Phuture Phillies 2017 Reader Top 30 Poll for #8

Sixto Sanchez was your selection as the #7 prospect in the Phillies’ organization. Sanchez garnered 56 of the votes.  Dylan Cozens (15%) edged Rhys Hoskins for second place by 2 votes.

Sanchez is one of the most talked about prospects in the Phillies’ low minors and maybe the whole organization.  He came out of nowhere to be considered among the top prospects in the system.

Sixto Sanchez signed as a 16-year old international free agent in 2015 and played in the Dominican Summer League.  He put up some decent numbers in 25.2 innings and started 2 games among his 11 appearances.  He faced batters that averaged about 19 years of age and posted a WHIP of 1.481 with 2.1 BB/9 and 6.3 K/9.  Opponents were able to get hits though as he allowed 11.2 H/9.

Sanchez wasn’t invited to 2015 Instructs or 2016 Spring Training.  A few academy pitchers who were invited included Steiner Carmona, Geury Ortiz, and Oskerlly Sanchez.

Sanchez arrived for XST and quickly made up any lost ground.  Pitching against batters that averaged 2.5 years older than he, Sanchez put on a clinic all season.

  • He started 11 games and allowed 4 runs, 3 ER in 54.0 innings.
  • His two three-inning starts were due to rain delays.
  • He never allowed more than one run during an appearance.
  • He walked 2 batters once, 8 batters total.
  • He struck out 44 batters, high of 8, low of 1.
  • He gave up 33 hits, 4 XBH, 0 HR.
  • He pitched 6.0 innings twice, a 1-hitter and a 2-hitter (0 BB in each game).
  • He went 5-0 with a 0.50 ERA.

Sanchez improved on his 2015 numbers – 0.759 WHIP, 5.5 H/9, 1.3 BB/9, and 7.3 K/9.

I read that 2016 was his second season as a pitcher.  I also found paperwork from XST that stated back then that he is 6’0 and 185 lbs.

I saw Sanchez throw his fastball 93-98 mph during the season, mostly 95-96 mph.  Early in the season Chris King had him 91-95 mph in a couple starts and recorded him at 99 mph later in the season.  He has a low 80’s change and an upper 70’s curve.  Toward the end of the season he was working on a 91 mph slider.

It’s really interesting speculating Sanchez’ future.  His ceiling could be quite high, but he’s a young pitcher with a bright future and extreme risk due to his youth and distance from the majors.

I can’t wait to see him this spring.  Since he only has 80 career innings, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in short-season ball this season with a possible late call up to full season in August.

Next up is your selection for the #8 prospect in the organization.


Poll to date –

  1. J.P. Crawford
  2. Jorge Alfaro
  3. Mickey Moniak
  4. Roman Quinn
  5. Nick Williams
  6. Franklyn Kilome
  7. Sixto Sanchez

Don’t forget to visit the poll in 2017 Phuture Phillies Reader Top 30 Poll – Additional Prospects Poll to cast your ballot for the prospects you think should be added to the remaining polls.  Over 3800 votes have been cast.  If you’ve already participated, thank you. The leaders remain Ben Lively, Andrew Pullin, Carlos Tocci, Jose Pujols, and Jesse Valentin.  Lively has been listed on the most ballots.  The poll will close Friday night. 

They top vote recipients will begin appearing in the next poll which will be available Sunday night.  Merry Christmas!

81 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2017 Reader Top 30 Poll for #8

  1. I like Hoskins, but I can’t shake the Tony Gwynn comps for Randolph.

    He had a “down year” with injuries, and still managed a .700 OPS as a 19 year-old in Lakewood.

    Really excited to see how he comes out of the gate this spring.

    1. My biggest reservation about Cozens is his splits–all of them (Home/Away, RHP/LHP).

      He hits right-handers well at home. That’s it, and that’s a very limited arsenal to have.

      1. Yes. As sexy as his raw stats are, unless/until he shows that he can even out the extreme splits he projects as nothing more than a corner OF platoon. Pete Incaviglia is his comp.

        Now I loved me some Pete Incaviglia, but Rhys can be an every day 1b with middle of the lineup power and OB%. It’s not really close IMO

            1. No he hasn’t he improved last year for sure in one area his ability to hit the ball out of park at home against righties something he was already good at

            2. Not to the degree of consistency that Hoskins has. I trust Hoskins gradual improvement over Cozens one year bang. Hey, don’t get me wrong they both played great, and I hope that one day we see Cozens in RF and Hoskins at First. We’ll see.

