Phuture Phillies 2018 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #20 Prospect

Arquimedes Gamboa was your selection as the #19 prospect in the Phillies’ organization.

Gamboa received 92 of the 227 votes cast (41%).  Darick Hall finished second with 32 votes (14%), Kyle Young finished third with 26 votes 11%).

Arquimedes Gamboa was signed by the Phillies as a 16-year old international free agent out of Venezuela on July 2, 2014.  He was ranked as the #8 international prospect at the time.  He spent the rest of the summer at the Venezuelan Academy and reported stateside for Instructs that fall and to spring training (and XST) for the 2015 season.  His first professional assignment was to the Gulf Coast League Phillies on June 22, 2015.

In his first season in the GCL, Gamboa posted a .189/.252/.258/.510 slash with 15 BB (7.3%) and and 50 K (24.3 %) in 206 plate appearances.  He played 18 games at second base (.953 Fld%) and 32 games at shortstop (.963 Fld%).

Gamboa was assigned to Williamsport in 2016.  He posted a .200/.254/.292/.546 slash with 9 BB (6.1 %) and 28 K (19.1 %) in 147 plate appearances.  He played 35 games at shortstop (.904 Fld%).  His season ended abruptly when he suffered a leg injury on a steal attempt on August 1st.

Gamboa was assigned to Lakewood in 2017.  He slashed .261/.328/.378/.705 with 33 BB (9.4 %) and 52 K (14.9 %) in 350 plate appearances.  He played 79 games at shortstop (.953 Fld%).

Gamboa ended the 2017 season with a 14-game hitting streak where he went 23 for 55 (.418/.459/.709/1.168) with 4 HR, 12 RBI, 5 BB, 4 K, 3 SB, and a .396 BABIP.  He raised his slash from .226/.299/.306/.605 with that spurt.

Gamboa has played against much older competition each season, averaging 2.5 to 3.1 years younger at each stop.  He will likely be assigned to Clearwater this season, his age 20 season.  He will be about two years younger than his counterparts again this season.

Next up is your selection for the #20 prospect in the organization.

2018 Readers’ Poll, so far –

  1. Sixto Sanchez
  2. Scott Kingery
  3. J.P. Crawford
  4. Jhailyn Ortiz
  5. Jorge Alfaro
  6. Adam Haseley
  7. Adonis Medina
  8. Franklyn Kilome
  9. Mickey Moniak
  10. JoJo Romero
  11. Roman Quinn
  12. Enyel De Los Santos
  13. Cornelius Randolph
  14. Tom Eshelman
  15. Dylan Cozens
  16. Ranger Suarez
  17. Seranthony Dominguez
  18. Nick Fanti
  19. Arquimedes Gamboa
  20. ?


22 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2018 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #20 Prospect

  1. Now is a good time to recall that early last season scouts were saying Brito looked more like a first overall pick than Moniak. He fell off later but it seems like he’s got a really good base to work from at the plate. Pretty good glove at 2B too. So yeah, Brito gets my vote here.

    1. Mine too, he looks like a player. Hopefully he just got tired last year. He needs to get much stronger but he and Gamboa look great together. Btw, so do Guzman and Gonzalez, who should be at Wsport this year.

  2. My #20 pick is Spencer Howard. He has a big up side and was a high pick. He had a brief stint at Williamsport and I look forward to see how he will be in Lakewood. His innings were limited. He’ll probably have a looser leash on him tyhis year. He should dominate by mid-year.

  3. I went with Brito, too. It came down to Taveras, Howard, and Brito for me. Ultimately, I think Brito would be the top trade target by another team among that bunch, so I went with him.

  4. i have Brito tied up to Gamboa the same thing as Jon Guzman to Brayan Gonzalez.

    But Francisco Morales is still the best prospect available based on his TOR upside and high leverage reliever as a floor. Once Morales tighten up his mechanics (which will come with age and experience) he can become a premium prospect like Sixto Sanchez.

    Gamboa has all the tools but not the plate discipline of JPC. Gamboa might end up closer to Canelo than JPC – not a high ceiling.

    1. I think you’re both underestimating Gamboa’s ceiling and overestimating Morales’ floor. Gamboa is bigger and hit better than Canelo at Lakewood. Morales just hasn’t pitched enough to give him a floor that high.

      1. prospect rating is all about projection. that’s why you will a lot of young prospects with raw abilities rank highly than prospects that already played 2-3 years pro.

        Jhailyn Ortiz ranked somewhere in Top 20 upon without having any at bats and ranked #4 at this years ranking with < 350 at bats.

        I'm not a scout but i can understand the philosophy and methodology of how the more acclaimed prospect analysts and scout evaluate talent.

        I'm not discounting Gamboa because i have him as #19. If a career 0.098 ISO screams power to you, them it's not to me. Even if you we assume that Gamboa has average power for a SS, he need to hit first otherwise he cannot tap into that power. As of now, Gamboa's value is pretty much based on all his tools other that hit and power.

