Box Score Recap – 5/24/2016

Lehigh Valley (24-20) Lost to Pawtucket 2-1.  Zach Eflin tossed seven shutout innings. Recently activated Frank Herrmann gave up a 2-run home run and blew the save.  Cameron Perkins hit a home run for the IronPigs’ only run.

  • Eflin – 7.0 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 6 K, 1 WP.
  • Herrmann – 1.0 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 1 SO, 1 HR.
  • Crawford (.182) went 0-3 with a BB.
  • Williams (.262) went 1-4 with a double.
  • Knapp (.254) went 1-4.
  • Perkins (.305) went 1-3 with a HR (2), BB, and RBI (11).
  • Knapp was CS (1).

Reading (30-15) Beat Erie, 11-9 in a walk off.  The teams battled back-and-forth through out the game.  Ricardo Pinto gave up 5 runs on 3 home runs.  Miguel Nunez blew the save with 3 unearned runs in the ninth.  Hoby Milner picked up the win when the Phils scored 4 runs in the bottom of the ninth on Rhys Hoskins’ grand slam.  Dylan Cozens and Cody Asche also homered.  Roman Quinn had 4 hits.

  • Pinto – 6.0 IP, 7 H, 5 R, 5 ER, 1 BB, 2 K, 3 HR, 1 HBP.
  • Nunez – 0.2 IP, 3 H, 3 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 0 K.
  • Quinn (.275) went 4-4 with a BB and 2 SB (21).
  • Asche (.167) went 2-5 with a HR (1), 2 RBI, and 2 K.
  • Alfaro (.351) went 1-4 with a sac and RBI (21).
  • Cozens (.281) went 2-4 with a double, HR (12), BB, and 3 RBI (36).
  • Hoskins (.263) went 1-5 with a HR (8), and 4 RBI (30).
  • Jake Fox picked up his 26th RBI
  • Quinn was picked off first.
  • Valentin committed a throwing error (3).

Clearwater (27-18) Lost to the 15-30 Brevard County Manatees, 6-4.  Shane Watson made his first start since being activated from the DL.  He got knocked around a little, but struck out 9 in five innings.  Hockenberry got tagged for an add on run when a runner was caught stealing second and stayed in a run down long enough for the runner from third to score.  Scott Kingery, Andrew Pullin, and Mitch Walding had multi-hit games.

  • Watson – 5.0 IP, 6 H, 5 R, 4 ER, 3 BB, 9 K.
  • Hockenberry – 2.0 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 1 K.
  • DeNato – 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 2 K.
  • Kingery (.265) went 3-5 with 2 doubles and an RBI.
  • Pullin (.263) went 2-5 with a double.
  • Tocci (.261) went 1-3 with an RBI and 2 BB.
  • Martin (.250) went 1-5 with an RBI (30).
  • Green (.270) went 1-2 with a SF, HBP, and RBI (24).
  • Walding (.271) went 2-3 with a double and a BB.
  • Sandberg (.250) went 0-4.
  • Kingery (6) and Lino (5) committed errors.
  • Lino threw out 2 of 3 attempted steals.

Lakewood (16-28) Lost to Hagerstown, 3-0.  Tyler Gilbert was responsible for all 3 runs during his six innings.  Zach Morris and Sutter McLoughlin threw three shutout innings of relief.  The BlueClaws provided very little support collecting just 4 base hits and a walk.

  • Gilbert – 6.0 IP, 8 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 1 BB, 2 K.
  • Marrero (.280) went 0-4.
  • Duran (.250) went 0-3 with a BB.
  • Tobias (.278) went 1-4 with a double.
  • Pujols (.241) went 0-4 with 2 K.
  • Grullon (.242) went 1-3.
  • Hernandez (.260) went 0-3.
  • Marrero committed a fielding error (5).
  • Tromp had an OF assist.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

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90 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/24/2016

  1. Hey we have people doubting Kingery and he goes 3-5 with 2 doubles. Keep doubting hopefully he keeps hitting.

    1. I want to see him hit RHPs better…..and he did that yesterday with two of his three hits against righties.

      1. Will Smith was the lefty on rehad from the Brewers a good relief. 62 ings 83 k’s in mlb Kingery rips a double off him .

        1. In his brief pro career, Kingery kills lefties, so do not see that as an issue for him.
          Once he gets the righties down he should be fine, since he has a very good K rate against them, approx. 15%, that should serve him well in the future.

