Box Score Recap – 6/1/2016

Most of the box score discussion yesterday seemed to be centered on the Phillies’ latest and possible future roster moves.  I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder and typing is aggravating it.  So here’s a condensed version of Wednesday’s box scores.

I’m still watching live coverage of the final table for a high buy-in poker tournament, so I’m a little distracted (okay, a lot distracted).

Lehigh Valley (27-25) Beat Norfolk, 5-3.  Ben Lively got his first AAA win in spite of giving up a couple home runs.  Featherston led off and played short for Crawford.  Game Story.

Reading (35-18) Beat Portland 12-2.  Mark Leiter got his 1st win, allowing 1 ER and striking out 5 in 5.0 innings.  Quinn led off with his 3rd HR and had 3 hits and 4 RBI.  Game Story.

Clearwater (30-22) Lost to Tampa, 4-0.  Ranfi Casimiro took the loss.  The Threshers’ offense took the day off, getting only 3 hits.  Game Story.

Lakewood (20-31) Lost to West Virginia, 19-7.  Harold Arauz didn’t survive the 1st inning. The ‘Claws defense allowed 7 unearned runs.  The bullpen walked as many batters as they struck out (6).  Grullon had 3 hits.  Hernandez hit his 7th HR and had 3 RBI.  Game Story.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • 6/1/16 – Phillies transferred  Charlie Morton from the 15-Day DL to the 60-Day DL. May 2016 left hamstring surgery
  • 6/1/16 – Phillies designated Emmanuel Burriss for assignment.
  • 6/1/16 – Toronto Blue Jays traded Jimmy Paredes to Philadelphia Phillies for cash.

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  1. Hey…sorry about yr pinched nerve. Can you get a release from the pinch…soon? Orthopedic people seem fit for a visit…Get help.

    The pharm ain’t looking so good in the last couple weeks. 1/3 of the season gone. Hoping they get back on track. In meantime we gotta emphasize the Int’l draft as well as the MLB draft soon. The Cubs gathered together a large part of their team by doing extreme shopping in the draft of “foreign” players. Will Klendak et al do the free spending like that this year? The coffers seem full enough !

    We’ll soon see.

    1. ‘The Cubs gathered together a large part of their team by doing extreme shopping in the draft of “foreign” players’,
      ….one player Theo actively signed….Jorge Soler

      Gleyber Torres, De La Cruz, Eddy Martinez and Eloy Jiminez are not yet there and could be used as trade chips possibility for Evoldi of the Yankees..

  2. Jim I had spinal fashion C 4,5 , 6 so I know pain I feel you. Try heat the needles worked best for me epidural find a good pain specialist. I also have spinal stenosis, Degenitive Disc Disease , central herniated disc too. So I know pain I liked my 1 chiropractic doc .

    1. Jim sounds like you need to call up another writer and go on 7-day DL to recuperate, do we have any top prospects for that? I hope you feel better quickly

  3. Featherston hit his 6 th Hr , Knapp 2 for 4 with a double. Wow back to back to back to back doubles for reading.Kingery hit another double he leads the Fsl by 7 he is 2 nd in the entire minor league sys to a player in Ashville that has 27 .Kingery also stole a base and made an error. Green doubled too but that was it. Lakewood lost By 2 touchdowns 19 to 7 as Roccom would say the Lakewood pitching stinks. BTW the Spead was 11 whoever had Lakewood pay Bellman before you leave this site.

    1. If Featherston could play defense at the level of my 11 year old cousin, he would probably be in the majors. Too bad so far that has not been the case

      1. Agree. Why would they acquire Paredes (who isn’t a good glove either) if they thought Featherston was anything?

    2. Most have paid up. Can I pick a spread or what? I was lucky they missed those 2 extra points, aye?

  4. Quinn’s on fire! His OPS is up to .781 on the season. Even better, its .725 against lefties and .800 against righties — all of his HR have come from the left side of the plate. He’s going to bring some serious offensive versatility when he eventually arrives in Philly …

    1. Quinn, Williams, Cozens, Herrera, Altherr, Goeddel(?), Knapp(LF?), Perkins…..later Randolph, Pujols….Moniak? What a great problem to have if even half of them turn out as just good major leaguers.

