Box Score Recap – 8/16/2017

It is becoming apparent to me that the time I invest in preparing the recaps is far more than needed.  Very little of what I report actually trickles into the comments section.  In fact, it appears (to me at least), that the recap is just another venue for you to redundantly bitch about recent draft picks, blame players and scouts for injuries, condemn affiliates for promotions, and all manner of other negativity that is reminiscent of the forums over in another .com.

So, as my time is becoming increasingly more important to me, here is a bare bones recap.

Lehigh Valley and Reading lost in the 11th and 9th innings respectively.

Clearwater was outhit 12-4 yet was gifted a win on a couple of Mets’ errors.

Lakewood and Williamsport lost by identical 5-1 scores.

And, I watched Dalton Guthrie’s debut with the GCL Phillies and their movement into first place with a victory over the Blue Jays.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Now you can more quickly turn your attention to the more important business of criticizing all aspects of the organization.  Which is your right here.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t do that.  It’s just that I don’t feel the need to spend hours producing a recap that only serves as a preface to a comment section, the recent nature of which I am no longer proud.  And look how early I can publish this.  Works for me.

Have at it.


116 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 8/16/2017

  1. Of course there are productive “bitching sessions” and not productive bitching sessions, but on a marginally related topic Jim I wanted to mention what I guess is all to obvious, which is that the comments seen are the tip of the proverbial iceburgh in terms of the thoughts that are stimulated by the information provided in your recap! I for one really appreciate all the effort you put into setting up the forum, and though I value the personal observations you are able to synopsize into the recap, I really appreciate the forum without it also so either way – thanks!

    1. Jim,

      First, thank you for what you do for this site and the box score recap. I look forward to and consume the recap daily, without contributing to the comments. Please do not think that the negative comments represent the entire reader community. I particularly enjoy your personal insights to the GCL and Clearwater games, and believe many others do as well. I hope those contributions can continue in some format. However I respect your decision to do as you wish with your personal time.

      1. Rover, For the longest time, readers like you have been the reason that I have continued to conduct “business as usual”. And I’m not trying to quell the free expression of ideas. But, I don’t want to continue to be associated with a site that is drifting toward “trollism” and is beginning to feel like the sites I abandoned as a reader when I first found Phuture Phillies back in 2011.

        1. Jim – I couldn’t agree with you more. I am disgusted with the negative comments myself. Many on this site contend they can do better than the Phillies FO. But yet have no experience at all. Never sat in a scout’s meeting but know much more then the Phillies scouts do. I am on your side in this.

        2. Jim, I want to thank you for all you do for this site. Personally, it is the first thing I read in the morning. Like the readers above I genuinely look forward to the recap as I want to see how the future of the team is progressing, and I particularly look forward to your insights on Clearwater and the GCL, as I value highly your insights. The comments section has become increasingly painful of late, and frankly it is annoying, and I completely understand your frustration. I hope you’ll stick with us and hopefully some of our better commentators can “get us back on the rails, so to speak. Thank you again for everything that you do!

        3. Jim,

          I wanted to add my appreciation for all the work you do to make this site succeed. It’s hard to second guess any decision you make regarding how you spend your time in the selfless way you do. It is the work of more than one person which is probably why it’s impossible for you to take additional time to model the kind of posting that you would find most beneficial for the site.

          For me, the value of the site is the introduction it makes to the Philly farm system. As I suspect is true for many, game outcomes at the MiLB level matter less than performance by key prospects. I can get game scores elsewhere but harder is to find the context — who is surging, who is injured, who is overmatched and may have been promoted too quickly. The input offered occasionally from insiders and media covering the teams is valuable. So too is the first person accounts by players who might otherwise be quite unfamiliar without the analysis this site provides on a daily basis.

          I felt reading your message above that likely a great deal of what people glean from being regular readers is not reflected in reader comments. I think the evidence for that is found in the best, most thought-provoking comments.

          The good news as I see it is that no personal enmity has been formed — as it easily can on blog sites –amongst those of differing views. There are schools of thought that arise on certain topics such as the value of WAR, sabremetrics vs. the ‘eye test’, etc. I’m comfortable with those differences and sense for the most part you are as well.

          In sum, this is a very good and worthwhile site for the consumers and I didn’t get a strong sense in your remarks above that you recognize at this moment the kind of contribution you make on a daily basis.

        4. Jim,

          I have many times written my admiration for what you do and reiterate that now.

          In addition to all of the information you assemble and write, I am a big fan of your writing style and your wit.

          I read the recaps and especially find your Thresher and GCL observations invaluable. I also enjoy the debates in the comments sections. Even, and sometimes especially, the spirited debates. However, the personal attacks aren’t called for and. Not that anyone should listen to me, but I would encourage posters to treat each other respectfully.

          Finally, PhuturePhillies is my daily must-read and will remain so. And that’s thanks to you.

      2. I couldn’t even remember how to post a message on my own it has been so long since I posted. The posts today echo my own. I check out your site every morning. I also realize the huge commitment of time it was take to do this. Thank you! Is there a way to ban people (after a warning) who are taking your site’s comment section down a path you wish it not to go?

