2017 Top 30 Additional Prospects Poll Results

This worked much better than I could have hoped.  Readers cast 4118 votes for over 70 prospects.  The polling software does not allow all features without an upgrade, so I can’t say how many ballots were cast.  However, from random monitoring and SWAG I think that 215-220 ballots might be a good guesstimate.

If you’ll remember, I established several parameters to try and ensure a valid poll –

  1. random order,
  2. Other option for players not listed,
  3. choose multiple prospects,
  4. hidden results, and
  5. repeat voting blocked.

There were a few surprises, for me anyway.  Considering the disfavor that has befallen Carlos Tocci, I’m surprised that he garnered as many votes as he did.  I’m a little surprised that so many people see the same value in Jesse Valentin that I do.  With all the support that Cameron Perkins has received in the Comments section (he was often mentioned in the same breath as Andrew Pullin), I’m a little surprised that he didn’t get more votes.  And, I’m happy to see Matt Imhof got two-and-a-half dozen votes.  I’m going to accept this as a nice gesture on the part of 30 people rather than believe that so many didn’t know about his probable career-ending injury.

Here are the complete results (Name, Votes, Percentage of the vote).  A reasonable cutoff for additional prospects is 2% (actually 1.53%).  That will give us 24 more prospects to choose from over the remaining 21 polls.  Right now, I plan on adding prospects to the Top 30 weekly according to the following schedule.

Sunday, December 25th for Polls 9-12
Ben Lively, 206 votes, 5%
Andrew Pullin, 184 votes, 4%
Carlos Tocci, 177 votes, 4%
Jose Pujols, 167 votes, 4%
Jesse Valentin, 157 votes, 4%

Sunday, January 1st for Polls 13-16
JoJo Romero, 135 votes, 3%
Victor Arano, 135 votes, 3%
Harold Arauz, 131 votes, 3%
Cole Irvin, 117 votes, 3%
Bailey Falter, 117 votes, 3%

Sunday, January 1st for Polls 17-20
Malquin Canelo, 111 votes, 3%
Deivy Grullon, 108 votes, 3%
Tyler Viza, 106 votes, 3%
Seranthony Dominguez, 92 votes, 2%
Ranger Suarez, 91 votes, 2%

Sunday, January 8th for Polls 21-24
Nick Fanti, 88 votes, 2%
Josh Stephen, 85 votes, 2%
Jordan Kurokawa, 82 votes, 2%
Mitch Walding, 79 votes, 2%
Andrew Anderson, 78 votes, 2%

Sunday, January 15th for Polls 25-30
Joshua Tobias, 73 votes, 2% (of course he’ll not be added)
Lucas Williams, 72 votes, 2%
Kyle Martin, 63 votes, 2%
Chace Numata, 63 votes, 2%
Kyle Young, 63 votes, 2%

Remaining Prospects
Brock Stassi, 60 votes, 1%
Luke Leftwich, 58 votes, 1%
Rafael Marchan, 57 votes, 1%
Jiandido Tromp, 56 votes, 1%
Cord Sandberg, 56 votes, 1%
Tom Windle, 54 votes, 1%
Jose Taveras, 50 votes, 1%
Cameron Perkins, 48 votes, 1%
Grant Dyer, 48 votes, 1%
Aaron Brown, 47 votes, 1%
Greg Pickett, 47 votes, 1%
Brandon Leibrandt, 46 votes, 1%
Jeff Singer, 42 votes, 1%
Mauricio Llovera, 41 votes, 1%
Lenin Rodriguez, 36 votes, 1%
Zack Coppola, 35 votes, 1%
Mark Leiter, 35 votes, 1%
Austin Bossart, 32 votes, 1%
Miguel Nunez, 30 votes, 1%
Jesus Alastre, 30 votes, 1%
Matt Imhof, 30 votes, 1%
Blake Quinn, 29 votes, 1%
Jesen Therrien, 27 votes, 1%
Matt Hockenberry, 27 votes, 1%
Darick Hall, 26 votes, 1%
Tyler Gilbert, 25 votes, 1%
Grenny Cumana, 25 votes, 1%
Felix Paulino, 24 votes, 1%
Mark Laird, 24 votes, 1%
Ulises Joaquin, 22 votes, 1%
Andrew Brown, 22 votes, 1%
Alexis Rivero, 20 votes, 0%
Logan Moore, 18 votes, 0%
Luis Carrasco, 15 votes, 0%
Joe DeNato, 13 votes, 0%
Justin Miller, 10 votes, 0%
Rodolfo Duran, 10 votes, 0%
Jose Nin, 10 votes, 0%
Damek Tomscha, 9 votes, 0%
Sutter McLoughlin, 6 votes, 0%
Randy Alcantara, 5 votes, 0%
Jose Antequera, 5 votes, 0%
Ismael Cabrera, 4 votes, 0%
Scott Harris, 4 votes, 0%
Brett Barbier, 4 votes, 0%
Carlos Indriago, 3 votes, 0%
Will Hibbs, 2 votes, 0%
Daniel Garner, 2 votes, 0%
Other: 9 votes, 0%

The 9 other votes actually included 10 names as follows –
David Martinelli, Arquimedes Gamboa, and Jonathan Guzman 1 vote each.

