Box Score Recap – 6/4/2016

Lehigh Valley (29-26) Lost to Charlotte, 8-4.  David Buchanan imploded for six runs in the second inning. Seve Gonzalez chipped in with 2 runs after the IronPigs closed within 6-4.  Logan Moore had 3 hits and his first home run.  Cameron Perkins had 2 hits.

Reading (38-18) Beat Portland, 6-5 in a ten-inning walkoff.  The teams matched each other run-for-run through the early innings.  Both starters were responsible for their team’s first five runs against.  Roman Quinn had 3 hits and his 25th stolen base.  Jorge Alfaro, Rhys Hoskins, and Aaron Brown had 2 hits each.  Hoskins hit 2 home runs, Harold Martinez hit one.  Hoskins second home run his fourth.  Hoskins’ second home run (12th) provided the game-winning run.

Clearwater (32-22) Beat Jupiter, 4-3.  Tyler Viza went six innings for the win.  He allowed two runs (one earned) on 4 hits and a walk.  He struck out six.  Kyle Martin returned to the staring line up and went 3-3 with 2 doubles, 3 RBI (34), and a stolen base.  Mitch Walding had the other RBI (29) on a SF.  Gabriel Lino dropped a pop up in foul territory that only extended Viza by 4 pitches.  He committed his fifth PB.

Viza was dominant in the early innings, relying mostly on his fastball.  He would have faced the minimum thru three innings but for the dropped, two-out pop up by Lino in the second that was followed by the Hammerheads’ first hit.  The leadoff batter in the fourth tomahawked an 0-2, 93 mph FB into the bullpen.  His only walk of the game came to the next batter on 5 pitches.  A Malquin Canelo error extended the inning and an unearned run eventually scored.

Viza threw 104 pitches, 70 strikes.  That’s the second consecutive game that a Threshers’ pitcher eclipsed the century mark.  Viza only induced 5 swings-and-misses, but they came on 5 of his 6 strikeouts – three came on fast balls (93, 92, 92 mph), two on change ups (82 and 82 mph).

Jupiter batters took 36 pitches, mostly in the 4th and 5th innings.  It looked like a belated attempt to raise Viza’s pitch count.  He threw 12 in the first, 11 in the second, and 8 in the third.  Jupiter took nine pitches in those innings and Viza’s count was 31.  He threw 32 in the fourth and 27 in the fifth, when the ‘Heads took 10 and 11 pitches respectively.  Viza’s one called third strike on a 3-2, 84 mph change up.

Sixty-seven of Viza’s pitches were fastballs from 90-93 mph.  Three of his 10 pitches that registered 93 mph came in the sixth inning.

The radio announcers were trying to come up with a reason that Viza was “less effective” in the fourth inning when he threw 32 pitches.  I don’t think it was because of a decrease in effectiveness.  Jupiter was aggressive in the first 3 innings, attacking pitches early in the count against a pitcher who throws strikes.  In the fourth, they changed their approach and took more pitches.  This coupled with Viza’s only throwing 2 of 6 first pitch strikes in the fourth inning led to a higher pitch count.  In fact, they didn’t swing until they had 2 strikes, a clear change from their approach in the early innings.  In addition to taking 10 pitches, they fouled off 6 pitches, spoiling Viza’s good pitches.  Jupiter only fouled off 11 pitches in Viza’s 6 innings.

Lakewood (20-35) Lost to Hickory, 7-2.  Jose Taveras gave up a season-high 10 hits and 2 home runs.  A Jan Hernandez error extended the first inning so that 3 unearned runs could score.  The BlueClaws could manage only 2 runs on seven hits.  Austin Bossart had 2 hits.  Jose Pujols struck out 2 times raising his total to 78 in 210 AB, second highest in the league.

DSL1  (0-0)  v. Marlins.  Box score not updated.

DSL2  (0-1)  Lost to the Red Sox2, 4-2.  Four errors led to 2 unearned runs.  They were out hit 11-5.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • 6/4 – Sent Emmanuel Burriss outright to Lehigh Valley.
  • 6/4 – Reading activated Harold Martinez from the 7-Day DL.
  • 6/4 – Alberto Tirado assigned to XST from Clearwater.
  • 6/4 – Will Morris assigned to Clearwater from Reading.
  • 6/4 – Jacob Waguespack assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood.
  • 6/4 – Scott Harris assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport.

Threshers’ Notes –

Seven Threshers were selected by players, managers, and league officials to be on the FSL North All Star Team – Elniery Garcia, Tom Eshelman, Alexis Rivero, Chace Numata, Zach Green, Scott Kingery, and Carlos Tocci.