      3. I agree with this! I read this site every morning when I wake up and I dont think ive ever commented.

        1. I just found out about the site over a year or so ago. I’ve enjoyed it very much. I like seeing the recap but many times I can’t even wait, I look at the milb site. I can see his point about respecting his time, if he feels that way I’d suggest doing what is suited for him, but .. it is appreciated.

          Nice to be able to talk to other “phans” about our minor league affiliates, with some true baseball fans.

    2. IHeart, I used the word “bitch” to convey a negative connotation. So, in my mind, there are no productive “bitching sessions”. I am tired of the harping that goes on here, the “my guy they didn’t pick is so much better than the guy they did pick” arguments and the relentless need to “prove” it; the “I want to be the first to say that so-and-so sucks” and then remind you that I was the first to say it the day after he was drafted/traded for/signed; the pervasive anticipation for the front office to fail so that attacks on it can begin in earnest; and the many other negatives undercurrents that I perceive developing.

      1. Jim, this site is the first thing I read every day. We are so fortunate to have someone like you who reports on our minor leagues. I don’t post as much as some guys because It is a turn off with the constant griping. Please keep up the good work.

        1. Agreed, Fifth. I may not comment much but I come to read this site every morning. I work a desk job 8:30 to 5 mon thru friday and check this site and many others throughout the day. Phuture Phillies is the only such site that I also check every morning on Saturday and Sunday as well.

          The comments can be iffy, I post more comments on other sites only because I’d rather read about prospects than post things I don’t know very well, and this site is weak in the bitchy department compared to others.

          Jim, keep doing what you’re doing and focus on the recaps and excellent posts you make rather than the comment section. You’re keeping the site afloat, not them (us).

      2. I’m surprised people mind the negative opinions so much. I read this site every morning and never comment. It’s interesting to hear everyone’s differing points of view. Are we maybe being a little too sensitive? Jim runs the site (and it’s great) and he should run it however he pleases. But negative commenters are just as valuable (at times) to those who look through rose-colored glasses at the Phillies farm. Oh well… hope the site doesn’t suffer cause it rocks

        1. romus only other guy from Russia was Victor Cole for pirates in 1992. I don’t remember him.

          1. rocco…me too. I am sure there have been others.
            Perhaps the way Kuznetsov is pitching, one earned run in over 20 innings….maybe stretch him out and eventually ‘Putin’ the rotation 🙂

      3. yeah like when someone says nothing to see here about a prospect someone isn’t informed about or when someone calls a prospect just a warm body did you mean that kind of commenting

  2. Jim, I am one of probably the 95% who read your posts every single day but never comment. Thank you for what you do. Put up ads, start a patreon, make money off of this website. You have earned it. You provide an invaluable service to Phillies fans. But please don’t let a few negative comments ruin the amazing work you do. You’ve done a great job since taking over the site.

    1. What he said. I specifically scroll through everything to get to your first hand recaps of GCL and Clearwater, which are incredible and invaluable as a phillies fan and a baseball fan. Like the other poster, I rarely ever comment but find myself on the site multiple times a day. My fiancé makes fun of me for how often I read this site (and have been since 2008).

      Likewise, I also scroll right past certain commenters, many of which seem relatively new to the site and add nothing meaningful but continue to be in the middle of every redundant argument and pollute the comment sections on a daily basis.

      Consider adding a terms of service to the site and blocking specific commentators that do not follow it – phuturephillies should be a privelge, not a right.

    2. I wholeheartedly agree with the comments by RedRover and Warren. Read your work every day and thoroughly enjoy it but never post. Thank you for all your time and effort over the years. Ignore the negative comments by the 1%. Most of those comments are probably by the same few posters

    3. Warren, I agree.

      Jim, if you asked for volunteers to pay for this site, I’d do it in a heart beat.

  3. Jin, I appreciate all you do.

    Additionally, I was Impressed with Kilome’s second AA start.

  4. I’m here just about everyday. I also love everything you do for this site. And I agree, sometimes I hit the comments section and just leave because for the 45th time we get to hear how Senzel is outperforming MM.

  5. Me too alot of bitching can be done in open discussion. It’s the end of the season the bats are going dead . Tromp did hit a HR and H rod has a double. Still no word on Dyer , Elsemann is the man second full yr and in AAA.

    1. Tim … from what I know, Grant Dyer is recovering from TJ surgery, and probably won’t pitch again until next season. He turned out to be a real find for Johnny Almaraz as an 8th round draft pick last year.

  6. Jim-
    I read your posts — particularly your first hand observations — religiously. I don’t comment often. Please know your work isn’t just appreciated, its PART OF MY DAY. Comment sections over the course of a long season can become like a desert of grumps and cranks. They’re not representative of your audience, I assure you.

