Box Score Recap – 6/2/2016

Lehigh Valley (28-25) Beat Charlotte, 4-2.  James Russell pitched five shutout innings, Severino Gonzalez blew the save, Luis Garcia was the pitcher of record when the IronPigs rallied, and Edward Mujica got his 14th save.  Andrew Knapp and Brock Stassi had two hits. Cedric Hunter two RBI.  Stassi hit his second home run.  J.P. Crawford stole his first AAA base.  Darin Ruf had an outfield assist at home.  Knapp threw out a base runner.

Reading (36-18) Beat Portland 15-9.  Nick Pivetta allowed one hit thru four innings before imploding in the fifth and sixth innings.  He pitched to five batters in the sixth without recording an out.  Althouogh, he did strike out six.  Dylan Cozens and Jake Fox each had four hits.  Fox hit 2 HRs (10) and Joel Fisher hit his second.  Fisher had six RBI, Fox had three.  Roman Quinn was CS for the 6th time and committed two errors, Serna had one.

Clearwater (30-22) DNP.

Lakewood (20-33) Lost to West Virginia, 2-0.  Franklyn Kilome held the Crawdads hitless until the fourth inning.  He started the inning with a single and a HR down the LF line.  BlueClaws manager Shawn Williams was ejected for arguing whether the ball remained fair.  The two runs held up against Lakewood’s punchless offense.  DH Wilson Garcia had 2 of their 6 hits.  C Deivi Grullon picked a runner off first base and threw out another.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • 6/2 – Phillies activated Cody Asche from the 15-Day DL.
  • 6/2 – Phillies designated David Lough for assignment.
  • 6/2 – Phillies optioned Mario Hollands to Lehigh Valley.
  • 6/2 – Lehigh Valley released Bobby LaFromboise.

44 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 6/2/2016

    1. I would love to “preview” Cozens and Quinn alongside Williams in Lehigh’s outfield soon. Lotta fun.

      1. Venable in AAA is hitting less than 200, so there is a spot that one of them gets promoted. Williams and Perkins have had good years and deserve to start. Hunter also has been good but should not block any prospect. If both are promoted (Quinn & Cozens) then Sweeney is one who could use some AA time to help him regroup. Other than that the team could promote someone to ML

    2. Cozens leads the Eastern League in HR (14), 2B (18) and OPS (.939). Yes, he has the advantage of playing in Reading, but his road splits aren’t terrible (.789 OPS on the road). I keep waiting for pitchers to make an adjustment, but it’s just not happening at this point. The K-rate still concerns me, and I still see a lefty Domingo Santana as his closest comp, but … man, he’s hitting the ball really, really well.

  1. Severino’s fb continues to raise questions. Starting to love Cozens. Lakewood simply does not hit . Now I’m also starting to wonder about Grullon skills guiding pitchers.

    1. It is not that Lakewood doesn’t hit. They either get shutout or explode for 6 to 10 runs. Inconsistency is the problem. They also have no outstanding batsmen since C. Randolph has been on the DL. Even he was not hitting with the Blue Claws, but it was a matter of time. Bossart could be a better hitter with more PAs, but Grullon has priority there. They also miss Coppola, who will get on base. Hernandez shows signs of improvement, but game-to-game there is no consistent hitting. This is Class A baseball. There is time to find the discipline and patience needed to be a consistently good hitter. Hopefully, some will progress.

      1. Lakewood is 4th in hitting in their league. They’re 2nd in hits and doubles. 4th in OPS, SLG, HRs and non-existent in triples. They are 9th in runs scored. They K the 3rd least in the league but are also BB the 3rd least. They are not fast on base paths with the 3rd least SBs and they don’t try that often as they are 3rd least in CS.

        Coppola was their speed guy and he’s been out forever. ‘C’ was their contact guy and he’s been out for quite a while.

        On the pitching front, they are improving. They used to be the worst in ERA and WHIP and now their 2nd worst. But they were last by a country mile before and now they’re solidly 2nd worst.

      2. Well said! Which players do you think will make it to the All Star Game. I’m thinking that Pujols, Arauz, and probably Hernadez have a shot.

