Box Score Recap – 4/20/2017

Abbreviated Box Score Report

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Still using my cell phone as a personal hot spot.  Doing a full blown Box Score Report over the shared connection on my cell phone is tedious.

So, I created a few Box Score Reports in advance that will upload each night automatically to provide the link to the box scores and a place to comment on games each day until I am completely back on the grid.

Sorry for this temporary inconvenience.


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  1. Pivetta pitched Lehigh Valley to victory, Valentin (1) and Perkins (2) homered.
    – Pivetta (3-0, 0.95) – 6.0 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 11 K, 97 strikes/67 balls

    Kilome pitched Clearwater to victory, Tomscha (4) homered, he had 3 RBI, Cumana 2.
    – Kilome (1-1, 2.70) – 6.0 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 5 K, HR, WP, 89 pitches/47 strikes

    Lakewood won in 11 innings. A passed ball and 4 of 5 errors were committed in the ninth.
    – Suarez (0-0, 1.17) – 7.0 IP, 6 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 10 K, WP 91 pitches/63 strikes

    Multi hit games for
    – LHV – Alfaro (2), Williams (3), Perkins (2);
    – CLR – Cumana (2), Tomscha (2), Coppola (2);
    – LAK – Zardon (2)

  2. Perkins with a bomb and a triple ,Williams a nice 3 for 4 , kilome nice line , Quinn his k % is like Cozens 40% maybe he needs to go down to Reading . They can bring Pullin up. Ranger has never really been hit .

    1. Why does Quinn have to go down and not say Cozens? Quinn has actually performed at the ML level . . .

        1. If Quinn stays healthy for 400 at bats in one season. Out produces Nick Williams, Mickey Mo, Pullin then I’ll like him.

      1. Because Cozens excelled at Reading and played a full season. Yes Quinn had a cup of tea in the majors. Quinn k% was bad for a lead off man now it’s worse. Reading might help Quinn out us k and walk rate are horrible.

        1. Tim I notice u just pick Quinn out of the bunch u didn’t say anything other players that wasn’t performing what have Quinn done to u and yes season gave just started

          1. That was to the first Post I put out on him . You never seen my Pujols posts the season is 50 ab s in I agree it might take Quinn a while to adjust. Quinn just doesn’t stay healthy.

    2. I Have said this before and will say it again. Triple a is really hard. So many veterans throwing that junk. a lot of older pitchers or guys with low velocity, who depend on keeping guys off balance. I think its the hardest level because of the pitchers and the junk a lot of them throw. So its might take time to adjust. I dont know if Quinn or Cozens will be stars or good players. but i believe they need time in that league to make adjustments.

      1. That’s a really interesting point. It makes me think about what a good match the Rule 5 draft was for Odubel. He raked at AA, went straight to the majors, and was able to make his adjustments there. Quinn started to have a similar opportunity last year, but was not afforded the chance to stay in the majors to start this year and continue those adjustments. Now he’s fighting crafty soft-tossers like Tyler Cloyd rather than trying to catch up to Syndergaard’s 101 MPH fastball.

        Who is to say what would have happened with Quinn in the majors this year, and that’s not really the point of my post, as I think the Phils have actually handled him well. It is just interesting to think how lucky we all were that Odubel was available in the Rule 5 and that the Phils were in the position to give him the major league opportunity to do what he did.

  3. RQuinn will be fine just a slow start & should stay put.
    He just needs to stay healthy.

  4. LKW has a hitting problem. Yesterday’s lineup ended the game with 6 players hitting .200 or worse. Plus their #3 and #4 hitters are .250 or less. Only Cord Sandberg is hitting the ball over .300 but he went 0-4 yesterday. Their starting pitching has been pretty darn good with Suarez, Falter, Medina and Fanti pitching very well. Romero and Sanchez haven’t been bad either. But when your starters have zero wins and are pitching well then you know the hitters aren’t lighting it up.

    1. I noticed this as well, odd lineup choice to give two of your top guys the same night off. I mean I guess both Brito and Moniak had the night off unless I missed something about and injury and they both have been the best hitters for Lakewood so far along with Sandberg. Also Gambo was hitting well before being injured but yes Duran, Martinelli, Cabral, and Williams are all off to really slow starts.

