Box Score Recap – 5/25/2016

Before I get into the box scores, I have some information that was requested in earlier reports.

The GCL divisions have been shuffled by the closing of the Detroit Tigers’ operations in Venezuela. The Phillies had been in the GCL Northwest Division with the Blue Jays, Pirates, and Yankees1.  The new alignment will keep the Phillies in the Northwest but the other teams in the division will be the Blue Jays, Tigers West, and Yankees West.  The Pirates were moved to the Northeast Division.  The addition of a second team for Detroit has increased the number of teams in the league to 17.  Five teams will compete in the East Division (Houston by virtue of their recent move is the new team in the East).

The GCL begins their season on June 24th.  Schedules are completed but not available on the league or team web sites.  However, they are posted on the MiLB site for each calendar day if you filter by league and/or affiliate.

The DSL divisions have also been realigned.  DSL Phillies1 is in Boca Chica Northwest.  DSL Phillies2 is in Boca Chica Northeast.

The DSL schedules have been completed but are not available on the league or team sites.  However, they are available on the Spanish Language site for the DSL (  It helps to read Spanish to navigate their menu or just be willing to hack away until you stumble on them.  I think they translate Schedule to Calendar.  Individual games are listed on the MiLB site for each calendar day, but if you filter by affiliate, you won’t get the DSL Phillies2 team.  That’s a simple programming change that I’m sure they’ll figure out soon.

I’ve been asked about the players I list when I edit the box score reports.  Specifically, if I don’t like this guy or that guy.  For the record, I like all the Phillies’ young prospects.  That comes from following them from the moment they enter the Complex.  I choose not to list every player from every game each day.  I try to cover the players who are genuine prospects, players in the MLB top 30, players in our reader top 30, players who had a particularly good game, players who generate a lot of interest in the comments section, and players on the Clearwater team since I actually sit through their home games and selected road games.

I do not intentionally mean to slight any player or any reader’s favorite players.  I’ll try to do better.  But, you may see me cut back a little in a few weeks.  When the DSL starts, there will be two more games to cover each day.  By the end of June, short-season will have started and that will mean an additional two games each day.  Since I’ll be attending GCL games in the afternoon and Threshers’ games in the evening, this column could become unwieldy. If I don’t provide the necessary coverage on your favorite players, I apologize in advance. Please understand.

Lehigh Valley (24-21) Lost to Pawtucket 6-2.  David Buchanan went five innings and gave up all the Red Sox runs.  The bullpen pitched three innings of one-hit relief.  Cameron Perkins stroked his third home run.

  • Buchanan – 5.0 IP, 6 H, 6 R, 5 ER, 2 BB, 2 K, 1 HR.
  • Crawford (.200) went 1-4.
  • Williams (.262) went 1-4 with a double.
  • Knapp (.254) went 1-4 with a double and RBI (21).
  • Perkins (.306) went 1-3 with a HR (3), BB, and RBI (12).
  • Sweeney (.238) went 0-2 with a sac.
  • Featherston committed a throwing error (11).

Reading (31-15) Beat Erie, 7-5 in an 11-inning walk off.  Anthony Vasquez scattered 12 hits over his six innings (scattered?).  he gave up only 4 runs and struck out six.  Mario Hollands struck out three in 1.2 innings and maintained his 0.00 ERA in 3 rehab appearances for Reading.  Gregory Infante blew the save with a lead off home run in the ninth.  (I don’t know why he isn’t credited with a BS in the box score.)  Hoby Milner struck out three in two, no-hit innings.  He has a 0.00 ERA in 12 Reading appearances (14.1 IP; 12 K and 3 BB in the same span).  Joely Rodriguez picked up his first win in his third appearance since returning to Reading.  Reading pitchers struck out 14 Red Sox.

The Phils were outhit 15-10.  Jesse Valentin, Jorge Alfaro, Jake Fox, and Angelo Mora had multi-hit games.  Dylan Cozens had a 3-run home run.  And, Mora had a game-winning, two-run home run.  Fox also had 2 RBI.  Cody Asche did not play.

  • Vasquez – 6.0 IP, 12 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 1 BB, 6 K, 1 HBP.
  • Hollands – 1.2 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 3 K.
  • Milner – 2.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 3 K.
  • Quinn (.266) went 0-5.
  • Asche (.167) DNP.
  • Valentin (.268) went 2-5.
  • Alfaro (.353) went 2-5.
  • Cozens (.279) went 1-5 with a HR (13) and 3 RBI (39).
  • Hoskins (.261) went 1-5 with a double.
  • Jake Fox picked 2 more RBI (28).
  • Mora (.275) went 2-5 with a HR (3) and 2 RBI (24).
  • Valdez picked a runner off first.

