Box Score Recap – 8/20/2017

Here is the box score recap.

Lehigh Valley lost a bullpen game.  Crawford (.246), Kingery, and Mora had 3 hits each.

Reading shut out Hartford.  Garcia went five.  Tomscha and Stankiewicz had 3 hits each.

Clearwater lost in twelve innings on an unearned run.

Lakewood split a double header, winning on a 6-run rally and losing on a 9th inning HR.

Williamsport dropped both games of a double header by one run.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

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  1. King Kong Kingery back , Clearwater also has a nice bp . Cozens in I need an off season mode. I wonder if Grullon is the next Catcher to be. Tomascha should be the starting 3 Rd baseman next yr for LV. I do wonder why Rios is still down in AAA.

    1. I guess only the Phils know when they will take Fien off the 60 day DL or whether they expect Quinn and Appel back this season. Valentin clearly won’t be. If any is DLed for the duration, it gives an indication of how guys like Crawford, Rios and possibly Taveras get on the 40 man roster before the season ends. All 3 require roster protection this time around. The Phils don’t appear to be in a hurry to DFA anyone though they did it recently with Beato.

      1. Fien is back and pitching and Joe Jordan said Quinn could be back within two weeks and could play a little for the Phils

    1. He played 3rd yesterday and it appears no balls were hit his way. No E’s but also no A’s either.

  2. Kingery and JP had terrific games and look primed to replicate their spots in the order in Philly in April. JP will be over 250 soon. Mora is a guy who might one day fill a utlility role in Philly although Valentin is ahead of him. Tomscha is 26 but he sure looks like a guy who has figured out minor league pitching. Cozens however is such a disappointment. Imagine how he feels seeing all his buddies in Philly. We have to hope he bounces back.

    1. I’m sure Cozens may be disappointed himself, but I kinda expected him to stay in AAA for a bit extra before he’s ready. AAA is specially designed to attack his weaknesses, which would otherwise prevent him from being a star in the majors.

      He’s overcome all the other challenges so far, let’s hope he really makes strides next year.

      1. Let’s hope so. However, Cozens’s K rate of around 35% at AAA is a concern and a rather large red flag. And of course his slash line of .214/.302/.411/.790 doesn’t give much cause for optimism, either. The only positives from Cozens this season are the 23 HR and nearly even lefty/righty splits, though the manner in which the splits evened out is obviously not preferred.

    1. The difference with J.P. is that they care a lot about his service time whereas, with Hoskins, since he’s already 24 and won’t become a FA until before his age 31 season, it’s not as big of a deal. So, I think J.P. actually might be called up when the rosters expand, I think there’ a good chance he gets sent back down to begin next year and gets promoted in mid-May.

      And how good is Scott Kingery? Damn – he’s amazing. He even drew a walk to let us know he’s working on that too.

      My prediction is that within a year of Kingery being promoted to the majors, the Phillies will contend for a playoff spot. I think he’s that much of a catalyst – a glue player.

      1. Interestingly….Kingery was never much of a walk guy…I assume pitchers rather throw strikes to him than pitch around him. Since he never really exhibited isolated power prior to this year. His time at Arizona he was career 9% BB guy and dropped to only 3% his junior year. And so far he has been a steady 7% guy in the pros.
        But with the power surge the BB percentage could climb.

      2. And here’s some more helpful context.

        If Scott Kingery had enough ABs in AAA to qualify for the league leader board, he would rate sixth in the IL in OPS, behind 5 guys who are much older and are not really prospects and the league leader, Rhys Hoskins.

        Kingery can do it all.

        1. I wonder if they will give him some time at third base also, like JPC, in the remaining few games.

            1. Love to see team trying for some flexibility. Interesting to see if it lights a fire under Franco.

  3. Kingery-JPC the future double play combo. We’ll see them both in red pin stripes starting mid-next year and on wards.

  4. MLB Little League Classic last night was a huge success. Some of us locals were lucky enough to attend. The LLers really had a good time and the MLBers enjoyed being with the kids. The stadium was packed, with temporary bleachers added along the outfield sides. Some of us were expecting an announcement that never came, making it an annual event. However, I actually heard from a FO person last night that next year will be Phillies-Mets. Probably means more money to upgrade the place. To answer a question asked earlier on this forum, no it was not in the works for a long time. The game idea came about early this year after the MLB schedule was already set. Fortunately the Pirates were home. Also, Williamsport was once a Pirates franchise (Cutch played here). Definitely more Pirates fans than Phillies fans in the area, so much buzz was generated.

    1. Watched it on TV, it was very cool. Loved the kids, the colored bats and the nicknames. Should have appealed to the younger crowd. Been 6 yrs since I saw a crosscutter game. Major changes to field

      1. Lots of changes. And I think there will be more. If this becomes an annual event as rumored I don’t think MLB will want to rebuild all the stuff they put up for this every year.

        1. I think the reason that no announcement was made during the game is that any continuance of this game will have to be negotiated with the MLBPA. After the association talks to the players, it will be in a position to represent its membership. MLB couldn’t just announce plans to go forward until after such talks.

