Box Score Recap – 6/3/2016

Lehigh Valley (29-25) Beat Charlotte, 6-4.  Zach Eflin allowed only two base runners thru his first five innings, a single and a hit batter.  He took a 2-0 lead into the sixth but blew his own victory.  Frank Hermann allowed an inherited runner to score, but was awarded the victory when the IronPigs re-took the lead.  Mario Hollands and Michael Mariot preserved the lead and Edubray Ramos notched his first save.  He struck out three of the four batters he faced, striking out the side in the ninth.

Lehigh Valley amassed 16 hits and five walks.  Williams, Ruf, and Sweeney had 3-hit games. Crawford, Knapp, and Hunter had 2-hit games.  Williams hit his 6th HR.  Ruf had 2 RBI.  Our old friend, Phillippe Aumont, allowed 2 of 2 inherited runners to score and blew his second save for Charlotte.

Reading (37-18) Beat Portland, 5-4 in a walk off.  Ricardo Pinto turned in a quality start, one earned run and seven strike outs in six innings.  Hoby Milner blew his second save. Miguel Nunez earned the win.  Hoskins hit his 10th home run.   Cozens led off the 9th with his 15th home run to tie the game.  Marrero’s 6th HR won the game with 2 outs.

Clearwater (31-22) Beat Jupiter, 8-2.  Elniery Garcia celebrated the birth of his first son with a 2-run, 31-pitch first inning.  He shut the Hammerheads down after the first.  Garcia didn’t have his good curve ball.  In fact, he only induced 6 swing-and-misses, all at his fastball.  But he only allowed two singles after the first inning.  Joe DeNato pitched the final 3.1 innings and recorded his first save.

The Threshers rallied with crooked numbers in the third, fourth, and fifth innings.  Kingery and Green had 3-hit games.  Pullin, Walding, and Canelo had 2-hit games.  Kingery, Pullin, Green, and Canelo had 2 RBIs each.

Garcia may have needed 31 pitches to complete the first, but 22 of them were strikes.  He threw 11 pitches in the second, 12 in the third, and 14 in the fourth.  He allowed a one-out single in the fourth.  Of the 37 pitches in those innings, 28 were strikes.  Garcia faced 5 batters in the fifth inning.  His throwing error and Kingery’s fielding error extended his pitch count to 23 (15 strikes) in the inning, and 91 thru 5 innings.

Garcia answered the bell for the sixth and faced three batters.  He threw 24 pitches in the inning.  His night ended after a two-out single culminated an 11-pitch at bat.  He was permitted to throw 115 pitches, 81 strikes.  His pitch count was extended by 37 foul balls.

Garcia threw predominantly fastballs, I had him at 82 total, 91-94 t95 mph.  he dipped to 90 mph four time, too.  He threw an off-speed pitch (I had 18) 82-88 mph, which was mostly 83-86 mph.  His curve ball (I had 15) was mostly 74-77 mph.

Garcia’s curve ball is his out-pitch.  He hung several both in and out of the strike zone.  He got 2 across for called strikes, but none for a swing-and-miss.  Four were fouled off, three were hit for singles, and six were balls.  Due to his lack of command of his CB, he relied more heavily on his fastball.

Joe DeNato relived Garcia with two outs and a runner on first in the sixth inning.  He retired the Hammerheads without throwing a pitch.  He notched his third pick off of the season on his second throw to first base.  He allowed two singles over the next three innings both in the ninth.  He ended the game with a ground ball into an around-the-horn double play.

Lakewood (20-34) Lost to Hickory, 8-3.  Drew Anderson pitched well – one hit, 3 walks, and six strike outs in five innings.  Skylar Hunter was activated and pitched one inning before blowing the save in his second inning.  Jake Waguespack came in and couldn’t stop the bleeding.  The BlueClaws scored three runs on seven hits.  Hernandez had 2 hits.  Tromp hit a solo home run, his sixth.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • 6/3 – OF Osmel Aguila assigned to Clearwater.
  • 6/3 – Samuel Hiciano assigned to Williamsport from Clearwater.
  • 6/2 – Lakewood activated RHP Skylar Hunter from the restricted list.
  • 6/2 – Kenny Koplove assigned to XST from Lakewood.
  • Plus a slew of transactions as the two DSL Phillies teams assign players to their rosters.

42 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 6/3/2016

  1. I really like Scott Kingery. He really seems to be hitting his grove lately. Imo he could be the Phillies long term second baseman. Roccom have you had a chance to see him yet?