Clearwater (27-19) Lost to the last place Brevard County Manatees again, 7-2.  Ranfi Casimiro lasted only four innings.  Victor Arano gave up two runs in three, one-hit innings. Jesen Therrien struck out the side in his one inning.  Combined, the three Threshers’ pitchers struck out 14 batters in eight innings.  The offense was stagnant again.  Scott Kingery and Zach Green had the team’s 2 RBIs.  Green hit his sixth home run.

  • Casimiro – 4.0 IP, 6 H, 5 R, 4 ER, 1 BB, 6 K, 1 HR, 2 WP, 1 HBP.
  • Arano – 3.0 IP, 1 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 2 BB, 5 K, 1 WP.
  • Therrien – 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 3 K.
  • Kingery (.263) went 1-5 with a double and RBI (9).
  • Pullin (.246) went 0-4.
  • Tocci (.260) went 1-4.
  • Martin (.250) went 1-4 with a double.
  • Green (.271) went 1-3 with a HR (6), RBI (25), and HBP.
  • Walding (.264) went 0-4.
  • Sandberg (.252) went 1-3 with a HBP.
  • Walding committed a fielding error (8).
  • Numata had a PB (6).

Lakewood (17-28) Beat Hagerstown, 9-8 in a game where each pitching staff only allowed four earned runs.  Leftwich gave up the BlueClaws’ 4 ER in his five innings, but got the win. Edgar Garcia gave up three unearned runs.  Jacob Waguespack got his first save with 2.2 shutout innings.  Brendon Hayden and Wilson Garcia had multi-hit games.  Hayden had two RBI.  Josh Tobias led off and was the only BlueClaw to go hitless in the game.

  • Leftwich – 5.0 IP, 5 H, 5 R, 4 ER, 3 BB, 4 K.
  • Garcia – 1.1 IP, 3 H, 3 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 2 K, 1 HR.
  • Waguespack – 2.2 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 3 K, and stranded two inherited runners.
  • Marrero (.280) DNP.
  • Tobias (.270) went 0-5.
  • Hayden (.278) went 2-5 with a double and 2 RBI (4).
  • Pujols (.241) went 1-4 with a BB.
  • Garcia (.310) went 3-5 with a double and RBI (17).
  • Hernandez (.259) went 1-4 with a double, BB, and RBI (13).
  • Cumana stole a base (5).
  • Biter was picked off (1).
  • Hernandez (5) and Tobias (9) committed errors.
  • Biter had an outfield assist.
  • Bossart threw out 1 of 3 base stealers.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • 5/25 – Luis Morales assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport Crosscutters.
  • 5/25 – Scott Harris assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Lakewood BlueClaws.
  • The Rosters are up to date here.  I’ve been working on a color-coded legend that will reduce the number of legend entries, decrease the number of columns, and hopefully make the rosters more legible when they expand to eight when four more teams are added as the short-season and rookie teams start to play.  I’m satisfied with the look and will probably make the changes later this week.

96 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/25/2016

  1. On the Cozen’s HR, the funny part was during the 3-1 count when he thought it was a ball and threw his bat far and started walking down 1st until he realized it was called a strike. He seemed to have a laugh and it looked like he said sorry to the ump when he came back but not sure. Next pitch he fouled off and then the next one went over the fence.

    On Crawford’s hit, he smoked it but thought it might have been called an error as the 1B was right there but couldn’t handle it.

    1. Cozen’s Homer was to the opposite field gap against a lefty throwing a curve that was below the knees. Pretty impressive.

      1. The Erie announcer(on In Tune on Reading Multimedia section) started out saying Cozens hit was a routine fly ball to LF and was amazed that it cleared the LF wall for a HR. Cozens must be an extremely strong player to hit a HR to the opposite field like Ryan in his prime.

  2. Kingery 17 double he’s on pace for 45 doubles . Cozens wow he just keeps hitting them . Hollands looks ready Asche too Venable almost is at .200.

    1. I’m a nickname guy, people. So, for Dylan Cozens, I’ve come up with 3 potential choices. Please vote.

      A. The D Train

      B. Kissing Cozens

      C. The Capital (because his initials are D.C.)

      My vote is for C!

        1. The U.S. capitol is the physical capitol building. But, Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States.

      1. A third and forth options could be “Captain D” or “Capital D”

        Leftwitch got pounded a bit but got the W. Arauz is pitching today and Kilome after. Let’s see how it plays out.

        Thank you very much for the update on GCL and the DR. Really really appreciate your work.

