Box Score Recap – 7/31/2016

Sunday was another rainy day causing another suspension and a couple of short games. All five affiliates notched a win.

Lehigh’s Jake Thompson produced another sterling effort collecting his organization high 11th victory.

Reading completed one suspended game only to have Sunday’s game suspended.

Will Morris pitched a complete game.  Cord Sandberg had a 3-hit game.  And, Zach Morris hit his 12th home run in a rain-shortened game.

Lakewood made reliever Zach Morris a winner with a 10-run inning.

And, in Williamsport, JoJo Romero notched his first professional win, a complete game, in a rain-shortened game.

Lehigh Valley (66-42)  Beat Rochester, 5-1.  Jake Thompson (11-5, 2.50) returned to form and tossed a seven inning, four-hitter.  He struck out two and walked NONE.  Jesse Valentin had 3 hits.  Andrew Knapp and Emmanuel Burriss had 2 each.

Jake Thompson set a franchise record by winning his 5th straight start.  In 11 starts since  a loss on May 31st, Thompson has gone 8-0, 74.1 IP, 52 H, 11 R, 10 R, 18 BB, 42 K, 3 HBP.  He lowered his ERA from 4.23 to 2.50.  During that span, he gave up more than one run twice – the 5 in his last start and 2 on June 21st.  He’s had four, 1-run and five, 0-run outings.

  • #1 Crawford (.258) went 0-3 with a BB.
  • #3 Williams (.283) went 0-4 with an RBI.
  • #5 Thompson (11-5, 2.29) – 7.0 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 2 K, 1 HBP.
  • #11 Appel – DL, season-ending surgery to remove a bone spur.
  • #12 Knapp (.273) went 2-4 with a double.
  • #24 Lively (4-4, 3.86) – DNP.
  • #28 Ramos (0.38) – promoted to Philadelphia.

Reading (71-36)  Miguel Nunez struck out two of the tree batters he retired to complete the previous night’s 4-3 victory over the Erie SeaWolves.  The Phils had forged an early 2-0 lead before the regularly scheduled game was suspended in the top of the second inning.  It will completed on August 20th.  Angelo Mora had both RBI in the suspended game.

  • #4 Alfaro (.293) DNP.
  • #7 Cozens (.281) went 0-1.
  • #8 Quinn (.288) DL, oblique, rehabbing with the GCL Phillies.
  • #13 Hoskins (.281) went 0-1.
  • #14 Kingery (.333) went 1-2.
  • #16 Pinto – (4-4, 4.54) – DNP.
  • #18 Pivetta – (9-6, 3.64) – DNP.
  • #19 Eshelman (2-2, 6.75) – DNP.

Clearwater (63-42)  Beat Fort Myers, 8-5 in a rain-shortened game.  Will Morris (7-2, 3.47) pitched a five-inning complete game.  Cord Sandberg had a 3-hit game.  Mitch Walding, Zach Green, and Austin Bossart had 2 hits each.  Green hit his 12th HR and had 3 RBI (59). Josh Tobias went 0-3 with a SF and RBI.

  • #20 Garcia (8-2, 2.50) – DNP.
  • #22 Canelo (.243) went 1-2 with a double, BB, and RBI.  He committed his 22nd error.
  • #23 Tocci (.273) went 1-3 with a BB and RBI.
  • #26 Cordero – (5.63) – DNP.

Lakewood (49-55)  Beat Augusta, 12-7.  Zach Morris (6-1, 2.26) threw three shutout innings and was the beneficiary of the BlueClaws’ 10-run, seventh inning.  Zach Coppola had 2 hits and 3 RBI; Damek Tomscha had 3 hits and 2 RBI; Jan Hernandez had 2 hits; and Emmanuel Marrero had 3 hits and 2 RBI.  Hernandez also committed 3 errors, but only one of the GreenJackets runs was unearned.