    2. Even better is that he’s been able to stay on the field where the talent is finally getting a chance to show.

  5. Mike Hope he keeps it up. I think that speed at top of lineup with Herrera would be awesome. I wish we had david lopes back. Someone needs to teach Herrera how to get a good jump. He isn’t right now getting a good jump, and isn’t a real good Baserunner. But love everything else in his game. What a steal he was by the fo and scouts.

    1. rocco…you can send a thank you card in care of the Red Sox , Fenway Place, MA…. mark for Mr Amaro.

  6. The only reason I see Lakewood keeping Koplove on the roster is they are waiting to pick a reliever up in the draft. 20 hits and 20 ERs in 11 innings. 9 Ks to 14 BBs. 3 outings out of 10 have no hits and no runs allowed. The rest are pretty bad. Tasin’s another one. He’s given up 36 hits and 16 ERs in 27 Innings. At least he has 32 Ks to 13 BBs and 6 saves in 10 opportunities. Waguespack looks like the better option as a closer right now.

    I noticed Tirado’s outing yesterday. Someone said they planned to lengthen him out. Maybe make him a starter? He threw 50 pitched yesterday in 1 1/3 innings. How’s that for lengthening?

    Edgar Garcia has given up just 1 ER but 8 runs have scored off him. A lot of unearned runs are the pitcher’s fault. His job is to get outs, anyway he can. When someone makes an error, most times it’s earlier in the inning and then he gives up hits and suddenly a lot of runs score and they’re unearned. He’s only 19, he’ll learn.

    1. Yeah Koplove will be back in Packer Park soon. Probably play in the Penndel league. I guess he just doesn’t have the stuff his brother did.

  7. Roman is hot, I sure would like to see him get to LHV by July. Leiter has always intrigued me as he’s usually pitched well despite his smallish frame. Does he have any future?

  8. I’m wondering how long they’ll stick with Morgan in the rotation. It’s probably a little early to bring Eflin up. Buchanan…..well nevermind. Maybe Oberholtzer switches with Morgan on the staff….

    Hopefully Hollands and Ramos will be up soon, along with other moves after the draft dust settles.

    1. Watching the game last night, the broadcasters mentioned that Morgan arrived in Philadelphia with some issues with his mechanics and that Pete and McClure agreed to let him settle in at the major league level first and then work on some minor changes with his mechanics which they’ve just begun in bullpen sessions about a week ago. Not sure the timing of all that makes sense to me, but either way, it sounds like they are invested in letting him work through his struggles and mechanical issues at the major league level so I doubt they have any plans to send him back to AAA. I suppose they could work a few more bullpens with him on the changes and if he continues to struggle, they could say go work on these things at Lehigh Valley and we’ll see you back up here soon. With the losing now happening, I’m sure they will be more inclined to let him work through it at the big league level. When Hellickson gets moved later this summer, that will open a spot for Eflin I would imagine. Hopefully Thompson, Appel, or Lively can prove to be ready for a September call up as well.

  9. Anyone know if Jhailyn Ortiz be playing at GCL when it starts up? Kid has 60 power, and trying to catch on in left. He’s an intriguing prospect.

    1. He remained in Clearwater when the organization sent other players back to the DR for the DSL. I would think he will be playing in the GCL this summer. I can’t imagine they would start him out in Wiliamsport.

  10. Jim,
    God’s speed to your healing! I know how back problems can affect every little thing.

    While we’re pretty much occupied with the upcoming draft (7 days!), is there any info resources for the international signing period beginning July 2? That should be just as significant as the draft IMO.

    1. Ben Badler from BA tweeted last night that he will have an article today about the Phillies plan for having the biggest July 2nd bonus allotment. I’ll post about the article on here when its released today

      1. TGunn…..since it will be more then likely subscription required….could you summarize it without infringement of the copyright?