        1. Yes! I love Captain D, Lou, and if he turns out to be a jerk – or traded to the Mets – we could call him Captain D-Bag! (See, people, I am a nickname guy.)

      2. Q: Who are the five best sluggers of all time?

        A: Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan and Dylan.

        That’s all I can think of when I see his name so I could never refer to him by anything else.

      3. i vote for Dylan “the Tank” Cozens! He looks like a tank and he hits like a tank!

          1. i don’t like “the Capital” because there’s a team called “Capitals” who happened to be from a city that rivals all Philly sports. any nickname from (any sports) team rival is NO GOOD!!

            The TANK is GOOD!!

    2. Any velo readings on Hollands? If I recall (but could be forgetting), for the big club he was sitting 91-93 T94 when healthy.

      1. 90-92 T93 last night IIRC. Good location and looked to have some movement as well. Asche to IronPigs tomorrow; I’m thinking they can share a ride.

    3. hitters with pop, plus to plus plus speed, a low strikeout rate and good walk rates almost always translate to good hitters at higher levels.

            1. Up thru 2015 I though Paul O’Neill and Cozens had similar physical profile and close metrics:
              Paul O’Neill:
              G658 PA2544…HR 50….RBIs 340….15%K….8%BB…..283 /.339/ .418 /.757

              Dylan Cozens:
              G355 PA1430….HR 38…. RBIs-180….24%K ….7%BB …..264/ .326/ .433/ .758
              ….this year so far, and projecting Cozens out another 1o0PAs at this pace, he gets even closer…Cozens’ bug- a- boo is his high K rate of around 27% this year.

  3. Jim, we do understand if you need to cut back on the details of the reports some. We appreciateall the work you put into the site.

    I wonder how much longer Buchanan has. The justification for keeping him was that he was the sixth starter, but Eflin seems to be ready for that as does Asher. Additionally, Lively warrants a promotion.

    We’ve had reports on why Eflin has gotten better results. Is there any reports on Asher and Lively to indicate that they have changed something?

    1. Asher added a sinker.
      Lively changed the grip on his fastball slightly, allowing for better control low in the zone–also pitching to contact a bit better.

    2. I wondered the same thing. To me, Lively looks ready for a promotion and Eflin looks ready to be the 6th starter.

      1. When you and others say “sixth starter”, can you clarify for me? Maybe this is not being expressed literally, as a six man rotation is virtually never used. I wouldn’t expect it, either in Philly or LHV. So Eflin’s only shot is any change in status in the Phillies rotation, which at this point seems stable, given Morgan’s overall performance. And also, Asher would have to be a consideration for promotion.

        1. The idea of a six-man rotation for the Phils this year has been bandied about in the interest of protecting the young arms (particularly Velasquez).

        2. It is good to have pitching prospects who are still working on things in your AAA rotation, like Appel and Thompson. However, it is unlikely for a major league team to make it through a season with the same five starters. It is nice to have a guy or two in AAA is ready to join the major league team on a moments notice and give them quality major league starts. These guys are generally revered to as sixth (or seventh starters depending on their place in the pecking order).

        3. the “6th starter” is similar to the “6th man” in basketball. so the “6th starter” should be the one who comes up to start when there’s a need. statistics wise, Eflin or Lively will be the “6th starter”. but with roster consideration, options and service time consideration – SP already in the 40-man roster will make the 1st call – Morgan served that role before Morton goes down to injury. Right now, the “6th starter” will be Obbie (since has no options left) or Asher. As much as I like what I’m seeing with Eflin – i will not be surprised if the Phils will look into Thompson or Appel as “6th starter” if the need arise.

          1. KuKo….there is this thought also, understand they plan on shutting ViVe down at some point…maybe 150/160 innings mark, so also adding another starter as the 6th may let him pitch a little longer into the season.

            1. Keep in mind the implications for the 25 man roster if you went 6man rotation. Who goes? Bullpen arm? Or bench player?

            2. @romus – i can see the phils employ a 6-man rotation in Sept if they are already out of the running — it will be Nola-Eickhoff-Morgan-Asher-Thompson-Appel. Eflin and Lively might be called up for a start or 2 depending on the total innings limit for Nola and Eickhoff.

  4. I vote for DCoz. And, Buchanan seems to be the weak link in that LHV staff. Maybe the Bullpen is the spot for him. Alfaro keeps hitting, and Hollands appears to be close to coming back to the Phils. These next couple of weeks should see more than 1 promotion.