  • #6 Randolph (.246) went 0-4 with a BB and RBI.
  • #9 Kilome (3-7, 4.31) – DNP.
  • #27 Pujols (.226) went 1-5 with 2 RBI and a K.
  • #29 Edgar Garcia – DNP.
  • #30 Tirado (2-1, 5.22)- DNP.

Williamsport (26-16)  Beat Mahoning Valley , 1-0 in a rain-shortened game.  JoJo Romero (1-0, 2.55) was credited with a five inning, complete game shutout.  He held the Scrappers to two hits.  The Crosscutters scored an unearned run on a passed ball in the second inning.  Here’s a good article by Mitch Rupert of the Sun Gazette about how the Phillies are moving cautiously with Romero’s arm.

  • #17 Medina (4-1, 1.66) – DNP.
  • #25 JoJo Romero – 5.0 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 3 BB, 4 K, 1 HBP.

GCL Phillies (21-10) DNP.

  • #2 Mickey Moniak (.322) DNP.
  • #10 Kevin Gowdy (0-1, 4.50) – DNP.
  • #15 Cole Stobbe (.276) DNP.
  • #21 Jhailyn Ortiz (.265) DNP.
  • Josh Stephen (.286) DNP.
  • Justin Miller (0-0, 4.15) – DNP.
  • Andrew Brown (0-0, 2.19) – DNP.
  • Will Stewart (1-2, 5.91) – DNP.
  • Nick Fanti (2-0, 1.19) – DNP.
  • Sanchez (3-0, 0.67) – DNP.

DSL Phillies (21-27)  DNP.

  • Jonathan Guzman (.302) DNP.
  • Keudy Bocio (.227) DNP.
  • Simon Muzziotti (.258) DNP.
  • Dixon Gutierrez (.280) DNP.

DSL Phillies2 (27-21)  DNP.

  • Leonel Aponte (2-4, 3.09) – DNP.
  • Carlos Oropeza (.198) DNP.
  • Rafael Marchan (.351) DNP..

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings:

27 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 7/31/2016

  1. As usual, great write-up. I was just wondering if anyone cares to speculate why in the majors a game is cancelled if less than 5 innings are pitched but there are situations like the one Jim mentioned above, where after 2 innings the Reading game was suspended, not cancelled?

  2. thompson may end up as more than the back end starter that most predicted. as usual no respect for our prospect pool lol

  3. anyone who hasn’t seen Coppola swing the bat….do yourself favor and check it out. Very lean at this stage but man do I like his swing.

  4. Some guys have long hit streaks but Pujols has a long strike out streak. He’s struck out in 11 straight games and 16 of his last 17 games. He still leads the SAL in HRs and is 2nd in RBIs but that .226 BA and 145 Ks in 94 games is eye catching.

    Pujols can pack on more muscle too but can they teach him to connect with the ball more? Can he learn to recognize a curve ball and determine in a blink of an eye where it’s going to end up when it gets to the plate? Can these be taught and what are the chances he can learn them?

    I remember when Dom Brown was signed. There were a lot of people around the league who didn’t think the Phils could sign him. He was a big time prospect. Then I read, and only once did I see it in print, that the Phils knew Dom couldn’t maintain a 2.0 GPA so that he’d even be able to play college ball. Brown knew that too. When I saw that, I rated Michael Taylor as the better prospect. He was a Stanford guy and was an intelligent guy. There is baseball smarts and book smarts. I was hoping Dom had baseball smarts but Dom couldn’t learn to recognize pitches and if he did he couldn’t learn where they would end up around the plate. Neither panned out in any big, long term way.

    I’ve never said anything about that article because I thought I’d be branded a racist pig. If you knew me and how I was raised, you’d know that it is very very far from the truth. But I wonder if Pujols is similar to Brown. Eventually we’ll find out. Maybe he’ll learn to recognize the slurvy pitches and at least lay off some of them. Making more contact will be key for Pujols going forward.