  2. Solid outing by Elfin. Slug fest in Reading and Clearwater. Lakewood bats got wake up.

  3. It was my intention to start a lively Kingery debate yesterday. Because every top 10 prospect has to be brought out into the light and inspected. Certainly they are doing that in the Phillie scouting rooms so why not here? Oh, I forgot… there are no professional scouts here. We tend to love our prospects but the better they are, the more scrutiny they should have. I enjoyed the lively debate and was hoping to see more comments from the people who see them once in a while like Jim or GKIT. Those are the opinions that matter most. So keep up the good work Phillie Phans and keep lovin’ those prospects.

      1. one good game and Kingery is hitting .265 now. Another good game and he’s in the .270s.

        Maybe, just maybe, its a little early in the season to peg him as a .250 hitter, although as we covered yesterday, plenty of great players have hit .250 in a minor league season, so it still may not be that big of a deal.

      1. I wish Kingery all the best. I want him to overachieve (like all of the Phillies prospects). I just thought that penciling him into the opening day lineup in 2018 was a bit aggressive. Let’s let him progress at his timetable. I hope he becomes an all star for years in MLB. But let’s not rush him.

        1. I wasn’t rushing him. He probably doesn’t read this site. I’m high on his future as a big leaguer. Of course anything coukd go south.

    1. _______________________________________
      (Enter erroneous statement from Blanket here)

  4. Eflin is having himself a terrific season. He has clearly become the “6th starter” should we need it. Also, Cozens and Quinn with great games (and Kingery). They could be important pieces for us in 2017 mid season.

  5. I can see a 2b slide up coming. If you bring Sweeney up to the big club, even if Cesar H continues to flounder, there’s another option off the bench. Sweeney doesn’t project as an everyday player either but in the interim he’s better than Burriss who hasn’t gotten to play 2b at all anyway.

    THEN Valentin moves up to Lehigh, Kingery to Reading and Tobias (who at his age might need a developmental challenge) to Clearwater.

    Love Kingery!

  6. Hellickson’s value is fairly high right now. I don’t think it will get much higher. The Phillies might pull the trigger on a deal earlier. Eflin waits in the wings.

            1. No fantasy baseball team let alone a real major league team believed that Harang was legit during the first half of last season.

              The Phillies were never getting anything for him.

  7. Reaching the point in the season where Eflin’s and Cozen’s breakout is real. Not just a hot start. Both are young for the league and both have shown a considerable improvement from last year.

  8. I keep forgetting that Zach Eflin only just turned 22 in April. He is dominating AAA and there may be some development left. Should be fun to follow him.

  9. I loved your post about Kingery yesterday too,Bellman.Very good debate,that keeps this site interesting.

    It will be interesting to see what Quinn,Cozens & Alfaro will do if they get another 80 to 100 plate apperances in double A.
    Will they continue their current success? If so,they’ll be moved up sooner rather than later.

    Exciting times this year in the minor leagues!!

    1. Quinn definitely moves up at some point after the draft. Cozens and Alfaro are better off spending the year in Reading IMO. Alfaro and Knapp both need development time behind the plate, and Cozens is just coming into his own right now, so there’s really no need to rush him.

    2. Exciting it sure is..

      Cozens, Alfaro, Quinn,JPC, Thompson, Eflin , Ramos, Kingery, Williams, Knapp, Hoskins….

      Cozens is just filthy!!!

  10. If Cozens, Quinn, Alfaro, and Hoskins keep up their pace they may force the Phillies hand to promote them at some point this year.

    1. Promotions hinge on whether the big club is relevant to the pennant race, clubhouse chemistry and the like.

    2. not fully agree with this. Quinn and Alfaro might get a cup of coffee this season since they are already in the 40-man. But we will see Cozens and Hoskins join the big league team for Spring Training.

  11. Would love to hear a first hand account of Quinn’s AB’s last night. Anyone?

    Eflin is looking good. The .230 BABIP looks prime for regression but his FIP is right in line with his ERA, 2.56 vs. 2.38 respectively.

    His strikeout rate has nearly doubled over last season, 22.7% vs. 12.6% while maintaining a walk rate of just over 4%. These stats stabilize at 70 BF for K% and 170 BF for BB% according at Fangraphs so the improvement looks real even though it’s early in the season.

    *These stats don’t include last night’s start

    1. Of course the stats mean nothing out of context. Can anyone refresh my memory on what the scouting community has said about Eflin’s changes this season? Improved secondary stuff?

