Phuture Phillies 2018 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #13 Prospect

Enyel De Los Santos was your selection as the #12 prospect in the Phillies’ organization.

De Los Santos received 90 of 270 votes (33%).  Cornelius Randolph finished second (62, 23%), Tom Eshelman finished third (45, 16%), and Dylan Cozens finished fourth (16, 6%). Seventeen players split the remaining 57 votes. 

De Los Santos came to the Phillies from the Padres in the Freddy Galvis trade on December 15, 2017.  He signed with the Mariners as an 18-year old international free agent in July 2014.  He came stateside in 2015 and pitched well enough in rookie ball to be included in a trade to the Padres for Joaquin Benoit.  He advanced through two levels in 2016 and was named an All Star for Fort Wayne (full season A).  He spent the the entire 2017 season in AA.  In three seasons,

De Los Santos racked up a 24-11 record and 59 starts in his pro career.  He has thrown 333.1 innings, 150 last year.  He has compiled a 4.08 ERA, walked 104 batters (2.8%), and struck out 306 (8.3%).

Scouts have graded his pitches ad follows – Fastball: 60, Curveball: 50, Changeup: 55, Control: 50, Overall: 50.

MLB describes his pitches as follows:

“His fastball usually sits between 93-95 mph and has been gunned as high as 97, and he throws it with plenty of life down in the zone, leading to a good amount of ground-ball outs. De Los Santos already shows feel for an average curveball that he can throw for a strike, while his changeup shows glimpses of becoming an above-average pitch.

De Los Santos floods the zone with strikes and has natural bat-missing ability, and scouts expect him to induce even more whiffs with improved control and command. He’s now not far off from being big league ready, with the ingredients to become a middle- to back-of-the-rotation innings-eating starter.”

Next up is your selection for the #13 prospect in the organization with no new prospects added to the poll.


2018 Readers’ Poll, so far –

  1. Sixto Sanchez
  2. Scott Kingery
  3. J.P. Crawford
  4. Jhailyn Ortiz
  5. Jorge Alfaro
  6. Adam Haseley
  7. Adonis Medina
  8. Franklyn Kilome
  9. Mickey Moniak
  10. JoJo Romero
  11. Roman Quinn
  12. Enyel De Los Santos


26 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2018 Reader Top 30 Poll for the Phillies #13 Prospect

  1. Jim, could you please add Francisco Morales to the poll? As a 17 yo, he had a K/9 of 9.6. He missed a lot of bats as the opponent BA was .225. He walked a lot of guys (4.4 BB/9) but we can chalk a lot of that up to being 17 and in a new country. The Phils gave him a nice bonus so he’s at least a solid look-see here. Mezquita, who is on the poll, had a great 1st year too. A .72 ERA and .85 WHIP. 8.4 K/9 and 2.9 BB/9 and very good. Everything says pick Jhordany over Francisco except Mezquita is a full 2 years older than Morales.

    My current pick is Eshelman. He could be pitching in the Majors this year. He deserves it. He had a .942 WHIP in AAA. He had a 6.0 K/9, which isn’t great but he also had a 1.1 BB/9. He throws strikes and induces a lot of soft contact. A guy who gets by giving up weak contact and pounding the strike zone isn’t always successful but the kid knows how to pitch. Not everyone has to throw 95 MPH to make it in the bigs.

  2. Randolph here. It seems reasonable to expect him to at least hold his own in Reading, and maybe more. He’ll be young for the level and has good hitting skills. The Ks and BBs will be key.

  3. Randolph, followed by Gamboa. After that, a slew of pitchers. I’m torn between Eshelman (proximity), Suarez (lefty) and Kyle Young (early results, potential to add velocity and the ever-important rim protection).

  4. I am going C here. he has a really big upside. His combination of high walk rate and developing power is a great combo. Here are some stats on C’s age 19 season in the FSL (that’s right, he was 19 when the season started):
    – 3rd most homers in league. Everyone who had double digits in homers in the FSL was at least 2 years older than him
    – 12th in walk rate for FSL. All except one player above him was at least 3 years older.
    – 8th in ISO. Again, all players above him were at least 2 years older.

    It is impressive what he did for the full season as a 19 turning 20yo in high A. But even more impressive is how much better he got as the season went on. His second half OPS was 137 points higher than his first half.

    I think he can really blow up in Reading this year. Our system is very deep for a prospect this good to be in the teens.

    1. C here as well but I understand while the LF limitation knocks him down a bit for people.

  5. Eshelman is my pick at #13. He proved at AAA that his command of pitches is superb. I think he will be soon a permanent member of the major league staff.

  6. Solid Top 12 so far, good job posters….

    I have C next just slightly ahead of Eshelman mainly because C still have age on his side to work on his upside.

    After C, I have the following prospects included in my Top 20:


    1. I still have Gowdy in the mix too. Anderson is down at 22 and Howard at 23 for me but I really like them. That just shows the depth. Btw, you can’t totally forget Cozens either

      1. Gowdy will be 21-years old, before pitching his 10th inning in professional baseball.
        Unfortunately, it will be a long ways back for him.
        I will have him in the late 20s or even in the 30s.

        1. Gowdy is out of sight, but not totally out of mind. I have him outside my top 30 because of two years missed development time, but I still look at him as a first round talent.

          1. Yeah……will be hard for him.
            Conservatively speaking, by the time he is ready, if ever, to make his major league debut, he will probably be close to or at 24- years old.
            Not sure he will be protected 40 by then for the Rule 5..he may be making his debut in another uniform.
            Does MLB in their CBA, have something similar to NCAA’s ‘redshirt medical year’ where a team gets an added year in that process.

      2. I have Howard ahead of Anderson based on potential. I saw Anderson pitch in September and was not impressed. I mean, he was okay, but I didn’t see anything special there. It was just one start, but that’s my take on him.

  7. We all seem to have the same names, although in different order. I have Suarez here before C. I’ve watched Suarez pitch and I believe he has what it takes to be a major league pitcher. Hopefully he’ll stay as a starter but with this glut of arms, I’m not sure.

  8. Cornelius Randolph here.
    To me, the debate for next pick is between Arqui Gamboa, Daniel Brito, Seranthony Dominguez, and Francisco Morales.

  9. I live in San Antonio and saw De Los Santos pitch twice last year, once in early in the season and again later in the year. He has a live fastball. I recall in the April game there were a lot of hard hit outs, in the August start he was really dominant – I think he went eight innings and only gave up a couple of hits. I was impressed.

    1. That happen to be his highest Game Score of his career, 81… against the Tulsa Drillers, Also, 70% of his pitches (95) were for strikes, gave up one hit, two walks over eight innings.
      Would be nice to see him do that again this season.

  10. Btw, we’re down to 5 days (including today) for the ex-Braves prospects to sign and still get a second bonus. A 9th signed yesterday (Angel Rojas with Yankees), so that leaves 3 still available. …And one of those three is Juan Contreras! 🙂

    I agreed with Romus’ post that there may be something up with him physically given his control issues last year and the delay in his signing now. But I gotta believe someone is going to sign him by Monday. Hopefully the Phillies!! (We have $1.05M avail, …plus $200k if towards signing any of these former-Braves prospects.)

    Still Available
    Juan Contreras, rhp (Braves bonus: $1.2 million)
    Antonio Sucre, of (Braves bonus: $300,000)
    Brandol Mezquita, of (Braves bonus: $300,000)

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