      1. I went with Hoskins. I realize the ceiling isn’t that high (very unlikely he’ll be more than a 3+ WAR player), but I think he’s got a good shot to be a productive major league first baseman for 5 or more years and that has some value. At this point, I wouldn’t be tempted to put Cozens ahead of him, but I think there is a good argument for Kingery. Randolph is all about projection – I just don’t know what to make of him yet, so I’d have him a little lower. Medina is getting some “buzz” but I read the scouting reports and they are good, but not great, so I’m downgrading him a little bit. But he’s in the mix too.

      2. v1again,

        Good point about Randolph. He’s been a bit forgotten after last year. I had him at 16 but have just moved him up to 11. However, he can easily move up.

        I love the potential of Sanchez and Ortiz, but they have the risks that come from being so young and far away. Although also young, I think Randolph is closer enough to nudge them out on my list. But lost of room. Everything can change quickly.

    2. Fritz, that’s a good point. A lot is made of C’s lack of power but if he manages to hit .290+ and work counts at the plate, that makes him a big piece of the future. Pure hitter is what I keep hearing and reading. I rank him over Cozens because of that alone. Might be top 10.

      1. Good OBP for C is nice to have, and he won’t be useless, but I have a hard time imagining him being better than an average player being in LF. To me he seems to profile similarly to JP with fewer walks, but JP is at SS where he’s so much more valuable.

        He would have to develop power or really become Tony Gwynn in order to be an All Star.

  2. I finally broke down and went Cozens.not a big believer going forward, but he did do some mashing last year and has some very nice tools. Even if he takes half the step forward he took last year, it will be a tremendous step. I can’t ignore it.

  3. Is the Appel story over? I see he’s not receiving votes so top 10 is out of the question. I’m still debating putting him at #20. Could he fall outside the top 30?

    1. I think by mid-year we will have a pretty good sense of whether Appel can remain a starting pitcher and if he can’t I’m sure he will go to the pen where his future is just entirely impossible to project. A lot of guys like Appel were mediocre starters and then just lit the world on fire in the bullpen, including Andrew Miller and Wade Davis – so we need to keep an open mind.

      My view of Appel, and I admit that it’s semi-informed, is that his biggest problem is getting out of his own head and believing in himself. This guy needs a shot of confidence in the biggest way.

    2. Appel was throwing during Instructs, and throwing well, better than before he suffered his season-ending injury. Phillies’ brass were excited by his mound sessions. I picked this tidbit up when I overheard a conversation between Dickie Noles and a top scout. I verified the account through Joe Jordan. This doesn’t tell us how he’ll pitch against live batters or what their plans are for Appel. But at least we can assume that he’ll be close to 100% physically this spring.

  4. Rhys Hoskins again for the same reasons. I have not seen Kingery’s name, even though he ranks in the top ten minor league second base prospects. He is in my top ten along with Hoskins and Cozens.

  5. New to commenting but avid reader. This may be my ignorance of how these lists are put together but there’s no Thompson and Eflin. I assume it’s cause they made their debuts, but does anyone have a sense of whether either of these guys are still worth getting excited about as a 3-5 starter? They both showed flashes whether in AAA or the majors …

    1. They (sort of) graduated and are no longer considered “prospects.” If they were still on this list, Thompson would be in the top 5 and Eflin would probably be around 10 or 11.

    2. Cliff…I believe, they are not eligible by the innings pitched in the majors this past year.
      Jim Peyton posted the criteria earlier.

      1. Romus, thanks. You’re right he posted the criteria; I forgot to review it again. I was just looking at this list and thinking that, while it’s deep, I thought there were some more names we should be excited about. That’s why I like when we those “under 25” lists are done; they’re a little less arbitrary.

        Sixto seems like the right guy to be excited about, but he had some other guys killing it in the GCL rotation with him and a few in Williamsport. Hoping we have more breakouts in the same vein as Sixto this year.

        1. The GCL team is one of the most talented Phillies minor league teams I can recall and it was definitely the most talented team I can remember in the low minors. Pitchers, hitters, everything. The “phuture” seems bright my friends!