  12. Watson with 9 Ks in the first four innings, and a shut-out were it not for some faulty fielding in the first. .But, all came apart in the 5th for him.

    1. Speaking of Shayne Watson, I found these highlights of a 2012 California HS game. The game featured two 1st rounders (Watson & JP Crawford) and two 2nd rounders (Chase De Jong/Blue Jays, Chris Betts/Rays). Good stuff.

      1. Southern California has loads of HS talent, along with Texas and Florida.
        And this years’ draft will have more first rounders’ from that region.

        1. I was looking at the top 100 draft prospects. Three are from our area in the top thirty. surprise me. a little , we all know Jason but the other two, Nolan Jones from Langhorne, and Alex Kirilloff never heard of either one before

          1. rocco…Nolan Jones plays up above NE Philly with Holy Ghost Prep…actually Cornwells Heights, Bensalem. Jim Peyton’s alma mater I think he posted a few weeks ago.

      2. If you like that one, check out lakewood vs edison. It’s a playoff game the before featuring 7 hs players that were eventually drafted. Owens, the Lopes Bros and Snyder for edison and Watson, Torres and of JP for lakewood. Loads of talent in the area.

  13. Pujols has fallen into a ice bath. He’s 1 – 29 in his last 7 games. He has 1 BB and an astronomical 14 Ks over that time. His BA dropped from a respectable .284 to a more normal 20 y/o in A ball .241. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Pitchers learned something and he needs to make adjustments. On the plus side, he had a big HR and 3 RBIs in one of those games.

    1. He can still repeat and be within the age criteria.
      But he just cannot keep repeating every level!
      I expected more, at this point, from two past LA OF signings ..Tocci in ’11 and Pujols in ’12….both over $500K signings. For them still to be in A level must be discouraging for the FO.

      1. Romus, not fully argue your point but I believe this is the first year for Pujols to be in Lakewood. If he can re-adjust to the pitchers we may see him make a move to AA before end of year or definitely year. Now, Tocci, he still has not shown the promise that I’ve read so much about and that has to be discouraging.

  14. New to commenting here, love the debates. With Kilome’s recent turnaround, does he make it to any Top 100 lists? To add to that, who do you see potentially dropping from the list and possibly entering the list? It’s great that Randolph is returning in June and I hope he doesn’t get dropped because he missed a month +.

    1. Fact: Leftwith and Arauz are ahead of Kilome so far. Leftwith is 22yo, Arauz and Kilome are 20. Let’s see how these three evolve.

      1. Fact based off stats? Or are there articles stating that Leftwich and Arauz hold more potential than Kilome? I’ll agree Leftwich holds some intriguing potential but from what I’ve read it seems like Kilome has the stuff to be a top of the rotation starter. He struggled he holy but has rebounded tremendously.

        1. When talking about comparing prospects, nothing is Fact. It’s all opinion based on numbers and observation.

  15. It’s very satisfying to see Eflin having the kind of year he is having. He was a very perplexing prospect to follow last year. On video be looked awesome to me, like a true future MLB starter. But his numbers made him look like a fraud. I had him 9th on my list, but was nervous that I was giving him too much benefit of the doubt, but he looks like he’s a real prospect both on tape and the scorecard.

  16. Walk off Grand Slam by Hoskins !!!! should this have been the first post. he has 9 home runs now

  17. New prospects list:

    1. Crawford (still on track)
    2. Alfaro (if the hit tool is real, the sky’s the limit)
    3. Eflin (stock has soared)
    4. Quinn (just getting hot now – when you see him in person, he knocks your socks off)
    5. C. Randolph (I think he’s a special hitter)
    6. N. Williams (I have him about even with Cozens)
    7. D. Cozens (true breakout season – the power is real and plate discipline has improved)
    8. J. Thompson (stock has gone down a little, but should still be a fine mid-rotation guy)
    9. Kingery (V1Again has convinced me – he’s a fine prospect)
    10. Kilome (I think he’s really coming on)

    Close by:

    – Hoskins (starting to turn up the heat)
    – Knapp (I’m still a big believer – the dude can hit, but where he fits in defensively is up in the air)
    – Lively (he could pitch in the majors right now – could end up being a better major league pitcher than Thompson, but we’ll see).

