Box Score Recap – 8/22/2017

Here is the box score recap.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Lehigh Valley rallied to tie but lost late.  Jose Taveras was touched for 3 solo HRs.  Carlos Tocci had 3 hits.

Reading gave up 6 runs in the 8th and 9th, but outscored Bowie 4-1 in the tenth to win.Kyle Martin (21) hit 2 HR, Jiandido Tromp (16) and Drew Stankiewicz (4) hit one each.

Clearwater shut out Fort Myers.  Seranthony Dominguez (4-3, 2.97) overpowered the Miracle for six innings.  He only allowed 3 base runners – a badly misplayed triple by Jan Hernandez in right field in the first inning, a bloop single just out of reach of third baseman Emmanuel Marrero in the second, and a hit batter on a 3-2 pitch in the fourth. The single in the second was wiped out on a strike-em-out-throw-em-out double play.

Dominguez walked none and struck out six, five swinging.  His strike outs came on five fastballs and one slider.  His FB was 93-97 MPH, it sat 95-97 MPH.  He touched 98 MPH once in the sixth inning, his last.  His only flaw was that he threw only 10 of 20 first pitch strikes. Although he did throw strikes on 62.3% of his pitches (48/77).  He relied on his FB, throwing it on 80.5% of his pitches (62/77).  He threw a better percentage of strikes on his FB (69.4% on 43/62) than on his off speed stuff (33.3% on 5/15).

Cornelius Randolph (2.53) scored the Threshers first run when he led off the fourth inning with a double and eventually scored on a force out.  In the fifth, Emmanuel Marrero (2.54) led off with a double, moved to third on Mark Laird’s (.288) single and scored on Jose Gomez’ (.190) RBI single.  Laird scored on another force out.  The Threshers tacked on a final run in the eighth on Laird’s RBI single.

Tyler Gilbert (3.33) and Trevor Bettencourt (1.42) protected the shutout.

Lakewood got in front early and won.  Bailey Falter (8-6, 3.14) picked up the victory with five innings of 4-hit, 2-run ball.  Addison Russ (3.04) struck out 5 in three perfect innings. Will Hibbs (2.05) notched his 16th save.

Williamsport was postponed, rain.

The GCL Phillies won on the road, 1-0.  Eighth round pick, Jhordany Mezquita (2-0, 0.83) pitched six shutout innings.  He gave up 4 hits, walked one, and struck out five.  Victor Sobil (3.30) picked up his first save with three shutout innings with one hit, a walk, and 3 strike outs.  Keudy Bocio (.287) had 2 of the Phillies 5 hits.  Ben Pelletier (.331) had a single and scored the only run on a fielding error in the second inning.  Mezquita and Sobil made the one run hold up.  Kevin Markham picked up an outfield assist, throwing a runner out at home.  Mezquita picked a runner off at first.  And, Mitch Walding went 0-3 in his first rehab assignment.  The Phillies went 0-15 with RISP.


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    1. A lot has been made of Moniak’s problems as this season progressed. As a 19 yo, he’s getting a heavy dose of reality. He needs to do a lot of offseason work to build himself up for the daily grind of his baseball life from here on out. He’s hitting .075 in his last 10 games as his average has dropped from .251 to .237 over that period. It’s not pretty but in no way does this make him a bust. It shows he can’t live off being the #1 overall pick with a very good hit tool number. He has to show it every day. It starts with more conditioning and developing better recognition skills. Talent only takes you so far. The rest is hard work and learning to be the smartest guy in the room — or should I say, smartest guy on the diamond.

      1. how good is his hit tool really?

        I see bad metrics all around

        what can i point to, to say he has a good hit tool?

        1. Obviously that’s what it said in the scouting reports. Maybe those reports will turn out to be wrong.

      2. I really don’t think age is an excuse for this poor of a performance. He is overmatched.

        1. V1 and bellman – I believe if Moniak struggles next season, the Phillies will admit a mistake with that pick. I’m going to give him another season before I start nitpicking. His stats aren’t pretty but I trust our scouting team.

        2. Bob Horner, Pete Incaviglia, and and handful of others never played in the minors so I don’t understand why everyone else has to?