    Thank you again,

    1. Jim,
      dlhunter said it best for me. I rarely comment but am religiously on this site. I work a part time night job and some time hope you get your daily update in by 3-4am as I consider myself Phillies minor league geek with my continually checking of the minor league box scores. Please don’t give up or get frustrated, please just know your work and knowledge is appreciated and enjoyed

  7. Jim … I look forward to your daily observations from the GCL Phillies and the Clearwater teams. Just yesterday, your scouting report on Jakob Hernandez (as well as Mezquita and Sobil) helped me to better understand how the Hefty Lefty goes about his business on the mound. I understand you have a life outside of this website, and if finding the time to post a more detailed recap has become more difficult, by all means, post the abridged version. As far as the box score threads deteriorating into fistfights over past draft picks, I acknowledge those arguments belong in the open thread or in one of V1’s threads (Mickey Mo and the 70 hit tool), but I have to admit I do find the second guessing of draft picks (and trades) to be interesting and even entertaining.
    In any case, thank you for all your hard work. This is my favorite website.

  8. Ok, it’s time to weigh in now…

    I’m a longtime reader and appreciator of this site! I’m here multiple times each day and even started doing my own organizational roster Chart based on your reports. I also love the extra reports by you and the other guys. However I’m not that guy who writes his opinion under each post or starts offending other guys here.

    Your site even made it to Germany (where I’m from), so it would be a shame that some certrain ‘readers’ destroy all the good things 95% of all persons get to know each and every day.

    A day can’t start better, than connecting to this site at 8am german time and read all the stuff that happened last night around the Phillies minor Teams.

    There was a blog that allowed comments in Germany a little while ago, with the same result as here: People started bitching so the author decided to stop allowing ppl to comment his posts. I mean this is the last thing you could do, but it would certainly help.

    I deeply hope that you continue all your effort and time. I will try to be more active – in a positive way – in the comments section 🙂

    1. PHI34 et al above, As you probably noticed a couple hours after I posted this “recap” I also posted a game report on the GCL Phillies, a report I started even before I hit the “Publish” button for this article. Ironically, I decided to publish the GCL article without the ability to comment. It did occur to me that I have a large “silent majority” who follow Phuture Phillies, a group that used to include players and families of players.

      I’m not reacting to comments directed at me. Although I’m probably a little too ‘thin skinned” for this type of undertaking, almost all comments to and about me have been extremely positive and supportive. In fact, the only negative comment I can recall was someone likening my earliest spring training reports to those of a 12-year old girl writing in her diary.

      I would have provided a Clearwater report last night, but decided in the late afternoon to forgo attending the game. The Florida humidity is really taking its toll on me at the noon games coupled with the late nights I spend on the Recap. And while I enjoyed the “Tebow experience” on Monday and Tuesday, I didn’t really care to do it again last night.

      For the record, Tebow has had a major impact on Threshers attendance. A team that averages 8,390 paid attendance Monday thru Wednesday drew double that this week – 17,083.

      1. Jim…appreciate all the effort and dedication you have put into this site over the years. Can understand the time constraints it could have on you and also the family, especially when the grand kids come to town. Your first hand observation of the players is invaluable.So whatever you decide, is I am sure, understandable by the readers.

        1. Romus looking at this Russian Kid Anton. I Wonder how much baseball he played in Russia. to get signed. I Never heard of a kid from Russia before. In fact I think altheer is first from Germany that I heard of. I know with there weather how much could they have played.

          1. Altherr’s father was in the Military so I think he was just born in Germany I think he spent most of his formative years in AZ…

          2. @Jim: Yeah it’s kind of weird that you actually posted a Topic without allowing readers to post while I suggested the same thing 🙂

            I know that most of the comments are not written about you or your posts, but I belive it just affects you as much as it would do when somebody attacked you in some certain way.

            @Rocco: there are lots of (semi-)professional Baseball leagues – even in russia I guess – however I wonder why a scout would fly to Moscow hoping to find any talent. But this Kuznetsov guy is quite ok for what I read in the last months.

            Aaron Altherr was born in Germany but I don’t think he sees himself as a german native tho 🙂 I guess at least one of his parents worked for the army or sth else…

          3. correct. Altherr’s mother was military and born in Landstuhl, Germany’s Army Hospital. Then got transferred stateside. Father was German.
            As for Kuznetsov….not sure what kind of baseball is played in Moscow. Cannot imagine he lived there his entire life from childhood and played there, perhaps something lie Altherr’s situation, born there but then moved with family to another area in Europe where kids play baseball….who knows maybe parents moved to Cuba and played in Cuba as a youngster…now that would be a real turn of events.

            1. Romus I think the babip, war. and tirk and gldi are getting jim mad. You got to stop posting these confusing sabermetrics. its keeping me up at night trying to find out what your talking about. I also need a dictionary with the big words.

            2. Love the site! It is great info on the Phillies farm, especially in the lonely confines of SC. Altherr’s dad I believe was a soccer player on the German National team.

  9. Sorry you feel this way jim. Personally one of my favorite things, is to ask you about kids you see in person. from gcl and Clearwater. I love the personal observation you give. Hope you don’t stay with the small info about previous games. But if you do, I still enjoy whatever insite you can give on players you see.

  10. Jim, thanks for giving us regular posters a much needed wakeup call. None of us are entitled. This is a free site. I will make every effort to check my impulse to jump on a topic like it’s an itch I just want to scratch. This is a sounding board for thoughtful questions, answers and opinions on who and how young ball players are developing, not a forum for would be comedians and certified curmudgeons (which I’m guilty of at times). Sorry for having taken your efforts for granted.

