Spring Training at the Complex, Mar. 11, 2018

Daylight savings time, I lost an hour of sleep, and arrived at the Complex a little late.  So, of course, the players were out doing their drills and BP earlier than normal.  One benefit for Groups Three and Four was that the Phillies were to play a night game on the road, so they didn’t have to trudge over to DiMaggio.

I’ve got a few pitching/hitting match ups and Mark Wylie sent me a lot of photos of today’s action.  Once again, no radar guns in use.  

You should probably know that Bailey Falter is one of my favorite players in camp.  I have a lot, he’s one of many.  I tell you this in case you think I get to carried away in the following description.  However, those I talked to afterward were equally impressed, and thought his FB was even faster than I did.

  • Falter v. Alvarez – Called strike on a FB low outside corner, Ball on a SL low and outside, 4-3 on a FB low and away.
  • Falter v. Meneses – Ball on a high FB, Foul ball on a SL down and in, Swinging strike on a SL down and away, Strike out looking on a FB in.
  • Falter v. Cozens – Called strike on a SL away, Called strike on a SL middle but lower third of the zone, Ball on a FB outside, same again, Strike out swinging on a FB lower third of the zone.
  • Falter v. Rickles – Ball on a FB up and away, Swinging strike at a FB middle of the zone away, Called strike on a FB down and in, Foul ball on a FB in the same area, Ball on a high slider, Strike out looking on a FB down in the zone.
  • Falter v. Haseley – Swinging strike on a FB riding away, Ball on a FB down and away, Swinging strike on a rising FB on the inside part of the plate, Ball on a high FB, Ball on a FB away (close), Walk on a FB outside.
  • Falter v. Coppola – Line drive to second on a FB riding in, runner doubled off first.
  • Told to pitch to another batter even though the third out was recorded.
  • Falter v. Cabral – Called strike on a FB down in the zone, Swinging strike on a SL down and away, Ball on a FB outside, Ball on a low FB, Strike out swinging at a FB riding up in the zone.
  • Brogdon v. Pelletier – Called strike on a FB down and away, Ball on a GB in the dirt, F8 on a FB on the outer third of the plate.
  • Brogdon v. Bocio – Foul ball on a FB down and in, F8 on a SL away.
  • Brogdon v. Stephen – Ball on a low FB, Foul on a FB low in the zone, Called strike on a SL away, Ball on a FB in the dirt, 4-3 on a FB away.

Falter pitched against batters who were mostly in advanced levels of the organization.  Five had been invited to the major league camp, one was brought up a few times and got at bats in games, and one was the first round pick last year.  Falter was in Lakewood last year.  I guessed 89-91 on his FB, others were more sure of 90-92 and were impressed with the velocity and his ability to locate.  As you can see above, I assumed FB and SL, but thought I had seen a CB.

I spoke with Falter later.  After I congratulated him on his outing, he said he was pleased with his FB, it’s a pitch he is working on improving.  He was especially gratified that his 4 Ks came on FB.  I hadn’t noticed that.  He said that he threw FB, SL, CH, and one CB.  As you can see above, I have trouble identifying the CH.

I had a brief conversation with Carlos De La Cruz’ father.  He was in the Tigers’ organization in the early 90s.

I spoke with Josh Tols.  He has picked up the language real well.

I had a longer talk with Luke Leftwich.  He has made the adjustment to reliever.  He was a little miffed when first asked, but realized the opportunity it represented.  I suggested the contracts that Neshek and Hunter signal a change in baseball thinking about relievers who are not closers.  He sounds like a very intelligent young man.  He has already completed his degree since being drafted after his junior year.  Pretty cool.

These two photos are Falter’s final strike against Meneses.

These two photos are of Falter’s strike out pitch against Cozens.

Once again, group assignments were not available.  Not a big deal, group assignments will change at COB tomorrow as they get ready for their spring games.  There will likely be five groups, so the stuff below will change.

