Box Score Recap; Post Season – 9/15/2016

The Lakewood BlueClaws wasted some fine pitching last night as they were shut out by the Rome Braves.  They trail the Braves in the SAL championship series, two games to one. Lakewood ran into another tough pitcher in Kolby Allard.  The BlueClaws’ Alberto Tirado was almost as effective, and the bull pen was efficient, again.

Game four is an elimination game for the BlueClaws.  It will be played in Lakewood on Thursday night.

Lakewood (74-65, 2-0, 1-2)  Alberto Tirado pitched well, just not well enough.  While he threw 88 pitches in 5.0 innings, he struck out seven and walked only one.  Except for the fourth inning, Tirado kept the Braves in check.

In the first inning, Tirado got a pop up before giving up a line drive double to right field.  He shut down the Braves with two strike outs to nullify the threat.

The Braves opened the second inning with a single, but Tirado got two fly balls and a strike out to end the inning.

Tirado struck out the side in the third inning.

The Braves finally broke through with a lead off home run in the fourth inning.  They continued to apply pressure with a bunt single and a throwing error.  A ground out moved the runner to third, but another ground out kept him there.  A single brought home the run, another single closed out the hits the Braves got off Tirado.  A third ground out brought the inning to an end.

Tirado issued his first and only walk to lead off the fifth inning.  He induced a double play ground ball, and closed out the inning and his night with his seventh strike out.  All seven came swinging.

Jake Waguespack retired all six batters he faced in the sixth and seventh innings.

Zach Morris successfully navigated around a lead off double and sacrifice bunt in the eighth inning.  After an intentional base on balls, he got a key strike out for the second out and escaped the threat with a ground out.

Sutter McLoughlin pitched a 1-2-3 ninth inning.

The BlueClaws had few scoring opportunities, and squandered those they did have.  They managed 10 base runners on seven hits, two walks, and a Braves’ fielding error.  They were 1-5 with RISP, and left 9 runners on base.  Their best and last chance came in the eighth inning.  Jose Pujols led off with a single and Damek Tomscha walked.  But Wilason Garcia attempted a sacrifice bunt that resulted in a put outs at third and first.

Tirado’s line was 5.0 IP, 6 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 7 K, 1 HR, 88 pitches/58 strikes (65.9%).  He threw 14 of 21 first pitch strikes (66.7%).  He ran four, three-ball counts that resulted in a K, F8, 1-3, and his only BB.  His pitch count was affected by two long at bats of 10 (F8)and 8 pitches (BB); and 22 foul balls (37.9% of his strikes).

Jose Pujols (.304) went 2-4.  Damek Tomscha (.571) went 2-2 with 2 walks.  Mark Laird, Cornelius Randolph, and Jan Hernandez each went 1-4.  The BlueClaws struck out 11 times, Hernandez and Emmanuel Marrero three times each.

Game box score.

The BluClaws face elimination in game four.  Harold Arauz (6-6, 3.18) and his gaudy home split (6-0, 0.98) goes for the ‘Claws on Friday night.  They draw another Braves’ pitcher with a high pedigree, Max Fried (8-7, 3.93).  He was SanDiego’s 1st round pick (7th overall) in 2012.  The LHP is the Braves’ #11 prospect according to MLB.

  1. Monday, September 12th:         defeated Rome, 5-0  (Franklyn Kilome, 1-0)
  2. Tuesday, September 13th:        lost to Rome, 6-1  (Seranthony Dominguez, 0-1)
  3. Wednesday, September 14th:  No game scheduled
  4. Thursday, September 15th:      lost to Rome, 2-0  (Alberto Tirado, 0-1)
  5. Friday, September 16th:             v. Rome, 7:05  (Harold Arauz)
  6. Saturday, September 17th:       v. Rome, 7:05  (TBD)

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19 thoughts on “Box Score Recap; Post Season – 9/15/2016

  1. I read that Brundage will be replaced by Wathan next year, despite the Pigs’ strong record. No rationale was given. Could it have anything to do with the handling of Nick Williams and the lack of progress this season for Nick and Crawford at AAA? Perhaps those closer to the Pigs may have some insights.

    Wathan certainly deserved the promotion. It may be helpful for him to have another year with Cozens and Hoskins (assuming they move up), Quinn (if he doesn’t start with the Phils), and any of the AA pitchers who move up to AAA, too.

    1. In this weeks felske files, I believe it was Matt Gleb who mentioned that this was prob going to be his last season regardless of what happened record wise. I think he says why but I don’t remember why. Gleb also says that Llovera was above 100 this year at some point mid season (in a bullpen). I know the bullpen is going to make people shrug it off but as a former pitcher (not the highest level but still D1, not the best school either tho haha) and coach I’ll tell you that NORMALLY a bullpen is anywhere from 2-4mph under what you sit . . . You just done have the advantage (and sometimes disadvantage, usually not w professional pitchers tho) of adrenaline which comes from facing an opponent.

      Hey random question for you Jim . . . First and foremost You do a great job, thank you. Is there any way to put have open discussions for each week at the top of the PP page? I feel like it kinda gets lost sometimes after a few box score recaps go ahead of it. Anyways just a suggestion, again thanx for your time and effort.

    2. How many Top-30 Prospects were in LHV this year under Brundage this year? How many, if any, showed improvement from 2015? Any?

      Crawford? No. Williams? Bigger no. Knapp? No. Sweeney? Huge regression to the point where he’s probably no longer considered a prospect.