    1. Not Far Behind

      – Pivetta (BIG arm – working on secondary stuff and command)
      – Eshelman (has been inconsistent, still learning the pro game; let’s see what he does in July and August)
      – Leftwich – high K numbers; lets’ see what he does when he gets to Reading
      – Tobias – intriguing; I think he can hit
      – Canelo – still a very good prospect
      – Pinto – don’t know if stuff translates at higher levels
      – Pullin – not good that he checked out, but I’ve always like him
      – E. Garcia – could be next fast riser

      Your Guess is as Good as Mine

      – Appel – I was at the last start – what a freaking disaster. Is he hurt? Who knows?
      – Cordero – still waiting for him to appear
      – Tirado – a walk waiting to happen

      1. Catch have you seen pinto and Quinn play?. I only saw pinto in spring training thought he pitch well. Surprised at his slow start. Never saw Quinn. What kind of player do you think he becomes. Is he a gap hitter. slap hitter. I Know he has speed. but that’s all about him I really know. ty

        1. I’ve seen Pinto play a little bit, but not much. What I saw was fine – but what I saw (limited as it was) was not overwhelming. I’m withholding judgment on him.

          I’ve seen Quinn play quite a bit, both in person and on You are right that he’s fast – ridiculously fast. Last night, he hit a ball to third that bounced twice – too many bounces – by the time the throw went to first, he was 2 steps past the bag. I think he’s faster than MIchael Bourn was at his peak.

          But he’s a lot more than just fast – he’s not Ben Revere. He’s a fine fielder and has a shortstop’s arm. Also, his hit tool is fine and his plate discipline is good and improving. But he also has some pop in his bat and a strong swing. I think it will take a few years for the power to show itself completely, but if he hits his peak – man, he could be amazing. If the Phillies happen to be in contention in early August, I think he might be promoted to the major leagues at that time. When he’s at bat, on the bases, or in the field, he does some spectacular things.

      2. I meant to include Ramos in the near miss category. I don’t usually rank relievers that high, but he’s run through the system and dominated in record time. He could be in Philly within a month or two.

    2. Not sure how Randolph has passed Thompson and Williams, but most of the rest seems legit. I would keep Thompson in the top 3 ahead of Eflin for now. He has really come on strong after a very bad start. Williams is in danger of falling a couple spots, but he’s not behind Quinn, Cozens or Randolph yet. Completely agree that Alfaro is now number 2, and has potential to be even better than JPC if that’s possible.

      1. Well, a lot of people have Randolph in the top 3 or 4 and it’s less of a case of him passing them than the other two dropping slightly.

        I do not have Thompson above Eflin. In my view, Eflin is the better pitcher now and also has a higher ceiling. Thompson is a classic 4-pitch pitcher who throws in the low 90s – a guy who, if he does not gain velocity, could be a solid mid-rotation guy over time. Eflin has a big arm (can hit mid to upper 90s), command that is just as good as Thompson’s and has developed several additional pitches which he is throwing just fine. I definitely like Eflin more than Thompson at this point.

        1. I think randolphs lack of tools outside of his hit tool and ability to only play left field (not at a high level) drop him under Williams and Cozens. Also Quinn has highest end speed, a decent enough hit tool, and is great on defense so he’s got to be ranked ahead of Randolph as well. I guess we can’t really knock Randolph down too far for being injured, but a one tool left fielder in low A with injury issues doesn’t deserve to be ahead of a toolsy player like Williams who’s semi-struggling at triple A, but has shown signs of all star potential.

          As for the Eflin/Thompson debate, I think it’s really close right now, but I’ll still give the edge to Thompson for the time being because he has a better secondary pitch that’s proven to miss bats and that huge frame. I think they both will fall in behind Nola and VV in the phuture rotation, but what a strong rotation it will be. Lively is right on their level as well.

          1. Except for the fact Randolph was a pretty good infielder during high school but the Phillies saw him as a good OFer with a great hit tool.

            1. An excellent hit tool and an excellent approach at the plate, with room to add power as he matures. Calling him a one-tool prospect with injury issues is not only inaccurate (this is his first injury as far as I’m aware), but it severely undersells a player the org views as its potential 3-hole hitter in a few years.

      1. You could justify that, but it’s debatable. I have him slightly behind Kingery and Kilome based on projections, but: (a) he’s obviously a more advanced (and, also, older) prospect than the other two; and (b) he could easily end up being a better player than the other two. Frankly, for me, there’s not much room separating the guys after Cozens and Williams and the few guys right outside the top 10.

