Box Score Recap – 4/19/2017

Abbreviated Box Score Report

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

My wife declared war on our cable and internet service provider.  If you have visited the Tampa Bay area, you may have experienced the poor service that we endure year round.  Their customer relations have deteriorated to the point that my wife dumped them.

The fallout is that until she finds an adequate replacement, I have to use the personal hot spot on my cell phone to connect.  Doing a full blown Box Score Report over the shared connection on my cell phone is tedious.

So, I created a few Box Score Reports in advance that will upload each night automatically to provide the link to the box scores and a place to comment on games each day until I am completely back on the grid.

Sorry for this temporary inconvenience.

And, congratulations to Mark Leiter!!!  I have followed his career for several years down here.  My wife purchased his game worn jersey on Testicular Cancer Awareness night when he was a Thresher.  He autographed the jersey after the game.  I will wear the jersey to the Threshers next home game in homage.  I understand that many of you may not consider Mark a prospect.  I don’t care. I’m happy and excited for him.  Good luck, Mark!!!

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  1. Lehigh Valley won behind HRs by Hoskins (4) and Cozens (3).
    Pullin (3) homered in a one-sided loss by Reading.
    Clearwater won behind Taveras 7 strong innings and Hernandez HR (3).
    -Taveras (2-0, 1.08) – 7.0 IP, 6 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 4 K
    Lakewood lost in spite of Sixto’s good outing.
    – Sanchez (0-2, 3.77) – 4.2 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 4 K, 92 pitches/63 strikes
    Moniak left the game after injuring his thumb on a play at the plate. He is listed as day-to-day.

  2. Jim I feel for ya I once D&D parking lot as my hot spot. I was pissed at Comcast lol . Now I use Version I have my own hot spot it’s a small box I can carry with me. Taveras needs to be moved up to Reading. Pullin and Kigery both need to just keep hitting.

  3. The dreaded cable war
    I switched from Comtrash to Sonic and I’m thoroughly underwhelmed by them as well.
    Good luck to you on your search for internet and cable fairness !

    1. Move to Japan, they have great internet/wifi from what I hear. Plus you can catch up on Darin Ruf, or did he end up in Korea?

        1. Sonic is new company here in Northern California
          Not sure they are any where else, they provide internet and cable TV for something like 60 dollars plus tax

  4. I’ll chime in on the cable wars. I’m in CT. I’ve loved Comcast for 20+ years until this year. Suddenly my Ethernet connection stopped working. My wireless, that is included in the Cable Box, goes in and out when it wants to. The TV signal goes to crap 3 or 4 times an hour. Frontier, which has been a piece of crap in my area for awhile, is putting up all new cable lines in our area. I might have to think about a change over.

    On the baseball front. Jan Hernandez is not a guy who gets a lot of respect around here. He didn’t deserve it for his 1st 3 years. he hit .210, .177, .211 in those years. His OBP was not good. He started to show a little power in 2015. He hit much better in 2016 (.253/.313/.416). He popped 10 HRs and started to get a little positive press. In a very small sample size in 2017, he’s showing some pop and has hit the ball pretty well — especially in his last 7 games. He’s hit in all 7. He’s hitting .455 over those 7 games. He has 3 HRs also. In his last 3 games, he’s hitting .750 with 2 HRs, no Ks and 2 BBs. He’s a former 3rd round pick. He might just be the next Harold Martinez which is good for the organization but we won’t be seeing him in Philly. Or he might, as a 22 y/o, be putting some things together. I’d like to see his Ks drop and continue raising his average and OBP. He could be fun to watch if he reaches Reading. He could hit 20 – 25 HRs there.

    1. Hope it’s not a mirage. I once saw Jan at a WP game and he looked like a superstar, drilling line drives all over, making 2 tremendous Fielding plays, and running the bases well. Probably was the best game in his career!

  5. You do a great job Jim, I appreciate all your hard work. I make this my first stop in the morning when catching up on the Farm. I think the write-ups are great and the comments are awesome too.
    Love this community.
    RHYS is a BEAST!!!

  6. As a father of a young baseball player I am really happy for the Leiter and Stassi family. It is a dream to see you son get even a cup of coffeee in the majors. Actually even seeing my son play minor league ball is a dream.

    I am a tough grader of our prospects because I believe it is so rare that any truly make an impact at the MLB level. But the fan in me always loves rooting for the underdog. Go get ’em boys!

  7. ToJo at .159, Rupp at .167, Freddy at .216 after 2 hits last night. Saunders at an unimpressive .271. Franco at .148 doesn’t have anybody down below pushing him. He needs a few days off.