          1. What I loved about the GCL team is that it is the fulfillment of the revised vision the club has for its minor league players. Gone are the unrefined “tool shed” position players who have impressive raw physical skills but dubious baseball skills. The new guys are all BASEBALL players, and I view guys like Scott Kingery as the first tier of the new guard. And THANK GOD!

  6. Went with Randolph at this point mainly because of his potential upside. I think Hoskins will be a major league 1b but don’t know that he has much growth left.

  7. I voted for Cozens. He does need to do better against LHP, but the home away split seems flukey, since his HRs aren’t the barely make it over the fence kind.

  8. Last year at this I forecast Cozens current year and everybody said I was crazy. People are saying they don’t believe in Cozens but then nobody believed in Trump either.

    1. No politics here homey.
      And many people said Cozens would have a huge year at Reading, so hop off your horse and join us for a conversation.

    2. Tromp received a mid-season promotion after posting a .274/.335/.506/.841 with 10 HR in 65 games/241 AB at Lakewood. He started slow in Clearwater but finished strong to post a .240/.290/.456/.746 with 10 HR in 59 games/217 AB. Not a guy who gets much attention. The 20 HR were eye-opening.

  9. I went with Cozens over Hoskins and it was very close. I think his floor is a LH part of a platoon with power and speed. That, to me, is a higher floor than Hoskins. Then I have Gowdy due to upside to close out my Top 10. I feel bad that “C” is not on it, but I think last year was a complete waste. I hope for a big year from him. In regard to Appel, I still have hopes for him. I agree that he may end up as a BP piece, but I think he can be a good one. So, definitely Top 20 for me.

    1. matt13…..interesting. What did you consider Hoskin’s floor?
      His batting splits are so ‘even-steven’ (home/away & LHP/RHB)…..that even his 14 total errors for 2016 are divided equally between home and away.
      I would think Hoskins has a higher floor than Cozens were Cozans may have a higher ceiling with his pure raw athleticism and 75/80 power.

      1. I agree with that. Hoskins has a higher floor and Cozens has a higher ceiling. Cozens raw power is like 75/80, but it’s unclear what his “in-game” power is since he has the crazy platoon splits and since Reading dramatically inflates home stats. I would venture to guess that his in-game power is probably like 60 now with the potential for 70/75 if he hits his ceiling, which is iffy.

      2. Romus, I am just not sure that Hoskins’ floor puts him in the Majors at all. Not that I believe he isn’t a good prospect, because I do. But, his Defense and his position limitation may stop him if he does not hit like we think he can. Cozens, OTOH, I have with a slightly higher floor due to his power and speed. Again, I may be completely wrong. It would not be the first time. I may be putting too much faith in Cozens’ athletic ability being able to help him overcome his high K rate. I think that pitch selection and recognition can be taught.

        1. Matt – there’s where we differ. I think, historically, guys who have trouble with pitch selection and especially pitch recognition often can improve marginally at best. Many people view these abilities as skills, when in fact, I think they are mostly talents (God given).

        2. matt13…can understand where you are coming from.
          Everyone knows respectively, their offensive strengths and weaknesses. Defensively, Hoskins is limited to 1st or LF…Cozens both corners and probably first base also.
          It would be nice if both reached their ceilings

        3. Matt it’s also about need so the Phillies might give a lot longer leash to Cozens . Rhys is a good prospect but the Phillies might have the first base future in TJ. Even if Cozens is Brandon Moss type it’s about OF power . The Phillies truly need power in the OF there 1st base position was a productive one for the Phillies. TJ needs to keep up the power bat .

  10. I am an avid reader and rarely post, but watching Cozens get so many votes is surprising to me. I’m sorry but this guy has bust written all over him. 31% strike out rate in AA is a huge red flag. His tools make him an exciting prospect to dream on, but if you lack the hit tool so badly his other tools don’t matter quite as much. I have him outside my top 10.

    1. Daddy…..I can see him and Ranger’s Joey Gallo with almost similar issues. At the deadline last year, teams seem to want Ranger’s prospects/players like Profar, Brinson, Mendez vs Gallo from the reports I read. So other GMs may also see that flaw in large high Krate power guys.

