Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #12 Prospect

In the closest vote so far, JoJo Romero was selected as the organization’s #11 prospect.  He edged Simon Muzziotti by one vote.  I left this vote open an extra day because it was very close, and it got closer.  The top five in the poll was rounded out by Rafael Marchan (18 votes), Damon Jones (16), and Kevin Gowdy (10).

Johan Rojas received 8 votes.  Mauricio Llovera received 7 votes.  Logan O’Hoppe received 6 votes.  Enyel De Los Santos and Josh Stephen received 5 votes each.  Jhailyn Ortiz, Nick Maton, Deivi Grullon, and Colton Eastman received 4 votes each.  Dominic Pipkin, Kendall Simmons, Cole Irvin, and Addison Russ received 3 votes each.  David Parkinson, Kyle Glogoski, Bailey Falter, Luke Leftwich, and Jonathan Guzman received 2 votes each.  And, Brett Schulze, Cornelius Randolph, Jamari Baylor, Kyle Young, Rodolfo Duran, Austin Listi, Kyle Dohy, Darick Hall, and Josh Hendrickson received one vote each.

Results, so far –

  1. Alec Bohm
  2. Spencer Howard
  3. Bryson Stott
  4. Erik Miller
  5. Mickey Moniak
  6. Francisco Morales
  7. Connor Seabold
  8. Ethan Lindow
  9. Adonis Medina
  10. Luis Garcia
  11. JoJo Romero

I’m a little curious how this poll would have played out if I had kept the number of players at 10-12 per poll.  That would have prevented 30-40 votes from being cast for players who might not have been available, yet.

No new additions to the poll.  The total prospects on the ballot is fifty-two.

32 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2020 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #12 Prospect

  1. Went with Muzziotti.
    May no have a power bat for HRs…..but meets all the other requirements for a MLB CFer

        1. LOL his boy since the draft and can’t get his name right but that’s our Rocco. Near and dear to all of our harts….

          1. Fortunately most of us speak Rocco. And we would doubt it was really him posting if there wasn’t a misspelling or three. He gives this site a little character😳

    1. I’d have Simon closer to 20 than 10. Worst case he’s Ben Revere he has a low LD % and a high GB % which advanced shifts are going to eat at his BA and take away from an already low BB rate and low OBP.

      Best case he’s Ender Inciarte which isn’t bad…

      1. DMAR, that is a really good point about shifting. Definitely makes his profile riskier.

        My take on Muzziotti is that he actually had a good year at the plate and in the field and was young for his level. And he has some prospect pedigree. Not too many of those in the Phils’ system last year.

      2. Shifts work as defense for players who pull the ball an excessive amount. Here is Simon’s pull, center, oppo split last year:
        – pull: 39.0%
        – center: 23.1%
        – oppo: 37.9%

        Don’t see how a shift will hurt him. But I agree, he hits too many ground balls. On the positive side, his K rate is very low as is his swinging strike rate. And his walk rate is decent.

  2. If Enyel is on the list I think he needs to be in this range. I’ve seen some say they don’t really consider him a prospect because he has logged some big league innings. He has 30 official MLB IP in 12 games.

    I’m not sure there is any doubt he is going to be an MLB pitcher. The debate is will the secondary pitchers become refined enough to allow him to stay in a starters role.

    The kid can run his FB up to 98 when he wants and at times his CU has flashed brilliant. The new ball they say gave him some trouble with the grip of that pitch.

    1. DLS would definitely be a pleasant surprise if he turns out as you hope, DMAR. I can’t say that I see him as anything more than a generic middle inning reliever. Serviceable, but nothing to be excited about as a prospect.

    2. Enyel reminds me of Luis Garcia – he struggles with command and his velocity varies WILDLY. You never know whether you’re going to get the dominating, 98 MPH Enyel or the so-so 94 MPH, inconsistent command Enyel.