  1. Group 1 – (with the Reading staff)
    CatchersBossart, Grullon, Cabral
    Infielders – Cumana, Jose Gomez, Martin, Joey  Meneses, Stankiewicz , Tomscha, Canelo, Green, Emmanuel Marrero, Alvarez
    Outfield – Haseley, Jan Hernandez, Sandberg, Tromp, Randolph, Coppola, Cozens
    Pitchers – Arauz, Bergjans, Tim Berry, Casimiro, Cleavinger, Davis, DeNato , Parker Frazier, Elniery Garcia, Gilbert, Leftwich, McGarry, Rivero, Romero, Singer, Tirado, Viza, Watson, Windle, Waguespack, Anderson, Hammer, Kilome, Taveras, Tols
  2. Group 2 – (with the Clearwater staff)
    Catchers – W. Garcia, Rivero, Fitch, Lartigue
    Infielders – Antequera, Brito, Gamboa, Hall, Listi, Rivas, Scheiner, Williams
    Outfielders – Alastre, Martinelli, Pujols, Matos, Moniak
    Pitchers – Alcantara, Aaron Brown, Casey Brown, Cabrera, Ryan Etsell, Falter, Fanti, Edgar Garcia, Hallead, Hibbs, Kelzer, Llovera, Medina, Mills, Paulino, Blake Quinn, Requena, Russ, Sixto Sanchez, Hennigan, Bettencourt, Suarez
  3. Group 3 – (with the Lakewood staff)
    Catchers – Duran, Marchan, Nerluis Martinez
    Infielders – Azuaje, Buhner, Guthrie, Maton, Mims, Nieporte, Austin O’Brien, Pickett, Stobbe, Zoellner
    Outfielders – Gurrola, Markham, Mayer, Muzziotti, Jhailyn Ortiz,
    Pitchers – Armas, Brogdon, Andrew Brown, Carrasco, Dohy, Julian Garcia, Hernandez, Howard, Jones, Marcelino, Melendez, Nunez, Parkinson, Ramirez, Rosario, Rosso, Seabold, Sobil, Stewart, Warren, Young,
  4. Group 4 – (with the Williamsport and GCL staffs)
    Catchers – Aparicio, Gutierrez, Lenin Rodriguez
    Infielders – Encarnacion, Luis Garcia, Gonzalez, Guzman, Henriquez, Holmes, Rodriguez, Rojas, Stewart, Torres
    Outfielders – Bocio, De La Cruz, Pelletier, Stephen
    Pitchers – Leonel Aponte, Carlos Bettencourt, Ben Brown, Carvajal, Conopoima, Cummings, Juan Escorcia, Alex Garcia, Jimenez, Kuznetsov, Lindow, Denny Martinez, Robinson Martinez, Mezquita, Miller, Morales, Alfonzo Puello, Santa Cruz, Juan Santos, Silva, Vargas

No groups for these guys, yet  – Ricardo Pinto, Enyel De Los Santos, Cole Irvin, and Brandon Leibrandt.  Nor for Nick Rickles and Heiker Meneses who were reassigned.

These four guys are on rehab – Mario Sanchez, Grant Dyer, Sutter McLoughlin, and Kevin Gowdy.  

And, more photos –

Carlos De La Cruz in front of a pitch.
Even though foul, it traveled a long way. See Cole Stobbe watching from third.
Jake Hernandez
Victor Vargas
Simon Muzziotti lining a shot to the first baseman.
Austin has been punishing balls in BP. Here, he crushes one off Tommy Hunter.
The left fielder retrieves the ball at the fence, as Listi settles for a double.
Dickie Noles playfully (I hope) directing me away from my perch at the bull pen to make room for guests.
Me and my buddy Gabe. He had to turn an handle a very important matter as the picture was taken. I think he was telling people about the Arrieta deal. jk
And, a couple more pictures with Dickie “don’t call me Coach or Mister” Noles and Steve Potter.

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21 thoughts on “Spring Training at the Complex, Mar. 11, 2018

  1. Falter delivery reminds me of a young Hamels….though now he may be a pound or two heavier

  2. I’m excited by the Arrieta signing, but I’m concerned about the effect it will have on pitching prospects. It looks as though Lehigh and Reading will have to go with six man rotations this year. Should the Phillies package a few of the borderline pitching prospects, and try to land a younger stud for Clearwater?

      1. but you would get to keep pick 79 then, right? if trading for a comp B pick you’d just be moving a few slots down then. realize the O’s have a comp A round pick.

  3. I know the focus is on Bailey Falter and it’s a bit unfair, but Cozens striking out — again?

  4. Hey Jimmy,

    If you can can you see if you can dig up more on Grant Dyer and what his exact injury was? He seemed really promising is his first 42.1 IP between WPT and LKW he had a .78 WHIP and a 12.1 k/9

    1. Pickett is likely to spend all year in Lakewood. He probably wouldn’t see AAA until 2020 at the earliest.

  5. What position is Austin Listi playing this spring? They have him listed as an infielder, but he played mostly LF last season as far as I recall.

    1. He played first base in Lakewood; not necessarily an infielder, but with their preoccupation with multiple positions, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised to see this.

  6. Are the minor league spring games open to the public? I heard Arrieta will be throwing a few innings this weekend at Carpenter Field but can’t seem to find any info on tickets or even game times

    1. Saturday’s games are listed as starting at 1:00 p.m., but sometimes (depending on weather/humidity/tee times) they decide to start earlier than the scheduled time.

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