  2. Almost time to say goodbye to Bourjos and Venable. Bring Perkins up to the big club. He’s 25 nearing 26. Give him a shot now and clear room for Cozens and Quinn in Lehigh.

    1. Agree….Perkins would be a nice change of pace. Something newer and a little more youthful.
      Hoskins with number 10, maybe warming up, ISO not bad at plus.190…..his splits vs RHP however are atrocious…28% Krate and too many GDPs, rolling over balls…..and tempting as it is, he seems to want to ‘jack them’ at First Energy
      Hopefully he can adjust.

    2. Bourjos is a Klentak guy so there is a long leash but he can hit. Mackanin has talked about his defense on several occasions but they need offense desperately. Love this suggestion. The Phils lose nothing with getting rid of Bourjos and Venable. Cozens and Quinn both look like they may be ready. Id feel bad for Reading with the way they are playing but I live in Philly…Ill get over it.

  3. Bourjos has a very good glove and so is in a whole different category than Venable. The promotions will come after the draft, and Cozens and Quinn should both be at LHV. Parades may go before Bourjos, however. Kingery took off right after the debate here at Phuture Phils. Nice that we have such a positive impact!

  4. Hoskins and Cozens both likely to finish with impressive seasons at Reading. Cozens breakout was already in progress coming into the season – he was underrated by most outlets, but not all

    1. Steve(Tampa)…..Dylan Cozens yesterday was named the Phillies’ Minor League Hitter of the Month.

  5. Lots to be excited about from last night. Eflin still needs to learn how to minimize damage in the one big inning but he sure was dealing early. And Pinto was dealing also as was Ramos in relief. Big games by lots of bats. A really good night!
    RIP to the GOAT…..

    1. Mike, what would Dylan Cozens value be if he was moved to 1B if Tommy Joseph is not the answer in Philadelphia?

      1. philabalt……I thought about that same circumstance….and his value would surely increase IMO.
        But Jim Salisbury and others have continued to hear from the Phillies org., that the high ceiling they have for him, is as an OFer.
        I would think if they eventually tried to convert to first base it would start in the FIL….however this year, him and Hoskins are leading candidates to head for the AFL in October, so I guess that conversion would have to wait for down the road, if it were ever to happen

            1. Ive thought for a while now, that Conzen’s most likely route to the majors was as a 1B.

          1. Easy….LHB power hitters are rated higher as first baseman then LHB power OFers who are deemed below average defensively

      2. The scouting report said he would be expected to have an average glove there. Hitting wise … if his minor league splits are to be believed, you’d have to lump him into the Mark Reynolds/Chris Carter category, right? Maybe Chris Davis as a best case scenario?

        I don’t mean to put Cozens down, because I like him as a prospect. But here’s an exercise for someone who might have time to kill. Look at the >28% K rate sluggers in MLB. Then look at their MiLB numbers. Their K rates are significantly lower in the minors. Cozens striking out nearly 30 percent of the time in AA (and having a near 3:1 K:BB ratio) is a huge red flag for his future success as a big leaguer.

        1. Honcho….Granted his Krate is not going to help him at all going forward.
          But look at Gallo’s minor league krate and what is his ranking by the publications?
          How is it Cozens is not even close to Galloin any ranking……though Gallo has a 80 power and Cozens is probably 60 at best.
          As for his defensive….I have seen 45, not sure that is average…..the only redeeming aspect of his defense is his strong arm.

          1. Gallo has hit 137 HR since being drafted out of HS in 2012. Cozens has 53 in the same time. Gallo also has a 70 arm and can play 3B/OF, whereas Cozens appears to be headed toward 1B.

            If you look at Gallo’s numbers in the majors, however, it makes my point. In 123 PA with the Rangers last year, he struck out 46.3 percent of the time. SSS, but not a good sign that he’s going to be a great hitter in MLB.

            1. Not sure we are in disagreement.
              High Krates in the minors do not translate to a good MLB hit tool
              I like Cozens….but his future would best be served at first base, if his defense is rated as low as scouts seem to indicate.
              As for Gallo….he will be another first baseman when all is said and done. He is too tall for third and he has route running issues in the OF, though LF could be a possibility,
              But if he stays with the Rangers, Brinson, Mazara and Beras all play better OF defense than Gallo and bring certain amount of a hit tool to the table..

