Box Score Recap – 8/21/2017

Here is the box score recap.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Lehigh Valley won in ten innings. Logan Moore had 3 RBI and scored the winning run.  Scott Kingery had the game winning hit.

Reading shut out Bowie.  Franklyn Kilome pitched eight, 3-hit innings.

Clearwater was scheduled off.

Lakewood lost a one-run game.  Arky Gamboa hit 2 solo HRs.

Williamsport lost large.  Josh Stephen and Greg Pickett homered.

The GCL Phillies won, 7-4, and moved back into first place in the division when the Blue Jays lost.  I missed half the game because they moved the start time up to 10:30 AM.  So, I won’t have a separate game report.  Manuel Silva pitched five innings and only gave up one unearned run.  Justin Miller gave up one run and left with the bases loaded.  IMO, he was victimized by his defense on a ball that should have been caught and would have defused the inning.  Oscar Marcellino stranded all three runners when he got the third out on a K. Rafael Carvajal gave up 2 late runs as the Phillies held on for the win

Most of the offensive action occurred before I got to the game.  The Phillies scored 4 runs in the third inning on a force out off the bat of Rafael Marchan, a 2-run triple by Ben Pelletier (.333), and an RBI single by Brayan Gonzalez.  They score 2 runs in the fourth on a 2-run single by Quincy Nieporte (.325).  And they tacked on a run in the sixth on a throwing error.

It was surmised that the game time was moved up due to the solar eclipse.  But, I think that the start time was moved up so that Phillies personnel could attend the service for Darren Daulton.  After the game ended, several coaches and other Phillies people I recognized rushed out to their cars, dressed in appropriate clothing.

Darren Daulton was a local personality in Clearwater.  He was the most approachable celebrity I have ever seen.  When he spoke with you, he gave you the feeling that you had been life-long friends.  He always gave the impression that he remembered you from the last time you saw him.  The photo above is from the first time I actually met Darren.  We were at our first spring game after moving to Clearwater – the Florida State game that the Phillies played before the 2012 Spring Training games started.  We were in the Tiki Terrace, and we saw Darren walking from Frenchy’s toward the third base concourse.  My wife held up her camera and implored him to pose for a picture.  Darren stopped, turned, and smiled.  Then he said, “No, no not like that.  You come up here and get in the picture, too.” He was personable.  He was patient.  He was a man’s man.  He was a woman’s dream. Darren was like this with every fan I saw approached him.  Every time.  He was still outgoing the last time I saw him at the Complex during Phantasy Week this past January. He had been in the hospital but came to the Complex to see his former teammates.  When he exited the clubhouse, he was recognized and surrounded by the small group of fans who happened to be outside the door.  He was so unsteady on his feet that Tommy Greene discreetly placed the palm of his hand on Dutch’s lower back to steady him.  After several minutes, Greene helped him to and into a waiting vehicle.  Even during his weakest moment, Darren put the fans first.

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  1. I was diagnosed with stage IV neck cancer in summer of 2015. I’m now in the fourth round of this fight, following multiple treatments, many horrible surgeries, and now the latest drug treatments. It’s now in my lungs and blood. There is no cure for my ‘advanced’ cancer but I’m not deemed terminal. I’m only 51 so Dutch’s passing has been particularly hard for me. I wish I met him. I actually wore his jersey I bought in 1992 to the last game (a 3-2 win) the Phillies just played at Sun Trust Park, here in Atlanta. The fans were all classy. I really don’t know why I’m sharing all this…it’s just so close to me. I love baseball so much. And I know it’s trivial in the grand scheme of things – I have a wonderful family and strong support system – but I read this darn blog every single day. Jim, we all thank you for all the work you put in to this. It helps keep us avid and devoted fans connected to the organization deeply. Personally, I guess I’m just saying thank you again for bringing me closer to the game everyday.

    1. God bless you keep up the fight he sees all suffering. My dad’s 90 I take care of him the one thing he always do together is watch sports. I see him suffer everyday with most things we take for granted . Darren Daulton had the same cancer as my step mom it’s crazy .

    2. Thank you for sharing, BigPhan. I can’t imagine what you are going through. We’re all a bunch of strangers on here, but we’re also a community. I think it’s safe to say that everybody on here has you in their thoughts and is 100 percent behind you in your fight.

    3. You are sharing this, because Jim makes this a community you can feel comfortable doing so, BigPhan. I admire you for being so candid about your battle with neck cancer. You are young. Age is on your side. Count me and, I’m sure, many others in Jim’s gang as being just another support group. You’re not alone, bro. Good luck and God speed, if you’re religious. My prayers are with you.

        1. My prayers are with you. My mom fought this terrible disease when I was five and she was 45.back in the fifties she died at 97. The biggest thing she had was the will to live. keep up the fight and never give up. MY prayers are with you god bless.

    4. Fight the good phight, my man! We will all be pulling for you.

      Hopefully this blog gives you some pleasure to take your mind off the difficult and scary things in life.

      Thank you for sharing and Godspeed.

