2017 Phuture Phillies Top Corner Outfielders Poll

We”ll continue the “Best of” series of polls with your selection as the best corner outfielders in the system.

Since this will cover two positions (left anfd right), I have allowed a maximum of five answers for each ballot. This will allow us to establish what kind of depth we have in the organization.

(Don’t forget to submit your top prospect list by e-mailing it to prospectpoll@yahoo.com.  To date, I have received about thirty.  Please don’t be one of those guys who criticizes the outcome if you don’t participate.)

Each player listed below is in the poll and played at least 10 games at the position.   Each player is linked to his profile in Baseball Reference.  And I have included a link to Gregg’s Report Card for Outfielders at CLW, REA. and LHV, and his Report Card for Outfielders at GCL, WPT, LAK.

  1. Andrew Pullin
  2. Dylan Cozens
  3. Cameron Perkins
  4. Brock Stassi
  5. Herlis Rodriguez
  6. Jiandido Tromp
  7. Cord Sandberg
  8. Damek Tomscha
  9. Zack Coppola
  10. Carlos Tocci
  11. Cornelius Randolph
  12. Jose Pujols
  13. Jan Hernandez
  14. Carlos Duran
  15. David Martinelli
  16. Austin Listi
  17. Adam Haseley
  18. Jesus Alastre
  19. Juan Luis
  20. Josh Stephen
  21. Jhailyn Ortiz
  22. Yahir Gurrola
  23. Malvin Matos
  24. Ben Pelletier
  25. Danny Mayer
  26. Kevin Markham

Notes:  Hernandez spent most of the season at third base for the Threshers before being moved to right field where he played well.

16 thoughts on “2017 Phuture Phillies Top Corner Outfielders Poll

  1. This was harder than I thought it would be. I went with two #1 picks: “C” and Haseley. I went young after that with Ortiz and Pelletier. My 5th choice but not the 5th best OF’er was Cozens. His prolific power is not something that can be overlooked. Pelletier was based on the year he had. As he moves up, things could get murkier and murkier but for right now, in this exact moment, he belongs on this list.

  2. I did not pick Haseley because he is mostly a CF. I’ll vote for him when we do CFs. I go with Ortiz as top corner prospect. The bat is definitely there, as is the RF arm, and he moves surprisingly well for a big man. I also like Randolph and Cozens, the latter more for his power than fielding (although that isn’t all that bad). After a couple of down years Pelletier is too soon to call, but one can hope. Malvin Matos may be a sleeper. Josh Stephen has been somewhat disappointing.

  3. To me, the clear number 1 is Ortiz. After that, it begins to get hazy. I went with ‘chalk’ and selected “C” and Cozens. I know they have faults and perhaps had disappointing years but they’re the best prospects today. I wanted to pick a few that have promise, like Pelletier, but I need to see more. I did not consider Hasely or Tocci here because I view them as CF and considered them in that vote.

    1. Agreed. I think Ortiz is the best of the lot. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s jumped to CLW next year to start the year.

  4. A bit tough to decide since some guys are both on the CF list and the corner OF list, although I understand the criteria. As such, I didn’t want to vote twice for guys like Haseley.

    For me proximity to the majors is a pretty big deal, so I opted for Cousins over Pelletier. Quite frankly, I’m not comfortable with that decision though. Too many strikeouts for Cozens, although it feels weird to say that I guy had a poor season when he hit 30 homers – but he did.


    1. Thanks Romus. I was just reading this and came here to post the link. You beat me to it. Also interesting in this article was Jordan’s comments about young players in their first full season wearing down in the second half. Interesting because I recall some posts here (not by you) to the effect that this shouldn’t happen to top draft choices. As the article said, “the Phillies are preaching patience”.

      1. I think the key is to differentiate concern about a prospects performance early in their career like Moniak ( it really is hard not to be concerned about his first full year) and saying ” oh, he’s a bust” which is a way overreaction

        1. Based on the commentary here and other Phillies sites I visit, I think expectations for a first rounder are totally unrealistic. The standard seems to be Bryce Harper in the minds of many. A first rounder should make the majors right away and hit .300 with 30 homers, otherwise he’s no good and the entire scouting staff and GM should be fired.

          Why is it really hard not to be concerned about Moniak? The Phillies aren’t concerned, and the “wall” that he hit this year is very common among young players in their first full season, especially right out of high school, even if you are a first rounder.

          1. Wow, that’s amazing. I must be blind because I don’t see anywhere in my post where I said Moniak had to make the manors in his first year and hit 30hrs and hit .300 or that he sucks and everyone should be fired.
            Hair S, would you like to point out where I said that in my post or were you just shouting off your mouth.?
            I said specifically that saying he was a bust was an overreaction.
            I said I am concerned because his first year was a struggle and he really didn’t show the skill set he was supposed to have.
            Of course its too early to make an overarching judgment.

            1. Please reread the comment. Hari’s “A first rounder should make the majors right away and hit .300 with 30 homers …” is obviously a continuation of the Harper standard that he questions in the previous sentence, “The standard seems to be Bryce Harper in the minds of many.” He doesn’t attribute it to you. No need to start a fight with your “or were you just shouting off your mouth” comment. This is not the forum for that.

    2. Thanks for the link!

      The few times I’ve seen Ortiz, I’m always surprised by his speed. He moves very well for a big guy. We will see how this goes as he matures. Regardless, he is the best corner outfielder prospect in the system, hands down.

    1. Playing 80 games mosstly on weekends throughout the entire year is not comparable to playing a 140 game schedule in 152 days.

  5. Playing 80 games mostly on weekends throughout the entire year is not comparable to playing a 140 game schedule in 152 days.

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