Phuture Phillies 2017 Reader Top 30 Poll for #7

Franklyn Kilome was your selection as the #6 prospect in the Phillies’ organization. Kilome garnered 37% of the votes and edged Sixto Sanchez by 3 votes.  Dylan Cozens (10%) edged Rhys Hoskins for third place by 2 votes.

Franklyn Kilome signed as an international free agent out of the Dominican Republic on January 22. 2013.  He began his professional career with the GCL Phillies in 2014.  Kilome showed flashes his first season but was limited by an injury to 49.1 innings in Williamsport in 2015.

Going into his third season with Lakewood, Kilome added some muscle and weight to his 6’6 frame.  He pitched a career high 114.2 innings and recorded a career best 10.2 K/9. Kilome possesses a plus-plus fastball.  I’ve seen him throw 94-97 mph and have read reports that he throws harder.  He uses his height to throw on a downward plane and keeps the ball low in the strike zone.  He has a nice curve ball and is working on a third pitch, a change up.

One anecdote I like to relate happened on Ashburn Field during XST before he reported to Williamsport in 2015.  Kilome was pitching well and an opposition batter bunted for a base hit.  Kilome darted off the mound on the third base side, fielded the ball, and his right foot slipped as he prepared to throw the ball.  He didn’t make the throw, but was annoyed with himself for losing his footing.  Kilome took the mound, glared at the next three batters, and struck all three out.

Kilome needs to control the zone a little better.  His 3.9 BB/9 was a career high.  If he can lower that and make batters earn their way on base, Kilome can approach the high ceiling that a lot of forecasters see for him.

Next up is your selection for the #7 prospect in the organization.


Poll to date –

  1. J.P. Crawford
  2. Jorge Alfaro
  3. Mickey Moniak
  4. Roman Quinn
  5. Nick Williams
  6. Franklyn Kilome

Don’t forget to visit the poll in 2017 Phuture Phillies Reader Top 30 Poll – Additional Prospects Poll to cast your ballot for the prospects you think should be added to the remaining polls.  Over 3500 votes have been cast so far.  If you’ve already participated, thank you.  The leaders remain Ben Lively, Andrew Pullin, Carlos Tocci, Jose Pujols, and Jesse Valentin.  Lively has by far been listed on the most ballots.  The poll will close Friday night. 

21 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2017 Reader Top 30 Poll for #7

  1. Voting Cozens here.

    I have the same first six but with Kilome (who was dominant down the stretch last season) at no. 4 and Quinn at no. 6.

    Sixto will probably make a run for the no. 7 spot here. He’s no. 11 on my list, and I’m fine with him there. I’m not convinced he remains a starter but I’m very excited to see what 2017 brings. I suspect he starts out in extended ST, reports to Williamsport in June with the goal of getting him 70+ innings.

    You may have to squint to see cornerstone-type players here, but this is a solid, solid system.

    1. JP Crawford
    2. Jorge Alfaro
    3. Mickey Moniak
    4. Franklyn Kilome
    5. Nick Williams
    6. Roman Quinn
    7. Dylan Cozens
    8. Cornelius Randolph
    9. Rhys Hoskins
    10.Kevin Gowdy
    11.Sixto Sanchez

    1. Steve, what leads you to doubt Sixto will remain a starter? I know people talk about Velasquez eventually moving to the bullpen. Because he tends to throw a lot of pitches, I can see that developing. Is there something about Sixto that gives you that idea?

  2. I went with Cozens here because his power profile is off the charts, he runs well and looks like he can stay in RF. Cozens has holes in his swing that remind me of Howard but his bat is quicker and he’s been able to make some adjustments as he’s moved up. It took me a significant amount of time to place him higher than Hoskins. Hoskins looks like a solid 1B with the glove and with the bat. He could be a long-term 1B for the Phillies. Cozens could have 5 years looking like a young Howard and 5 years trying not to be an old Howard.

      1. Okay, Jim – tell us more. We always like scouting reports from those who have seen players in person. Did he not play first base well when you saw him play? The loose reports we’ve received were that his fielding is proficient. If you feel that’s not the case, please share!

        1. Catch,

          I only saw Hoskins on MiLB last year, but did seem him live the year before at Clearwater. He played competent first base in every game I saw.

          There’s a tendency to compare Cozens’ good base running and speed for a big man to Hoskins with the inference that Hoskins is just a big lug. But that’s not the case. He isn’t fast, but he is athletic.

          I continue to rate Hoskins over Cozens because I think’s he’s a more predictable success than the guy who hasn’t hit lefties and who strikes out a lot.