  5. Nice to see Jake Thompson rebound from a shaky start. I think i’m in the minority with Thompson but I don’t see anything special there. I think at his best he’ll be a workhorse 4 . . Don’t get me wrong a workhorse 4 is very valuable. His K/9 bothers me . . . Then again his minor league numbers, body and even stuff is eerily similar to a former Cy Young winner . . .

    Jake Thompson
    RHP 6’4 230lbs
    3.06ERA 1.20WHIP H9 7.8 HR9 0.6 BB9 3.0 K9 8.1

    Comp Player
    RHP 6’3 235lbs
    3.90ERA WHIP 1.36 H9 9 HR9 0.3 BB9 3.2 K9 8.1

    I actually thought they were closer with their career minor league numbers but their scouting reports are similar. Here’s some excerpt from John Sickels talking about my comp player

    “As a prospect, ——– showed the ability to eat innings, throw strikes, get ground balls, and pitch well in difficult, high-offense environments despite middling scouting reports”

    “I was fortunate enough to have seen him in person that summer, so I had a personal report to back up the intriguing numbers. ——- showed a nice 90-93 MPH power sinker, both his slider and curveball looked solid to me, and he was mixing in a better changeup. Based on one of those “gut instinct” things plus personal observation, I gave him a Grade B for 2003, though he fell just short of my Top 50 Pitching Prospects list”

    When you realize who the comp player is you’ll say that he was A LOT more then a workhorse 4 . . . i’m not saying I think this is who he will become, i’m just saying that he’s comparable in stuff, size and somewhat minor league numbers.

    1. I know who it is, ill let some ppl hafe fun for awhile though. Interesting comp…would be awesome. Talk about a guy who came out in a big way, had a huge prime, and then disappeared.

      1. danurda- He def had a nice 6 year stretch, sad that his shoulder only allowed him to pitch for 7 years (well 6 really, I believe he blew out his shoulder in his first game in 2009). A few of the articles I read while looking up info on him said that (if you go by war) he is one of the most underrated players in the history of the game (dunno that I agree w that), I’d actually say a certain former Phillie is the most underrated player of the past 25 years . . . any idea who that may be (have said it on here before i think)

    2. EricD….agree to some degree…this season’s whiff ratio is low…..but check out his first 300 plus innings up thru AA at Frisco…..K/9 was just what you would want.
      The last two years, approx. 200 innings, in the Phillies org it has trended downward.
      Maybe he has decided to pitch to contact with the 2Smr like Eflin does.

    3. @Eric D – I’ll start by looking at Eickhoff. Jake has comparable if not better stuff than Jerad and his wipe out SL is already plus and should be his out pitch. So if Jerad is pitching like a #3 so Jake can and probably better.

      Jake has the ability to consistency pitch for about 7-8k/9 although it’s mind boggling for me why his K is low in AAA – maybe following the Eflin blue print of pitching to contact?

      Anyway, Jake’s value is really his high floor with his 4-mix pitches highlighted by his SL will play well in the pen and his physicality and size is ideal for a starter.

      I think Jake can be a legit #3 for most team.

      1. I didn’t read romus post before my post — but I agree with romus about the pitch to contact like Eflin

        1. KuKo…….could be the Phillies philosophy now with their pitchers.
          Pitchers possibly go longer in games and maybe avoid the knife with lower velo numbers.
          Jay Floyd does quite a few interviews with Reading/LHV coaches , it would interesting to see if that is their way now.

          1. this approach will work well at CBP. I think Jake has the stuff to take out the average (and below) hitters. but for elite hitters, he will probably use the 2S to settle for the ground out. I think the development his CH will be key especially for the good hitting LH bats.

  6. Well the comp is Brandon Webb . . his stuff is very similar. It would be AWESOME if somehow he was even close to what Webbs career was (although a short one).

    As far as Eickhoff vs Thompson, imo Eickoff has the better stuff and will be the better pitcher long term. Sickels has him as follows:
    FB-55 CB-65 SL-50 CU-45 Control-55 Overall-55 has Jake Thompson
    FB-60 SL-60 CB-50 CU-50 Control-50 Overall-55

    Pretty similar. Talking about sliders tho, in Sickels article he says that by the numbers Eickhoff slider is one of the hardest pitches for RHB to hit in all of baseball.

