2018 Break Out Prospects

The line between a break out prospect and a sleeper prospect has been blurred the past several years.  You guys just select whomever you want regardless of the guidelines that James set up years before I took over.

For instance, 60% of last year’s breakout picks were also sleeper picks.  So, rather than waste time and space including the definitions, I’ll just let you list your break out prospects below.

Have at it.

59 thoughts on “2018 Break Out Prospects

  1. I like what I’ve read about Josh Stephen this spring. I’m going to go out on a limb and say he puts it all together this year.

    1. Josh had another long homerun to RF on Saturday in Dunedin against the Jays. He crushed it.

  2. Seranthony. I think his conversion to BP will be a success and he will move through the org quickly. I think we will see him in a Phillies uniform before September.

  3. C. Randolph makes the jump to AA and shows above average power hitting a total of 25 homeruns this season. In conversation for a top 10 prospect in our system.

  4. Harold Arauz will continue to whiff bats with his misterious repertoir. A la Kyle Hendricks.

  5. Breakout hitter: C. Randolph. I believe he will have a solid year at Reading.
    Breakout pitcher: JoJo Romero. Will have a good year at Reading and be on the fast track to Philly.

    I will list a couple of under the radar guys:

    Hitter; Jake Scheiner: Can play 3rd and 2nd but there is a crying need for him to stay at 3rd. Like what I have seen from him at Williamsport and spring training. Expect him to start at Clearwater.

    Pitcher: Spencer Howard; Not sure he qualifies as under the radar but I expect a big start from him at Lakewood with a promotion to Clearwater and Reading next year. Watched him twice at Williamsport and love his arm.

  6. He’s not really an under the radar guy, but I expect Jhailyn Ortiz to have a HUGE year. He has surpassed my expectations every step of the way.

    1. To me, a real breakout year puts a prospect in THIS organization in the top 100 discussion. That is Ortiz, who should finish the season in Clearwater.

  7. Jhailyn Ortiz is certainly garnering attention outside the organization, and I concur with Wawa Mike and 8Mark that Ortiz’s performance this year will catapult him into top 100 prospect lists.

    Under the radar, Qunicy Nieporte’s performance will make him a prospect rather than his apparent standing as just some guy.

  8. Breakout: Arquimedes Gamboa. The defense is stellar, and his peripherals have improved over each of the last three years.

    Sleeper: Kyle Young. The combination of numbers and size speak for themselves. Dude struck out nearly 10 batters per nine last year, is a lefty and could stand nose-to-nose with Ben Simmons.

  9. If Bossart hits .250, we can become a tradable chip. He is the best defensive catcher in the system. All pitchers outperform when he is behind the plate.

    1. Jhailyn Ortiz breaks out as a Top 100 prospect.

      Edgar Cabral breaks out within the organization, though not necessarily in national recognition — yet. (Sleeper under the old definition?)

      1. BTW, I’m rooting for Mickey Mo to break through and think he has a good chance. I know that’s three names, not one, but if forced to pick only one, it’s Ortiz.

  10. For this list I look for guys who will jump up the list and for guys not even on the list. I agree with Dominguez after his move to the pen. He’ll end the year in Philly. A guy who looks really good to me who has stumbled a little is Cole Stobbe. He looks like a ball player and appears to be well liked by his teammates. I’m also very high on Falter who looks like he’s turning into a beast. That Cwater rotation will really challenge each other. I’ll also throw out the pitcher Mesquita (sp?) at Wsport Lots of breakout players

  11. Darick Hall will have ANOTHER breakout season. After setting Homerun and RBI records in Lakewood and winning the Sally League MVP Hall didn’t get the off season love I anticipated. If he doesn’t start the season in Reading, I believe he will be there by mid June. Pencil him in for 30+ Homers and 100+ RBI again. Better plate discipline will lead to a better K to BB ratio.

    1. Darick Hall for me also.
      Hitting behind Haseley may really pump up his RBIs for sure at CLW…that is if Haseley starts there..

  12. Adam Haseley breaks out this season, there will be talk of him in Majors in 2019, ala Benintendi

      1. Same with the Mets’ Conforto, the year prior to Benentendi’s call-up.
        Both were called up 14 months after they were drafted.

  13. Edgar Cabral. I think he will separate himself from the other catchers and be considered the best catcher in the Phillies minor league system.