      Don’t think there was any chance they were going to send Hoskins, Cozens, and Kingery, along with another half season of Crawford, Knapp and Williams for Brundage to manage.

      1. Knapp showed progress, but only on defense. From a hitting standpoint, your analysis is spot on. Guys either failed to improve or, worse yet, regressed and, even worse yet in the case of Williams, became embattled. That’s not going to cut it for a AAA manager.

        1. IMO, the extended pissing contest he got into with Williams sealed his fate whether he was right or wrong. It clearly didn’t work, AND Williams went down the toilet in the 2nd half. If you’re going to hitch your wagon to the nonsensical “playing the game the right way” b.s., the player you’re riding better show improvement after you’ve called him out in public (several times).

          Now Brundage just comes off as an “old school disciplinarian” who did nothing to stop the slide of 2 of the organizations top 5 prospects. Williams 2nd half walk statistics are a complete abomination and Brundage has some culpability in that fact.

  2. LKW, kick some butt tonight. If someone told me Pujols would be ovwer .300 in the playoffs right now, I’d be betting LKW had qwon the championship already. With zero RBIs, I guess that tells the tale.

    Culletta is an interesting prospect. He’s a big guy (6’4″ 245), 22 y/o, and a former 6th round choice. He’s got a pretty big bat, having 16 HRs and 108 RBI in 2016 between A+ and AA. He has 151 Ks to go with 81 BBs. His triple slash is pretty impressive. He hit .267/.347/.429 combined in 2016. He hit .267/.338/.496 in AA. He looks like a solid OF’er too. He had 1 error and 12 assists. He’s probably Rule 5 eligible and I’m not sure the Phils will protect him. I think they start him in AA and if he puts up Cozen type numbers, he could see AAA but August. Then again, he could be AA and bust.

    1. I hope he dies put up those Cozens numbers. I do not know the California league but I have heard it is very hitter friendly and we should consider this when looking at power numbers- they could be inflated.

    1. Braves may have pulled a 2002 Hamels on drafting Allard. Teams questioned Hamels physical status back then and the Phillies took the risk. Might as well, add Allard to the 7 or 8 pitchers in their system that have stuff to be 1s or 2s. Uggg.

      1. Romus, I agree that by 2019-2020, the Mets and Nats will be mediocre again due to continued pitching breakdowns and no cash respectively, and the Phillies will be in a major dog fight with the Braves. They just keep adding and adding…..

        1. Lets hope all the Phillies key prospects prosper.
          As for the Nats….two years from now becomes a crucial time for them….I do not think they want Harper to go into his free agency year in 2019 and may look to sign him to something humongous beyond belief before his FA year.

          1. Right now, it’s a little unclear whether he is going to be worth the contract he will likely command. Last year’s Harper was worth that deal; this year’s Harper was not. He is still very young and has all the tools one would want, but the Nats may actually be better off trading him a year before FA to a team like the Yankees or Dodgers and using those dollars on another player or players. My guess is that they will try to sign him and only trade him if it’s clear that it’s not going to happen. His agent is Boras, so he won’t come cheap and there will probably be zero hometown discounts. I’m predicting that either he or Trout will sign the first $50 million a year contract. Certainly, I expect both players to be paid north of $40 million per year. Yeah, I know, it’s nuts. Completely nuts. But, then again, so is paying Ryan Howard $25 million a year.

          2. Something humongous could put the Gnats in a real $$$ bind, considering what they’ve already committed to Strasburg and Scherzer.

            1. Yeah I’ll really feel bad for them. I dislike the Nats mainly because of their superior arrogance considering they’ve never won anything. I don’t dislike their fan base since well….they don’t have one.

              Don’t hate the Mets, just their fans.

              Marlins have been an organizational mess. Plus Miami doesn’t merit a major league team.

              I still respect the Braves organization even now because they know how to build. Any hate for them is purely competitive. But the 200 people who show up at games know what they can do with their tomahawks. Most annoying sound in sports.

              I feel better now that I’ve crushed those sour grapes under my feet.

              LET’S GO PHILLIES!

            2. I’m with you! I think I hate the Nats more than any other team (except perhaps the Cardinals). It starts with their smugness and their refusal to sell game tickets to Phillies fans. It’s really outrageous. They also have Jayson Werth, which puts them immediately behind in the likeability calculus. Yup – I hate ’em.

  3. The braves are throwing 4 of their top 11 prospects, in a top rated system, in this series. Lakewood is having a good battle. Hopefully some of these guys will battle each other for playoff spots in the majors one day.

  4. The Thursday night game in Lakewood exhibited classic signs of the Phillies organizational issues:1) the inexplicable pitch calling, and 2) poor/stupid approach at the plate at-bat after at-bat. Example #1, Tirado made the Rome 3B look like a HS reject on changeups in the 1st & 3rd at-bats. He was clearly sitting fastball on every pitch as he twice pulled foul 95MPH FBs. But for some reason, he grooved a 2-strike FB to him for a CF home run to lead off the 4th. Example #2, Wilson Garcia had runners on 1st & 2nd w/2outs each of his first two at-bats and both times struck out on 57 ft. changeups that he could not have reached with a 4ft bat. Just for good measure, in his final at-bat with 2 on and nobody out, he bunted into a double play. Considering the absolute lack of talent produced by the Braves’ minor league organization in the last decade, you cannot say this was due only to Rome having better talent than Lakewood. These are the same problems you see day-in and day-out with the major league team and they will never make the playoffs until someone corrects them.

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