Cuban outfielder, Osman Aguila, played in his second game Saturday.  Demonstrating remarkable plate discipline, he put the first pitch in play in all 4 plate appearances.  He grounded out to third twice, shortstop once, and popped out to first in foul territory.

Yacksel Rios will enter the Threshers’ starting rotation when he starts Monday night.  Matt Imhof has be relegated to the bull pen.

60 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 6/4/2016

  1. Weren’t some peeps concerned with losing Tirado via Rule V?

    Hoskins putting together a nice season IMO. Sure, there are some areas that need improvement. but we’re also talking about a player who was still at Lakewood at this time last season. The 26% K-rate is too high, and the 7.5% BB rate needs to come up some. But when you also consider his power numbers you certainly don’t see a player who is struggling. So far in June only 2 K’s against a BB in 15 PAs. Like Altherr, Cozens, and a few others, this is a player who is dangerously close to a breakout. K-rate will be a very telling indicator over the coming months

      1. First Energy Park energizes the bats. Home runs and strike outs are like love and marriage — a reference from the old horse and carriage days. That being said, the park certainly makes for exciting baseball.

    1. Hoskins’ splits.
      KRate vs RHP-27%…(47Ks –173PAs)
      KRate vs LHP-20%….(10Ks -50PAs)
      ….right handers are giving him some issues….he should adjust like he has done in prior years.
      But agree his iSO of approx. .2 indicates the power index is still decent.

    2. That’s funny and convenient. Taking shots at guys who thought Tirado would be selected in the Rule 5, then follow up by saying Hoskins, is having a good season as proof of you were right about something. SMH.
      Hoskins has a lower OBP, BA and a worse K/BB ratio than everybody’s punching bag, Aaron Brown. You are wrong. Hoskins isn’t having a good season at all.

      1. What an incredible post. First, I didn’t contend I was right or wrong about anything. And what is more convenient is that you refer to me being convenient immediately before you reference three specific statistics as the overwhelming reason why Hoskins isn’t having a good season – LOL

        Go revisit my post and then seriously ask yourself whether your response was justified

  2. Congrats to the 7 Clearwater players that made it to the All Star Game. Viza should have been in that list too.
    Don’t know what’s going on with Tirado.
    It seems as an unlucky year for Lakewood.
    Seve getting hammered for the second consecutive outting. Seems not confortable with his role.

    1. Louis,

      Sev and Buchanan just might not be comfortable at their level of competition. Period. Might be time to say they’ve had their chances.

  3. In the DSL Sobil had a good start. He was good last year in Venezuela. I was surprised that he and Armas were not included in the GCL.

  4. I love the walk off homer! Reading has had lots of fun endings this year. Quinn with 3 more hits as he races, literally, for LHV. Viza continues to impress, his stuff is good enough to move up. Imhof ends up in the pen where he seemed destined to get to. Wasted 2nd Rd pick I’m afraid.

    1. Maybe a bad pick, not a wasted pick. They obviously thought he was better- give me a break

      1. yeah I dont recall anyone considering him a reach. He just has had some injury problems and lost some velocity pitching every 5 days instead of every week. Stuff happens.

  5. A few random comments…

    Roman Quinn is raking- still young in AA and getting close to a promotion. Love that guy- please stay healthy.

    How did the Threshers have 7 All- Stars? It’s not like there is a small # of teams in the FSL. Most of our guys that made it had far from all-star numbers. Is CW hosting the ASG?

    NOT saying he is now a prospect, but after he got buried on this site when he was hitting in the .160’s in April, Aaron Brown is up to .250. Just figured he deserved some recognition for improving.

    Is it draft day yet??????

    1. Brown is one of those athletic guys who looks like a solid player in so many ways, but not a standout. Still, he was on my list earlier this year to be a possible surprise. Maybe now the surprise is coming, though I wouldn’t count on it.

    2. Plays good defense in the OF too.

      1. That’s hard to believe. Who knows, maybe he figured something out. He is a terrific athlete.

        1. The approach at the plate is encouraging, given that it was a huge red flag when he was drafted. I thought he would hit for much better power in Reading, though.

          1. Yeah. I was encouraged by what he did last year because, even though the numbers weren’t fantastic, he did seem to improve. Going from a 3% BB rate in college to 6% in Advanced-A the next year shows some aptitude for making adjustments, I think.

            I’m hopeful that more power will follow since he seems to have settled in at AA. His ISO has improved along with the rest of his numbers, though he still has just the one HR.