  14. Nick Fanti will surprise in Clearwater. All he has done since being drafted is win and strikeout people. Until he shows he can no longer get hitters out, I expect him to do well.

  15. Does anyone have any information on where James is or what he’s doing? I’m a big fan.

  16. I think C Randolph will take advantage of Reading and (re)establish himself as a bonafide OF prospect. On the pitching side, Jhordany Mezquita takes a big step forward to become one of our top five pitching prospects.

  17. not sure of the rules. What makes them breakout or under radar?
    making the big league or making it from Short season to A ?

    1. You get to decide what the rules are. In years past, James, the original owner of the site, had some rules. Jim tried to use those but people on the site were pretty much making up their own rules. I’ve been trying to establish my own rules that still fit in the parameters of the section. For example, picking Kingery to be your breakout candidate because you think he’ll make the show this year, isn’t the correct way to do this. Since he’s already made the show and what he does there has nothing to do with the minor leagues. If you think Morales is going to start in short season and end up in AA then there is your Breakout candidate. He’s a solid player already but jumping 3 levels or more in a year would definitely qualify in my book. There are intricacies to this. What if Fanti were to start in A+ and end the year as an important starter in AAA? That is far harder than a guy starting in short season and ending in A+. They are both important feats but once you hit AA or AAA, the feats are much harder to achieve.

      So chose your own rules and take a swipe at it. Maybe, in your own mind, you can establish an expected goal for the year for each guy in the organization and then decide who you think will far exceed that goal. That could be your guy. Or maybe you think Moniak will come back to high first round potential and that will your guy. You decide. Please don’t pick Encarnacion because he’s already been released.

  18. Breakout pitchers: Spencer Howard, Jo Jo
    Breakout hitters: Haseley and Ortiz
    Sleeper: Waguespack

  19. I had Falter as my pick last year and he had an ok season, I’ll go again with him. Done with Sandberg as I seem to have picked him since he was drafted. Hitter, I’ll go with Abrahan Gutierrez and/or Jake Holmes. Gut is more a hopeful as I’d like to see another catcher developed in the system.

      1. Give up in the sense that he’ll be my breakout pick. Still hopeful on him. Always those guys you cling to hoping they succeed.

      2. I saw Sandberg at Spring Training, I had completely forgotten about him. Would be nice if he has in fact turned a corner, I certainly hope so, but it’s getting very late in the day for him.

  20. Breakout player: C Randolph – not because I think it’s going to happen but because I really want it to!

    Sleeper: Kevin Gowdy

  21. Breakout: Gamboa (batter), Young (pitcher)
    Sleeper: Pelletier (batter), Gowdy (pitcher)

  22. Big step forward: Valentin
    Breakout positional: Ortiz (though it has stated to happen. He will be fighting Hasley for the organizations #2 prospect)
    Expect nice movement for Hasley and Moniak as well. Can see Randolph putting it together as well, giving The Phillies a massive OF jam.

    Breakout pitcher: Jojo And the hammer. Sleeper: I’ll go will Drew Anderson.

    Need to check in on Cozens. The promotion of his buddies might make a light come on inside that analytics can’t measure. No one wants to get left behind – expecting a big season from him

    1. These are not picks — I made those above with Ortiz primarily, and Edgar Cabral and Micky Mo — but several more to watch are Cord Sandberg, Jiandido Tromp and Jan Hernandez.

  23. Breakout players:

    Hitter – Haseley. I agree that he can follow the Benintendi path

    Pitcher – Howard.

    For the low minors (A-Short and ROK) prospects, I can see Mezquita as the next Ranger Suarez.

  24. Breakouts…

    Hitter: Gamboa! (I kept calling for his vote in our poll, said he’ll be top ten entering ’19)

    Pitcher: Morales & Howard

  25. A pitcher/position breakout for each level (I count comebacks from guys who some evaluators dropped from our top 20 or top 30)

    Philadelphia — Velasquez/Kingery(I’m counting him as a guy who never appeared in majors)
    Allentown –Anderson/Cozens
    Reading — Romero/Randolph
    CLW — Medina/Moniak
    LKW — Howard/Muzziotti and Guthrie
    WMPT — Morales and our #1 draftee college pitcher/guttierez
    GCL — not going to attempt for these two teams

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