    It’s likely that not all these guys will continue to languish, but not all will rebound either. Hoskins has to be licking his chops at Lehigh. The brass and coaching staff are well aware of Rupp’s deficiencies behind home plate. Add his struggles with the bat and Alfaro’s progress is being closely monitored. Freddy has the luxury (at the moment) of a scuffling Crawford. The next few weeks are huge for these players, for better or worse. And very interesting for all of us here.

    1. Read this thread…for the 1,000th time, batting average in a small sample does not mean anything.

        1. Based on watching Franco, yes, I do appreciate the stronger plate discipline.

          But he is rolling over on a lot of outside pitches, and hitting many weak ground balls. He hasn’t looked good. I can understand someone like Tommy Joseph, who has been hitting hard groundballs which weren’t going through for hits, but Franco hasn’t looked comfortable most at bats.

          1. Rei…I am not too worried right now about Franco and Joseph. Both have started seasons slowly before in their careers and then came on.
            However, Rupp and Galvis will probably be what they have been in the past. I do not see them climbing as much as TJ and Franco.

            1. Count in spring and ToJo hit 313 and Franco with 6 hrs batted 234. So hitting 100 something is just a 2week small sample

            2. Yes, I’m hoping they will turn it around, and I know they can.

              I’m dispelling the implication that he’s been unlucky. He hasn’t.

          2. Frankze said ye was 11th in the league for average exit velocity. So I’m not sure that he’s hitting too many weak grounders.

            1. I did see this page

              He is #26 on this list for avg exit velo., but his launch angle was much lower than most of the leaderboard.

              That’s a very good stat; it’s so hard to tell those things with the naked eye. Maybe Franco is just a little bit away from getting all of the ball.

        2. v1, my concern with Franco isn’t based on his current SSS. He’s been a streaky hitter since coming up. When he’s locked in, look out. The rest of the time he appears off balance and disoriented. He’s seemed to have been applying better discipline since ST. That kind of adjustment for a power hitter may take considerable time. Like an entire season, perhaps?

          As for those Pigs, great to follow an early game at 10:30am today. Pivetta on the bump. I see them turning the corner.

          Anybody concerned with Cesar’s K rate this far?

          1. 8mark……In the 4-hole he da man….however . if you want to get Franco’s attention…move him down to the 7-hole.
            That will get his ire up and watch him from there. .

            1. Good call, Romus. I like the way you think. If he thinks he’s getting the big extension, the longer he takes, the less he’ll make.

          2. Franco has a .136 BABIP so far in 2017. He has 60 power, so you would expect a higher than normal BABIP. I don’t think it is 100% because he started rolling over on every pitch.

        3. Franco has looked lost out there. Yesterday, the Muts let Blevins attack Franco with a base open. Needless to say, I was mondo pissed when Franco Ks from a slow hook.

      1. I understand what you are saying about BA not being an important statistic, but Franco is leaving too many runners on base. He is trying to kill everything and it is hurting the team.

  8. For what its worth…Comcast is building another 50 plus story building in downtown Philly.
    Another stipulation….if you are a vendor and want their business….you have to buy office space in the new building.
    On another note with the Phillies….the next Comcast installment check for approx $65M will be ‘in the mail’ soon.

  9. That is interesting. I did notice the k rate was down. I’m curious line drive percentage, etc

    1. that’s right ! already has 4 lets go bash brothers, prove everyone wrong about the small ballparks !

  10. Jim, Who did your wife dump? I am in Tampa area and looking to get rid of Frontier (formerly Verizon) and replacing with Spectrum (formerly Brighthouse). Worried about going from my problem to another.

    1. Spectrum. When they took over from Bright House, they raised rates and started removing channels from their Basic tier. I was paying $330 for internet, cable, and phone, but no premium channels. As a new customer, they have a package that gives you the world for $150/month. But watch out after the year is up. They will start billing you automatically for all the incentives they included in the new customer package (all the premiums, all the Tier 2 channels, etc.)

      When the dust settles, we’ll signup for their hi-speed internet ($70/mo.). No one else offers the high bandwidth we need, but we’ll probably go Roku, Netflix, and Hulu for our cable offerings.

