Box Score Recap – 4/21/2017

Abbreviated Box Score Report

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Still using my cell phone as a personal hot spot.  Doing a full blown Box Score Report over the shared connection on my cell phone is tedious.

So, I created a few Box Score Reports in advance that will upload each night automatically to provide the link to the box scores and a place to comment on games each day until I am completely back on the grid.

Sorry for this temporary inconvenience.

These notes are from the Threshers’ game.  I added them to this post while I was still at the stadium, using their internet.  (Spectrum Field, Isn’t that ironic?)

Cole Irvin pitched very well.  The Threshers’ defense was a little shaky, again.

Irvin pitched 7.0 innings.  He threw 93 pitches, 67 strikes (72.0%).  He gave up 3 runs, only 1 was earned.  He ran one three-ball count, walked one, and struck out seven.

Irvin’s FB sat 90-92 MPH and topped out at 93 MPH.  He threw his CH in the 82-84 MPH range and it worked well for him.  He threw one CB at 788 MPH late in the game (6th inning).

The Fire Frogs (Atlanta’s affiliate) took 11 pitches for strikes (16.4%), two for strike outs at 93 and 91 MPH.  They swung and missed 21 pitches (31.3%), five for strike outs at 82, 84, 82, 78, and 83 MPH.  In fact 18 of the 21 misses Irvin induced came on his change up (plus one on his CB and 2 on his FB).

Irvin scattered 8 hits.  Only one was struck hard, a line drive single in the fourth inning.  That became the first run when the next batter fisted a pop double down the left field line.

Irvin picked off the first batter to reach base on an infield single in the third inning.

Deivi Grullon picked a runner off second in the seventh inning.

Herlis Rodriguez hit his third HR for the Threshers only run.

The Frogs starter was LHP Luiz Gohara.  He went seven, scoreless, 4-hit innings walking one and striking out seven.  He’s 2-0 with a 1.29 ERA.  He is the Braves #10 prospect.  He was acquired by the Braves when they traded CF Mallex Smith and RHP Shae Simmons to Seattle Gohara and LHP Thomas Burrows.  At the time of the trade (1/17/17) Gohara was the #3 prospect in the Mariners organization.

As I sign off here, Lakewood is in a scoreless tie and Reading is in a rain delay.



24 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 4/21/2017

  1. Lakewood won on Danny Zardon’s HR in the top of the ninth.
    – Adonis Medina – 7.0 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 10 K, HBP 85 pitches/61 strikes
    Reading won 6-2, Anderson’s start was rained out after 1.1 inning and a long delay.
    – Andrew Pullin went 3-5
    – Carlos Tocci went 3-5 with a triple and 4 RBI
    – Joe DeNato got the win with 2 shutout innings, Jesen Therrien retired the final 6 batters.

  2. Things are beginning to fall in place with our minor lg teams. Pitching, in particular. It is a thrill when I see Williams get 3 hits, etc.

  3. Well anyone worrying about Irvin’s velocity will be happy to know he throws a change up over 750mph, never seen a change up faster than a fastball and some 700MPH faster, craziness. ; )

  4. Also any idea what happened with Drew Anderson, looks like he only threw 1.1 innings.

    1. Reading’s game became a bullpen game. LHV was washed out. At least Reading played their game.

      1. LHV wasn’t washed out. It didn’t rain here all day. It did rain Thursday night and for the first time the didn’t tarp the new infield. Worked all day but couldn’t get it playable. Supposedly bottom layer has to settle/gel. Cancelled 30 mins before game time

        1. That sounds like something that would have happened to the Allentown Ambassadors

  5. Herlis Rodriguez, at least on the stat sheet, looks like a player to watch. He’s 22 y/o. He’s repeating CLW. He’s hitting .324/.419/.703. The .703 is slugging percentage and not OPS. OPS is off the charts. He has a dbl, 2 Triples and 3 HRs. I’ve always liked the guy. He was injured a large portion of last year but he’s come out this year on fire. He was expected to be a 4th OF’er with ‘C’, Pujols and Laird/Coppola combo playing most of the games. But Pujols troubles have allowed Herlis to get a few more starts to show his wares. Keep it up ‘H’.

    1. bellman,

      I was at the game last night and Herlis at one outstanding at-bat. He kept the AB alive pitch after pitcher. I didn’t count them, but after awhile I told my wife that Rodriguez ought to get a hit because he was working hard for it. A couple pitches later he got his hit — of the home run variety.

  6. LKW has played 16 games but no starter has won a single game. Medina couldn’t be given a win because the team didn’t score a run until the 9th. LKW needs some guys to get hot with the bat. Take some pressure off those starters. the opposite side of the coin could be, the starters are pitching so well because the hitters aren’t hitting. They need to be great to keep LKW in games.

    1. He was one of my breakout players last yr he was hurt early never really came back. Austin Davis is now healthy​ too I had last yr Geez.

  7. ty Bellman. I Had asked about Rodriquez before. Never really saw much about him or didnt notice until recently. I believe his numbers are improving. Love to see what people who have seen him think?

    1. rocco,

      See my comment above about Herlis’ great at-bat leading up to his home run. I’ve only seen him this one game but that at-bat alone was impressive.

  8. I know he’s a relief pitcher, but Jesen Therrien is underrated. His breaking ball was very impressive in the one game I saw him pitch in late spring training.

  9. Hypothetical situation and questions…

    1) If ToJo didn’t have concussions and he was currently our starting catcher, how excited/unexcited would everyone be right now about him?

    2) How does everyone think the Phils would have handled / will handle having Rupp / ToJo / Knapp / Alfaro?

    1. If Tommy Joseph wouldn’t have had the concussions and was still a top 100 prospect at catcher then most likely the Phillies don’t ask for Alfaro in the Hamels deal.

      1. I’m not so sure , catchers like Alfaro don’t come along everyday

        And I’m pretty sure The phils asked for Mazara, and possible Gallo and Brinson and got told no but take these guys instead

      2. Who knows? Even if Tommy Joseph doesn’t have the concussions, hard to know if he’s still a catcher. He was far from a finished product back there defensively. Maybe moving to 1B and having a chance to concentrate exclusively on his hitting, as opposed to mastering the most challenging defensive position, was what allowed him to make the strides necessary to become a major league hitter.

  10. Medina and Irvin with great pitched games; Kingery, Pullin, and Tocci all on base 3 times, C with 2 hits, and Brito on base 2 times = a good system night

    1. Murray,

      And Irvin’s game was better than the stats. He gave up eight hits, but two of them hit leather and one should have. He might have given up just five hits with better defense. On the other hand, Laird and Randolph ran down some well-struck balls to the outfield.

  11. Those lower level teams need an infusion of hitting – maybe Stobbe, Ortiz and others will make their way up this summer. I need more juice in these box scores besides the pitching lines!

  12. Cole Irvin was my break out players. This yr. Medina and SD look really good along with Pinto.

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