    5. BigPhan, all the best to you. One thing this board comes together on is the health and welfare of our own.

    6. Good example of why I also read “this damn blog every single day”. BigPhan, your prospects are looking up.

    7. Thanks to all for the warm thoughts and kind replies. I apologize for getting this group off on my tangent as this is a baseball forum first and foremost.

      Here’s to hoping that these prospects we discuss everyday help bring a World Championship to Philly as soon as possible!

  2. BigPhan, This terrible disease hits many people close to us. Prayers to you and everyone close to you. This forum helps out more than many us know. Things like what you’re going through puts our petty bull in perspective. Prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

  3. Bigphan, I just whatched a cmdocumentary called “What the Health” on youtube. Man I made me think about what I am eating. I suggest you watch it and look into it.
    The thing, is that nothing is believable anymore. Too much money involved in everything.

  4. I met Dutch at a few Phillies Phantasy Camps and he really was the nicest guy. He truly seemed to enjoy talking to the fans while he and his ex teammates seemed very close. They all looked up to Dutch very much. He’ll be missed by many.

  5. As for baseball, I was waiting for a superior start by Kilome and this was it. 8 shutout innings, his best start of the year. He just needs to get the walks down. Kingery extending his hit streak with a game winner in the 10th is exciting. Eshelman with an excellent start and he was going against a lineup that included Trea Turner and Werth on rehabs. Way to go GCL squad, behind Pelletier, Nieporte, and Gonzalez in the middle of the lineup every day, on regaining 1st. You’re our only playoff hope

    1. An Orioles friend of mine was at Bowie last night and was sending me Kilome updates. He said the first two innings they had a bunch of guys on base but FK kept them off the board. After that, he said they couldn’t do anything off him all the way through the 8th. He also said he was still sitting mid 90’s right to the end. Very encouraging (sans the 4 walks of course).

    2. LHV is 2 games back in the wildcard race but too many guys have been promoted recently to help cut that lead. Guys like Tocci take a little time to acclimate. Kingery and Crawford are playing well right now and all they need is little help from the rest of the team. A timely hit here and a BB there and they have a shot. The pitchers have to buck up and give some decent performances. Another guy hitting pretty well right now is Logan Moore. He’s a true professional who is great behind the plate and his bat can show up from time to time. I’m not ruling it out but I’m also not going to bet even a diet coke on them succeeding.

    3. I posted this elsewhere, after attending the Reading – Bowie game last night. I’m aware now that Kilome has a curve ball in his arsenal so you can ignore my comment on 2 and 4 seamers. I was not sitting behind home plate.

      – – –

      Back from the game where Kilome shut out the Bowie Bay Sox on 3 hits over 8 innings with Jeff Singer hurling a clean 9th inning. The Sox are generally a good hitting team with some power bats.

      The first point, and it may be self evident, but the 22 year old Kilome showed in his second start for Reading that he belongs in AA and is up to giving dominant performances at this level. He lacks pinpoint control and walked at least 4 batters (I haven’t checked the box score) but he wasn’t running a lot of deep counts aside from the walks. It was odd but as the evening wore on, Kilome had better success missing bats. The first two innings were played in the last of daylight and Bowie was barreling up on Kilome and even the outs were hit solidly. Then the game changed and Reading started hitting and the Bay Sox bats went silent.

      I would say that Kilome throws 2 types of fastball (2-seamer, 4-seamer) and a change-up which he used to get at least one strikeout. From where I sat, close to the action but on the 3d base side, he didn’t have a notable breaking pitch but his 2-seamer seemed to have some movement.

      Kilome is all of 6’6″ and heavier than his listed 175 lbs. I would put him closer to 200 than 175, maybe 190. Can’t put too much stock in one viewing but it is not hard to see Kilome pitching at the AAA level this time next year and, if all goes well, coming to camp to compete for a spot in the Phils’ rotation some time in 2019. The key is how he responds to in game adversity, self-corrects, and I had no basis to observe that in this game. He made one good fielding play coming off the hill quickly to field a swinging bunt and throw out the batter at first. Kilome runs off the mound to the dugout after each inning and did so even after the 8th inning.

      Recently-promoted Reading catcher Devi Grullon made the defensive play of the game picking off a Bay Sox runner with a throw behind the runner, made from his knees. The runner had taken a reasonable lead but Grullon saw his opportunity and made the most of it in the 5th inning. It took the air out of Bowie as they were trying to mount a comeback. Grullon looks comfortable at bat. He’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.

      The biggest sleeper for Reading is second baseman Drew Stankiewicz, who should be their leadoff man and not batting 7th. He drew a full count the 3 times I was paying attention and had 2 solid opposite field hits (he’s left-handed), driving in the first 2 runs. He bears watching, too, and could an additional wrinkle to the Phils’ future plans at 2B.

      1. No offense but Kingery will be the future 2B. Stanky will be in the mix, with Valentin and Mora, for a utility job if he can play SS well enough. Can he?

        1. If Kingery remains healthy, on track and untraded for big fish (a Marlin, ha ha), he would seem to be the guy. Based on one viewing of Stankewicz, I’m not qualified to pass judgment on his future, including to play SS. He did make one nice play covering ground to his backhand side. But the throws from SS are different so I really can’t say. He is hitting .330 so he’s no slouch, beyond the ability I observed. He doesn’t draw much notice here but he should.

