Box Score Recap – 4/26/2018

There were only two games last night.

Clearwater blew an early lead, rallied to tie, but lost playing out the new tie-breaker. Lakewood won behind six, two-hit, shutout innings from Spencer Howard.

I spent the day watching parts of the three games at the Complex and the Threshers game in Dunedin as a night cap.  I arrived home tired.  So,here’s a condensed version of the Box Score Report.  This does not bode well for the start of the GCL season.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Lehigh Valley (8-10)  Off day.

Reading (8-12)  Off day.

Clearwater (7-14)  lost to Dunedin, 10-9 in 10 innings.

McKenzie Mills had an odd evening.  He only lasted 4.0 innings but threw just 59 pitches, 43 for strikes (72.9%).  He threw 17 of 20 first pitch strikes (85%).  He gave up 5 runs on 7 hits and a walk, but only one run was earned. He also struck out five.

His pitches were lumped into 3 bunches: 32 FB (89-93 mph), 20 CH/SL (77-80 mph), and 7 CB (70-73 mph).  His FB sat 91 mph.  His CB snapped off real nice.  And, he he got a lot of swing and miss at the low end of his CH/SL range.

Four bullpen arms didn’t fare well, although Aaron Brown managed two scoreless innings.  There was a lot of squawking from the Threshers dugout all night.  They received a warning early in  the game, but Coach Williams was ejected for a comment in the ninth.  The complaints were not unfounded.  The home plate umpire was incompetent.  It’s not that he was calling low pitches strikes or missing high strikes (which he was), it’s that he was inconsistent.  He did not call the same strike zone for both teams.  He reminded me of Derek Jeter.  If you watch Dan Le Batard’s afternoon show, you know the correct pronunciation of Jeter.

The Threshers jumped out to a 3-run lead in the first on an RBI single by Darick Hall and a 2-run double by Raul Rivas.  The second baseman had fouled a pitch off his ankle but finished the at bat.  After he limped into second, he was replaced and several more defensive dominoes also changed position.  They picked up a run in the fourth on a throwing error on an infield single by Jose Gomez.

They rallied to tie the game with 5 runs in the eighth on Hall’s RBI double, Mickey Moniak’s RBI double, Gomez’ RBI single, and Arquimedes Gamboa’s 2-run single.

Twice during the inning, the Dunedin manager made pitching changes that I jokingly made fun of.  In both cases we had favorable results.  At the start of the inning he brought in a LHP to face Hall and Moniak.  I loudly noted that he was dissing Henri Lartigue, the right-handed lead off hitter.  Lartigue responded with a single that started the rally.  Later, the manager brought in another LHP to face Adam Haseley although he had to face Gamboa first.  I loudly noted that Gamboa was being dissed.  He responded with a two-run single to tie the game.  I don’t really believe that my comments and those of my companions affected the game.  But, we were sitting right next to the Threshers’ on deck circle.  Maybe we did?

We saw the Threshers successfully try an “oh shit and run”.  In the third inning, Darick Hall walked.  With Mickey Moniak batting he took off for second.  Somebody exclaimed, “oh shit”.  Hall was safe.  Hence the birth of a new baseball play, the “oh …” mentioned above.  Hall said after the game that it was his first steal since his junior year in college.

  • #5 Mickey Moniak: went 1-5 with a run scored, double, RBI 
  • #6 Adam Haseley: 2-5 with a run scored
  • #19 Jose Gomez: went 2-5 with a run scored, RBI
  • #23 McKenzie Mills (0-1, 3.00): 4.0 IP, 7 H, 5 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 5 K
  • #10 Arquimedes Gamboa: went 1-5 with a run scored, 2 RBI, BB
  • Darick Hall: went 2-4 with 2 runs scored, double, 2 RBI, BB
  • Austin Listi: went 1-3  with a run scored, BB
  • Luke Williams: went 0-5 with a run scored
  • Henri Lartigue: went 1-4 with a run scored, BB

Lakewood (12-9)  beat Hagerstown, 6-0.

Spencer Howard struck out seven in six innings.  He allowed just 2 walks and a walk. Julian Garcia struck out 2 in two, one-hit innings.  Jonathan Hennigan complied the combined shutout with a one-walk ninth.

Lakewood scored 2 runs in the fourth on RBI singles by Quincy Nieporte and Rofolfo Duran.  They added 2 more in the sixth on Jakle Scheiner’s RBI double and Duran’s sacrifice fly.