        2. Murray, that’s very true. When you see him in person his size, speed and athleticism are tremendous. The question with him has always been hit tool and plate discipline. For better and worse, he was classic Marti Woelover pick – all about athleticism and upside, and somewhat less about demonstrated baseball skills and hit tool. The most encouraging thing about him has been that he seems to have worked on his plate discipline, which is not easy to do. Can he break out like Altherr did or is he just a classic tool shed prospect who cannot hit enough to progress at higher levels? I guess we’ll just have to see, but anything they get out of him is a bonus, because I’ve sort of discounted him for a few years now.

          1. Brown in his age 24 season in AA …he will need to keep the advancement he has achieved so far, going forward..

  6. So many of our former minor leaguers have been duds, it’s nice to see Villar and Santana doing well. Ed Wade……

  7. Aaron Brown has more walks than strikeouts in the last 10 games. Seems to be finding a comfort level in AA.

  8. If Brown keeps this up, I may finally admit picking him as my sleeper before the season began. 😉

    1. Don’t worry- he’s had a better year than my sleeper, Cord Sandberg. I’ll stick to my day job!

  9. Jose Pujols: from Jay Floyd and PhoulBallz
    Lakewood manager Shawn Williams, who has coached at multiple levels of the Phillies’ developmental ranks in recent seasons….. “He is by far the most improved player I’ve seen since I’ve been here in four years and I’ve seen him since he was 16,” Williams said, later adding, “He’s a kid that there’s a huge ceiling for him and there’s no telling how good he’s gonna be.”….a difference worth mentioning between (Maikel)Franco’s and Pujols’ full-season Class A campaigns is a large variance in strike outs. Franco was fanned 80 times that entire season, while Pujols K’d 74 times through those first 50 games of this season. According to Williams, though, the strike outs are not of great concern to those in charge of the youngster’s progress….. “For me it’s not so much the strike outs as it is about the at bats,” Williams stated. “His at bats are improving and even though he’s striking out, he’s having great at bats. Laying off a lot of tough breaking balls that maybe he was chasing early. For me, his pitch recognition has really improved. But for a young hitter, (he’s) picking up the pitches and pitch recognition, which has shown in the last month or so with increased power numbers and driving in runs.”

  10. I read too about Pujols like how Franco took him under his wing nice.the scout Perez signed both Franco, Pujols is now running Mlb LA department.

    1. Thanks. We survived Tropical Storm Debbie when we first moved down here. No big deal. You’ve had more hurricanes back in Philly than I’ve experienced in Clearwater.

  11. Nola is not a 3. That conversation is over, officially. He is already just as good as Hamels (outside of ’08 playoffs). The knock on him was that he doesn’t miss enough bats… He’s among league leaders in k/9. What a brilliant draft pick.

    1. The conversation is over because you say so? I covered the requirements for a #1 and #2 pitcher in an article a few months back. A lot more is involved than K/9 – quality of pitch, number of quality pitches, and command also play a part.

      Note: Nola’s FB has slipped to below his last year’s average (90.77 to 90.46 mph). This season he is more than 2 mph below league average (90.46 to 92.76).

      If you would care to read the article, it’s at –

      1. I’ve read your post before, and I don’t think it’s a fit one fit all requirement. Some guys can transcend those requirements with plus plus command, control and makeup. Nola just knows HOW to pitch. How can you argue with his numbers? He misses bats, he induced weak contact, and he doesn’t allow base runners. It’s really hard to get hurt with the long ball when you don’t walk anyone or allow hits in front of the home run. He has an outstanding whip and k/bb rate. I’m not calling him a 1, and I don’t think hamels was ever a 1 either. Hamels had a better fastball and change up, but his makeup wasn’t close to approaching Nola. He would get rattled when a mistake happened behind him or his team didn’t hit for him, or he got squeezed by an ump. Nola takes the ball back and gets the K or weak contact. He’s a better “pitcher”at 23 than most guys could dream of becoming by 28.

      2. I copied and pasted your info from that link for discussion purposes:

        #1 2 plus pitches, average 3rd pitch, plus-plus command, plus make-up
        #2 2 plus pitches, average 3rd pitch, average command, average make-up
        #3 1 plus pitch, 2 average pitches, average command, average make-up
        #4/#5 command of 2 ML pitches, average velo, consistent breaking ball, decent change-up

        1. for #2 you have average command and average makeup. So what happens when you only have one plus pitch and plus command and plus makeup? See? He transcends your stereotypes. The kid is light years ahead of most other 23 year old pitchers and how to pitch

        2. Fastball is plus, velocity is not everything, but the movement is plus.
          Curveball is plus plus.
          Changeup is plus, but he doesn’t throw it.
          Plus plus command.
          Plus makeup at minimum.

          Easy #2 starter. Probably not a #1 by comparative purposes because of the elite starters in the game, but if Nola is your top starter in playoff series you are fine.