          1. You are undoubtedly correct Jim. I might add for all those griping about why this, and why that, and not this, that or the other thing was done for the game….very much of it had to do with the CBA. I saw though that Sunday Night Baseball was interviewing Tony Clark, president of MLBPA. They were set up on the 3rd base-side deck. I couldn’t hear him but he was smiling a lot. I think it will happen.

    2. So I recorded the game and have been watching (mostly to see if I got on camera, I admit). The broadcasters gave a bit of mis-information – sort of. They said the fence had been moved in. Not entirely true. Home plate was actually moved in closer to the stands. At the same time real bullpens were constructed in the outfield corners. Relief pitchers used to warm up in foul territory in LF and RF. The result is shorter distances down the lines but actually a deeper CF. The former dimensions were 345-405-350. Now they are 323-411-331. I think Cutch was happy a few times for the deeper CF. 🙂

  5. I hate the JPC at 3rd experiment. JPC has a good bat for SS but a very weak bat for 3rd. A left side of JPC and Galvis might be the worst offensive left side in baseball. Their great defense can not make up for how poor of a hitting left side of the infield it would be.

    1. It’s really just to see him in the line-up to see how he can handle major league pitching. There is virtually no chance whatsoever that this becomes an extended experiment or his future position.

      1. Yeah, this is very similar to what they’re doing with Hoskins. Just finding him somewhere to play.

        1. I hate what they are doing with Hoskins too. Imo Hoskins should play the position he is likely to man for the next decade. TJ is a bad first baseman.

          1. Unless he somehow becomes an average left fielder, which is possible. In any event, he’s not going to forget how to play first and the move doesn’t appear to be affecting his offense.

            1. At worst it’s silly because ToJo isn’t about to dramatically improve his trade value. If there’s one thing that drives me batty about this rebuilding process it’s how myopic the team can be about certain things. And just watch how hard it’s going to be next year to move JP into the line-up if Pete is still around and Freddy isn’t traded – I’m warning everyone now that it will drive us crazy for at least several months, perhaps the whole year if it plays out like I expect it might.

          2. I think as a whole, we’re treating the Phillies as if we were running a fantasy baseball team i.e. if you’re not producing enough, I’m going to replace you just like that. I’ve always said that the manager has to be part babysitter. You need to massage egos, you need to see what motivates some players. I don’t think Mackanin wants to pull TJ into the office out of the blue and say, you’re sitting because we got somebody better. The Phillies want to do right by Tommy Joseph. They gave TJ chances to redeem himself, to showcase himself to other teams. i don’t have a problem with that. It shows that the Phillies care, and it shows that the Phillies treat all players with respect. Eventually, TJ will get replaced, but we need to have some patience about it.

            1. I don’t understand this comment. The Phillies don’t “owe” Tommy Joseph any playing time. It’s a pure meritocracy, especially with unproven players, of which Tommy is one.

            2. @ Catch, Sorry, but that’s still part of the fantasy sports mentality. TJ has been here since last last season, and he’s accumulated a season’s worth of ABs. And he had some success last season. If the Phillies drop TJ just like that without giving him a chance to redeem himself, that will not go over well in the clubhouse. We’re not talking about somebody who has limited time, or who hasn’t performed at all. Look, Mackanin already told TJ that he’ll play until Altherr comes back in September. That’s the respect factor right there. The clubhouse knows that TJ is struggling. They all know that Hoskins needs a shot. This way, the situation will play out gracefully. An unhappy clubhouse is not what you want.

            3. No, I think that’s the reality of professional sports and pretty much always has been since Lou Gehrig put star Wally Pipp on the bench for good. There are exceptions and odd circumstances, but ToJo isn’t a guy who you stick in the exception category.

            4. And, by the way, if I’m a capable guy who wants to win and the manager keeps playing the guy who is clearly worse out of some misplaced feeling of loyalty, well, that’s going to set me off.

          3. I like that the Phillies are trying Hoskins in LF. If he can play even just an adequate LF, it increases his positional flexibility (and his value). It’s an experiment that has no downside but could have some upside. Hoskins can move back to 1B at any time and should have no issues doing so. And according to most reports, he’s not super gifted at 1B anyway.

            1. The Phillies playing Hoskins in LF has little to do with Joseph and more to do with them not having other options for the OF right now. Once Odubel and Altheer get back, Joseph will take over 1b and Joseph will become a bench player for the rest of the season

              There is no sentiment involved and they are not letting Joseph redeem anything since he has nothing to redeem. He’s just not a good enough of a hitter for 1b. If he could have stayed behind the plate, he’d be the starting catcher right now.

              Other teams know what Joseph can do at 1b. If there were any interest, he would have been traded back in July..

  6. Can you please go to the previous format. I liked looking at the box scores. Don’t punish us all for the mistakes of a few odd ducks.

    1. JoeMo………it did take up too much of his time.
      You can still however check the daily box scores just by clicking on the links he has colored, and even see the narrative write-ups.
      If you want more….then just click on the blue link of, which he does post in every daily recap:

      Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

      1. The new format makes this website almost pointless to visit. Why do I need to read a daily sticky post that just links to a bunch of box scores? If it’s too time consuming, ask for help or something.

        1. It’s a free world, don’t visit anymore. Jim has a right to post what ever he has time to post, unless you want to pay a subscription fee…

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