    2. I’m not as concerned with the Ks as you are, although improvement in that area would be a plus. What would you say about 129 Ks in 374 AA AB? That’s what Ryan Howard did while he was at Reading. He had 5 excellent MLB seasons. It’s not how players make outs that matter, it’s what they do that is positive. Raw power can be totally derailed by lack of a hit tool, as we saw with LGJ, who never developed enough hit skill to turn raw power into game power, even in the low minors. Cozens has hit skill. You don’t show as much game power or a .350 OBP without hit skill. Jimmy Rollins barely reached .350 OBP his first year at Martinsville in short-season A ball and never again reached .350 OPS. His Reading OPS was .336. Cozens strikes out a lot. So did Richie Allen and Mike Schmidt, not that I am suggesting Cozens has their or Howard’s level of talent, but he has shown a lot of offensive talent.

      The big question about Cozens’ offense is whether he is limited to the larger half of a platoon or whether he can learn to hit LHP. He already hits RHP well enough that he can be an MLB platoon RF.

      Some fans go nuts about Ks, but many great players have struck out a ton. A high K rate has never been an absolute disqualifier. Show me a high K rate with a .350 OBP and a .900+ OPS and I’m not fazed at all by the Ks.

      1. Some players can overcome their K issues but others can’t. There’s a big difference between striking out 30% of the time in the minors vs the majors. Cozens has absolutely not shown that he can be a platoon OF in the majors; his floor is career minor leaguer.

  11. Yeah. I’m not voting Cozens for a while. I voted Hoskins. Next up is Adonis Medina because he gets extra points for having a cool name.

  12. I went with Cozens because his upside is enormous. Power is in desperate need today and Cozens has power to spare. No one should think he’s a finished product yet, he’s improving every year. He has to improve and I’m sure he will. Even if he hit 30 homers and hit 260, would that be so bad? I lowered Randolph to after Cozens and Hoskins based on last season which really was a lost year for Randolph. Guys, we’re really debating personal preferences at this point. We’re very fortunate to have this many very good choices down to about 40 guys. Be aware all you Kingery lovers that some scouts like Brito more, he’s that good.
    Question – which of the 7 starters at LHV will go to the pen? Could they just move Appel to the pen from the start? Do Asher and or Pinto become long men? Pivetta? It won’t be Eflin, Thompson, or Lively and I think Morgan will be dropped from the 40 next (for Burnett). Good discussion

    1. I like Pivetta more than lively
      Lively is a Sev Gonzales type guy with no real out pitch and below average across the board, he probably ends up in middle relief for a while an then gets cut when his salary increases

  13. From 8 through 11 I’m going
    then there’s a slight drop off but lots of depth.

  14. Guys,

    This is a bounty of riches.

    I just went to make another tweak to my Top 30 remembering that I had Josh Tobias at 26 and needed to remove him. But I ended up adding three more players — JoJo Romero, Andrew Anderson and Austin Bossart — so it’s now a Top 32. And I really think I could go to 40 and still feel like I’m leaving deserving players off.

    1. Linda,

      I don’t think he’s on the ballot.

      I see he had 19 strike outs in 19 innings last year at GCL 6-4, 195-pound righty.

      What more do you know about him?

  15. Shaffer was claimed by the Reds. Does that mean he must go on their 40 man roster? If not, then why did the Phillies have to put him on the 40?

    1. Yes he does, the Reds will need to DFA someone from their 40.
      I think, but don’t hold me to it, it is by the end of the business day when that has to happen or maybe it is 24 hours, not sure..

  16. Tony Gwynn comp for Randolph? That is hilarious. Gwynn’s career MiLB stats (in 175 games, 774 PAs) were .347/.391/.520 — so that is an ISO of .173. Plus he had 39 SB and 10 CS. Everybody remembers the old, fat Tony, but he had a high of 56 SB in a season in the majors. Just a phenomenal athlete — went to San Diego State on a basketball scholarship and was drafted by the Clippers in the NBA draft.

    Randolph has a good hit tool and plate discipline (.279/.380/.383 so far in 503 MiLB PAs). But he is limited to LF, he has little speed, so far has displayed little power (.104 ISO so far) and he has little physical projection left. Baseball America in its recent rankings did not have him in the Top 10 in the Phillies system, and I think that is right. I think he is in the 11 -15 range.