          Point being that what Vlad Guerrero is doing means nothing as it relates to Moniak or any other prospect. I expect being the son of a major league player has helped his transition but each player has their own learning curve.

          I don’t know if MM will ever succeed but pointing some other random player has nothing to do with his progression or regression..

      3. you wonder if it might be time to shut him down for the year. Not sure he’s learning much more at this point in the season. He’s struggling mightily. Going into next year with a fresh start and a clear head might be the best thing

        1. I agree

          They should have shut him down last week.

          He’s fallen off a cliff and is plummeting towards the .220s

          He’s dont mentally and physically

          give the kid a break and hope he can come back strong next year and hit like .250 or .260 in Lakewood

          1. Shut someone down because they’re struggling? That’s a joke right? They need to learn adversity. Yeah we should have shut down JPC when he was floundering

            1. Troll…they did shut JPC down for 10 days from June 10th thru 20th… was reported as an injury, but I think if he was not struggling but going great or it was playoff time, it was that type of an injury that he could have DHed or played thru.

            2. not a joke. it was just an observation/suggestion for a very young player who has a ton of expections from an entire fan base on his shoulders. not sure why you’re so sarcastic. we want him to learn adversity for sure but you do reach a point in a young player when they are struggling so much with mental and physical exhaustion and are struggling so much that a breather and a fresh start new year might be the best thing for him.

        2. I disagree, he needs to play through to the end and know that he finished. He needs to toughen up, it’s the professionals now.

        3. Shut down? I think that’s the last thing you do. The good players play through this kind of thing.

            1. I’m fine with a short rest also but I assume their season is close to being finished ( not sure how many games left) which is why I said for the year. I’d be fine with just a week or so.
              just something to help him catch his breath.

            2. guy84…yeah.
              That was the talk.
              Personally…does not matter to me one way or the other.
              As of today, twelve games left now…..a few weeks ago maybe there were 24 games left.
              His season is a disappointment for him and he needs to recharge in the off-season
              Have to assume after a few weeks off at home, comes back for the FIL and will spend plenty of time at the Complex.

          1. It’s ridiculous to continue running Mickey Moniak out there every day. The kid is obviously run down (physically and probably even more mentally). You don’t force him to play through it. You shut him down. Get him away from baseball for a couple of weeks. It happens. Remember Cole Hamels in 2009. He publicly stated he was drained and couldn’t wait for the season to end. He was looking forward to a fresh start. It’s no different in the case of Mickey Moniak. He’s in a funk (batting about .100 over the last 20 days). He understands there isn’t enough time left in the season to overcome his poor offensive numbers. He needs a fresh start (in 2018).
            Good luck to the kid next season. Here’s hoping he gets his young career back on track in 2018 !!!

      4. Positive, he’s a young 19. A a lot of kids his age just got drafted and he’s in full season ball. I’m a glass is half full guy and think his issues may be 70% exhaustion, and 30% approach. Some coaching and a (hopefully) brief repeat of A ball next year, could help the latter. Hopefully he get’s a good conditioning program and that helps with the former. I’m not off the Mickey wagon yet.

    2. Whoa whoa whoa.


      we’re supposed to pretend it’s not happening

      1. TG- IMO, You are the main reason why people bicker back and forth. Your attitude is sour. We know he is struggling but I have noticed the only time you comment on here is when it’s time to bash Moniak.
        He’s doing bad this year , we get it.

        1. Sorry in advance to the other posters but I had to say something. May mean the end of my time here but enough is enough with this guy.

        2. Give me 10 TG’s who criticize a draft pick at the time and put forward an alternative to a single 20/20 hindsight poster who waits till the jury has come in and then says, “I told you so!” It’s so easy to be an expert after the fact. MM doesn’t need daily discussion but at a point the organization itself begins to wonder if it made the right pick and the pros/cons of a pick ought to be what this site is about.

          1. But people who jump up and down afterward – at almost any opportunity – and yell – “See! I told you so! I was right! I was right! I was right!,” can be very annoying

        1. By the way, my concern with the recent picks is broader than MM, although that’s the most high profile problem (see, Tommy, I get it!).