  • #22 Spencer Howard (2-1, 1.89): 6.0 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 7 K
  • Colby Fitch (.265): went 1-4 with a double
  • Dalton Guthrie (.182): went 0-4
  • Nick Maton (.297): went 2-3 with two runns scored, double
  • Quincy Nieporte (.188): went 1-4 with a run scored, RBI
  • Jake Scheiner (.258): went 2-4 with a run scored, double, RBI
  • Josh Stephen (.234): went 0-3

These prospects are in Philadelphia.

  • #2 Scott Kingery: 76 of 130 career AB, 28 of 45 days with Phillies (May 13th)
  • #3 J.P. Crawford: 130 of 130 career AB, 28 of 45 days with Phillies (May 13th)
  • #27 Victor Arano: 21.2 of 50 innings, 28 of 45 days with Phillies (May 13th)


Just a couple observations.  Ethan Lindow pitched well.  Edgar Cabral caught nine innings. Kyle Young threw two innings during the intrasquad game on Wednesday, and expects to pitch three innings Monday in Tampa.

There are over 90 players at the Complex.  The Phillies have provided a roster that includes 80 players in extended spring training.

2018 XST Roster

2018 XST League Schedule and link to Phillies XST schedule.

Link to Phillies GCL schedule.


4/25/18–Signed Nathaniel Bido as an international FA; assigned to DSL Phillies Red
4/25/18–LHP Austin Davis assigned to Reading from Lehigh
4/25/18–3B Trevor Plouffe assigned to Lehigh Valley
4/24/18–Voided contract of Felix Neguis with DSL Phillies Red
4/24/18–RHP Luis Carrasco assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
4/24/18–RHP Ramon Rosso assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
4/23/18–Trevor Plouffe signed to a minor league contract; assigned to Lehigh Valley
4/23/18–3B Heiker Meneses assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
4/23/18–RHP Tyler Viza assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
4/23/18–Jose Antequera assigned to Williamsport from Reading
4/23/18–Jacob Waguespack added to Lehigh Valley active roster
4/23/18–Hoby Milner added to Lehigh Valley active roster

I’ve brought the rosters and lists up to date.  I’ve got 325 players in the organization.  It’s probably more.

58 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 4/26/2018

  1. If the CLW pitching staff was replaced by the LKW staff, it might turn the A+ team around. Of course that isn’t going to happen. Ramon Russo has been unbelievable. Will Stewart has been great too. Oh yeah, some guy named Spencer Howard is also kicking some butt. David Parkinson has a .79 ERA but a 1.588 Whip that’s a bit strange but his 12.7 K/9 is 6th in the Phils minor leagues. If you need a reliever, Kyle Dohy is ready for the call up. I’m not advocating dropping any of the CLW starters just yet. Requena and Medina are not in the grove yet but they are good pitchers who are starting slowly. They should be hearing the LKW starters footsteps right behind them.

    1. parkinson has given up 8 runs but only 1 has been charged as earned. last start got 4 guys out and let 8 guys on.

  2. Im with ya Hinkie. Picked Spencer Howard as breakout. I still think he’ll end season at AA. Been very excited for him and Gamboa this year!

    1. I’ve been all in on Howard since before the year started and he was my breakout guy too. My gut says that he will at least be a middle rotation starter and I think he has upper rotation potential. I am pumped about this player.

      1. Howard’s line for the season is fantastic. 1.89 ERA, 19 innings pitched, 29 Ks, 2 BBs, .89 WHIP. I would imagine he’ll be in Clearwater by the end of May if things continue on this way and it wouldn’t surprise me if he ends the year by getting a few starts in Reading. I think he’s the real deal.

        1. And, by the way, Darick Hall has been almost as impressive and I’m encouraged by the improved plate discipline – that’s an excellent sign.

          Also nice to see Haseley and Moniak adjusting – but these guys are going to have to start drawing some walks.

          1. Still, it’s hard to see Moniak ever living up to his draft status. Elite prospects rarely, rarely look like this in their third year in the minors.

            Haseley has a long way to go, but the not walking thing is a big concern. Players at upper levels have little chance of succeeding if their walk rates are too low because it shows they can’t lay off borderline pitches outside (and even inside) the zone. When you try to hit a major league pitcher’s pitch rather than a pitch that you can hit and drive, you are virtually doomed to failure – just ask Maikel Franco who has spent 3 years trying to hit pitches either out of the zone or in bad places in the zone.