          Hoskins might end up a steady 25 HR, 80-90 RBI guy. Cozens might end up a platoon player — or a 35 HR-plus All Star.

        2. Catch, he looks very ragged at 1B sometimes. Even routine plays, sometimes give him trouble. I usually go to Reading about 4 times a year, and I get to see them on local tv an additional 12 – 18 times. One game that stands out in my mind, he had 2 errors on rather routine plays (ground balls if I remember correctly) and could have had another were it not for the generosity of the scorekeeper.

          I am not about to label him a Dick Stuart in the field, but I think his fielding can be approved upon. He is not in my opinion, as good as a fielder as Ruf at 1B. The incident mentioned above was late in the year when the HR derby was in full swing and maybe fatigue contributed that night. I just think from the times I have seen him that it is an area that needs improvement. I would grade him with a C-.

          1. I saw him in a half dozen Reading games. I thought he was a competent fielder. He is definitely not the plus defensive 1B that Brock Stassi is. He does hit a lot better than Stassi. I think Hoskins is a solid prospect with a good chance to play 1B is Philly. Of course he may never play 1B is Philly and that is not fully under his control — it depends how Tommy Joseph hits and fields over the next two seasons. Joseph also shows no signs of being a plus defensive 1B.

            I give Cozens a slight edge over Hoskins. A lot of that is positional advantage. I think Cozens is at least a platoon OF — he absolutely murders RHP. He still has big growth needs. He must hit LHP if he is to ever be more than just a platoon player, he needs to walk more. It would be nice if he struck out less, but he is productive enough that this isn’t essential.

            Oh, btw I voted Sixto here. Cozens will be next for me, but I see him as more than a little below Sixto. I like all of the guys who have been picked thus far, but it’s really a significant step down from Crawford/Moniak/Alfaro to the current grouping and now we will step down again to Cozens/Hoskins/Ortiz/Gowdy/Kingery/Medina/Tirado/Randolph/Stobbe.

      2. Jim……….last year may have been a down year defensively for Hoskins.
        But going strictly metrically, in 2015, in 1380 innings played (including the ABL where the fields may not be the greatest kept), 1420 chances, he only committed 12 errors and a FLD % of over .994.
        Last season his Fld% dropped to .988 with 14 errors in 1130 innings and 1176 chances.
        After watching Ryan Howard’s defense for the last 12 years, Hoskins has to be considered an upgrade.

          1. Jim….what I have seen of Hoskins….from the telly, and probably as not as much as you, is that he is not smooth over there. Now have to admit the smooth first baseman I have seen over the years were mostly all right handed glove , throw left handed guys…and most all the opposite, like Hoskins, seem to have some awkwardness about them.
            Even Paul Goldey has little but he is rated very high defensively.
            What I would be interested to see is how he saves the shortstops and third basemen from throws in the dirt, and also his pivot throw to second base.
            There are two key components for me on how well a first baseman plays defensively.

  3. Had sixto at 2 so still with him at 7. If FO is aggressive think he starts at Lakewood and will be in Clearwater with kilome by beginning of second half. Hope I am correct as this will give us 2 possible #1’s in Clearwater rotation and just 2 years away

  4. It’s Sixto time. If Kilome and Sixto have the years in 2017 that we all hope for, combined with others moving to Philly, these guys could be 2-3 next year and be top 50 overall, as in possible aces.

  5. I voted Sixto as well. His last season combined with the scouting reports are about all you could hope for. The upside here is staggering and he could be one of the top 25 prospects in baseball within a year.

  6. After Sixto: Cozens, Medina, Kingery, Randolph. Neither Kingery nor Randolph have high ceilings, and I’m just really down on the LF with little power profile. I wonder if he should be this high on my list.

    1. I think they both belong in this group, but so do guys like Hoskins, Tirado, Ortiz, and Gowdy. Those last 3 are high ceiling and I think Hoskins has higher ceiling than Kingery or Randolph.

      1. I actually have those exact 4 immediately following: Tirado, Ortiz, Hoskins, Gowdy.

        I agree Hoskins has higher ceiling than both, but a lower floor. I think there’s still a solid chance he doesn’t become an every day 1B, which looks more like pinch hitter rather than platoon player.

        As we have seen from Ruf/Howard, it’s extremely difficult to have a backup 1B. I know it’s not popular, but that’s how I have it. Backups to 1B, 2B, 3B, and to a lesser degree LF are not valuable, so often they don’t garner good floors in my rankings, and hurt their rankings.

        I only have Kingery with a high floor because I think there’s little chance he doesn’t become at least a below average regular.

  7. Do I go with what might be in Cozens or what probably will be with Hoskins or do I go with Shiny and new Sixto

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