  5. Nick Williams’ batting average went up 45 points yesterday. which is yet another example of why (for the 1,001th time) you don’t analyze batting average (good or bad) in a small sample size.

      1. Nah. I didn’t evaluate whether he is “hitting good” or “struggling” based on his 45 point bump. I used this example to highlight why you do not do that.

        1. Sometimes it is not stats and SS, but rather good old fashioned eye test. After watching 6-8 games since last August in which Williams hit against lefties, I am very concerned with his pitch recognition/approach. Countless times I have watched him take called strikes on fastballs to fall behind in the count and then strikeout or make weak contact on out of zone breaking balls. My SS on eye test the last several months makes me have concerns that he will be a sub 200 hitter against LHP. Hopefully he will prove me wrong. We desperately need star OF’s

          1. TC…..I felt the same way, but have to keep remindng myself, a majority of all LHB prospects have very poor splits vs LHPs in their last few years from AA and above before their MLB promotion.
            For example, one of the best prospects…Andrew Benintendi in his SSS of 33PAs before his promo to Boston, was horrific vs LHPs…slash line….179/.250/.429.
            And his career of only 48 minor league PAs…..238/.298/.536
            So in reality the more time Williams sees them now in AAA the better off he will be once he hits at CBP.

          2. Aaron Altherr is quietly making his case to not only be playing more NOW but to be a serious candidate to build with going forward. I’m not dismissing him as an everyday player, and an above average one at that, if not well above.

            1. It looks like him and Stairs are really clicking together. You see a new stance with his hands starting relaxed on his shoulders. I hope he can keep it up.

        2. Yes it’s a SSS but you have to start a large sample size from something don’t you?

          1. that’s not how math works. small samples can be easily manipulated (see last night’s game having a 45 point bump on batting average) and are irrelevant when looking across a representative samples.

      1. I agree with you. i think BA across a single season is still too small of a sample. especially in the low minors. there are just too many pitchers who will never see the show to skew results.

  6. Pivetta always has had major league stuff and now it seems to be coming together. Can’t believe we actually got a potential MLB starter with decent stuff for Paps who was addition but subtraction

  7. CLW (no jinx) has been the early surprise in this season for all teams including the Phils. Except for Blake Quinn, the rest of the rotation and (the less recognizable names) hitters are performing within or above expectations. The bullpen is doing an awesome job with Singer anchoring the pen. If they can bring Quinn back to the pen and promote Arauz to take his place — that pitching squad might be the best group collectively in the farm.

    The CLW team collectively on paper (particularly the hitting squad) doesn’t give you confidence. Watch out for this team especially when “C” starts to heat up.

    LWD has the 2 best hitting prospects in MickeyMo and Brito and somehow suffered when Gamboa and Hall got hurt. They’ll be fun again when Hall and Gamboa comes back and some of the struggling (or starting slowly) figure it out and start hitting. The pitching square will be LWD’s main strength and options are available to solidify the pen.

    LHV – some bright spots and some growing concerns – i think LHV as a team are starting to warm up – i’ll give the Pigs time to bounce back.

    REA – not having El Garcia and Arano can be back breakers, but that pitching squad needs to start clicking. Leibrandt has been Leibrant and Eshelman is too hittable. Drew Anderson has the stuff to bounce back and perform within his potential – not sure about Viza and Watson. REA hitters looks decent but the pen is probably the weakest link especially some of the starters are giving up runs early.

    1. Watson is not capturing any control and naturally nor any command.
      His walks/nine are too high.
      Plus LHBs are pulverizing him….barreling over 1.1 OPS in his few starts.
      But his velo is good in the low to mid 90s.

  8. Big parade in Philly today. The boys took a series from the Mets! Nola had little but hung tough (as did Thor). Ump wasn’t giving him the inside pitch to the lefties which hurt.

    All in all, it was a win. Just wish that when that get runners on 2nd and third with no outs, they could at least get one in! Don’t you think?

