2017 Phuture Phillies Reader Top 30 Poll – Additional Prospects Poll

Okay, here you go.  You decide who else gets added to the poll.  This poll contains 73 names from which to choose.  Features of this poll include –

  1. The order of names has been randomized by the application so I shouldn’t be accused of “shaping” the poll.
  2. The Other answers option has been activated so you can add a player not listed.  I guess maybe I can be accused of shaping the poll after all.
  3. You can choose multiple prospects.
  4. There is no limit to the number of prospects you can select.
  5. Results are hidden.  I’ll publicize them later.
  6. Repeat voting is blocked.  So make all your selections the first time you take the poll.
  7. The poll will be closed midnight Friday EST.
  8. Comments have been turned off for this poll.

By Friday, we will have completed 7 polls, So, I’ll need 23 more names to keep the poll around 20 names through the final poll.  You should select at least 25 to make sure the poll doesn’t get skewed.  For instance, if you just pick 5, the 20 you don’t pick will have an effect on the outcome.

The guys who get the highest number of votes will be the first guys added to the poll.

If you submit a player in Other who is listed in the poll, that vote will NOT be counted.

(I hope this works.)

Update (8:40AM EST): So far, it looks like 30 people have responded (based solely on the fact that the 2 top vote recipients have 30 apiece).  If this is correct, we’re averaging just slightly over 22 prospects per ballot.  About 18 guys have double-digit counts.  This looks like it will provide a better (more popular?) group of prospects from which to choose.  A couple of the guys I would have included because they’ve always been included (but I personally didn’t want to include) aren’t doing well.  So, at the very least, this will weed out some of the players who were historically included in these polls who might not belong.  Thank you for your input.