    And again, thanks for all the hours, no matter how much it is a labor of love for you.

  11. As a dad of a player in the system this forum I visit daily . It’s the place I come a few times a day to see how all the kids are doing. It’s a shame how some posters down kids in the system but I enjoy the positive and negative views a lot of posters have. I agree that some posters seem to have a vendetta against some players and that’s a shame. Theses are kids going after their dream. None of these kids plan on having bad days but some posters seem to hold these players personally accountable. As a parent I can tell you they work extremely hard at their craft. I choose to scroll past the ugly negative post. Have to be thick skinned if your child is in the spotlight.
    Sorry for the long post, but I’ve been visiting this awesome awesome site for a long time and to see the lack of respect to Jim and players is a shame. Hopefully is gets back to what it should be. Information about how kids are doing. Good and bad but not personal hits at these great players trying to fulfill their dreams.
    Thank you.

    1. I know who you are and remember meeting and talking to you this spring. I freely admit that knowing that parents come here has influenced this, my most recent “hissy fit”. It pains me what you and other parents have to read here if you decide to read the comments. I know that if I were a “real” reporter that I shouldn’t care, but I can’t help it. I took the liberty of editing part of your comment to protect the anonymity of your son. And, thank you for your comment and readership.

        1. I think by all of the responses I hope you continue doing this fantastic job. I search everyday through this site to get info and I don’t post because I don’t feel I should. Just wanted to add my 2sense in because this site is very informative and is where I get my info as to whats going on throughout the whole system. Thanks Again

  12. Jim,
    I’ve read these recaps everyday since you started doing them and this is my first comment on the site. It’s a great concise place to get my fix and knowledge of everything that’s gong on both good and bad. I barely read the comments not because of lack of interest but lack of time. The recaps do provide me great info for discussion at work though with my fellow Phils fans. Thank you for all the dedication and hard work.

  13. Regarding Dylan Cozens, who’s season started relatively well but has trended south to the point that he’s been rarely mentioned – he’s on the 40man roster and while he hasn’t “earned” a promotion, a Sept call up might be a good idea. Current injuries to the major league roster might provide him with an opportunity to redeem an otherwise disappointing summer. I wouldn’t suggest this idea for every prospect but it might give all concerned an unexpected boost and in this case, what is there to lose. I don’t see an unnecessary risk here.

    1. RE: Cozens, I’m totally ok with it. First year in AAA is going to challenge most prospects in ways they probably never imagine. End the season up with the big guys then go home and relax and see what improvements/adjustments you can make going forward.

      Tomscaha has been a pretty good solider for the Phillies. His 4th season in the org now 25 he has a really good idea on how to hit and get on base. I wish he had a little more pop but if I were going to send Franco down and call up a 3B he would be my guy.

      And lastly what was going on with Jetpax yesterday get a CS and a PO….don’t make a habit out of that as you will get blasted for having a low BBIQ. LOL

      1. DMAR, the PO and CS were the same play, not two different events.

        “With J. P. Crawford batting, Scott Kingery picked off and caught stealing 2nd base, pitcher Jayson Aquino to first baseman Pedro Alvarez to shortstop Paul Janish”

        SB: Rodriguez, H (1, 2nd base off Aquino/Sisco).
        CS: Kingery (2, 2nd base by Aquino/Sisco).
        PO: Kingery (1st base by Aquino).

        I don’t know why they report it this way. The first entry is from the Log, the second from the Box Score. You’ll notice that on the CS they give the credit to the battery even though the catcher (Sisco) doesn’t figure in the physical execution of the play.

        If Kingery had been tagged out returning to first base, a CS would not have been recorded. But since the out occurred at second, the CS was added to the PO.

        1. Ya see Jimmy that is why I need you and the superb work that you do providing us with the recaps. If left to interpret on my own what went down I would be upside down on so many things 🙂

          But you’re right I’m guilty as charged the past couple of days bitching way too much.

    2. Have no problem with them calling him up for September if for no other reason than to break up the routine and allow him to be around the big league staff for a few weeks..

      If he gets a few starts during that time that would be gravy…

    3. I believe it will either be Stassi OR Cozens getting called up today since they’re both 40man guys and only ones healthy and available.

  14. I love your daily recaps Jim. So detailed and informative. Perfect summary that I look forward to every day.

    The daily box score doesn’t always spur a unique thought/reaction. I try to not comment unless I have a unique thought. But I can see why it can get frustrating seeing the daily banter.

    Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for this community.

  15. Wow I’m incredibly impressed by the amount of posts from names I don’t recognize

    @Singsing if you ever catch me being disrespectful to a player please call me out on it

    And I have to echo 8Mark who couldn’t have stated it any better. My apologies.

    1. Like many others I view this site several times a day, but rarely comment. I appreciate the time Jim puts into it and his personal observations on the games he attends. I’ve been a Phillies fan since 1963 when Don Demeter was my favorite player.