        2. He’s a utility guy Murray, but his main position is actually shortstop. He’s even played a few games at 1B and in LF. Drew is the son of Andy Stankiewicz, who some of us may remember…

  6. Kilome – great start. 4 BB; was he getting pinched or were they wild? They need him in LHV for the playoff push!

    1. I’m pleased with Kilome’s steady progress. I would like to see a few more K’s and a little more dominance as he gets more experience at AA.
      I’m a little concerned about his command and secondary pitches
      I’m saying that only because we are hoping he can be a top 3 starter in our future rotation

    2. Kilome was not getting squeezed on the calls. When he was off, it was both high and low. No real pattern. He’ll have time to work on command. For 2 innings he looked like a ‘pitch to contact’ pitcher. After that he was missing bats pretty successfully. I will remember that if at any time the Phils consider making him a reliever. He wasn’t dealing at the outset.

  7. I watched a little of Eshelman’s start. When I watch him I keep hoping to be dazzled, but never come away with that feeling. What Eshelman does is hit his spots almost every time – his command is around 80. As he moves up, however, I still think he’s going to need to acquire better breaking pitches because his other stuff just isn’t that good. He might be a work in progress for a while as he works on his breaking pitches and learns to pitch “backwards” which I think will be essential for him to succeed.

    Also, did you know that Eshleman is hitting .368 this year between AA and AAA?

    1. I agree. For Eshelman or any of these starters with below average velocity, they need supreme command and outstanding breaking pitches including a top level change up or other “trick” pitch in order to be anything above a back of the rotation starter

  8. Big Phan, I want to echo what everyone has said. You are in our prayers and Mike Honcho said it very well for me as well.

  9. On one hand I want to check the Lakewood box every morning b/c I want to see how Haseley is adjusting to his 3rd league this season, and on the other hand I don’t because seeing what an absolute dumpster fire Moniak has become is depressing.

    Gamboa was my sleeper pick for the season so it was nice to see him launch to HRs yesterday.

  10. Is Dylan Cozens benched or just getting rested? Don’t see him in the lineup against a RH pitcher? Looks like he needs another year in AAA to learn how to hit off speed pitches.

    1. He’s just being rested and yes he definitely will get more AAA time next year. The LHV OF next year will be Tromp, Tocci, Cozens and hopefully Pullin (tough 40 man decision). Cozens has things to work on but he has so much power that I think he’ll improve and be up next year sometime.

      1. Where does that leave Quinn? He has missed too much development time to be on the 25 man roster IMHO.

        1. Valid point but I think he’ll be the 4th OF in the majors. I think they’ll want that speed on the bench and may be ready to accept that he can’t play every day.

  11. Quinn has only played 45 games at Lehigh Valley, so I would think that if the organization wants to keep him, they would send him back there for at least half a season. It would be a lot of outfielders at LHV if they keep all these guys.

    1. He is going to winterball. He will have a shot for Phillies OF in spring, but more likely be in AAA to start. 2018 could be a make it or break season for his phuture as a phillie.

  12. VV to 60 day DL. Henderson Alvarez signed. Rios promoted, Pivetta up for tonight and Eflin officially DL’d.

  13. Looks like Lehigh ran into some really good pitching Fedde and who is this Austin Adams a 26 y/o with 86 K’s in only 55 IP?

    on a side note nice to see Cozen’s PH and draw a walk.

  14. Darick Hall has made a nice little late season run he has his OBP up to 342 and is OPSing 869…over 24 dingers. I doubt he ever starts an MLB game for the Phillies but if he keeps his profile moving in the right direction there good be some value to be had for him in the future.

    1. DMAR……..” I doubt he ever starts an MLB game for the Phillies”….I don’t know, can he play LF?
      That is the rite of passage for all blocked first basemen.

    2. He pitched in high School and college so he has the arm for the OF. His Dad and Uncle played minor league ball. Plus he’s just turned 22 and he’s LH .

      1. Like to see the Phillies put him out in one of the corners every once in awhile over these next 2/3 years. So if the day should come and he is ready for the majors….if LF is the only option at that moment…it is not totally foreign to him.

    1. rocco….LOL.
      He was the 8th round drafted mystery kid. Signed originally as a Latin free agent, then established US residency for awhile and then got drafted. Something like that.
      He must have something special.

    1. Excellent analysis.
      The correlation between the GB% and Contact% is something I do not see much often. But does look favorable for Hoskins.
      Interseting how Dan Murphy, Turner, carpenter and Kinsler were not considered to be plus hitters as they progressed thru the minors and develop that trait after being in the majors.
      The only ones who never considered Hoskins to not be a plus hitter were the national guys…we had him pegged from 2015 in Lakewood. Actually he has hit in every league from Sac State, to Australia, to DR winter ball and thru every level….maybe the short season stint in 2014 was his lowest..

  15. Rainout tonight in Williamsport. Tornado warnings. Doubleheader tomorrow. Most of the stuff from the MLB/LLB Classic is gone.

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