak is #8. Stephen is the youngest guy in the top 10 (whole number age-wise with no months included). In fact, Muzziotti is #14 and a year younger.

    Stephen is not on my list so far, and believe it or not, he’s not currently in my top 30. Damn, what was I thinking? I’ll have to move him up and in a hurry.

    1. Stephen is where Randolph should be – out of the Top 30 but can be around #35ish. Both Stephen and Randolph have better basic offensive slash than Moniak and the trio are within the same age range but both Stephen and Randolph are limited to LF only (and no legit MLB tools) thus reducing their prospect significantly.

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