  17. Jeff Singer. Haven’t read one syllable about him. Anyone have a bead on where he’s at developmentally and where he’ll be assigned in ’17.

    1. he pitched in the arizona fall league, so he might start at AA…but i could see him in clearwater to start the season too depending on how the rosters all pan out. if i had to guess , AA since he did pitch well in arizona against top prospects. he’s also a lefty specialist it seems so he has an advantage of moving through the system quick if he’s successful.

  18. It’s getting close to the time to be able to vote for Valentin….so I hope he appears soon in the list of vote choices. Right now I’m for Hoskins; I don’t like the holes on Cozens’ game. Hundreds of strikeouts, can’t hit lefties at all. If he could be a pinch hitter vs righties or share RF with a guy who hit lefties (?), he could help the team. He will be extremely challenged at AAA….where pitchers have learned to deal with his vulnerabilities. I expect his ’17 season to be disappointing without the favorable Reading band box. Hoskins seems much more adaptable at bat. Valentin, for me, would be at #9 or 10…if he would be available….hopefully.

  19. Voted for Hoskins but it was a tough call. For me, there’s a tier here with Hoskins, Cozens, Kingery, Randolph and Gowdy. I could see putting any of them in this spot.

    1. I basically agree, although I like Pivetta and Tirado a little better than Kingery. I think Kingery’s ceiling is Hernandez with a couple dozen more SB a season.

      1. I can see an argument for putting Ortiz in there as well, but to me he’s not quite there even with his encouraging debut.

        I know Tirado seemed to make a lot of progress last year, but I’m still worried about his control reverting to its early season form. I like Pivetta more.

        If by “Hernandez with a couple dozen more SB a season” you mean the Fangraphs version of 2016 Hernandez that had 4.4 WAR, I would be thrilled to get that from Kingery. I don’t think that Cesar really is that player consistently, but I think Kingery could be.

  20. Cozens here.

    1. JP Crawford
    2. Jorge Alfaro
    3. Mickey Moniak
    4. Franklyn Kilome
    5. Nick Williams
    6. Roman Quinn
    7. Dylan Cozens
    8. Cornelius Randolph
    9. Rhys Hoskins
    10.Kevin Gowdy

    11.Sixto Sanchez

  21. Merry Christmas to all and especially to my friend Romus. I have a question to you Romus, I thought I read where Cozens got into a fight with a teammate this off season, for not being able to hit breaking pitches. I only saw one at bat by Cozens and he hit a bomb. Does this concern you about his ability at next level.

    1. rocco…thank you, and Merry Christmas to you and your family.
      Does it concern me at the next Ievel…..fighting? Nah…he is big and strong and can take care of himself.
      Hitting lefties…..well yes a bit….he has had approx. 600 PAs vs lefties over these last 5 years and even more if you count the ABL, PRWL and this past off-season in the DR, and his K rate is in the 35/37% plus range against them….however, his slash just by glancing at all the years , except for this season, is not horrific but in line with other typical power LHBs.
      One things for sure at LHV this season……the manager will probably not have him and Williams hitting back- to- back against any lefty starters.

      1. As for Cozens, his talent and athleticism is so compelling that even if he doesn’t become a first line player, his value as a platoon/DH down the road should be considerable if the Phillies find a trade opportunity within the next year or two. In any case, ’17 at Lehigh is HUGE.

        God bless all my baseball lifer friends here. What a gift this site is!! Thanks to Jim and his crew for all they pour into this. Go Phillies!

  22. I wish all of you a wonderful Holiday Season. Merry Christmas to all. This site is a lot of fun for me, and I appreciate all of you who participate.

  23. Yes, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Holidays to all here and their loved ones. This site is a gift all of its own….headed by a hard worker in chief and his supplemental helpers. What a job!! Thank you for a great diversion from a lousy political 2016…….This place is thus also a refuge. Jim deserves a gold Olympic Medal for his efforts and results. Thank you each day!! And good health to all ! This from a 83 yr old appreciator.

  24. What percent of the pitches thrown were from righties? 85%? 80%. I know it’s pretty high. Some teams have 5 righty starters. Cozens could be ok even if he just hit against righties.

  25. I want to watch the minor league games this year. Preferably Lehigh. Is the money for MiLB worth it? Thoughts? Don’t want to just follow stats anymore. I want to see the kids play.

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