            2. As you pointed out, Gallo has nearly 3x as many HRs. Gallo as a higher walk rate they are really not comparable.

    2. This areticle basically says a move to first base would possibly make him an average starter. If the offensive bar is higher for 1b than the outfield how does that make any sense at all

      1. As an OFer he is not even a starter with his hit tool- AND his defensive abilities —a 4th OF. His first base defense, is assumed, will be better than his OF defense. Plus, his physical profile at 6’6″, and athleticism is higher than the normal first baseman.

    3. 30 baserunning/speed for Cozens is ridiculous. He’s not a ‘massive’ guy and was set to play D-I college football. You can’t be that slow and play D-I college football, and it’s not like he was going to play OL or NT.

      1. It is 40ish speed (which is still not slow in the real world) and it is at least a 60 arm, it is very bad scouting report.

  6. Nick Williams heating up….

    Jan Hernandez hitting .300 the last 30 days..

    Zach green???? Thoughts

    Ramos needs to be on Philly..

    Can’t wait to see post draft moves

    1. Zach Green has 47 SO to 8 BB. That’s a pretty horrendous SO/BB ratio of 5.75. His SO rate is something like 27.5%. And while his other hitting stats are respectable, it’s not like he’s really mashing the ball (6 HR), which he needs to do now that he’s been moved to 1B. None of this bodes well for his long-term future.

      It’s good to see Jan Hernandez finally start hitting a little bit, including some power (7 HR) But he is still striking out way too much (close to 30%).

  7. Romus I am starting to get interested in Valentin. 1200 at bats. 269 lifetime hitter. 349 obp. Now before I hear that he isn’t as good as kingery. I not saying he is. but this kid is coming on a little and he is in double a. I never thought he was a prospect. but now we should look at him. I don’t know what kind of fielder he is. but his bat is coming on. But is it be cause he is in reading a hitter park? or he is learning. that I don’t know

    1. I’m under the impression that his defense is at least solid at 2B. He was drafted 51st overall out of HS, so clearly he was seen as having some upside as an amateur. He’s also hit pretty well in pro ball. It looks like in 2013 and 2014 he did well at the level he started at, got promoted, and struggled as he adjusted. He hit well in CLW last year in limited ABs after missing most of the year.

      He’s definitely a prospect imo and I ranked him in the 20s in our system when we were doing Top 30s.

    1. I’d love to see a big league outfield of Williams-Herrera-Quinn against RHP and Quinn-Herrera-Altherr against LHP come September (yes, Quinn is in AA right now, but I’m hoping they’ll be aggressive with him if he remains healthy). Talk about a young, athletic outfield.

      1. Imagine a game in a AL park:
        1 Quinn cf
        2 Crawford ss
        3 Herrera dh
        4 Franco 3b
        5 Cozens 1b
        6 Alfaro c
        7 Williams lf
        8 Altherr rf
        9 Kingery 2b (….or whoever your favorite is right now – won’t matter much with 1 thru 8 anyway)

    2. So true about triple a. In the article Williams mention that the pitchers seem to make it up as they go along. I sometimes hate watching triplea its loaded with Buchanan types., The umpires stink. Really hard to get a read on guys with the inconsistent strike zones.

    1. Inauspicious debut. Infield single in 5 ABs. It was a bleeder to shallow shortstop and he was ruled safe on a close play. He struck out swinging in his final two ABs. He didn’t look as good at the plate as a 26-year old should in this league. He turns 27 next month. He did make a nice running catch in CF, had to cover a lot of ground into the gap.

      I saw him a couplle times at the Complex in XST games. Not impressed. Maybe he’s pressing? I thought the reason for signing a Cuban outfielder of his age might be to help the big club. On the SSS I have seen so far, I don’t see it happening any time soon. Hope I’m wrong.

      1. I’m just Happy they signed a Cuban player, might start a begining to more . When was the last time he saw good Comp , he might rusty give him a month. I ‘d rather the Phillies try the Cuban , Korean , Japan market, then stay in just 1 LA.

  8. Another nice game from Drew Anderson after coming off of injury. obviously i can only go by box scores, but any word of how he has looked so far? Velo? Control?

  9. If Cozens K rate is a problem for his MLB future, doesn’t Williams also have an issue? Just asking…

    1. Yes. It is a problem. But Williams can play CF, so he can survive having a lesser bat.

  10. I don’t get why a manager has to “keep a guy fresh” off the bench to pinch hit when there are several better options. Talking about .194 just now, who won’t even be on the roster in a month, but I digress……

  11. Don’t look now but Aaron brown has the average up to 250. Power is lacking but an approx 10% bob rate and and approx 20% k rate not terrible

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