2017 Phuture Phillies Top Center Fielder Poll

We”ll continue the “Best of” series of polls with your selection as the best center fielder in the system.  This should be an interesting vote.  There are high draft picks, top prospects, and some darn good defensive fielders in this group.   

Again, I have allowed a maximum of three answers for each ballot. This will allow us to establish what kind of depth we have in the organization.

(Don’t forget to submit your top prospect list by e-mailing it to prospectpoll@yahoo.com.  To date, I have received about thirty.  Please don’t be one of those guys who criticizes the outcome if you don’t participate.)

Each player listed below is in the poll and played at least 10 games at the position.   Each player is linked to his profile in Baseball Reference.  And I have included a link to Gregg’s Report Card for Outfielders at CLW, REA. and LHV, and his Report Card for Outfielders at GCL, WPT, LAK.

  1. Roman Quinn
  2. Herlis Rodriguez
  3. Cameron Perkins
  4. Dylan Cozens
  5. Carlos Tocci
  6. Zack Coppola
  7. Mark Laird
  8. Carlos Duran
  9. Mickey Moniak
  10. Adam Haseley
  11. Malvin Matos
  12. Simon Muzziotti
  13. Keudy Bocio
  14. Kevin Markham

Notes:  Quinn is healthy again, I saw him taking BP at Instructs today.  Same with Muzziotti. Bocio was only moved to CF when Muzziotti went down with an injury toward the end of the GCL season, I don’t know if that is the Phillies long term plan.  Markham played both center and corner and looks real good where ever they play him.

15 thoughts on “2017 Phuture Phillies Top Center Fielder Poll

  1. I actually think this is one of the most important offensive positions for the next 10 years for the Phillies. If Moniak and/or Haseley can step up to be something like a Conforto or Benidetti it gives us a perfect compliment 3/4 hole to be with Hoskins and maybe Machado if we are lucky. With Williams, Crawford, Kingery, Alfaro, Altherr and Or Herrera also filling out the lineup

  2. This poll has been the most difficult. There are at least six legitimate prospects by my count. Admittedly I took a relatively easy stab – Quinn, Moniak, and Hasely. However, one can easily make solid arguments for a few more.

    If the organization tries to trade for better MLB pitching, this is an area of depth from which to draw. Middle infield and RHP would be the others. I’ve got to think the front office recognizes this but I suspect they may be stymied by “what ifs”. For example: Quinn stays healthy, Cozens figures out lefties, Moniak matures, Hasely transition full time to pitching, Tocci fills out, Coppola hits for more power, etc. when you couple all these what ifs with a similar list for our quality middle infielders and RHPs, trade combinations become very interesting, intriguing, and full of risk. Good problem to have and I hope the front office successfully navigates all the permutations.

    1. I also chose Quinn, Haseley and Moniak. I like Coppola and Laird a lot but they have a big hole in their power stats. The 3 I chose have the ability to pop a HR and that puts them at least 1 step up.

      1. Laird I also like after watching him play a couple of times this year. He is good in all aspects of game and I think underrated

  3. Quinn is healthy again…. for now. He didn’t get my vote, simply because he is an injury waiting to happen. Tocci, Haseley, Moniak were my three

  4. Quinn, Haseley and Tocci for me.

    Quinn is a given — required disclaimer: if healthy

    Haseley showed enough last year to believe he’s legit.

    Tocci is looking like a great fourth outfielder. Maybe even a starter if there’s enough power elsewhere.

    Would love to add Mickey Mo and Mark Laird, but limited to three and Mickey had so weak a season as to create doubts and Laird is good all around but maybe not excellent enough given limited power.

  5. Haseley, Moniak, Tocci, and coming up fast on the outside is Simon Muzziotti. I really wanted to vote for Roman Quinn but just couldn’t. Injured too many times. I think he will actually make the MLB roster in ST, if he doesn’t get injured. How long he lasts is another question.

    1. If Quinn isn’t moved before ST..
      .I think he makes the 25 …injured or not.
      They will just DL him again if he gets hurt in ST, then when ready send him on a rehab assignment.

      1. Quinn is the #1 CF prospect, IMO. Though, I have to confess I have a soft spot in my heart for him. My wife and I met him in Clearwater during spring training, and he couldn’t have been nicer. Hope to see him as Phillies 4th OF next season.

  6. To the folks picking Tocci – do you really see him as a potential starting CF in the majors? I don’t, although he certainly has a chance to be a 5th OF.

    1. Then again who saw Inciarte as a starting CFer in the majors at his AA level season.
      281/.327/.362 .–inciarte at 22 years old in AA
      307/ 362/.398 .–Tocci at 21 years old in AA

      1. I may be mistake on this pt but my understanding is the Tocci does not have much speed which differentiates him from Inciarte.
        that aside, I really like Tocci as a future 4th Of, defensive replacement.
        I still see him being included in a package for pitching help

        1. Yes….in regards to base stealing speed is where they differ.
          Or the ability to steal might be a better way to phrase it.
          Tocci can flat out motor in CF defensively with Inciarte…he more or less glides.
          Though, Inciarte is more explosive on the base paths.

          1. I so hope I’m wrong but I just don’t see how Tocci stays on the field as an everyday player offensively.
            he wont walk in the major leagues because pitchers will just challenge him not worrying about his singles and he cant really turn singles into doubles with his speed
            This is a big year for Moniak. One down year is a concern but can be rationalized. another tough yr and concern really kicks in.
            Center field is such a big position for this franchise because we will need some of these guys to have trade value to upgrade the pitching
            Cozens is a lottery ticket at this point unless he corrects the Ks this year or shows a significantly higher walk rate to offset the Ks

  7. Murray, My feeling on Tocci is exactly what Romus just posted. The Inciarte success has me high on Tocci. I hope for Mickey Mo and I think Haseley ends up at a Corner spot, and I always loved Quinn but he is never healthy, and Tocci has been an elite defensive CF since they got him, so I rolled the dice with him. But, truthfully, based on the success of Inciarte. I don’t even remember the name of the stiff Charlie wanted instead of him.

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