        1. The Phillies article has been posted. the gist of the article:

          The Phillies are taking a different approach toward international free agency this year. Their 2016 strategy is more in line with what they have done in previous years, spreading their budget around to sign several well-regarded players, likely all for less than $1 million. The players below should come in at a combined price lower than what the Phillies paid Ortiz, yet given the volume of talent and the quality of the players they’re linked to, this year’s approach might have a better long-term payoff.

          And then a list of players they are signing:

          Brayan Gonzalez, ss, Venezuela

          “He was one of the best baseball players in the class in terms of knowing how to play the game,” said one scout. “There’s not a ton of power and I don’t think he’ll ever have that, but he showed contact skills, he sees the ball and controls the strike zone well.”

          Gonzalez might wind up at second base, and while some scouts have thought about whether he would be a fit at catcher, he’s expected to sign as a shortstop, with a bonus likely in the high six-figure area.

          Francisco Morales, rhp, Venezuela

          Morales stands out immediately for his size, already 6-foot-5 with a wide back at 16 years old. It’s a big frame and big arm strength, with his fastball growing from touching 91 mph last fall to 94 mph earlier in the year and even reaching 96 most recently, extremely rare for that age.

          will likely sign a deal in the $700,000 to $800,000 area.

          “He was probably the No. 1 pitcher in the class,”

          Nicolas Torres, ss, Venezuela

          Like Marchan, Aparicio has a strong hitting track record. And just as Marchan did, Aparicio has moved from the left side of the infield to catcher before signing. Aparicio trains with Emiro Barboza and is expected to land a bonus of around $500,000.

          “He’s one of the better hitters in the class.”

          Jose Tortolero, ss, Venezuela

          likely to sign for a bonus in the $500,000

          Scouts highest on Tortolero say he stands out for his hitting ability with a line-drive approach from the right side and solid-average speed.

          1. Wait I screw that up. gonzalez, Morales and Tortolero are correct.

            And here the correct write-ups for the other two:

            Juan Aparicio, c, Venezuela

            Like Marchan, Aparicio has a strong hitting track record. And just as Marchan did, Aparicio has moved from the left side of the infield to catcher before signing. Aparicio trains with Emiro Barboza and is expected to land a bonus of around $500,000.

            “He’s one of the better hitters in the class.”

            Nicolas Torres, ss, Venezuela

            a 5-foot-10 shortstop with plus-plus speed. Multiple scouts used the phrase “good little player” to describe Torres, a 16-year-old with minimal power and whose below-average arm will likely limit him to second base,

            His bonus is expected to end up in the $600,000 to $700,000 range.

            1. I have to assume that is the Phillies targets that have been ‘greased’ so to speak…. does het mention anything about a RHP from Panama named Edisson Gonzalez?

            2. @tommy – thanks for the summary. the gist that i’m getting is that most of the position players are known for their hit tool and the pitcher has the physical attribute of an innings eater. sound to me like very Almaraz type of players.

              my player philosophy is somewhat tailored to Alamaraz so even if the Phils will not sign the cream of the crop, i’m confident that these kids will pan out the same gut feeling i have with Ortiz!

      2. they had an article up yesterday about the teams expected to bust their slot figure and the Phillies were not on that list.

        1. Today’s article about the Phillies reiterates that they will not be going over their slot figure.

          last year was focused on one player (Ortiz)

          This year will be a different process

          will spread budget around to many well-regarded players

          named 5 players

          Brayan Gonzalez – SS – Venezuela – 5′ 10″ 165 – strong baseball acumen

          Francisco Morales – RHP – Venezuela – already 6′ 5″ – low 90s, has touched 96. pitchability has improved

          Nicolas Torres – SS – Venezuela – 5′ 10″ – plus plus speed – future is at 2nd base, not a strong arm and no power

          Juan Aparacio – C – Venezuela – 5′ 10″ 170 lbs – strong hitting track record

          Jose Tortolero – SS – Venezuela – stands out with hitting ability – line drive approach

  11. Hope you get well jim. Just don’t let them cut you. I had neck surgery and still messed up. Plate in my neck and still hurts. They want to do my back, I wont let them.. Epidural by the right guy will help a lot for 6 months or more

  12. Feel better soon Jim, Roman Quinn staying healthy has been terrific. He already brings elite speed and top level Defense, and it has been thought that, if he stays healthy, he would show himself to be a good hitter. That has been the case so far. If any of the AAA SPs were ready the change with Morgan would happen today. But, I don’t see anyone deserving a shot, just yet. Eflin, maybe, in a month, but Appel has to get healthy, and better, and Thompson has to get back to what he was last year.