          When you’re picking high, you want some successes. I’m concerned about all three of their last first round picks. I’ll try to reserve judgment on Haseley until he’s had an offseason to train and time adjust to professional ball, but we really need at least one of these guys to become a first division regular and if we don’t get that: (a) it will make the rebuild longer and harder; and (b) it will raise issues about the talent evaluation skills of our scouts and front office people.

      2. Tommy I agree with you, there’s no way to sugar coat it or ignore reality anymore. While it’s a tad early to say he’s a bust, it’s not out of line to say 2017 has been an unmitigated disaster.

        We can only hope it gets better from here.

          1. And my point isn’t that he’s struggling. JPC “struggled” through the first half. Moniak is an absolute tire fire. There’s a difference.

            1. JPC couldn’t hit his way out of a paper bag for most of the first half, so really no difference. MM did well first half. So his season is ending the way JPCs started. People were calling JPC a bust because of that. Look at him now. Enough said.

          2. I figured out the Tommy Gunn problem.

            Tommy, please honestly reply here that, “I hope Mickey Moniak becomes a better player than A.J. Puk.”

            If you can do that, then nobody should speak ill of you.

            If you can’t, then you deserve all the attention you’re getting.

            1. Of course I hope Moniak becomes a better player than AJ Puk

              It would be ridiculous to not hope that

              I hope he’s an all star

              I was all aboard the Moniak hype train after his GCL season

              After 3 live viewings of him this year plus these results we are seeing, I am not optimistic about him

              That doesnt mean I root i against him

      3. And by the way, your premise (that nobody is permitted to speak ill of Moniak’s performance) is just a flat out falsehood – we’ve all been noticing and commenting on his poor performance this year. It’s the biggest disappointment of the year.

      1. Forget about Puk – how neatly would Nick Senzel have fit in to this infield? Hoskins, Kingery, Crawford and Senzel. I’d take that for the next 7 years or so.

        1. And I agree, in hindsight missing out on Senzel (and Kyle Lewis I think) is the real killer of last years draft…..

      2. Curious you should mention him…question for the site – looking at only stateside players – besides Jimmy Rollins, who was the last high school hitter we drafted who starred in the majors? Was it Scottie?

        1. Travis d’Arnaud was a HSer.
          Also Altherr….Walding and Quinn jury is out on still.
          Most failed…Golson, Cardenas, Greene, Hewitt, Collier, Gose.Singleton came close, Dugan,

  1. LKW pitchers, Falter, Russ and Hibbs, had very good games. Hagerstown is a pretty good hitting team. LKW pitchers struck out 10 and gave up 12 GOs to 1 FO. They gave up 1 extra base hit, a double. They also induced a DP.

    1. That’s pretty impressive. Long ways to go, but that would be a nice stat for our MLB staff in the future.

  2. We needed to see a dominant start from Dominguez and this was it. Elniery Garcia, Kilome and now Dominguez have thrown very well. That’s very encouraging. Reading and Clearwater will have great rotations next year.

      1. You never know, he’s on the 40. He’s after Thompson and Andersen but still, I doubt it very much.

    1. Have to love the season we’ve had on the pitching front. It is easy to get down on the system when looking at the hitters, with a few big exceptions, but the continued growth on the pitching side has made this season completely worthwhile.

      1. Alvarez a bit of a puzzler…..always been hard thrower without much swing and miss….could be his lack of height with little downward plane action. Not sure.
        Perhaps poor secondary stuff. But will be interesting to see how how far his reclamation has come vs some better hitters than in the Indy Leagues.

        1. Romus before season I talked about Stephens who has been a disappointment. thought valentin might be a breakout player, didn’t like either Williams. In fact if you remember I laugh after watching tape on Williams when he was drafted I think he is hitting like 220. all the guys we talked, about my not liking nola as tor guy. the guy that imo might be the stud is that kid from hazelton. He might after all is said and done be the best pitching prospect we have. amazing how they found him.

          1. I can agree with you on stephen.

            Williams is interesting. The kids got some speed. He’s another young guy that may be a late bloomer.

          2. rocco…sometime you never can tell how some prospects, not named Trout or Harper, progress.
            Fangraphs mentions Daniel Murphy, Matt Carpenter, Justin Williams , Ian Kinsler… all young prospects that were not highly acclaimed according to outlets like BA/BP/ as they were coming up…and look were they all are at now.