  9. Can someone direct me to the GoFundMe page for Jims internet bill! Jim keep up the great work I really appreciate all that you do for us!

  10. Yep I’m the guy thats gonna say told you so, after two weeks of the season haha. In all honesty, I’m just joking with this post, and I do like Moniak, but if you were wondering how my guy AJ Puk is doing so far, here he is on the Baseball America Prospect Hot SHeet:

    1. A.J. Puk, lhp, Athletics (21)

    High Class A Stockton (California)

    Why He’s Here: 8 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 2 BB, 14 K

    Puk fell from his perch as prospective No. 1 overall pick last year after a rocky season at Florida, but has been lights-out in pro ball. The 6-foot-7 lefthander struck out seven in a four-inning relief stint at San Jose and followed up with seven more punchouts in four innings at Modesto last week. The quality of his control has been a surprise, with just three walks all season. With premium stuff (98 mph fastball, plus slider with vicious tilt) and his command in prime form, opponents are hitting a mere .098 against Puk this year.

    Nick Pivetta was third on the list:

    3. Nick Pivetta, rhp, Phillies (24)

    Triple-A Lehigh Valley (International)

    Why He’s Here: 13 IP, 1 ER, 16 K

    Pivetta is knocking—hard—on the door to the majors. The 24-year-old Canadian pitched seven scoreless innings in his first start of the week and followed with 11 strikeouts over six innings in his next start.

    1. AJ Puk? He’s in High A. That’s what a 1st round College pitcher is supposed to do.

    2. Puk will turn 22 in 4 days. If Moniak isn’t at least performing well in high-A ball by the time he’s 22 then it will be worth mentioning…

    1. If they sign Robert, they’ll have to go over their 2016 J2 budget. That would put them in the J2 penalty box for the next two years (meaning they would’t be allowed to sign any international player for more than 300-thousand dollars in 2017 and 2018. That would, at the very least, knock them out of the Shoei Otani sweepstakes.

      1. How many times have we heard wait till this or wait till that or next year before the collective bargaining will be the one because we have the money and out farm system stunk and that was what 3 years ago, worst record in baseball most money and they didn’t even go over ( Ortiz). Eventually you have to actually go out and get who you can get. I doubt they get Otani. Roberts is young and could make one heck of an outfield tandem with Moniak and could be a dam fine outfielder in red pinstripes.
        Why is Otani coming here when teams with a winning record and more global recognition are gonna want him with the same deep pockets that the phillies have
        I hate to be negative but I think I’m being a realist here

        1. phillysf…I am with you.
          Sign Robert and break the dang cap and incur the two year penalty. then with the money that is not going to be used, since the max is $300K per signee… to other clubs who could use it, and in return grab some low ball arms from them.
          Further……some of the best Phillies Latin signees….are all under $300K anyway.
          Have not see anyone since the 2011 Tocci signing, break on the scene with any authority and that will be six years this July.
          Tocci, Grullon, Pujols, encarnacion so far have not showed anything that might make them impact players….Grullon may be the only exception.
          The Ortiz, Morales and Gonzalez, Brito signees have potetntial for success.

          1. About Luis Robert … He is not a sure thing. I’ve read just as many negative or average reports on him as I have glowing reports. If you’re envisioning Yoan Moncada or Kevin Maitan, you’re probably going to be disappointed.

            1. Hinkie……..most of all the latter positional Cubans have produced at some varying degree of efficiency…from Cespedes, Puig, Tomas (D-Backs), Soler, Abreu, Garcia now with the Braves to the latest like prospect Moncada.
              Rusney Castillo has not so far.
              This 19-tyear old has had some good reports.
              Why not go all out for him… isn’t like it is a lifetime penalty…two years….plus the low minors and the two teams in the DSL have upwards of 60 players this signing period. They highest personnel acquisition expenditure in the Phillies history.

  11. How about Medina and his strike out rate this season so far! Wow, our Latin signings in A ball are just out of this world right now. Dominguez, Sixto, Kilome, Medina, Suarez.

  12. The Phillies are 7 and 9 there diff is + 3 . Let’s go after Donaldson , Roberts, Otani and Harper . Now that’s going for it.

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