  5. Edgar Garcia … Saw him yesterday in Lakewood. Was very very impressed. What do you guys know about him?

  6. I know this has been mentioned before but what is the current status of C. Randolf ? Is this an oblique injury ? with no end in sight. It seems at this point that he has missed most of the season to date with no return date ? A shame we have lost this prospect…..???????

    1. He is expected to take batting practice soon and the Phillies expect him to return first week of June. It was a shoulder strain. A bummer it happened when it did because he was starting to heat up. Hopefully he picks up where he left off.

    1. Owens’ velo is not what one would expect from a top of the rotation guy…even as a lefthander. But then again, Keuchel’s velo is about on the same level. Of course Keuchel can paint the corners.

      1. Romus that why I didn’t like him . but isn’t Keuchel getting killed this year? Romus I was trying to think of the Boston deal. it was Owens .Bradley and Castillo? or am I wrong for Hamels. I also been looking at valentin .Do you think he has a chance to help us. I look at his numbers, and still very confused on him.

        1. I think Castillo was mentioned at times , but also Charlie Manual talked about and like Cecchini I think, since he was one of the advisers to Ruben. Also Sean Coyle was another part of the package they suggested. The Sox took so many off the table after awhile it was getting ridiculous.
          And Valentin may be turning the corner…last year his head may have not been in the game until August, what was emotionally difficult for him, with the DV court issues hanging over his head.

          1. In the LA minor league’s Valentin played every position but Catcher . He has a great approach with some power , of course we all know his dad . That’s from an article from the LA times.

  7. Ruff is starting to get hot again, maybe bring him back up and platoon him with Ashe, move The Commish over to RF. Will give the lineup some much needed pop down in be order.

      1. Jim you go to two games a day? You really love baseball to do that. Jim I know its hard to watch everyone , but I would love to hear about Williams from last years draft what you think of him. and pickett.

        1. I WILL be going to two games a day, I’m not attending XST everyday now. I just “cherry-pick” based on schedule and availability. I enjoy watching the young prospects but sometimes the “burden” of analyzing and reporting takes the fun out of it. The opinions I discuss with friends down here don’t have to have the accuracy that my comments in my PP reports require.

          Regarding Williams and Pickett –

          I like Williams. Like most HS kids down here, he seemed slightly built and I couldn’t see a third base as a projection for him. But, in early interviews, he made statements that he was aware that he would have to build up his strength to increase his power. Defensively, he adjusted to the position switch well. Offensively, he exhibits the plate awareness and discipline that other recent picks have shown. He puts the ball in play and has decent speed. I felt early on that if he didn’t develop as a third baseman, he could easily switch to second base where the hit tool isn’t as stringent.

          I also like Pickett (surprise). He was developing well last year when he suffered an injury. (It was a “hustle” injury, trying to beat out a bobbled ball to first base.) He’s a big kid (almost Cozens-like). However, he looked a little overwhelmed in the Clearwater experience. Nothing I can put my finger on, just the way he moved around the Complex. This year, he looks to be completely confident. And, fully healthy, is making hard and better content. He appears to have a good knowledge of the strike zone. He seems competent in the outfield, but hasn’t done anything that has stood out, yet, like other corner prospects.

          I’m curious what their assignments will be this summer. It’s equally possible that they would go to Williamsport or stay i the GCL. It’s probably more likely that as position players they will advance to the NY-Penn league and that the HS pitchers from the same draft might remain in Clearwater. Of course, how the organization views their development and this years crop of draft picks will go a long way to solidifying these decisions.

          You didn’t ask, but the trio of young lefties look fine, too. Bailey Falter was probably rated higher at the time they were drafted. But Nick Fanti and Will Stewart are equally interesting. Fanti’s FB was probably a tic faster the last time I saw all three of them. And Falter has a nice breaking ball. His physical appearance and delivery have reminded some “amateur scouts” down here of a former Phillies’ lefty from CA. I don’t see it. And the pro scouts scoffed at the comparison. But he and the others show some promise.

          1. I would think the Falter/Hamels comparison is based a physical profile similarity, tall and lean, and both lefthanders..

          2. Hope you find a good spot in the shade for those GCL games in July, Jim- it can get a little sultry out there.

        1. You got me. Good one. I didn’t want to go that far, but (barring injury) I’m not sure Ruf will see Philladelphia in red pin stripes again.

          1. He’s gotten three chances too many. On a serious note I’d like to see Perkins though. What harm could it possibly do? At least until AA is healthy.

  8. Would be nice if Valentin can keep this up. 11 hits in last 31 ABs…..last year was practically a lost year for him and maybe he will resurrect his prospect status.
    Kingery, Tobias and Valentin with keen 2nd base prospect competition.