    1. I’m a huge Eickhoff fan, but Thompson projects as a better long-term starter. Thompson has age, multiple pitches and a slightly better arm on his side.

      As for Eickhoff, I love him (has some of the best mound presence for a young starter I’ve ever seen – he doesn’t back down or get scared), but he’s already on the edge with his fastball – sitting around 91. If Eickhoff regularly threw 93 and 94, I’d put him ahead of Thompson, but Eickhoff is right on the edge with his velocity, if he loses a few MPH, he’s going to have some big problems. His slider and curve are most effective when paired with a well-commanded fastball.

    2. @Eric D – without looking at some stats, I think Jerad SL is close to unhittable because the hitters expect either his low 90s FB or CB which he used most of the time since he pitched in the majors. and despite of that, Jake’s SL is still better than Jerad’s SL.

      Jerad’s development of his SL is contributes to his success (he struggled in the early part of the season when he solely relied of FB-CB combo) but it doesn’t mean that his SL is his “best stuff”. CB is still Jerad’s best pitch and will be his best out pitch.

    3. Here’s the problem I see with the Brandon Webb comp: Webb had a GB% greater than 60% every year he pitched in the majors. I don’t know what his minor league GB% was, but his sinker was an incredible asset.

      Thompson’s GB% in AAA this year is about 49%, so not even in the same ballpark as Webb’s major league rate.

  7. I’ve never seen Nick Fanti pitch. I’ve only read that he’s not a very hard thrower. So, i’m not sure how he does it, but the kid can flat out rack up K’s (at least at the GCL level). He entered today’s game with 13 K/9 IP. So far this afternoon, he has 8 K through 4 IP. I’m intrigued.

    1. He only threw 17 IP in the GCL last year, with great success though. He’s 19 … wonder if he gets a few starts at Williamsport before the year is out.

  8. I’ll tell you what, this GCL team is amazing. It’s, BY FAR, the most talented Phillies rookie team I can ever recall. It wouldn’t surprise me if 5 or 6 guys on this team end up making the majors and, of that group, several could be big time contributors at the major league level. In a typical year, you usually focus only on the first draft choice and perhaps one other guy. This year there are 6 or 7 guys who merit attention and they just keep “one upping” each other.

  9. Thresher thoughts after having watched the past three games. (one more to go. Tonight if no rain.)

    Canelo has 22 errors. But I’ve also seen him make some dandy plays.

    Tocci & Tobias. The former gets trashed because of his lack of power and skinny frame that doesn’t look like he’ll fill out. The latter gets lots of props based on hitting stats. What I noticed is that, at least in these three games, that Tocci & Tobias are always contributing to run production even though their stats for the series aren’t spectacular and Tobias, himself, is not flashy. For example, Tocci RBI single, Tobias deep sacrifice fly yesterday.

    Chase Numata. Don’t know whether he’s just on a hot streak or has broken out, but for those valuing a switch-hitting catcher, Andrew Knapp is not the only choice. Chase hits from both sides, too. I liked Numata when I saw him last year. I like him even more now based on the few games I’ve seen.

    Zach Green. This series is my first chance to see him play. Powerfully built. Well struck home run. I hope to see more.

  10. Damek Tomscha seems to be a consistent and improving hitter. BA up to 290 and OPS 805.

    I know that at 24 he’s got an age advantage at Lakewood, and at 24 in Low A he might not be considered a prospect, but he was in college just a little over a year ago, so maybe he deserves some consideration.

    Any observations from those who have seen him play?

    1. He was in the GCL in 2014 and Lakewood last year, so he’s repeating low A at 24. Would think he’s filler

  11. I can’t save this for tomorrow. Cutters scored three runs in the top of the first on zero hits. MV committed FIVE errors.

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