2016 Instructional League Schedule and Roster Update

I picked up the Phillies’ 2016 Instructional League Schedule at the Carpenter Complex today.  I also picked up the official roster.  And, yes, Cole Stobbe will be here as reported in an interview in the Omaha World Herald, shared with us by Bobby Pedagogy, and surmised by the rest of us.

I have attached the schedule and roster below.

2016 Instructional League Schedule, Page 1

2016 Instructional League Schedule, Page 2

2016 Instructional League Schedule, Page 3

The Phillies play all but one of their home games at Bright House Field.  The lone exception is on October 1st.  That date conflicts with the Hops for Hospice event held at Bright House and the game will be at the Complex.

The Pirates aren’t travelling again this year, but the Phillies will visit Pirate City twice.  They are also playing one game in Sarasota against the Orioles.

2016 Phillies’ Instructional League Roster

The list still includes 62 prospects – 30 pitchers, 7 catchers, 14 infielders, and 11 outfielders, this time with Cole Stobbe included.