    1. Romus Tobias has made 9 errors so far at second. I could swear he was a plus third basemen at Florida. I Remember watching him play. The kid next door to me played against them. I know its new to him. Wish I knew how to look up his errors. if they are throws or just missed grounders.

      1. He also has dropped 50 points off in the last 10 games. He has hit a slump it appears.
        Games where he committed errors.
        4/7—@Lexington (2)
        4/22—@Greensboro (1)
        4/23—@Greensboro (1)
        5/2—Greenville (2)
        5/16—@Hagerstown (1)
        5/23—Hagerstown (1)
        5/25—Hagerstown (1)
        …you can check out the recaps on each game above if you have the time and inclination.
        Five of his nine errors were on the road FWIW.

      2. Here are his errors:
        4/7—@Lexington (2)…two fielding errors.
        4/22—@Greensboro (1)…fielding
        4/23—@Greensboro (1)….fielding
        5/2—Greenville (2)….two missed catch
        5/16—@Hagerstown (1)…throwing
        5/23—Hagerstown (1)…throwing
        5/25—Hagerstown (1)…fielding
        ……..5 fielding, 2 throwing and two missed catches.

    2. Saturday night lhv on at 630. on channel 58.on my cable system. Cant wait to see Williams again. Perkins ..Crawford.

  9. Tobias is in a horrendous slump…down from .350 to .265. Probably “trouble with the curve.” Nick Williams must learn to hit lefties at least at .265 to be a viable MLB starting OFer. Yes, how long can Buchanan remain a part of the org ? Perhaps when Lively is brought up to LV which could happen in June. Question: is there any good reason to consider bringing Cozens up to LV by August?

    1. Much is made of Tobias on this site. I don’t see where he has had an extended period of success that warrants all the excitement. And Valentin is a distant second to Kingery in the organization.

      1. BA had him as our breakout player, before the year. They called Knapp last year, so they’re on a streak.

      1. Ruf and Ashe are not highly regarded so it’s easier not to like them and be right about it.

        1. And he did modify his position a little on Franco from the beginning of 2014 towards the end of it. And wasn’t the central issue that ‘arm bar swing ‘ Franco had?

          1. The hitch in Franco’s swing is real, and it’s still there. You can see his hands pull back every time he swings. He’s able to overcome it because his bat is so quick.

            What Cozens is doing is exciting, but Law has a point in his criticism. A lot of his damage is being done in the launching pad at Reading, and a 27% K rate in AA is not super promising. I’m seeing Paul O’Neill and Matt Holliday comps in this thread, which seems … optimistic. The player he resembles most to me right now is a lefty Domingo Santana — which I would take in a heartbeat.

            1. Mike I think its more of him pulling off the ball. That why he is hitting weak grounder to third or short. He pulls off with his head and shoulder.

            2. @ rocco: That may be why he’s been scuffling lately, but the Arm Bar Swing that kept coming up in scouting reports is all about his load prior to swinging. He pulls his hands back, barring his left arm, which makes it tougher to get around inside pitches. It hasn’t been a hindrance for him so far, however.

  10. Reading has a veritable Murderer’s Row in its lineup right now. Alfaro/Hoskins/Cozens has to keep opposing pitchers up at night, and the complementary pieces (Quinn leading off, Serna, Fox, Valentin and Mora filling out the bottom half) aren’t bad either.

    Consider this: The most HR hit by the Fightins in the last decade was 136 in 2011. That averages to 0.96 HR per game over 142 games. Not bad!

    This year, they’ve hit 52 HR and are on pace to hit 158 on the season (1.11 HR per game). And it’s not even summer, when the balls really start flying out of the yard. (Further consider: In 2011, the year he borrowed Tommy Joseph’s bats and proceeded to hijack the Box Score Recap threads while hitting 38 dingers, Darin Ruf had only 9 HR through the end of May — four less than Cozens and the same as Hoskins has right now.

    This is fun.

  11. Full name Dylan Wallace Cozens so CWD is a nice nick name. Cozens also leads the in total bases , HR and close to hits and Rbi. I’m not worried about what park he hits them in . A “6 ” 5 220 pd man that hits 500 ft moon shots can hit HR anywhere .

  12. Should many these prospects continue to develop, we could see some fascinating competition come ’18
    1b: Joseph vs. Hoskins
    2b: Kingery vs. Tobias vs Herrera
    lf; Williams vs. Goedell
    cf: Herrera vs. Quinn
    rf: Altherr vs. Cozens
    c.: Alfaro vs. Knapp
    sp (pick five):Eickhoff, Velasquez, Nola, Eflin, Thompson, Morgan, Lively

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