Spring Training at Spectrum Field, Mar. 27, 2018

The Phillies played their last Grapefruit League yesterday.  It was notable since Jake Arrieta was scheduled to start.  As a Threshers’ season ticket holder, I got a free ticket to the game. So, with tickets furnished by a friend, I took my grand kids to the game.


This is not an “I told you so” report.  It is early.  And some things are correctable.  But, I was not impressed with Arrieta’s readiness.  Whatever he did alone while waiting to sign has not prepared him for spring training.

Arrieta threw as many pitches at 93 (one) as he threw at 90 mph.  His FB sat 91-92, mostly 92 mph.  Analytics has shown that he has lost three miles of velocity since his Cy Young season in 2015.  Spectrum Field has long been considered to have a “hot” radar gun.  I now question earlier reports that he was 93-95 in his last outing.  However, if he can maintain 92, that might be sufficient.

Arrieta started off throwing nothing but fastballs, as far as I could tell.  He didn’t throw a breaking pitch until after Kapler visited him.  Then he threw successive 79 mph CB to retire the third out in the first inning.  Another analytics report showed that He relies too much on his now slower fastball.  Maybe the plan was to just throw FB. Maybe he shook off Alfaro’s calls foe another pitch.  Regardless, this is correctable.

Arrieta was hit pretty hard.  Hard to say the way the wind gusted, but the HR probably wasn’t wind-aided.  The double to LCF was scorched though.

Arrieta committed a balk and a throwing error to first on a pick off attempt.  I don’t know that PFPs would have helped, but the large number of reps the Phillies ran tis spring couldn’t have hurt.  He did make a nice barehand play on a ball to the third base side of the mound and a strong throw to first.

All in all, a mixed bag of results.  I was probably most surprised by his FB velocity.  I shouldn’t have been with his recent trend, and I shouldn’t have bought into the earlier rosy report.

Before the game, Joe Jordan presented a few awards –

  • Bill Giles Award — Adam Haseley
  • Larry Rojas Award — Simon Muzziotti
  • John Vukovich Award — Rafael DeLima

By mid-game, Kapler had emptied the bench.  Roster players had been replaced by players from the minor league camp.  Other game highlights included –

  • Herrera out trying to stretch a single to RF
  • Altherr crushed a HR to LF
  • Gomez beat out a double play ball to drive in a run and keep a rally going
  • Coppola hit a game-tying 2-run single
  • Florimon made a great play and throw from third base moving to his right
  • Coppola turned a walk and SB into a run when
  • Muzziotti laced a go ahead RBI single for the Phils first and only lead
  • Marchan singled in a PH appearance

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15 thoughts on “Spring Training at Spectrum Field, Mar. 27, 2018

  1. I watched the game on tv. Coppola really plays a terrific CF. He also had several good at bats. I know he’s small but he’s hit well each year and I think he’s got a chance to make it to the Show. Btw, Watson was released, ending the Phillies career of a 1st rd pick. More cuts should be coming soon.

  2. My rational mind says: It’s just Spring Training, what do you expect, he’s just a bit behind
    My scarred Phillies heart says: Remember Freddy Garcia?

  3. We’re talking about readiness of a real professional in just his second spring start? Come on. We have no idea what his game plan was, so it’s unfair to say anything. It certainly seems like people think he will be a disaster and its ludacris to think so.

    1. Unfair?!? I reported what I saw, and commented accordingly. But, it’s equally ludicrous to ignore the downward spiral of his two most recent seasons and to expect a big reversal in that trend.

    2. I was making a joke! Also that is not how you spell ludicrous, unless you are a rapper

  4. There an article which I misplaced that had Jake Arrieta second half numbers last yr . So I look them up 2.28 era not bad . The article also stated his increase in walks and HR. 2014 2.4 w/9 , 2015 1.9 w/9 ,2016 3.5 w/9 2017 2.9.His HR allowed went from 2015 was 10, 2016, 10, 2017 ,23 . Although his hits per 9 is outstanding up until last yr. I did find this article.

  5. Relax on Arrieta, he’s behind and he’s rushing and I’m guessing his first few starts could be rough ones until he catches up. He’s a good athlete though and he’ll be fine. Happy Opening Day!

  6. Minor League Baseball is coming to a stadium near you… soon. LHV plays Reading on 4/3. All teams are in action by 4/6 with most playing other organizations on 4/5. I’m heading down to Gettysburg in mid-April, which I try to do every 10 years or so. I hope to see a game or two while I’m driving around PA enjoying the history of places. I read a book about the battle each time before I go. Michael Shaara’s book, ‘Killer Angels’ was the book this time. History and Baseball two of my favorite things. Might be time to circle back to Cooperstown.

  7. Rosters:

    Lehigh Valley: P: Anderson, Beato, Casimiro, Curtis, Davis, De Los Santos, Eflin, Eshelman, Irvin, Leibrandt, Rios, Windle. C: Moore, Rickles. INF: Amarista, Anna, McBride, Meneses (Joey), Valentin, Walding. OF: Cowgill, Cozens, Pullin, Quinn. DL: Middlebrooks, Taveras

    Reading: P: Romero, Kilome, Suarez, Dominguez, Arauz, Bettancourt, Cleavenger, Ed. Garcia, Gilbert, Leftwich, McGarry, Waguespeck C: Grullon, Bossart IF: Martin, Canelo, Tomscha, Bednar, Meneses, Green, Marrero OF: Randolph, Tromp, Coppola, Hernandez

    Lakewood: P:Alcantara, Brogdon, Carrasco, Dohy, Garcia, Hennigan, Howard, Jones, Parkinson, Ramirez, Rosso, Russ, Stewart, Warren C: Duran, Fitch, Rivero IF: Brito, Guthrie, Maton, Nieporte, Scheiner, Stobbe OF: Matos, Muzziotti, Ortiz, Stephen

    Clearwater, as usual, is way behind with no news yet.

    Lots of interesting names missing…Young and Seabold seem to be headed for CLW. I thought Haseley might go to Reading, but it looks like both he and Moniak are in CLW. Sixto probably DLed for now in CLW.

  8. Guesses for CLW–some of these guys will be DLed or cut (thanks to BigEd at BSG):

    IF = Darick Hall, Greg Pickett, Campbell, Stankiewicz, Jose Antequera, Raul Rivas, Jose Gomez, Gamboa, Luke Williams
    OF = Moniak, Haseley, Cord Sandberg, Mark Laird, Jose Pujols, Austin Listi, David Martinelli
    C = Edgar Cabral, Henri Lartigue
    P = Sixto, Medina, Kyle Young, JD Hammer, McKenzie Mills, Elniery Garcia, Seabold, Tirado, DeNato, Bergjans, Blake Quinn, Alex Garcia, Grant Dyer, Bailey Falter, Nick Fanti, Tyler Hallead, Will Hibbs, Jake Kelzer, Mauricio Llovera, Alex Kline, Tyler Viza

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