      1. Don Demeter, he was my favorites, too, until he was traded in 1963 and Johnny Callison took his place as my favorite. But, hey, Gus Triandos AND Jim Bunning. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

        1. The Bunning trade was one of the best the Phillies ever made. I also remember Wes Covington because I thought the way he held his bat was so cool!

  16. Long time reader here as well, first ever post. The box score recap is part of my morning routine and you do a great job with it. Thank you for your hard work over the past few years. It’s greatly appreciated and please don’t let the trolls get to you. They’re in every corner of the internet but they don’t represent the majority of readers. Thanks again.

  17. Jim – thanks for the work you do, it’s appreciated by many of us.
    Great night by Eshelman and Rios, two arms that could be in Philly soon. Kilome pitched better but still not close to dominant. Tomscha is killing it at AA. He’s not a prospect but he’s been a valuable veteran guy. Congrats and welcome to Guthrie and I know Lindow doesn’t throw hard but he sure has something going on.

  18. Jim,

    This is my first comment in a few years.

    As is the case with I’m sure many other people, we all have our lists of websites we check out first thing in the morning. PP is ALWAYS my first!

    Forgive me if this was suggested before, but perhaps you could *tag* or *pin* the current weekly discussions to always be the first post on the site? Perhaps that would make it easier to help keep comments in the appropriate forums? Just a thought.

    Regardless, I will continue to visit the page on a daily basis. Multiple times, actually.

    Thank you!

    -HUGE Phillies and PP fan

  19. I read this column daily. I never post. Please keep the old format going. I also think many of your posters are well informed. I never read comments on as they are 80% trolls

    1. Big, you hit the nail on the head. I attempt but the amount of complaining, etc on there can make the happiest person depressed.

      Jim’s articles are definitely a bright spot to the day. I enjoy coming here to see prospect reviews, etc.

  20. Wow Jim. You’re way to sensitive. First time posting but look at the site everyday. Guess no need anymore.

    1. I don’t think this has anything to do with Jim being sensitive. He takes great pride in providing a great experience for all of us. This has behind his baby. It’s lately been developing a negative tone and he doesn’t like it and he’s stated such. I don’t view this as sensitive. Rather it is reality.

      I rarely post, but visit OFTEN and read every recap and every comment, EVERY day. Great site, especially when knowledgeable posters are sharing productive insight. Productive can be negative or positive, just not rude and demeaning.

      Thank you to all who make this my favorite site to follow

    2. Going to stick up for Jim here – Chris there isn’t a place for people like you that are going to criticize the main reason we come to this page. Jim goes above and beyond with his daily write-ups. He had every write to say what he said because there are times these boards get way off topic and not for the better. Best of luck whatever site you go to.

      1. troll u ha ha I still laugh at your name

        That is what happens when people discuss things in an open forum, you can get off track,!topics change and take different shapes if you simply want people to talk only about what you write or say become a teacher and grade people on how well they grasp your ideas. Or turn off the comments and just allow people to read. However forcing conversation is not the way to go.

        1. My grammar sucks today lol I meant *right, not write.
          I agree with you Philly…but I don’t believe Chris was in the right as far as bashing jim

  21. I’ll add my name to the chorus that applauds and appreciates the work you do here, Jim. Like others have said the first hand scouting is especially appreciated but I do like the running stats on the prospects as well.

    On the other hand, we have no right to demand anymore of your time than you are willing to put in. Do as you see fit. I am also glad to see more contributions from other writers like John Y, gregg, and V1again. This kind of endeavor is too big for one man and trying to do too much yourself can lead to burn out. Likely that is why we have seen so many administrators come and go over the lifespan of this site.

    Thanks again, Jim.

    1. One more voice in support of Jim and his great work on this site. I for one fled Philly.Com b/c of the incessant negativity and personal ego duels. Phuture Phillies is a refuge for those of us who care about baseball, the Phils, and the youngsters in the system. As noted above, these are young men chasing a dream that I suspect we all had a one time in our lives. Having been a Phillies fan since 1954, I still occasionally close my eyes and relive my dream. Best to Jim. Best to all the faithful readers and knowledgeable, respectful posters.

  22. Jim, thanks for all you do and have made this site a daily stop for me. I recently was in Sarasota for 10 days and one day seriously thought of going to watch a GCL game at Ed Smith Stadium but just couldn’t bring myself to sit in that heat. I thought of you and the poor guys that play in that nearly everyday, it gave me a great appreciation for what you all do. Thanks!

  23. Jim, as a regular reader and commenter, I respect your right to run the site in whatever manner you see fit. Like most of the comments above, I religiously look at the daily recaps and especially appreciate your insights into the younger guys I don’t get a chance to see.

    I also enjoy hearing from the parents of players and am glad they have found this site to be a good place for information. I have played with and against many former minor league players and understand just how difficult that life can be..

    In regard to the comments sections, I think its somewhat a product of the success of this site over the years in that the readership has both grown while many of the long-time regulars have created a history, some of it good and some bad. But I would also say that for the most part, the disagreements do not become personal nor devolve into the mindless name-calling that exists on most other sites.