  2. The good news is Cozens is really good. The bad news is that I’m not sure Kilome is all that. Anyone notice that Stassi is starting to hit and knock runs in again? He’s not a prospect per se but he could find himself in Philly if the Phils decide at some point to retire Howard. Cozens vs Quinn, who gets to LHV first?

    1. Brock Stassi, now that is funny. A 27 year old 1B with middling power and hitting 250 in AAA, is something to wish for on a major league team. SMH.

      1. The Carlos Tocci stuff on here has died down, which is nice, because it drives me crazy that people used to like him as a prospect.

        But what really drives me crazy is the falling for the college 1B prospects like matt rizzotti, darin ruf, brock stassi etc

        I have to admit I was actually holding out hope for Hoskins but he seems to be falling to the wayside even earlier than all those other guys…they at least all had successful years in AA. Its early though, maybe Hoskins turns it around. Still hard to project him as everyday player in majors though.

        1. Hoskins is one of my favs and hopefuls.
          The first 200 AA level PAs is mediocre. too high a Krate (5-7% higher than normal)..uncharacteristic for him, but advanced pitching does that.
          Am anxious to see how he does in the next 250 PAs and see if he makes the required adjustments.

        2. There’s nothing like not being protected or claimed during the Rule 5 draft to make clear how Tocci is viewed within the sport. That’s not to say that he isn’t a big league prospect, but the last year should have tempered expectations a bit.

      2. I don’t wish for him at all, just the contrary. That’s how weak our organization still is at 1b. If Hiward retires, the left handed hitting Stassi will get promoted. I’m not cheering for it, simply stating a fact.

  3. Reading scores 15 and the top of the order is shutout. 1-16 0 runs, XBH’s and rbi’s. The bottom 3 in the order go 3-9 6 runs scored with a homer and 9 rbi’s. Cozens is 4-6 with 4 runs scored and because of the three guys in front of him zero rbi’s. Odd stat day for Fightin’s.

  4. In 6 more days there will be a lot of new guys to look over and try to sign and place on teams. Lakewood can use some new blood and hopefully ‘C’ comes back soon. How long will Coppola be out? I can’t remember his injury.

    1. I wonder if C Randolph gets assigned to Williamsport instead of back to Lakewood as JimP pondered a few days ago.

      1. I suppose it’s possible, but he had seven hits in three games prior to going out with the injury. He was starting to make the adjustment. Why punish him for getting hurt?

      2. If their season has already started by the time Randolph comes back, I could see him going there for a bit just to get his timing back. I don’t see him being sent there with the intention of staying for the rest of the season.

  5. A shout out to Jonathan Villar for having a good season so far with Milwaukee. Villar was included in the Oswalt trade with Houston. Gose, Happ and Villar was a nice haul by Houston but none of them played very long there.

    1. Honestly, it was not a very great trade for Houston in retrospect. When you trade your number 1 pitcher for a group of prospects, the hope is that at least one or two become really good players for the big league team over time – that never happened here. I think this is a trade where both sides received less value than they anticipated.

      1. Sounds just like when the Phillies traded Cliff Lee for Aumont, Gillies, and JC Ramirez. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out.

        1. The second Lee trade was one of the most ill-conceived and poorly executed trades in Phillies’ history. It was Ruben Amaro at his worst – and I think he got a nice assist on that one from upper management, who may have forced his hand or strongly encouraged him to do it. My gut says that they orchestrated the trade over a 2 or 3 day period, at most and did not canvass the market properly to maximize returns. It was like “Wow, we are going to get Roy Halladay, but we need prospects to replenish the system and we can’t have Philadelphians get used to having them both on the team – so let’s just get as much as we can for Lee quickly so we can do both deals on the same day.” So dumb. They never got the proper prospects and the trade easily could have cost them the WS in 2010. It was so poorly handled.

          1. We rag on Amaro and justifiably so, but he’s not the only one making poor trades. The same can be said about the Blue Jays essentially trading Syndergaard for Dickey. Blue Jays fans are extremely bitter about that one, even more so than the Halladay deal to the Phillies.

