Spring Training, the Roster Edition; Mar. 30, 2018

The Phillies optioned Jake Arrieta to Clearwater Thursday.  That action finalized their opening day roster for the 2018 season.

  • C – Alfaro, Knapp
  • Inf – Santana, Hernandez, Crawford, Franco, Kingery
  • OF- Hoskins, Herrera, Williams, Altherr, Florimon
  • SP – Nola, Pivetta, Velasquez, Lively
  • Pen – Arano, Garcia, Hutchinson, Milner, Morgan, Neris, Rios, Ramos, Thompson

During the past couple days, the Phillies have –

  • placed Neshek, Leiter, Eickhoff, and Hunter on the DL;
  • traded Pinto to the CWS for international money;
  • signed minor league free agents Alexi Amarista, Dean Anna, and Brandon Bednar;
  • released Luis Encarnacion, Ryan Etsell, Gunnar Buhner, Jhon Nunez, David Martinelli, Jake Kelzer, Casey Brown, Shane Watson, Cameron Rupp, Parker Frazier;
  • and Mark Laird, Anderson Nunez, and Alexander Kline retired.

The rosters for Lehigh Valley, Reading, and Lakewood are posted and look like this –

  • Lehigh Valley
  • C – Moore, Rickles
  • Inf – Amarista, Anna, McBride, J. Meneses, Valentin, Walding
  • OF– Cowgill, Cozens, Ortiz, Pullin, Quinn
  • SP – Anderson, De Los Santos, Eflin, Eshelman, Irvin, Leibrandt
  • Pen – Beato, Casimiro, Curtis, Davis, Geltz, Windle
  • DL – Middlebrooks, Taveras
  • Reading
  • C – Bossart, Grullon
  • Inf – Bednar, Canelo, Green, Marrero, Martin, H. Meneses,, Tomscha
  • OF – Coppola, Hernandez, Randolph, Tromp
  • SP – Ed. Garcia, Kilome, Romero, Suarez, Waguespack
  • Pen – Arauz, Bettencourt, Cleavinger, Dominguez, Gilbert, Leftwich, McGarry
  • Lakewood
  • C – Duran, Fitch, Rivero
  • Inf – Brito, Guthrie, Maton, Nieporte, Scheiner, Stobbe
  • OF – Matos, Muzziotti, Ortiz, Stephen
  • SP – Brogdon, Carrasco, J. Garcia, Howard, Rosso, Stewart
  • Pen – Alcantara, Dohy, Hennigan, Jones, Parkinson, Ramirez, Russ, Warren

The players learned their assignments Thursday after their intrasquad games.  Only Lehigh Valley has made their DL public.  I’m fairly sure that Reading and Lakewood have guys on the DL.  If so, I would expect those announcements to be made by opening day.

Clearwater will make their roster available on Monday.  I believe they are waiting for the names on their DL.  Since Clearwater is the Phillies’ spring training home, some players have begun their rehab assignments here in the past.  Expect the same this year.

I saw Sixto Sanchez and Elniery Garcia pitch to live batters in a game on the back field today.

Remember that players don’t have to be on a DL.  The Phillies made judicious use of the Williamsburg roster during XST last year.

The following list hasn’t been made public and is NOT offficial.  It’s my best guess based on the info I have gleaned from observations at the Complex and trolling the internet.  Some will make up the Threshers’ roster (Clearwater and Lakewood can have a reserve that could bring their rosters up to 35).  Another 10-14 players may have already been assigned to Williamsport.

  • Clearwater
  • CCabral, Lartigue, Lino
  • InfGamboa, Garcia, Gomez, Hall, Rivas, Williams, Antequera
  • OF – Alastre, Haseley, Moniak, PujolsListi, Markham
  • SPFalter, Fanti, Medina, Mills, Paulino, Requena, S. Sanchez, Seabold
  • Pen – Arrieta, A. BrownCabrera, Dyer, Hernandez , Hibbs, Llovera, Quinn, RiveroSinger

(Update: the 28 players in bold text were on the roster the Threshers announced around noon on Monday, the players in italics were guys I hadn’t expectedto be on the roster, and the players in regular text are guys I expected to open the season on the DL.  Except for Hibbs.  I thought he was a lock for the roster.)

Final Disclaimer.  The Clearwater roster is pure conjecture on my part.  There are likely several mistakes.  I would expect at least three of the above to start the season on the DL. Regarding the DL, I have nothing to go on other than my observations and what has transpired in past seasons.

Based on the game I watched today, I would venture to guess that Seabold is going to be the Threshers’ opening game pitcher.  He looked good against Dunedin.

BTW, I really like the make up of the Clearwater and Lakewood rosters.

The organization’s rosters are up to date (except for six new, young, international FA signees that I was too tired to look up at 3:00 AM).

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35 thoughts on “Spring Training, the Roster Edition; Mar. 30, 2018

  1. Steve Geltz is suspended for 100 games so he’ll go on a restricted list. I’m assuming Logan Moore will be the 1st catcher called up in case of injury. When and if that happens, they’ll have to make a 40 man roster move. Last year, Alfaro, Knapp and Rupp had the bulk of reps a catcher. All 3 were on the 40 man. An injured catcher could be problematic for the Phils.

    Also LHV is back to a lot of AAAA type guys, at least position players.

