2017 Phuture Phillies Top First Baseman Poll

We”ll start the “Best of” series of polls with your selection as the best first baseman in the system.  I have allowed a maximum of three answers for each ballot.  This will allow us to establish what kind of depth we have in the organization.  This is especially handy for first base where I expect there to be a land slide in favor of the top guy.

(Don’t forget to submit your top prospect list by e-mailing it to prospectpoll@yahoo.com.)

Each player listed below is in the poll and played at least 10 games at the position.  I have included a link to the player’s profile in Baseball Reference.  And I have included a link to Gregg’s Report Card for Corner Infielders.

  1. Rhys Hoskins – what can I say, great season
  2. Brock Stassi – sentimental favorite, free agent
  3. Kyle Martin – big disappointment
  4. Harold Martinez – my first favorite player, changed the way I view prospects, always seemed more comfortable as a hitter when he played first base, free agent
  5. Damek Tomscha – looked good in Clearwater
  6. Zach Green – the injury really set him back, probably passed by younger guys
  7. Wilson Garcia – too small for the position, IMO
  8. Darick Hall – big spring, surprised it took so long for him to be moved up
  9. Austin Listi – didn’t see enough of him before he went to Williamsport
  10. Greg Pickett – promising, I liked him as an outfielder, leg injury probably prompted position change, big power bat
  11. Brian Mims – didn’t see enough of him before he went to Williamsport
  12. Quincy Nieporte – reminded me of Jake Fox before Fox became a GCL coach, would have rather seen him at a higher level
  13. Edwin Rodriguez – lost time at position to Pickett then Nieporte, probably doesn’t figure in Phillies’ plans

13 thoughts on “2017 Phuture Phillies Top First Baseman Poll

    1. Me too. I look at Hoskins as a major leaguer who doesn’t belong on a prospect list. Hall is the best of the rest.

  1. I voted for Hoskins under protest. I don’t think he belongs in a Prospect poll of any kind. Rookie of the Year possibly but not a prospect poll. I would put Hall as my #1 “prospect” at 1st base with Tomscha on his tail. Pickett’s upside would make him 3rd but proximity gives him very little chance to ever see the Show.

  2. Hall could be in the Phillies top fifteen by the mid-season poll and in Reading at the same time. I can see him top ten first basemen, in MLB.com’s for their pre-season ranking.
    Not every SALLY MVP has gone onto to MLB success but here are a few that have had some success:
    Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Hamilton, JD Marrtinez, Andruw Jones, Russell Branyan, Brendon Moss and the jury is still waiting for whether or not Jurickson Profar does.
    Maybe Hall can join that group someday..

  3. I think people are way over-excited about Hall. I have him third behind Pickett but I don’t think either guy is a top 30 type. Pickett has more time to grow as a hitter.

    1. Agree on Hall being over-hyped as a prospect. Not calling him a non-prospect, just saying he’s outside my Top 30 (I have him at 31).

  4. Hall had a nice year but he didn’t walk much and struck out a little too much while playing in low A. I don’t see him as a prospect. Pickett at least is a year plus younger and had a nice season too. I voted for Hoskins and Pickett.

    1. Have to see how it plays out with Hall.
      I am optimistic.
      And when he squares the ball…sounds like Hoskins squaring up.
      Now his peripherals were not what you lie to see from a hit tool perspective….but they were not that much different than Howard’s at LKW and Hall was a year younger However, also what I like about Hall…he can adjust.
      He went from a hit tool guy in his first two years of college…to a power guy in his last at DBU after his coach suggested it.
      First two years:

      …then he changed his swing to get more lift in his last year


      1. Romus pretty much nailed my thoughts on Hall.

        I ranked him around 15 in my top 20 poll, which seems about right. I basically went with comparing his numbers to Ryan Howard’s at Lakewood.

        Definitely a wait-and-see prospect but he played himself onto the radar this year.


  5. YMMV but I view this poll as a “player of the year” instead of “top prospect” poll. I’d probably feel differently if Hoskins were promoted around the All Star break.


  6. Obviously went with Hoskins, then Hall. Struggled for Number Three. Tomscha had a great year and looks like he can play one level higher, at least. But Pickett has the ceiling, so I went with him. But if we factor Rhys out as now a Major Leaguer, Tomascha is my third pick.

    1. I too struggled with my #3 but opted for Nieporte. Yeah, should have been playing at a higher level but I think he’s caught in a numbers game. Still, it sounds like he has the right attitude and will be a great organizational player – the kinda guy who maybe gets a few looks in the majors before heading onto a good coaching career. IMO you need guys like that in your organization.


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