    1. Could be Buchanan again, if Morgan is sent down to work on things, which will not be wildly accepted.

      1. Asher has a hair-line fracture and is in a boot, in Clearwater, for rehab. It might be a month. He is throwing, reportedly, so hopefully a quick return, but no specific timetable has been mentioned.

  13. Glad to see Valentin working his way back into the 2nd base prospect equation.
    After a slow start he has really come on.
    Getting close to the bigs….blood lines must be kicking in.

    1. @romus – do u think Phils will add Valentin in 40-man and protect from Rule V?? IMO, they should and move on from Cesar.

    2. Yes, Valentin or Sweeney over Hernandez at this point. Neither is the necessarily the future but we know what Hernandez is. Pete’s already given him the advance notice.

  14. Remember when Klentak was “sending the wrong message” by giving Velasquez the 5th starters spot that rightfully belonged to Morgan…

  15. Today Asche comes off rehab, so he is on the major league roster and someone needs to taken off the roster.

    1. it’s probably Lough who will be DFA’d to give Asche a spot. Bourjos will take the sole defensive OF while Asche (as Phils are hoping) will try to improve the production from LF.

      LaFunky is out of LHV. Was released today – hope to see Milner to LHV. One done, few more scrubs to go!!

  16. Not sure how this would affect the configuration of the big league roster, but until we start making later changes and callups, I wouldn’t mind having Asche and Ruf platoon in LF on an interim basis. Play Goeddel in RF. He certainly has the arm.

    1. OF: Asche, Ruf, Herrera, Goeddel, Bourjos
      IF: TJ, Howard, Franco, Galvis, Blanco, and either Valentin or Sweeney
      C: Rupp and Chooch

      1. Agreed but those types of callups won’t happen until later after the draft and int’l signings and minor league assignments are made.

  17. I think we may not see Ruf again until September call ups. If Asche replaces Lough as speculated, he and Bourjos share a spot. I think Goeddel plays most days. He looks like he may have a shot. Speed, good D, great arm and hitting much better with a little pop.

  18. Don’t know if anyone caught this, but Lakewood had Bossart warming up to pitch in the 8th yesterday. Guess they ran out of pitchers.

  19. Pivetta fell apart in the 5th. Cozens with 4 hits including 2 doubles, already 32 Xtra base hits this year. Gotta believe he will be in LV later this month.

  20. I was in Reading a few weeks ago and spoke with a scout very briefly about the Phils. One of his comments was relevant to a discussion on here the other day about the Phils 40 man roster crunch at the end of the year. This scout said he suspects the Phils will lose 2 players in the Rule 5 if they don’t make any moves. He said with the likelihood of trades later this season of Hellickson, Hernandez, Bailey, and Ruiz to acquire additional prospects, he assumed the Phils focus would be on acquiring A level lottery tickets rather than AAA or major league ready players that will require 40 man roster protection.

    He also said that he wouldn’t be surprised to see the Phils make a deal of 2 or 3 of their current prospects that are either on the 40 man or will need to be on the 40 man for an early career major leaguer that is a much better player than any one of the 2 or 3 the Phils would trade. So in essence, trade 2 or 3 guys from the 40 man roster mix for 1 guy that would have to be protected.

    Other really quick notes from the scout: guys he’s seen that he loves – Alfaro, Quinn, Crawford, Ramos, Cozens, Williams, and J Thompson.

    guys he’s seen that he doesn’t love – Knapp, Eflin, Lively, Milner, Hoskins, and Appell as a starter.

    1. BuddyB… area of concern for Rule 5 protection will be OFers. They will have approx 8 to have to protect that would seem attractive to other teams….of course Tocci was already exposed one time already.