          2. with his power, if Hall can get his walks up and K% down in low 20s, he has a chance to be the real deal and ultimately replace Santana in the few yrs.
            his primary task to work on now is strike zone control

            1. Agreed – but he seems to be making progress in that regard. So far the walk rate is up and he’s doing one of the things I always think is a great sign for a young player which is getting promoted and immediately outperforming what you did at a lower level. Those guys tend to progress steadily through the minors.

          3. Darick Hall…..his first two years of college he had a plus hit tool.
            In over 500 PAs:
            … he knows what he has to do to improve his overall hit tool with two strikes.

        2. agreed
          I’m in favor of slow promotions this yr since so many players have parts of their game to work on but definitely would like to see howard in Clearwater by end of may is he continues given his background college experience.

        3. Should probably be in Clearwater now, don’t see the need to wait until May. Needs to be challenged.

          1. You never know why they are waiting on a guy. Sometimes they are working on something specific and sometimes they just want to see the same level of domination over a longer period of time. My inclination is always to be safe than sorry with quick promotions – waiting won’t hurt him. An early promotion might.

    2. I listened to some of the Lakewood game last night. Howard was 94-96, and did a lot of his damage with his CH. The announcer said Howard told him he was actually a walk-on at Cal Poly (same story as Kingery at Arizona State), and the Phillies had only spoke to him one time prior to drafting him last season. The one time was when the Phils’ area scout asked to fill out a questionaire.

      On a side note … the Blue Claws’ play-by-play guy (don’t know his name) is really good. IMO, he should stick with it, he’s got a chance to be doing radio for a MLB team one day.

      1. Wow. If you sit 94-96 with excellent movement and control you can be a big deal in the major leagues. This pick just seems to get better and better.

      2. Spencer went to Wrigley and threw for the Cubs a week before the draft. Rumor Cubs were going to take him with their late 2nd round pick. Could be why Phillies took him at 45.

        1. SWorks … good info. Thanks for that. Do you have some sort of relationship to Howard, or is this something you read somewhere ?

            1. Happy you are posting. Best of luck to you son. I have a lot of hope for him. I named him my breakout prospect prior to this season.

      3. Hinkie…..are talking Greg Giombarreser?
        He has also once wrote end of season report on the Lakewood players for PMT

  3. I am beginning to think the Phillies almost should draft a pitcher no matter what – not because that’s what they should necessarily do in the abstract, but because they seemingly still have no clue about how to draft a hitter in the first round.

    1. Moniak wasn’t a consensus top of the 1st rd pick/projection. Bohm and Madrigal are. I wouldn’t NOT pick a bat for your concerns alone. I agree with other prior posts that the Gillicks and Chollies in the organization are more responsible for the recent 1st rounders.

      1. You may be right about all of that, but who’s to say they won’t meddle and screw up a fourth consecutive top 10 pick? Look, the team has done a good job rebuilding, but the top 10 blunders are bordering on epic thus far. It’s infuriating and it seems to be a systemic failure.

      2. Picking MM to save money in order to draft Gowdy has been an utter disaster. Moreso when you consider that Senzel has shot up through the minors and could be in Cincy by the end of the year. It would be nice to actually have a major league talent running out to 3B every night.

        At this point they need to stop out-thinking themselves and just take the BPA.

        1. They select Bohm in June’s draft……he will be running out there to 3b soon enough.

        2. Exactly – that’s a Cleveland Browns type of mentality. Get the best freaking player and stick with him. They outsmarted themselves.

            1. Isn’t hindsight wonderful. Strange thing is that I found the following from a guy named Rick back in 2016:

              “Why Senzel? Doesn’t seem like – according to scouts – he’s got anything that resembles an all star ceiling. Finding an average major league player @ 1.1 seems counterproductive.”

              and then a bit later:
              “Can he play second? I haven’t seen a scout that says that, only that he plays below average 3rd.

              Doesn’t seem like iron clad logic: “take this mediocre player b/c he’s sure to be better than that one”. Pass.”


            2. 3up … that is toooo funny.
              The truth of the matter is it’s still too early to fairly judge the 2016 draft. The Phillies didn’t just draft MM to a well below under-slot deal to draft and sign Kevin Gowdy to an over-slot deal. They saved enough money at 1-1 to allow them to be able to pick Cole Stobbe (3rd round), JoJo Romero (4th), Cole Irvin (5th), Josh Stephen (11th), and Kyle Young (22nd) to above-slot contracts. In addition, at the end of day two, when a lot of teams are drafting senior signs to save cash, Johnny Almaraz was able to select Grant Dyer (8th) and Blake Quinn (9th) to slot money. Nothing wrong with expressing your opinion on draft picks, but to be fair, you need to give it another two years to accurately judge that 2016 draft.