      1. Luis Garcia definitely struggled with his command … but … to the best of my recollection, his velo was consistently in the upper 90’s. DLS has never really thrown that kind of heat. He’s been more 92-95 (except for a short stretch in AAA right after they acquired him from SD).
        It’s probably best for the Phillies to move him to the BP (Klentak dropped the ball [again] by not bringing DLS up in September last season). He looked pretty good out of the pen in a brief stint in 2018, and his velo should pick up as a full time reliever. Besides … this is his final option year, and he has been/is being bypassed by other young arms in the farm system.

        1. Let’s make a distinction about any comparison of Garcia to DLS. Garcia was never a starter

          DLS has always been a starter…

        2. Hinkie…agree…DLS should have had some work in September.
          But….IMO, it was the managers’ decision in not having him work with the big club for the last three months of July/August and Sept, last year.
          What is the sense of bringing him up, if all he is going to do, is gather splinters in the bullpen.
          I think the PC and the manager did not want him in Philly.

          1. Romus … we’ll never know for sure whose decision it was, but I gotta’ believe Kapler would not have been upset to have another arm in the BP in September. It’s hard for me to imagine Gabe was cool with Mike Morin, Nick Vincent, and Jared Hughes, but objected to DLS. I tend to believe it was Klentak’s call.
            One of the reasons Klentak hired Kapler was because he was a first time manager, and was fine with being an extension of the front office. Klentak had a large part in putting together the roster, the coaching staff, and even dictating on field strategy.

            1. There is where we differ…..I believe it was the other way around.
              The alpha dog character Gabe, led the pack, and Matt Klentak’s view was.. …..what back of the pack dogs see.

            2. I know a lot of guys here love to blame Klentak/MacPhail/Kapler for every decision that goes counter to what you guys want done or think should be done. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances when a decision is made. Circumstances that you guys aren’t aware of. I’m not going to go into those. But, EDLS wasn’t particularly good in his last 4 starts in LHV. He walked 14 and struck out just 15 in 22.0 innings. I saw him at the Complex in September after Lehigh’s season ended, keeping loose in case he was needed in Philadelphia. My assumption would be that he didn’t even look good enough down here to justify a call up.

            3. Thanks Jim for that info..
              EDLS really did struggle last season…a 5.3 FIP @ LHV certainly will not impress anyone.

            4. Point taken; I am not aware of extenuating circumstances.
              However, I will say this … unless DLS had some sort of physical problem, or he needed an attitude adjustment, I believe Klentak should have added him to the September roster. The Phillies BP (at that point) was inhabited by a number of dumpster dive finds (Mike Morin, Nick Vincent, Jared Hughes, and Blake Parker).

  3. It will be interesting to see how Bryan Price helps. I am expecting him to add a good deal. That doesn’t mean I think every Pitcher improves, but I bet we see 1 or 2 surprises from ST. I just think Price will have a significant impact vs. last year’s PC, Chris Young.

    1. Agreed there is only so much magic a PC coach can bring. We reached a point early last year where we all wanted Kranitz back but also forgot that guys like VV and Pivetta were still struggling under him as well.

      1. Vince Velasquez FIP in 2018 under Kranitz was 3.75.
        Vince Velasquez FIP in 2019 under Young was 5.21.

        Nick Pivetta FIP in 2018 under Kranitz was 3.79.
        Nick Pivetta FIP in 2019 under Young was 5.47.

        That’s some pretty convincing evidence that Kris Young did nothing to help Velasquez and Pivetta grow as SP’s. It also gives hope that both Velasquez and Pivetta are not lost causes. I’m looking forward to seeing their progression under Bryan Price.
        This is not to say the Phillies shouldn’t add to their pitching staff. However, I definitely would not move VV and (especially) Nick Pivetta to the BP yet.

        1. Hinkie I get the FIP numbers from 2018 were much better but did you think the 2018 performance from either was adequate or even good?

          I’m trying to think back that far but my memory escapes me.

      2. DMAR….concerning the PC from last season.
        What I remember from last summer, and what struck a note for me, was the Eflin announcement after he was put in the bullpen for those first two weeks of August, he said he was going back to what he was comfortable with thru his career, and the results were evident from there on in when he became a starter again..

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