    Yes, it sometimes crosses the line but I think that is more exception than rule. It seems that the dog days of summer also have an impact on the comments sections…

  24. Jim, For years I was one of the silent, daily readers of your recaps and I have been much blessed by it! Over time I began to read some of the comments and appreciated insight from some of the posters. Until this year I had only posted a couple times, and even this year maybe a dozen. I always keep it positive because that’s what I love about this site!

    I am so appreciative that you had your ‘hissy fit’ LOL (btw, I really appreciate your sense of humor too!). Hopefully it shifts the mood some and takes it back to what the site was and can be. Regardless though, PLEASE keep writing – I especially love all the GCL & Clearwater observational comments! So insightful.

    I met and talked with you in mid March and I look forward to seeing you again when I visit Clearwater again next March. God bless you!

  25. I go to your recaps daily. Thoroughly enjoy/appreciate the effort. I think of the comments like the ‘comics’ section to a good newspaper (which is also becoming increasingly harder to find). Please, please keep up the good work.

  26. Hard for me to bash a prospect, whether it be his character or skill set. The way I see it, these players have made it farther than most people do. Playing ball as a career is ever young kids dream. These guys are reaching their dreams or close to. We don’t know what is going through their head and what causes Extended struggles. Probably why sports psychology is becoming bigger. My thought are I leave the decisions and scouting to the professionals.

    Started watching the Phillies in ’93 when I moved to Delaware from NY. Stuck with them through the crap years and can honestly say, the group of prospects down in the farm may be some of their best yet and provide a lot of hope for the big team. Sure we don’t have a “blue chip” guy, but we have lots of solid, hard working guys that are used to winning.

    1. I can’t type today, but grammar mistakes aside, hope you’re picking up what I’m dropping

  27. Jim, I check the site every morning for the box score recap. I appreciate the effort you put into. Frankly, without the recap, I have no need to check the site.

  28. Jim,

    I will add to the chorus of those who never or rarely post here. I have read for several years but this is my first time ever posting.

    Your work is much appreciated and I look forward to reading your recaps each morning. They add narratives to the box scores and bring out things that I may have missed in the box scores or would have never known without your input.

    What you do here is a labor of love and so far be it from me to tell you that you need to continue to spend your time writing expansive recaps. I just wanted to add my voice to those who are telling you how much you and your work here (including your recaps) are appreciated.

    One of the things that kept me reading at this site in the first place was the general civility and respect in the comment section. Something rarely found these days on the internet. Unfortunately, things have taken a turn for the worse the past year or two (although this site is still better than most). I find myself reading the comment sections less and less. Outside of you policing the comments 24/7, which should never be something you have to do, the only other way for things to get better is for the commenters to keep themselves in check. Hopefully, a great thing doesn’t get ruined here by a small minority of the overall readership.

    Anyway, great job, Jim, with what you have done at this site and I hope the site continues to flourish for years.

  29. Jim, the first thing that I read in the morning is your recaps. I especially love when you report on a game that you have been at, and you give added observations, that, frankly, I don’t get anywhere else. You have a right to call any of us out who are too negative, and I cannot thank you enough for the work that you put in to this. I don’t count the number of times I am on this site each day, it is many! But, I can tell you that it is the first site I go to each morning.

  30. Another one of the silent majority that reads PP as part of my daily routine and has for years, its a close second while drinking my coffee (after the condensed replay of the major league game).

    Jim, thanks for your time and insight. This site literally would have ceased to exist without your stewardship, and that would have been a loss to many of us. Please see to it that you run this website exactly as you wish to. If thats minimal time invested in daily exercises, closed comments section, etc, We will all understand. You do whats right for yourself

  31. I am an occasional poster but thanks Jim for all you do. The first stop every day, sometimes two or three times a day. Appreciate everything. I enjoy the banter but understand when it gets personal it takes all the fun out of it. But I think the comments do add some value if we can make it work.

  32. Jim, I am a regular reader who appreciates the site and the work that you put into it.
    Even an abbreviated recap is a good thing.
    Thanks for all that you do.

  33. Jim, thanks for all you do. I love the recaps, but I’m not so lazy that I can’t click the link and go to the organizational scoreboard to find the stat lines I want. It’s still easier than back in the day when they were screenshots and you couldn’t click on the links.

    I’ve been coming here for 10 years. We almost lost this site once. Jim (and others) kept it going without selling out when it was apparent there were media interests who wanted to plaster PP with ads. If you’ve got a gripe with the org, save it for General Discussion. If you type the same gripe every day, save it for Tell FreeAEC we said hello.

  34. Agree with everyone here- write ups are great and will be missed if not continued. I read but don’t post much, but the site is the highlight of the day.
    Try not to get negative comments get you down. We have a societal problem with negativity online, with critics begetting builders. I don’t think its personal to you or the site– remember even Steve Jobs was criticized by trolls for almost every Apple innovation. I hope you reconsider and refuse to yield.

  35. Jim, I have to give my thanks for this website. There’s a lot of information that I’ve learned over the years here. Anytime I want to know about a prospect, I come here. If I’ve ever been overzealous in my comments, please let me know. That is definitely not my intention. I’m just trying to return the favor (to impart some knowledge that I’ve learned mainly from this website) to others.