            3. Yea Hinkie I agree. Funny thing is the reason I was looking back at the discussions for the 2016 draft is that I didn’t remember Senzel ever being much of a topic of discussion Mostly is was Puk, vs. Groome, vs. Moniak. I wanted to see if that was is fact the case.

              I don’t care if people do/don’t like the Moniak pick but when he was selected it came with the caveat that he’s a high-school hitter and is going to require patience. I don’t know if he will ever be successful but crapping all over the guy before his 20th birthday isn’t patience.

              I also don’t ever remember seeing anything from the Phillies claiming that they took Moniak at 1-1 to save $$$ and not because they thought he was the best choice. I think that was part of the reason but it’s just speculation from fans like us/

            4. Actually, I do recall at the time of the draft the finding a kid who would accept an underslot deal was an important thing for the Phillies. And, well, they did it.

              And nobody is crapping on this guy. We are making observations about how it’s going and it’s not going all that great. Whether people want to accept it or not, major league players generally don’t struggle for several years in A ball – especially hitters. This isn’t crapping on a person, it’s understandable skepticism and doubt.

            5. @3up, all of this. The Phillies didn’t outsmart themselves, they just got the wrong grade on MM’s hit tool. It’s still fair to criticize them for that and it’s a big error, but it wasn’t a failure of philosophy.

  4. In Mills and Pivetta….Phillies have a chance of capturing two key rotation pieces from the Nats in exchange for two aged players, Kendrick and now retired Paps.
    Now that is what i am talking about for strategic planning.

      1. I think under the radar trades often turn out best. The Phillies tried to solve way too many problems in one fell swoop with the Cole Hamels trade for example (the exact same thing was true with the Curt Schilling trade 15 years before that), which I think history will probably judge as not a very good trade for the Phillies. They probably would have been better off getting 2 awesome prospects than 4 good to very good prospects. When it’s a one-off trade – you just get focus on getting one asset.

  5. Look, JA has seemingly done okay in later rounds. Only the people in the FO know who JA favored in the last 3 drafts. Only they can make that value judgment. If it turns out that he was just another voice in the room for the number 1 picks and didn’t champion the guys they took, then maybe it’s not his fault at all. But if he was the guy who insisted they take these players, he should be on borrowed time.

  6. Jim, I’m a big fan of Papi’s pronunciation of “Derek Cheater” with his heavy Cuban accent.

    1. I agree. What on earth did he do to show he was ready to play in Clearwater? I doubt any other younger player would have been promoted under similar circumstances.

    2. I agree with this also, The did him no favors by jumping him up a level after a sub-par 2017. Add in that he will now be directly compared to Hasely just adds unnecessary pressure…

      1. No, he’s “failing” because he was advanced to a level he’s not ready for. The additional pressure just doesn’t help…

        1. agreed
          its disappointing that he is struggling so mightily in Clearwater but still the jump made no sense
          no reason to rush players like that
          a player should be dominating or atleast excelling before going up a level unless you feel like he just needs a challenge
          moniak should go back to Lakewood
          that being said, I also agree , he’s not failing just because of the level jump because he wasn’t doing that well in Lakewood
          I may be wrong, hope that I am and will admit it if things turn out different but I just don’t think MM can play .

        2. I think he has the benefit of being at the Complex, with more instruction available at his disposal, while with the Threshers.
          Sure it is a head scratcher on his promotion to high-A for this season …..however, I am positive if he does not pick it up over the next 4 months, , he will repeat there again in 2019.
          I think the Phillies want more instructional control of him and the facilities there in Clearwater offer that advantage, more so than up in Lakewood.

            1. Yeah…..will not know that for awhile if it works out.
              I just think the Phillies org wants to have more hands on with him for awhile.
              Just turns 20 in a few weeks and he still is rather young.

    1. It reminds me a bit of the year Ken Giles ran through the minors in record speed. As someone here said – there’s no such thing as a relief prospect. When a guy is good enough, he quickly becomes a major leaguer. I bet they want Seranthony in the majors by mid-summer.

  7. And, yay, Jake Thompson is back. He isn’t even good enough for AAA. I’d rather see a bullpen start before an off day than see Jake Thompson out there.

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