  11. I’m hoping last night’s game could be a turning point for LHV bats. It seems like several guys are close to finding their swings. They face a lefty this morning so we’ll see how that goes.
    Taveras continued the amazing performances by the Clearwater starters. Four guys have given up 4 earned runs COMBINED. Kilome goes tonight and I expect him to up his game and throw a gem to keep up with his fellow starters. The bar is high!
    I agree on the things said about Jan Hernandez, he’s hung in there and he’s going really well so far. Keep it up!
    With props going to Leiter, who I correctly predicted to my brother would be the next guy called up, props need to also go to Ben Lively. Congrats to both young men, although there’s a chance both go back to the minors soon, having never actually pitching in a big league game. They’re both on long and mop up duty. If they pitch, it means the Phils got wacked.

  12. Hoskins stats in ’15, ’16, and ’17 are incredibly consistent, and if anything, improving! 8/9 BB/K rate this year so far (SSS). Once again his splits are pretty balanced (2 HR, over 1.000 OPS Home/Away) Noone nationally has given him much credit on prospect lists, but that likely has motivated him.

    Pivetta pitches Friday night! Wish I still lived in the NE and could go see him. He may be the one SP who started season at LV or Reading that can even compare to upside of the A-level SPs.

    1. Pivetta is pitching as we speak. And very well after 2ip. 3 Ks.

      Valentin homered in the 1st. I’m liking him more every day.

      1. Pivetta looking good so far. Could be the next call up to fill a rotation spot. Of course they stick Valentin in Crawford’s two spot and he hits a homerun.

          1. He has, but mostly in the PRWL (13 of 14 G). He has also played LF and RF. We can argue over his ceiling, but his floor would seem to be Andres Blamco.

        1. Pivetta is DEALING! 9 Ks in 4 1/3 innings. No runs. He has a very good arm and throws a nice curve. Seems to be sitting around 93-95. We all have to begin to acknowledge that he may be the best of the bunch at AAA. Sometimes the least heralded guys end up being the best guys. When Jacob deGrom, when he came up, was pegged as a 3 or 4 and promptly became one of the 20 best starters in baseball. It happens, and it happens more frequently with guys who have good arms, which Pivetta clearly does.

          1. I can see Pivetta developing into another Eickhoff (which is good) and with better FB (which is better!!). Pivetta profiles the RP with live arm that the Phils need right now, but I can understand why the Phils choose Lively.

            1. Honestly, they chose Lively because they probably didn’t want to disrupt Pivetta’s routine. Sometimes, teams have strategic reasons for promoting a lesser prospect (which Lively is).

          2. Catch, what a development this would be especially since we got him from the Nats for a horse’s ass.

  13. I see Hoskins got tossed for arguing with the HP ump. Good to see our feisty Pigs are fighting for their future.

    1. It’s a fair observation. The FB actually does appear to move a bit and he got some swings and misses, so I think there’s some deception there. The CB is decent, but not Eickhoff material. He needs an effective third-pitch, which I didn’t see. I moving two-seam FB or slider might pair well with the other FB.

    2. I was happy to see Pivetta’s results and now here comes v’1’s post like a splash of cold h2o. I will go back out and sell half my Pivetta shares that I bought 30 Mins ago. : )

      1. We’ll have to change v1again’s handle to h2o not again. He’s bringing way too much cold reality.

        Nonetheless let’s keep bringing these young arms along and see who sticks.

        By the end of ’18, I’d like the major league roster to at least be compelling enough to attract big time FAs. Money alone won’t do it if we can’t sell the existing team as heading true north.

        1. Is Pivetta a TOR….more than likely not.
          He probably will not be starting any opening games in a playoff series
          But, IMO, his ceiling , like Eflin and Thompson is probably a three.
          Nevertheless, since he has been out of the Nats org his xFIP has steadily declined over the last 2 1/2 years.

  14. Attended LW’s home opener last week and have been too busy to post. Saw Sixto pitch (not last night). He pitched very well. Regularly hit 95, touched 97. Only had 3 balls on one batter. Greensboro bunched some hits to get a run and the Claws couldn’t score. One slight concern was Sixto not holding the runners on. He literally never even looked at first anytime they had a baserunner. Amazing that the catch actually had 1 (I think maybe 2) CS even with th runners getting good jumps. Sat next to Moniak’s cousin from NJ. He got a nice double the other way

  15. Clearwater continues to hum along. This is essentially the same group that tore up low A last year in Lakewood. But looking at the lineup, I don’t find many position players that made our reader’s rankings. And those that did, are not exactly hitting a ton so far. Yet the team keeps winning. Is this due solely to the dominance of the rotation? Or are we underestimating some of the position players down there? What do you guys think? Anyone we should start keeping our eye on?

    1. That rotation is quite excellent in the early going
      These four have outstanding ERAs going right now….Alberto Tirado, Seranthony Dominguez, Cole Irvin, and Jose Taveras.

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