        I haven't seen Morales pitch live but I read a lot about him 1st year as a pro. a 6'4" 17 yo throwing mid-90s FB with easy delivery projects as plus. Despite of the small sample size (only 41 1/3 IP), the eye test is consistent with the statistics and abilities for Morales.

        1. KuKo…..another in the mold of Morales is last July’s signer Ven RHP Carlos Betancourt…gets it up to 93/94…sits low 90s as a 16-year old.
          You may have t be making the same evaluations next year with Betancourt.

          1. @romus – yes, I can’t wait to see/read more about Betancourt. Hopefuilly, the Phils bring him stateside since there will be 2 GCL teams. I also expect Leonel Aponte to join one of the GCL teams. Maybe some american junk food will put some pounds on Aponte and add some velocity to his pitchers.

            I’m actually more interested to see Luis Garcia — sounds like he’s the best of both Brito and Gamboa — a smooth fielding SS, with sweet stoke and good speed, arm and glove.

            1. In Luis Garcia, Brayan Gonzalez, Gamboa, Brito and Guzman….Phillies appear to be positioning themselves to be pretty solid up the middle for a long time.

            2. RHPs and MI appears to be Sal A.’s sweet spot these past few years although Jhailyn is also starting to look like a gem in the making.

              Don’t forget — Carlos de la Cruz!!! He’s not a Sal A. find, but he can be a fast tracker and the Phils version of Aaron Judge.

        2. I don’t have any qualms about ranking Morales high, or putting him ahead of Gamboa. Still, ceiling and floor are different than projection. A 105 wRC+ bodes well for a SS that’s facing consistently older opponents; especially coupled with a good walk rate and low strikeout rate. Plus his ISO has improved each year. I never said he’d have a lot of power but he’s got a couple inches and about 20 lbs on Canelo according to their listed height and weight.

          Morales looks good but we don’t know if he can throw strikes and we don’t know how consistent his secondary pitches will be.

  5. Darick Hall gets my vote. This kid seems to be an after thought going in to every season, yet comes out of the year as a stud. As a junior at DBU he finished 2nd for the John Olerude Award as the nations best 2 way player, and was a semi finalist for the Golden Spikes Award as the nations best player. His first year in Williamsport he led the team in power numbers. Last year (even after losing 3+ weeks to a high ankle sprain) he set team records in Lakewood for Homeruns (27) and RBI (97) and took home the Sally League MVP Award. He may have more strikeouts than he would like, but when it matters with runners on base and especially in scoring position his OBP and AVG both increase when pitchers can’t pitch around him. THIS KID IS A STRAIGHT UP STUD!!!!

    1. Deron,

      Good points.

      I think voting sometimes is influenced somewhat by the topic du jour. A couple of weeks ago, Hall was getting mentioned in the thread and his vote totals moved up. Now, we’re discussing Gamboa and Brito and Hall seems to have receded in voters’ consciousness.

      At any rate, I’m voting Darick until he wins, then it’s J. D. Hammer and, given the slim chance others will pick him, I’ll likely be voting for JD for a long time. LOL

      1. I agree Frank, I think everyone sharing who they think is next on the list causes that person to up tick. I would have liked to see a poll without being led by the nose. I bet if it was a silent poll the results would have been different. oh well, all in fun.

    2. For me he drops because he’s not young for his level and he is a 1b only guy. The offensive bar is very high and he’s going to have to progress a level each year to stay age appropriate.

      He had a good offensive year in Lakewood last year (except for the strikeouts) and will need to repeat that again and again…

      1. Word is he spent the winter working on his speed/quickness to get some outfield play in. He has excelled at every level until he stagnates he shouldn’t fall behind those that have had off years.

    3. Deron…have to agree.
      Hall missed 18% of the Lakewood games and still plated 27 HRs to lead the SALLY, and SLG .533 and OPS .872 to lead the league also.
      And even his OBP at .340 was 16th in the league.
      If he can improve his two-strike approach he may be able to cut his K%.
      His first two years of college, before he changed his swing in his third year, his peripherals were K-11%, BB- 12% in over 500 PAs….of course the pitching quality at that time, will not be what he will see as he goes further up the ladder.

      1. Plate discipline will be the most important thing that Darick Hall needs to improve. Hall is supposed to have the best raw power in the 2016 draft class and if he improved his BB% close to the 10-11%, he can make a big jump in the national rankings like Hoskins did. I have Hall at #27 since I don’t see that BB% going up that much – maybe around BB% = 8%.

        I expect Hall to play in in REA at some point in 2018, if the K% is high and BB% is low, the power production that Hall will produce in REA will be overlooked.

        1. I will take a K over a double play ball anytime. If you add all times Hall was hit by a pitch his OBP actually isn’t bad. Also once runners were on base all his #’s improved.

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