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2018 Break Out Prospects

The line between a break out prospect and a sleeper prospect has been blurred the past several years.  You guys just select whomever you want regardless of the guidelines that James set up years before I took over.

For instance, 60% of last year’s breakout picks were also sleeper picks.  So, rather than waste time and space including the definitions, I’ll just let you list your break out prospects below.

Have at it.

Open Discussion: Week of March 25, 2018

The Phillies signed Scott Kingery to a major league contract.  While some people thought Kingery should make the team out of camp, and more than some expected Kingery to be promoted two weeks into the season, Nobody here saw this.  Congratulations to Scott! (You too, TK.)

The Phillies made a few other moves, a little less surprising, as they move toward their opening day roster.

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