  36. First time commenter, long time reader. There is too much complaining here and at though they have a handful of very insightful people. Sometimes I simply skim the comments for their names and skip the others. I know I miss good stuff this way, but gotta prioritize my time. Otherwise, I don’t blame you at all for minimizing your time and effort. Removing unhelpful comments is practiced by a do-it-yourself forum that I’m involved with and it fosters conversation/debate with respect and thoughtfulness. Wouldn’t bother me at all if you tried it.

  37. Jim,
    I have to say that I enjoyed your daily recaps at the top of the fold that you include in the daily box scores. Had become a habit for me to glance immediately down to see Crawford, Randolph, Moniak, Haseley, (Williams before promotion) and it was something I looked forward to.

    However it is undeniable fact that the organizations top prospects have utterly crapped the proverbial bed this year (Crawford, Moniak, Randolph) and this certainly breeds a certain amount of discontent with the fan base who’ve been told to look to the future while ignoring the worst team in MLB.

    Anyhow, just wanted to say that the time you put into the website is most definitely appreciated.

  38. You are an amazing guy Jim, I read this site everyday, I’m a huge fan from latin america, don’t be discouraged by trolls, it’s just that it’s tough to be a phila fan today.

    Keep up ur great work and know that you have reached people worldwide.

    1. That is good news … I especially have a great amount of respect for Zach Green. He’s been through a lot and shown great perseverance.

      1. Green has turned it up the last couple of weeks. Well deserved. Franco should be looking over his shoulder if Green can get back to pre-injury form

    2. Murray,

      Great news on Tocci. I really enjoyed watching him glide through the outfield when he was on the Threshers. One thing I noticed last year is that Tocci did all the fundamental things well. He got on base, moved runnings along, ran the bases intelligently.

      Now, with his break-out year at Reading, maybe we can begin to see that fourth outfielder. An outfield of Williams, Herrera and Altherr with Tocci as a fourth and maybe Cozens as a platoon, PH and DH could be pretty good.

      1. I agree that Tocci could be a 5th OF one day. I’m surprised though that Pullin has hit so little at AAA so let’s see how Tocci does. Cozens is another story, very disappointing

        1. I am wondering if they will send Cozens to the AFL this October.
          Its home for him but not sure how beneficial it will be for him.
          He was suppose to go there two years ago but threw out his arm and ended up going to the PR league for the 2nd half.
          I think it would be more beneficial for him to go again to th DR winter league, facing better off-speed pitchers.
          I think the Ven league is off limits this year.

          1. I personally cant believe how the game has changed. A three hundred hitter with no power. is frown upon in todays game. I guess we have gotten away from the days of rivers.. Wilson and alou. guys with great speed on got on base stole a base. manufacture runs. Now its three run homers.

  39. Like many of those before this post I truly appreciate your good work, dedication, and on-sight observations regarding our favorite baseball team. It is not only about your reporting, but about being an understanding and appreciative fan and you endeavor to bring that out in all of us. Thank you for this blog and I, among many above, salute your efforts.

  40. Jim, I’m one more loyal daily reader who has never posted a comment. Since you took over this site it has become my first read in the morning. This mornings talk of Don Demeter made me think how baseball strategy concerning defense has changed. People are criticizing the phils for putting Hoskins in left so he can get 2 months of at bats even at the expense of bad defense. This used to be a common practice. Demeter was a good defensive outfielder who had his best hitting year in 1962 when he played 3rd base for the Phils. In 1960 the phils tried 250 pound Pancho Herrera at 2nd base! It wasn’t only the phils. The Yankees routinely played Yogi Berra in left field so Elston Howard could catch and the Giants played McCovey in right field so Cepeda could play at first. In 1962 Tommy Davis, also an outfielder, won a batting title and drove in 150 runs playing third for the Dodgers. No one seemed to be worry about playing a defensive liability.
    While I think the current view that defensive liabilities offset hitting is correct, I think the phils are doing the right thing. This season is a write off. They might as well have both Hoskins and Joseph in the lineup so they have a basis for off season planning.
    Jim, please keep on doing what you’re doing. It’s a privilege to read your comments very morning.

  41. i have nothing left to say about Jim and PP because everybody already covered it for me. Eventhough I follow the results real time in my milb app, I still checked it here for additional inputs particularly the GCL and CLW games since those games I cannot follow personally. If somebody will provide field report about WIL games, that will be nice too.

    I wouldn’t mind the “fist fights” (as long as its fair and sport and no snarky and POTUS like reactions) because that’s another venue where I can learn about the Phillies and farm that we all love and follow.

  42. Hey, I love the daily roundup and it makes my keeping up with the system exponentially easier. So, I very much appreciate it.

  43. I am a Philly transplant and this site allows me the opportunity to continue following all levels of the Phillies affiliates. The time and thought put into this site is tremendous and I look forward to reading this site before I start my work day. It would be a sad day that this site no longer existed but as mentioned above, I respect how you decide to proceed and can only thank you for what you’ve already provided over the years.