      3. Jim- I remembered reading your post and I wanted to reference it when talking to one of my friends, however I could never find it. Would it be possible for you to post that information to the main menu?

    2. You have to be kidding. In one year he is as good as Hamels. LMAO and four little kids vote 4 stars. He keeps losing velo in two years he will be Kenricks. How in this earth can a guy who is in his second year be compare to world series mvp. I am amazed. But you made my day.

      1. I did say besides playoffs ’07, didn’t I? That was an anomaly for hamels. He never performed even close to that any other season in his entire career. I love Cole man. I’m positive that every one that reads this loves Cole. But cmon, he had one moment of glory, and was a decent number 2 the rest of his career. I’m only arguing that Nola, too, is a 2.

      2. In two years, Nola will be Kendrick? You realize he has a 2.78 FIP — 11th best in the majors — with his diminishing velo? Come on, rocco.

        Personally, I don’t care if he’s considered a 1,2,3,4 or 5 — as long as he keeps going out and doing what he’s doing right now every five days.

        1. Incidentally, Kendrick only had an FIP under 4 one time in his nine-year big league career. Not even in the same galaxy.

    3. Nola, while not regarded as a #1 or #2 and not comparible to Hamels at any point in his career (except the anomally of 2009), for better or worse, is the Phils #1 pitcher. But he would be rated as a 3 on almost any other staff. He could develop to be a 2. VV has also performed like a 3 but looks to have more upside as a staff ace.

      1. How can a guy with a sub 2.50 era and sub 1.00 whip and his k/bb be a 3? The kid makes opposing batters look silly, and he’s getting better. The decline on his fb velocity is likely attributed to fatigue as he is less than two years removed from having to throw once a week. Most guys his age are still working to getting their arm ready for 200+ inning seasons. He’s well on his way to one already.

      2. Nola is so different from Hamels in every way that it is neither fair nor reasonable to compare Nola to Hamels. That said, Nola is a pretty damned good pitcher. The concerns about his velocity are well taken, but I don’t know if it is or will become a problem – but I doubt it will be for the near future. It would be very hard to believe that he’s losing velocity at this point in his career – my guess is that he’s focused more now on movement and command than he is on velocity (in fact, last year, I thought he said that when he throws too hard, his pitches lose movement – so that may be relevant).

        But Nola is a neat player – he’s not pitching like an ace, but he’s at least a 3 right now and might be a 2. I think he’s going to be one hell of a pitcher even if he never becomes elite (which is still possible).

    4. That’s like saying AJ Happ is a #1 because of what he did for half a season in Pittsburgh. Results are important but tools are a better predictor if future success.

  12. If Quinn an Cozens make it to the big leagues does anyone else agree with moving Odubel Herrera back to second base

    1. I don’t think so. Herrera is on pace to 8-9 fWAR in his first two seasons playing CF for the Phils. He’s clearly comfortable playing there and is already at least average defensively. If Quinn and Cozens were sure things, it might be a consideration, but I don’t see it.

      1. I agree. Under the current plan, Quinn would have to force his way in somehow. It’s one thing shifting Quinn or Herrera to another outfield spot, but I wouldn’t do anything that would cause Herrera to have focus on doing something truly different than what he is doing now – I don’t want to distract Herrera as the team’s best hitter.

    2. mfdoom… another year or so, the OF could get crowded with young players. Will be interesting to see how Matt Klentak navigates the queue with Williams , Quinn an possibly Cozens added into the mix. have to assume the OH, Altherr and Goeddel are the three they want to keep around for a little longer. Cody Asche may be gone and assume also Peter B.

  13. 1b– Joseph
    2b– Quinn
    SS– JPC
    3B –Alfaro ( cannon arm)
    RF– Cozens
    C– Rupp,


    Franco ??

    On a Crawford related note— Boston DFAd Carl Crawford and his $20 million contract , and next years money. SEE PHILLY MGMT , it can be done!

    1. LAD DFA’d Crawford, not BOS.

      Franco in the Bench?? while Rupp is starting?? If alfaro is starting he will be C or possible 1B/RF combo. Franco will man 3B for the next comings years. Lucas Williams is probably the closest prospect who can move Franco to 1B (NOT bench) in the future.

    2. While I love your enthusiasm I don’t think Franco gets moved off of 3rd by someone who isn’t playing the position. Franco is just in a slump he will pull out of it hopefully. I don’t think Rupp is the long term answer at catcher either (just because I think there are more talented players in the system). I also don’t think they move Quinn back to the Infeild because a lot of his value comes from plus defense in center or at least projects to. If Philly ends up with more MLB outfielders then they can use the depth to trade for a position of need.

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