      1. @romus – i agree. Herrera, Goeddel, Quinn, Williams, Cozens and possible Altherr are locks for the 40-man. Tocci and Pujols will be probably left unprotected unless the likes of Asche and Sweeney will be outrighted.

        Perkins is the OF that I think will be plucked in the Rule V. He has decent hit tool, can play mutiple OF positions and 1B and can generate some power too.

        Rule V is also source of RP help. LHP Milner might be a potential casualty and Munoz can be the other. Rios and JDT are hidden in A+ and I don’t think they are good enough to gather interest.

        As for SP, i think Elniery Garcia is also eligible. Teams like Braves, Reds and Brewers might take a flyer with him – hopefully not.

        1. KuKo..normally teams will not select players who never advanced to AA level ball, though the one time it did for the Twins worked out great…Johan Sanatna only was at Hi-A. And Tocci and Pujols will probably not get selected..

          1. @romus – i agree. that’s why i’m ok if the Phils decided to keep Garcia in CLW for the rest of the year. but rebuilding teams like braves, reds and brewers can afford that extra roster space since they’ll going to lose anyway. but i’m not worried about that. both garcia and arauz are not MLB ready and will be selected. that also apply to tocci and pujols.

            perkins is the one i think that can be a casualty. i can see the Phils protecting their top prospects in AA and AAA.

      2. Who in gods name would select carlos tocci in the rule 5 draft?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

        I would bet both my kids lives, my own life and roccom’s life that no one selects carlos tocci in the rule 5 draft….

        1. nobody thinks the Tocci will be selected in Rule V. There was some debate last year, but I haven’t seen any debate this year so far.

    2. Forgot to mention, he also said that the Phils strategy of quantity over quality (not to imply their prospects aren’t quality) seemed to be a good one, and probably is a good one, but a higher percentage of that quantity is working out, playing well, and staying healthy than anyone would expect so this is a good problem to have more than a bad strategy.

      My opinion, I don’t believe Tocci at this point is even in the conversation of being protected, or subsequently selected by a major league team.

    3. Buddy,

      I agree with most of his likes and don’t likes. I favor Alfaro over Knapp and am high on Quinn. I liked Hoskins but he’s looking pretty pedestrian at AA compared to what we might expect in a hitter’s park, league. I’m hoping his recent uptick suggests he’s making the adjustment to better pitching and can continue to advance.

      1. Hoskins Krate 26% is just too high for him and his 7%BB rate is too low.
        That was his strength in the past…less than 20% Krate and over a 10% BB rate.

      2. I apologize I can’t add more comments to why he said what he said but it was a fairly brief, high level discussion. The one thing he said about Alfaro and Quinn was that they both have such amazing raw talent in specific areas (Alfaro – arm and power, and Quinn – speed) but now they are doing it at AA it is no longer raw. They remind him of guys you see in high school who are dominant and you wonder how it will play up in the minors, but with these guys they are already there and doing great things. He was really, really high on those two and he said JPC was a man amongst boys in terms of his baseball maturity and the speed of the game for him in AA.

  21. I also would like to see Cam Perkins up, he has been in the system for 5-6 years he is already 25, I would rather see what he can do than Lough and/or Bourjos.

  22. The Phils have plenty of worthless players currently on the 40 man where they can drop and add anyone they fear they may lose.

    1. Got to be tough being a guy like Lough or Burris, knowing year after year that any trips to the Bigs is just to fill in short term. But they do get to tell their grandkids they were Big Leaguers, and they get the pension and health benefits.

    2. yesterday burris, today lough. the stiff countdown begins!! a lot of scrubs will bite the dust in the next 2 months.

    3. I was at last nights game in PHL. David Lough was probably the star of the game without any hits…he made 2 great, really great catches……so he leaves on a high note. Sort of like birdieing the 18th hole.

  23. Obviously he had to go because there was nobody else, but I really didn’t mind Lough. His BA was .239 which isn’t great but he had 9 walks and only 8 strikeouts, giving him a .342 OBP which is solid for a backup outfielder, especially one that is good defensively. I wouldn’t mind seeing him back up at some point and wouldn’t be that surprised if somebody claims him.

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