        2. Jake Arrieta, Rich Hill, J.C. Ramirez. All reclamation projects having measurable, albeit different levels of success. Alvarez is younger than each of them. His signing doesn’t puzzle me. It’s a low cost lottery ticket, an experiment in a throw away season. At this point of the season he blocks no one.

    1. I’ll heading to Bowie for the Reading game tonight and was looking forward to sizing up Anderson. Hopefully Drew’s put AA in his tail lights.

      1. Drew needs to build off his AA season. The ERA is a product of several bad games but his WHIP is pretty solid at 1.12. Has 3/4 potential

  3. Between Medina, Seranthony, Kilome, Taveras, we’ve got some nice arms down in the farm. And we can’t forget about Sixto.

    We’ve had some struggles too, Moniak, Randolph seems stuck around that .250s mark. JPC is struggling lately…one game 😉

    I’m excited about the Phuture

    1. Every player adjusts at different rates. Some are first picks who are late bloomers, some are late picks and look like they should have been first rounders. This is what makes baseball fun. The “best” can fail or struggle and the “worst” can become perennial all stars.

    2. Taveras’ numbers are solid, but when I saw him on the 11th, he was sitting at 89 on his FB. Not sure how that translates at MLB level.

    3. You can add JoJo Romero, Ranger Suarez, Nick Fanti, Bailey Falter to that list and even Francisco Morales. I am much higher on our pitching prospects than any of the hitters not named Kingery or Crawford.

        1. Let’s say I’m cautiously optimistic on Hall. Older 1B with Rhys now in the Majors is going to be a tough row to hoe. He could be the next Howard/Hoskins or the next Rizzotti/Ruf. I’d love to see a complete scouting report on him.

          1. From last year’s Draft report….. very eerily weird, he was comping him and Hoskins at the time:
            “I really like Philadelphia’s selection of Darick Hall (219) in the fourteenth round. It might be asking for too much, but a breakout at Lakewood a la Rhys Hoskins in early 2015 is within the realm of possibility for the former Dallas Baptist two-way star. Hoskins kept it going at Clearwater later that season and then cemented his status as a “real” prospect in Reading this year, so the bar for Hall is high but not completely unreachable. For entertainment purposes only, here’s what Hall (top) and Hoskins (bottom) did as college juniors…

            .298/.417/.615 with 30 BB/49 K in 218 AB
            .319/.428/.573 with 39 BB/31 K in 213 AB

            Hall gets the slight edge in power (plus raw), though the Hoskins of today would surely give that a run for its money. I’m inclined to give Hoskins the edge as a hitter, but it’s really close. Approach is a win for Hoskins, but with the caveat that the move away from the mound could help Hall see some gains in this area. On balance, I like the Hoskins of 2014 a little more than I do Hall today, but it’s close enough that the wishful thinking that Hall can be one of baseball’s next under-the-radar first base prospects feels warranted.”

            1. I wonder what the organization thinks of Hall. There’s no one in Clearwater blocking him with only Wilson Garcia at first base. I thought he could have started the season in Clearwater and certainly merited a call up later in the season, like right after Damek Tomscha was called up to Reading.

  4. Arky Gamboa with 2 more hits. Nice! .228 to .247 in the last 10 days with a splash of power mixed in.

  5. Looks like all the catchers in the system are going to need to take some Spanish lessons with all this Latin American talent coming up…

    1. I assume that Alfaro, Grullon. Marchan, Aparicio, Lenin Rodrigiez, Duran and Torrealba may all pass on those Spanish lessons.

      1. There’s a poster on who always bashes the Phillies for their Latin talent lol

  6. It was funny to me yesterday – when Rios made his successful debut he was surrounded on the field by former teammates Alfaro, Florimon, Hoskins, Williams, and Perkins.

  7. Seranthony looks good, I hope he pulls a Sixto into his prospect status.

    Tocci is looking great, I never expected himnto reach AAA TBH.

    I Liked Kyle Martin when we drafted him, but his hit tool seems like Cozens.

    Regarding MM, he is just like Randolph, Irrelevant IMO.

