Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #30 – Ben Pelletier

Ben Pelletier has been selected the #30 prospect in the Phillies’ organization.

Pelletier received 44 of the 184 votes cast (23.91%).  Kyle Dohy received 25 votes  (13.59%).  Jose Pujols received 24 votes (13.04%).  Connor Seabold received 16 votes (8.70%).  Bailey Falter received 15 votes (8.15%).  And, Daniel Brito received 14 votes (7.61%).  Thirteen guys shared the other 46 votes.  

The Phillies signed Ben Pelletier to a future services contract after drafting him in the 34th round of the 2015 Amateur Draft out of  Ecole Secondaire des Montagnes (Saint-Michael-des-Saints, QC).  He signed on June 17, 2015.  Ben hadn’t completed secondary school and returned to Canada for his final scholastic year after the summer of 2015.  He returned on school break but didn’t join his first professional team until June 24, 2016.

Pelletier joined the GCL Phillies late the summer of 2016.  He made his professional debut on July 6th and played well in spot starts for a team that went to the championship series.  However, he closed out the season with in a 3 for 27 drought and finished with a slash of .217/.270/.265/.535 and struck out in 25 of his 89 plate appearances.

Pelletier returned to Clearwater for a second GCL season in 2017.  He showed marked improvement as an 18-year-old.  He slashed .333/.361/.474/.835 in 180 plate appearances and struck out just 30 times.  He also hit his first 3 professional HR.

Pelletier went to Williamsport in 2018 and continued to expand his power.  He slashed .277/.333/.480/.814 in 286 plate appearances and led the team with 29 runs, 71 hits (2nd in the league), 17 doubles (3rd in the league), 4 triples, 9 home runs (3rd in the league), and 45 RBI (second in the league).  His 45 RBI were the 2nd highest total by a Crosscutter in the past ten years (Chris Serritella, 47 in 2012).

Among his awards are a selection as a 2017 Post-Season All Star for the GCL Phillies, and two Player of the Week Awards with Williamsport  (7/29/2018 and 8/19/2018).

Looks like Lakewood for the 2019 season.

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9 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2019 Reader Poll #30 – Ben Pelletier

  1. Great job, Jim! Your write-ups really improved my understanding of these 32 players. Thanks again.

    1. Agreed! Thanks Jim for this idea and for seeing it through to completion for another offseason!

  2. Really like Pelletier’s hit tool…makes contact…low 20% K rate and has power for a kid only 20 years old.
    He is in a strange situation, because of the Phillies drafting him as a future services pick out of his Canadian HS…is now Rule 5 eligible this November just coming off his age20 season in low A Lakewood…you do not see that often.

  3. Love big Ben! Feels like we’ve had him forever. As Romus points out this should be a breakout year for him coming up on Rule 5.

    Juxtapose him with Ortiz and ask why one is 30 and the other (well let’s not go there)

    1. DMAR…the one good aspect of his long-time seniority in the org…at such a young age…..if left unprotected, which the Phillies most likely have to do, teams rarely take position players that have not reached AA ball.
      He is probably a few years away from AA level…unless he rakes like the dickens over the next six months at both LKW and CLR.

      1. I’m not worried we would lose him but in his mind he has to see this as an opportunity to force someones hand.

    2. DMAR, for me, Ortiz crushed WPT as an 18-year-old, whereas Pelletier was not as good at that level as a 19-year-old. Pretty clear that Ortiz is better, despite his struggles in LKW. We shall see if Ben can keep his momentum going into LKW, unlike Ortiz.

  4. Big fan of Ben! Happy to see he made it in this list. Hope he has a big year at LKW!

    Romus, good point about him being rule 5 eligible after this season. I thought you were only calculating 4 not 5 years but this will be his 5th rule 5 so he is eligible. I also agree he won’t be at risk this year, but still interesting given he’s still so young.

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