Spring Training at the Complex, Mar. 16, 2018

I arrived at the Complex at 8:30 AM.  The players parking lot was full to capacity.  As I walked up the driveway, I could see some coaches working with a pitcher on the mounds between Ashburn and Schmidt.  They cleared out before I could get there.  Eshelman and Thompson were came out and played catch in left field on Ashburn.

Had some time to kill while waiting for the players to come out.  Met a few more fans of our site.  In fact, during this spring, I have met a lot of people who read our reports.  The straw hat and red back pack are like a beacon.  Every one I spoke with fans and families alike, appreciate both my contributions as well as yours in the comments section. Hooray for us!

Since Friday’s game was against the Blue Jays, the Phillies did all their work in the stadium.(The Jays take their BP in their stadium before busing over.)  So, all five work groups were on the Complex fields.  I was able to check all fields to determine the make up of each group, even though they dispersed Group 5 among the other groups.  I’ll have the break down tomorrow.

After warm ups and soft tossing on each field, the players on Schmidt and Ashburn collected on Carlton and Roberts for PFPs.  They ran some interesting set plays, but had 30-plus pitchers standing in line on each field awaiting their turn.  Seemed like a bad idea on a chilly morning.

The position players ran the bases in the different on base situations the coaches set up at random.  They ran pick offs plays, plays at the plate, rundowns, plays at different bases.  If a player didn’t execute the play correctly, he had to run it again.  It was a good drill, just too much standing around, IMHO.

Afterwards, they took BP on all four fields while coaches hit ground balls to infielders.

They broke for lunch before their intrasquad games in the afternoon.  I have some video. I’ll post the links below.


  • Jake Arrieta is supposed to pitch in one of Saturday’s minor league game at the Complex.
  • The games will start at noon.
  • Bailey Falter will throw three innings in one of the games.

Adonis Medina started for Group Three on Schmidt.  Here he faces Carlos De La Cruz.

Here Jhailyn Ortiz doubles off Luis Carrasco.

I would have liked to watch more, but I don’t like watching games on Schmidt due to the fence.  So, I went to Ashburn.

Adam Haseley grounded out 3-1 off Tommy Bergjans.

Jan Hernandez grounded out 5-3 off Tommy Bergjans.

Joey Meneses hit a grand slam off Harold Arauz.  Of course, I don’t have that video.  Arauz was throwing around 86 mph.  I don’t put a lot of stock in velocity this early, but 86?

In a long at bat, Keudy Bocio flies out to Jan Hernandez in RF who throws out a runner at the plate.  The runner reached third on an errant pick off throw during the at bat.

Austin Bossart flies out to left off Tirado.

Dylan Cozens doubles to left, Randolph can’t hold onto a diving catch attempt.

Final pitch of a Zach Green walk on a 3-2 pitch from Tirado.

Damek Tomscha homers to left, a 3-run shot off the Spectrum Field wall.

Jose Pujols doubles off Blake Quinn (I think).

Keudy Bocio flies out to right off unknown pitcher.

Keudy Bocio strikes out against Seth McGarry.

Alexis Rivero strike outs Jan Hernandez.

Dylan Cozens homered later in the game.  On a 3-2 pitch, he drove a ball to left.  He was swinging with his hands lower in his stance.  The way he was doing it when Charlie was working with him back before camp started.  It looked like the 80% swing that Charlie said Cozens should use.  And of course, no video.

Group assignments have been unavailable and aren’t likely to be available.  I’ll piece them together over the next couple days.  Position players will be easier than pitchers.  Here’s what I have so far –

  1. Group 1 – (AAA, Lehigh Valley)
    CatchersBossart, Grullon
    Infielders – Martin, J. Meneses, H. Meneses , Tomscha, Canelo, Green, Alvarez, Stankiewicz, Marrero
    Outfield – Sandberg, Tromp, Coppola, Cozens
    Pitchers – Anderson, Berry, Irvin, Pinto, Dominguez, DeNato, Taveras
  2. Group 2 – (AA, Reading)
    Catchers – Cabral, Fitch, Lartigue
    Infielders – Gamboa, Gomez, Brito, Hall, Listi, Rivas, Williams, W. Garcia
    Outfielders – Haseley, Pujols, Moniak, RandolphJ. Hernandez
    Pitchers – Kilome, Ed. Garcia, De Los Santos, JoJo Romero
  3. Group 3 – (A+, Clearwater)
    Catchers – Duran
    Infielders – Guthrie, Nieporte, Maton
    Outfielders – Muzziotti, Jhailyn Ortiz, Martinelli, Alastre, Gurrola
    Pitchers – C. Brown, Tirado, Singer, Etsell, Seabold, Llovera, Paulino, Kelzer, Hernandez, Hennigan,
  4. Group 4 – (A, Lakewood)
    Infielders – Mayer, Azauje, Gonzalez, Mims, Guzman, Stobbe
    Outfielders – Matos, Markham, Stephen
    Pitchers – Young, Russ, Alcantara, Jones, An.Brown, J. Escorcia, Rosso, Brogdon, Marcelino, Mezquita,
  5. Group 5 – (XST, Rookie)
    Catchers – Aparicio, Gutierrez,
    Infielders – Luis Garcia, Holmes, Rodriguez, Rojas, Stewart, Torres
    Outfielders – Bocio, De La Cruz, Pelletier

These four guys are on rehab – Mario Sanchez, Grant Dyer, Sutter McLoughlin, and Kevin Gowdy.  

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8 thoughts on “Spring Training at the Complex, Mar. 16, 2018

  1. Is Elniery Garcia still with the organization? I haven’t heard anything about him since his dfa.

    1. Yes. I think he’s with the AA squad but not definite. Lost some luster after last year’s suspension.

  2. I watched BP yesterday with Gamboa, Hernandez, Randolph, Moniak, Haseley hitting together. So who did I see hit two homers on two pitchs in that group? Gamboa of course, the most unlikely to do so. The kid has some thump. I watched Cozens hit and he was swinging with just his arms, very odd. Is that what Charlie suggested? Looks weak to me but what do I know.

    1. Are his hands positioned differently? (Higher , lower, etc) some players swing with just arms during Bp to get a feel for where there hands are and also use it to work on going the other way.

      1. His hands are a bit lower but he looks very uncomfortable. It’s still early. We had a AA OF today of Randolph, Moniak, and Haseley, an all 1st rd pick OF. They naturally all went out their first time through the order as did Hall and Gamboa, in a heavy prospect lineup against the yanks. I’m sure Jim will report on it more tomorrow morning.

  3. With the large inundation of shifts in the game now, and the evolution of the re-structuring of lineup with power hitters seeing more of the 2-hole….wondering if new Pigs manager Gary Jones will have Kingery leading off followed in the 2-hole by Cozens?
    Once Kingery say, gets on with a single or walk, he is a threat to steal and the shift can be neutralized, and Cozen could also see more fastballs….plus with his speed he will not clog the base paths once he gets on.

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