    3. Just about right, Catch. Don’t have Quinn that high YET though he’s hot right now. Eshelman might not be much more than a left-handed Buchanan (“knows how to pitch”). Kilome has to have success at next level before he’s anywhere near the top 10. Elniery Garcia is rather intriguing. All in all a good summation. Thanks

      1. Eshelman is a righty. But, yeah, the concern with him is that he just becomes another Buchanan – so we’ll have to see how it plays out. My ranking for Kilome is actually lower than how others rank him – you could have him as high as 5 or 6, or as low as the high teens, but the current ranking is based primarily on perceived potential, not performance (although he gets big credits for his recent starts).

        1. I don’t think you can compare eshelman to Buchanan. At least not yet. I think Eshelman’s control is way more advanced than Buchanan’s control was or is.

    1. I believe the other day I heard he is in Clearwater working out. He may only be a week or 2 away from returning

  18. That HR by Perkins was a bomb, as a few were hit hard but the announcers talked about how they were just going nowhere due to the heavy air. He also made some good plays in CF.

    Eflin was impressive again. When he faced that lineup last time, they got to him in the 1st but he battled back and got the next 14 out without giving up a hit. This time around he mixed in the CB well.

  19. Cozens might lead his lead In doubles HR’s and Rbi’s . Kingery leads his league in doubles he’s on pace for 50 doubles 30 sb’s.

  20. Here is an off the wall idea and maybe it deserves to be in the general disscusion, but if Cozens is truly legit (looking more and more likely everyday) and quinn is truly the best center fielder and with Williams not far off and Randolph coming soon after (obviously still a long way to go on him) and if Knapp indeed does transition to the outfield, that is a crowded outfield picture. Now there are a whole bunch of what ifs and maybe’s in there, but now that Hererra is turning into a very good hitter, and given that he used to be a second baseman, could he actually be our second baseman of the future? He was originally moved to the outfield because he played there in winter league and as a rule 5 pick the phils wanted to find ways to get him into the line up with Chase still manning second. The reports i remember were that he was an average defender, nothing really stood out in either direction. So that means Quinn in Center, and some combination of Cozens, Williams Randolph, Knapp on the corners, with Hererra on second. Just a thought, and not really an original one i’m sure….

    1. That has been mentioned quite often on here over the off-season.
      And that could be an alternative to the future OF overflow.

  21. Romus . Please don’t mention who you like in draft. Cause every year you mention a guy. and he is drafted right before the Phillies pick and is a top prospect for another team. Gallo you loved. Tucker who is on fire. your killing us.

    1. rocco…and last year it was Ian Happ….and Epstein and the Cubs pulled the trigger on him at 9…and he is doing very well now.
      But at 1.1… one is going to jump in front.

  22. You take as of right now One of the best all around players in Herrera put him in the least prime defense position .1 Quinn until he proven he can stay healthy 2 He can hit AA and AAA pitching witch might take another yr. 3 by then Herrera might prove himself to be a golden glove CF and 1 OF THE BEST LEADOFF MAN IN BASEBALL. The major league team has holes like power , 2nd , The corner OF and a bench. The pitching almost there , Quinn is a great prospects he needs more then 325 atbats which is his high in the minors. He just needs at least 400 In reading he just started hitting.

    1. I’m not a proponent of moving Herrera off CF, given the success he has had there in the big leagues (unless its for a corner to accommodate Quinn if its decided he is a better fit defensively). But calling 2B the “least prime defensive position” is way off base. One could argue it is one of the four most important defensive positions (along with SS, CF and C) for all of the action it sees. I could be misunderstanding what you’re saying, though, so if that is so, apologies.

      1. I concur that any discussion that states that second base is the “least prime defensive position” is baseless without a strong argument supporting such a statement. This is the defensive spectrum as defined by Bill James as far back as 1988.

        “[ – – 1B – LF – RF – 3B – CF – 2B – SS – C – – ]
        with the basic premise being that positions at the right end of
        the spectrum are more difficult than the positions at the left
        end of the spectrum. Players can generally move from right
        to left along the specturm successfully during their careers.”

        1. For most part I’m just going off of little league and soft ball you put the weakest arm at second . Throwing 70 feet isn’t as bad as LF form the track. I really never seen a 2nd baseman move to right RF or 1st on a regular basis . The new sliding rule helps too 2nd baseman can turn the Dp much easier. They tried Cesar at other places but his arm and bat never really played up.

  23. VOR that’s true there’s also Cozens who hit another HR today . Plus Goeddel who’s there plus Williams who’s ahead of him in LV. Though not all will make it and it will play itself out. Let’s get Quinn some more time he was 0 5 today.

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