    Thnx for your effort Jim.

    1. I love Seranthony and he might end up being a great player, but Sixto still throws harder and he’s at the same level even though he’s 4 years younger. Sixto’s age, level and ability set him apart from the others.

  8. Mark Laird has put up solid numbers since we drafted him. Is there anything there or is it just an org filler beating up on some younger guys?

    1. I saw Laird play a couple of games last week – he has real talent. Not sure why he isn’t considered a higher prospect unless he is an unknown. I know he is a bit older but he has a good all around game

  9. On another topic…Manager. Have to assume that as a result of the 2018 1:1 Draft Pick, the Phils may look to at least shake up the staff. I know Wathan has paid dues in AA / AAA. Would anyone consider him a good candidate? At a minimum, he has coached many of the teams next gen of players. Also, is there a Pitching Coach in the minors that can help? Personally, I’d love to see Utley return as a player / manager given his ‘assistance’ this year in working with the young players in LA.

  10. When did we sign Henderson Alvarez? He’s actually somewhat intriguing . . . IF he can stay healthy he has proved that he can pitch at the mlb level, as a 23 and 24 year old he posted a 3.59 (102 ip) and 2.65 (187 ip) . . . If you look deeper those ERA won’t be as impressive as he doesn’t K a lot but he also keeps the ball in the yard. Interesting guy to give a shot to tho.

  11. My (admittedly oversimplified) take on the Phillies farm system. There are some strong hitters in the upper minors some of whom are already in the majors (Hoskins, Williams), but few in the lower minors. The pitching situation is the reverse; the young pitchers in the upper minors and on the Phillies have been mostly disappointing, but there appear to be a lot of good young pitchers in the lower minors.

    The question is: can the older hitters and younger pitchers combine to form the nucleus of a contending team?

    1. Good hot take. As you admitted, a bit oversimplified. I think we’re all sleeping on Ortiz. This kid just keeps flashing potential and his batting line is very healthy so far as an 18-year-old kid in the ny/penn.

      1. rocco…he already pitched out on the West coast vs the Angels…struck out Trout, didn’t he?
        He is ready.

        1. Anderson’s minor league record looks ok except for one thing. Too many walks! I have noticed that even pitchers who avoided walks in the minors, walk more people in the majors (see Nick Pivetta), so anyone who has too many walks in the minors is likely to run into trouble as major league hitters are more selective and major league umpires may be less accommodating.

          1. Yeah that will be an issue for him.
            Makes you appreciate more what a young pitcher like Sixto does with his excellent command and low walk rate.

            1. Yes that is a great WHIP… does not give up many hits.
              His H/9 is exceptional.
              And he is not in the 4- BB/9 range, which is abysmal…..but over 3 BB/9 this year is a little higher than what you want in the minors, because how will it translate in the majors He was under 3 last season

          2. Anderson was only brought up in case he was needed tonight, will be sent down tomorrow so Thompson can come up and start.

    1. Looks like Drew Anderson is working out of the bullpen, because they got taxed yesterday (thanks Pivetta).

    1. Jeff … it was an interesting read. Maybe the biggest highlight (as a Phillies fan) was the Angels being listed as the worst team in baseball in 2020 … just before Mike Trout can opt for free agency. At the same time the Phillies should be one of the best young teams in MLB, and still have the financial wherewithal to pay Trout.

      1. Hinkie unless they are getting some fa how can you say they will be one of best young teams. with no pitching. and suspect hitting. Not one superstar player not a allstar. and they are one of the best. There draft starting with mm doesn’t look like its that great. yet they are coming I wish I could see it.

    2. Hoping to see Ortiz in the outfield by 2020. Phillies need a big bat and he could be it. Am I being too optimistic?

  12. Hall with 2 HRS and 7 RBIs tonight – breaks both the season HR and RBI records at Lakewood. Both HRs no doubters.

    1. Yeah, I saw him in spring, during spring training, taking batting practice with Moniak on a back field. He really stood out. Most everything he hit was barreled well and showed great pull power. Now, it was just batting practice but you could see his potential.

  13. Picked up Alvarez for Sept. , they need depth because of injuries and young starters have reached their max innings.

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