    2. The stud I believe in that trade is still in the minors. Gose has played in the majors. Happ is a starter and villar is a nice player. I Believe if you make a five or four for one and get one player to make it, is nice ,but three is great trade for them. Too bad they didn’t realize what they had in Houston.

  6. Top 10 Things I’d Love to See Happen in the Next 3 Months:

    1. A starting OF in Philly of N Williams, O Herrera, and A Altherr.
    2. A starting rotation in Philly that consisted of Nola, Eickhoff, Morgan, Velasquez, Eflin, and J Thompson (6 to reduce burden on young arms).
    3. AJ Puk selected as #1-1 and he heads to Clearwater and just dominates the last 2 months of the season.
    4. I’d like to not see Ryan Howard in a Phillies jersey until he comes out 5 years from now for his Wall of Fame ceremony.
    5. I’d like to see Ramos, Hollands, and Milner in the bullpen in Philly.
    6. I’d like to see a starting OF in Lehigh Valley of Cozens, Quinn, and Perkins.
    7. I’d love to see this batting order for a Phillies game in August: 1 Herrera CF, 2 Crawford SS, 3 Franco 3B, 4 Joseph 1B, 5 N Williams LF, 6 Altherr RF, 7 Rupp C, 8 Galvis 2B, and 9 Nola P.
    8. I’d like to hear the Phils FO publicly state that they will not spend big in Free Agency this off season – I don’t really see anyone worth signing considering what the Phils have coming up through the system and the lack of quality FA’s.
    9. I’d like to see them package some of their prospects for an established young major leaguer with a bright future – guys like Lively, Hoskins, Knapp, and/or Tocci, not guys like Crawford, Alfaro, Cozens, Thompson, or Eflin.
    10. Would love to see R Quinn stay healthy for the full season.

    1. I’m down widdat, Buddy!!
      Especially if Morgan starts doing his Terry Mulholland impersonation.
      Like Altherr a lot. I think a lot of folks overlook him as a real piece to the future.

    2. It looks like you’re moving Hellickson to free up space for the rotation you project. My proposal: Hellickson, Jeanmar Gomez and Brock Stassi to the Bosox for

      Brock (2B, SS, 3B, LF), prospects LHP Brian Johnson and 1B/LF Sam Travis, with (salary dump) RHP Clay Buchholz. Buchholz has a $500,000 buy-out in ’17 if his option is not exercised.

    3. #8 Does that include the LA or Cuba market’s plus there’s a phenom Japan pitcher coming over . Where’s Goeddel he’s doing alot better and his D is above avg .#3 Puk he still has the CWS with may put at 100 ings . Now 2 mons in Clearwater he could be at 160 ings. Now last was his most ings at 78 so your almost doubling his ings . Just saying it’s a good post just my want to tweet it a little.

    1. Nice thinking. Texas isn’t using him, and the Phillies have Bull-pen arms that have some value this year. I’d give Texas Neris and Hernandez, plus any prospect they want outside of the top 9, for Profar.

        1. Most games at AAA this year at ss…but has played a few at 2nd base.
          Seems his repaired shoulder is healed.

      1. I’d do that deal yesterday. I have a feeling Texas could get more for Profar, however.

        1. You’re right. They could get a lot more. I’m probably in the minority but I’d give them anybody in the minors except JP, Nick Williams and Thompson.

  7. Klaw put up his latest mock draft. He still has Puk there but basically said he has no clue who will go #1. The most interesting part is his last sentence about who might drop to 42, some very recognizable names. here is what he said( it is not behind the pay wall for the phils pick):

    “Don’t take the static nature of these mocks as any indication of certainty; if anything, it indicates my own uncertainty, and I’m not going to start moving names around just for the fun of it.

    The Phillies still haven’t decided on the first pick, and they could go in another direction (Kyle Lewis, Corey Ray, Mickey Moniak) here, but if I had to bet on one of them versus the field, it would be Puk. Meanwhile, the list of names they’d like to overpay at pick 42 keeps growing, including Wentz and Blake Rutherford.”

    1. Yeah, the Phillies are going to have 4.5 million to spend on an over-slot at 42. The problem is getting the players past the Padres, Braves and Reds who all can offer close to that amount and have multiple picks ahead of 42.

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