Thomas Eshelman and Sixto Sanchez 1 vote each NOT counted as they are already in the Top 30 Poll.

Harold Arauz, Jose Taveras, and Mitchell Walding 1 vote each NOT counted as they were included as options in the Additional Prospects Poll.

One vote each for two for non-players NOT counted.  I guess I’m lucky that only two were submitted.

Thank you for participating, I hope you are as satisfied with the results as I am.  Here are the actual results from the poll.


16 thoughts on “2017 Top 30 Additional Prospects Poll Results

  1. Jim,

    Great work!

    You found a way to further democratize the polling process and trust your group of very informed readers and it worked.

    I, too, am surprised by some of the results. Not so much Tocci, who I think is more denigrated as not a super-prospect than seen as a non-prospect, or Valentin, who I also like. Also not surprised at Perkins’s few votes. He gets lots of kudos for being a quality AAA and future AAAA player but is hardly ever mentioned as a true prospect.

    My surprise is more at players who got so few votes despite strong seasons and relatively steady advancement through the system, such as Hockenberry and Numata. Also Kyle Martin, not so much for what he’s done as for the fact he was from a much-discussed prospect when drafted in 2015 to hardly mentioned even though he’s put up okay numbers. Similarly Joaquin, Therrein, De Nato, Bossart. Having said that, only Numata and Stephen are in my Top 30, and they’re at the bottom.

    I’m starting to get eager for Spring Training to start, motivated in large part by your extraordinary good poll.

    Thanks again.

  2. I liked this exercise, Jim. And this is the perfect year to do it, with all the depth in the system.

    Kyle Young just clearing the bar to make the poll. I think he’s a good sleeper pick this year. A 6’10” lefty who only walked 2 batters in 27 innings in the GCL; that’s intriguing to me.

    1. I was a little surprised he didn’t get a couple votes as a write in. The only Academy player to get a vote was Guzman. I thought of adding a couple of those guys plus “Franco”, but decided to just stick with GCL and above.

  3. Interesting to me that Drew Anderson, who is on the 40 man roster, got so few votes. Maybe the being on the list as Andrew Anderson caused some confusion. The Phillies obviously see him as more of a prospect than the fans on this site.

    Also surprised Gamboa only got 1 vote – Winkleman has Gamboa as the 3rd best SS prospect in the Phillies system behind only Crawford and Canelo. Gamboa should have gotten a lot more votes than 1.

    1. baseballbaoldi

      I think you’re right about the name. I didn’t recognize it at fairs. Anderson’s at 31 for me, just missing the cut. But he could be nudged up before we’re done.

    2. Maybe, but that would be sad if people couldn’t make the jump from Andrew to Drew. Maybe Cameron Perkins would have gotten more votes if I had listed him as Cam Perkins?

      I’ve seen Gamboa. I know that MW likes him. I know Joe Jordan likes him, too. But I wasn’t impressed with the fielding of any of our middle infielders when Gamboa was with the GCL in 2015. His fielding pct went down in Williamsport and he hasn’t shown he can hit at either level.

      I’m not prepared to give up on him, but I’m not ready to canonize him either.

  4. Congrats Jim!!!! Excellent job. this website is making the difference keeping us researching day in and out about the phuture of the francise.
    I think we need to see more from Anderson, that is why he got few votes. I was expecting more love for Bossart, maybe his age played a role. Same to Taveras.
    Happy to see Valentin in there. It seems that the lower level Arauz guy is getting some attention. I will look into his numbers. I love Numata and Canelo, and am really expecting a breakout year for them. Grullon is deflating already. I hope he puts together in 2017, as well as big power Pujols.

      1. LWD,

        I don’t know about this guy’s credibility. He has VV as an international signee. He’s from Pomona, California, part of the USA last I checked.

        Having said that, he might be a better judge of pitching ability than he is as a handler of facts.

      2. the article mentioned that VV is an international signee and harold arauz is a undrafted FA — both statements are incorrect (i don’t even read the rest of the top 20). VV is an overslot 2nd rd draft pick in 2010while arauz is an 16 yo IFA signee i think in 2011.

        i still prefer the 1st version of the trade whether the Phils gets Derek Fisher and kept Jon Arauz.

  5. Can someone fill me in more on Bailey Falter?

    He received the 10th most votes–and I voted for him, too.

    But I know very little about him, and haven’t seen him pitch.


    1. I saw him pitch in the GCL. When he took the mound, some of the fans comped him to Cole Hamels. This caused the scouts to laugh under their breath. While Falter has a similar physical build, his stuff was not up to a Hamels.

      His FB was 86-88 mph, just a tic behind Nick Fanti and Will Stewart in 2015. But he has good mound presence and good commad of his secondary offering (CB). He velo was the same in XST in 2016, but he was the Phillies pick to fill out the Williamsport rotation.

      I read this past summer that the Phillies tinkered with Falter’s delivery in Williamsport. He added a considerable amount of velocity (90-92 mph, I think, and touched 95 mph). However, he was back to 87-89 in 2016 instructs.

      His secondaries are a nice curve that he commands well and a change which I only saw in Instructs. He has a fluid motion that looks easy, He doesn’t overthrow.

      I like him. I don’t know where I would rank him. But, I am a little partial to the younger guys I’ve actually seen.

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