    1. If a player at some point needs to go on 60 day DL or suspended then they can add a catcher to roster

  2. Edgar Garcia is listed on Reading’s roster. Jim has it and MiLB has it too. Philly chuck had it thrice. Edgar is a 21 yo righty. He’s the youngest guy on the Reading roster and he hasn’t even hit our top 30 list. A lot of other pitchers made our top 30 list and I don’t remember Edgar getting a lot of votes. Is he a guy to start getting really excited about?

    1. It’s hard to say. Last year was the first time he got any extended look as a starter and the results weren’t all that impressive. The peripherals look alright (89 K, 31 BB in 88 and 2/3). But he also gave up 95 hits, including 10 home runs. And his peripherals solely as a starter aren’t THAT impressive, it’s mostly propped up by his 18 2/3 relief innings which generated 24 Ks versus 6 BBs.

      So basically, he has starter stuff. But a 8.36 K/9 and 3.21 BB/9 aren’t exactly setting the world on fire for a 20 year old in A+. So the upside isn’t there like a Kilome, and the results aren’t there like a Fanti (and obviously he’s not even in the same stratosphere as a Sixto). But yeah, he’s definitely a prospect.

      Likely should have been in the T30 (I didn’t follow it this year), but he’s still working out the kinks in the rotation. And if he’s relegated to the pen, I’m not sure he’s anything other than a middle reliever. But the Phils like his progress, clearly. So keep an eye out.

    2. Not until his results catch up with his supposed talent. He actually was on some top 30 lists last year but fell off after a bad year. Let’s hope he improves this year

  3. I missed the injury to Tavaras. What Happened? Lehigh has a 6 man rotation, so I’m guessing that Tavaras goes to Reading when he’s ready. That will give them a 6 man rotation too.

  4. Garcia looks interesting but as relief.
    Suarez will pitch on opening day for Reading.
    Then Arauz, then JoJo then Kilome and then Waguespack. Looks like Taveras will join in once recovered. I don’t know what his injure is about or when he got injured. I love Fanti, but I know this board likes 100mph over pitchability.

  5. Catcher Abrahan Gutierrez, , unassigned so far…will be interested in seeing if he goes East/West or Wiliamsport.
    Assume Guiterrez will eventually get to Williamsport this season, so a stay in ExST until June…not sure Lino will stay ‘assigned’ however at Williamsport.

      1. Yeah..I was hoping the Phillies would push him further based on his past notoriety as a high bonus signing Latin player.
        His metrics at the plate last year were just so-so…not terrible but also not great at all.
        But sometimes catchers are just hard to judge from an offensive standpoint since their defensive position skills and craft requires a lot more work to get to perfection.
        And they spend more time in that endeavor and being just teenagers get worn faster.

  6. Jim – you should really have a fun Cwater team to follow. They should have great pitching and hopefully good hitting too. I’m not nearly as high on the Lwood or Reading roster and as someone else already said, LHV (and Reading too) is getting back to 4A guys.
    FYI – in a month or so Medina will jump to #2 on our list when we formally graduate Kingery (2 hits!), JP, and Alfaro. Then Cwater will have our #1,2, and arguably 3 and 4 prospects too. That assumes Ortiz is at 5 then.

    1. Sandberg is listed on the Reading roster in MiLB. I’m sure it is by no means the final roster but the rosters on MiLB did change recently. They aren’t just left over from last year.

  7. Glad you Phinally saw Sanchez throw and hope you feel better about him health wise on approaching the upcoming season

  8. I’m a little disappointed Spencer Howard (Lakewood) is behind Connor Seabold (Clearwater). I named Howard as my breakout player, and think he’s got a chance of really establishing himself as a top prospect this year. BTW … Colby Fitch was a steal for the Phillies as a 13th round pick last summer. He’s my sleeper, and I’m looking forward to seeing him have a really good season at Lakewood.
    The other guy I’m excited about is Grant Dyer. I don’t know why, but UCLA pitchers have a recent history of really upping their velo after making the jump to pro ball. James Kaprelian (formerly with NYY, now recovering from TJ with the A’s) was up to 98-99. Griffin Canning threw 90-92 at UCLA. He reportedly is now 94-96 with the Angels. Dyer (also from UCLA) was impressive after being drafted in 2016. He was throwing 96-97 with Williamsport and Lakewood that summer.

    1. Howard is good but he started last yr in the Bullpen . He really needs alot of ings. Seabold is an advanced pitcher because of his control command.To good Pitchers different stages of there development. I like Fitch too looked good last yr.

  9. Arano, Crawford, Alfaro and Kingery will leave 4 spots soon. Let’s see which 4 make it before mid season.

  10. What did happen to Tavaras ? Also no Hammer either I guess both are on the Williamsport roster or EX Spring Trianing.

  11. Jim going to have fun this Clearwater is stacked. Basement, Mickey Mo, Hall, Stacked Rotation. 😛

    1. That’s Haseley not Basement .training not Trianing I think the Russian gov hacked my spell check.

  12. I’m not ready to talk about player’s injuries other than M. Sanchez, Dyer, Gowdy, and McLoughlin who carried injuries into the off season and S. Sanchez who was reported to have had the flu. Yes, I’ve heard things but can’t talk yet. Let’s wait to see who is on the XST rosters and the DLs when the season starts this Thursday. But, yes, some players have minor things that give the organization flexibility right now.

  13. I am a little surprised that Kyle Martin is still in the organization. As bad as his numbers were in Reading, he is the exact opposite of what the Phillies value, and couldn’t even hit .200 at Reading.

    1. He might only have one half of a season left. If Hall has a great first half, he could push Martin out of the way. Of course, there’s no one at LHV though (McBride).

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