  44. Hi Jim,

    I read your recaps daily and have learned an immeasurable amount as a direct result of your efforts. Thank you. As for trolls, you are doing the work and I think that gives your the right to edit or police comments as you see fit. Free speech may be protected from government action by the Constitution, but that doesn’t mean it is consequence free. I trust you to be consequential!

  45. Jim … the next time you speak to Sal Agostinelli, please mention Shohei Otani to him to see if he gives you a reaction. While he probably isn’t in on the Otani decision making process, it’s going to cost J2 money for a club to sign the Japanese pitcher. Therefor, SA might have some insight to any Phillies’ interest in Otani.

  46. i want to echo singsing. as the parent of a player in the phillies organization, i have found this site to be a godsend, and have recommended it to anyone who has shown an interest in following my son’s progress. i, too, start each morning here. the posts are exceptionally well written and informative, and, whether critical or supportive, the opinions expressed in the comments are generally respectful, insightful and well reasoned. i have learned a lot here about sabermetrics, the phillies organization and its history in my relatively short time visiting this site,. a heartfelt thanks to all posters and commenters alike; please know your contributions are greatly appreciated.

  47. Even the “bare bones minimum” is more than I could ever ask of you. I read from this site at least once a day and been doing so before Cosart was a late rd draft pick. I never comment but I love the work you put in and the stats you provide me with. Because of you I feel like I know these players despite never actually getting to see them play. You are appreciated.

  48. Have to be really impressed with 18-year old, well at least until next week, Ben Pelletier in the GCL. Slash….321/352/460.
    Ranks 6th in the league in BA….13th in SLG and 14th in OPS.
    Little low on BB@5%, but not bad of a K rate at 19%. And he should get stronger and bigger as he ages.

    1. Romus I am curious, you were on this kid early. why ? did you read anything about him prior to us drafting him?

      1. In his province he was rated the best HSer in 2015 and saw video of him playing in their all-star games in the Rogers Center….and he was one of the youngest, if not the youngest on his side. But just liked how he handle the bat and in the field for, at that time, a 16-year old. And he looked so much bigger than most.

  49. My 2nd career comment — but Jim, this site is where no matter how rough a season might be at the Bank, my Phillies obsession/addiction stays strong.

    Been a diehard fan since 1980 at age 7, the year I fell in love with baseball. I moved away in 1990 — and have watched every game I could since (just drove back to LA from SD yesterday after seeing Alfaro destroy his 1st HR).

    I’m checking the site 1-2 times/day — or more if the Daily Recap gets posted later than normal (which of course is perfectly fine, just so grateful you’ve spent such quality time on it).

    LOVE the daily list of top/key/interesting prospects on how they did that night with updated season stats — LOVE LOVE LOVE It!

    But this addicted reader 100% understands if you need to pull back at any time for any reason so you can also have a life. If it’s the commenters gettin out of hand, I hope your warning is enough — though having worked on websites for years, I’m guessing you may need to reel them in every 6-12 months or so. Just part of the sometimes icky web.

    But even if I admit my eyes often glaze past some of the sillier back-and-forth, this site has by far the best comments of any site I’ve read — especially for sports sites. This is the ONLY site I ever look at the comments — whereas at I NEVER look.

    Thank you so much for what you do, and special thanks to the commenters who explain well-thought opinions based on observation, research, historical context and actual facts — without the nasty undertones of some sports fans motivated by trying to one-up others and get in your face. That’s not what sports is about — and following a bunch of 16-26 year olds chasing my childhood dream of making the Phils, I hope we all remember that these young men are trying their damndest every day to figure it out. We can find faults in their games, but keep in mind they’re working hard and we should also be hoping/cheering them on instead of just whining/venting about them.

    Nothing wrong with fair critiques of FO as well when we spot a troubling trend or (lack of) philosophy, but also we should check ourselves at times and understand that NO TEAM/EXEC/GM has a perfect track record — with these young guys, it’s so hard to predict.

    I’ve rambled — thanks for everything, I’ll keep hoping that guys like JP and Don Cornelius have turned the corner!

  50. I echo all the supporters here. Reminds me why I love this site. It is the only one I check daily. Thanks so much to all who keep it going.

    I have very rarely seen any of these guys play, so this site is where I get the most relevant insights that national scouts cannot. Thanks so much to the authors and commenters. And I hope the comments stay intelligent.

    No matter how you decide to manage site, I am tremendously appreciative. I hope the ‘civility reminder’ every 6months is enough to rein in comments. Whatever time you dedicate will be more info then I can get elsewhere.

    Lastly, I am a fan of the Phillies so I am always going to root for the best outcome for every prospect in the system. Some ‘realism’ is needed, but I do not like anyone demeaning ‘my’ prospects; even if I would have drafted another.
    Long live

  51. Jim, I live for reading your recaps everyday. I’m going to miss them tremendously. I’m not a frequent poster. I like to think what little I contribute is positive. But I sure am going to miss your reviews, opinions and sometime numerous reports. It’s a shame but I understand the issue of time. I have advanced cancer, with no cure, and know how precious time is. I appreciate all you do for this community and will continue to support your efforts to the extent I can.

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