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Around the System–Middle Infield

Lehigh Valley

Ryan Jackson, 28, Signed as a free agent in 2016; .214/.347/.238 in 101PA; 0HR 17RBI; 1/3SB; 17%BB/26%K; .148 vs LHP; .246 vs RHP; .083 in May; 26 games at SS with 2 errors (.979); 2 games at 2B without an error; 2 games at 3B without an error; With the exception of the good walk rate, it has been ugly with the stick for Jackson. That said, showing a good glove, albeit with somewhat limited range.

Darnell Sweeney, 25, Acquired from Dodgers in 2015; .240/.292/.380 in 129PA; 2HR 11RBI; 1/5SB; 6%BB/21%K rates; .324 vs LHP; .207 with RHP; .333 in May; 27 games at 2B with 3 errors (.977); 6 games in the OF without an error.  Its been a season of streaks for Sweeney, starting off very cold and coming on lately.

 Carlos Alonso, 28, Phils 32nd round pick in 2010; Alonso just came off the DL on Friday after missing four plus weeks with a broken jaw.  A very intelligent player, Alonso should make some things happen in the LV lineup.


JP Crawford, 21, Phils 1st round pick in 2013; .250/.385/.355 in 151PA; 2HR 8RBI; 4/7SB; 18%BB/14%K; .300 vs LHP; .240 vs RHP; .200 in May; .214 with RISP; 33 games at SS with 7 errors; Some have suggested that Crawford should be in Lehigh Valley immediately, however Crawford has been far from spectacular this year.  Maybe bored, but has looked lackadaisical at times. Continues to have an outstanding “eye” at the plate leading to an excellent OBP. Continue reading Around the System–Middle Infield